Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Scenic 66

Route 66! Some friends and I decided to take a road trip and decided to check what the hoopla was about Route 66. Boy, what a trip! Not only did it exceed the expectations but we wanted to take the next step.

First we got our SUV from Thrifty Car Rental, came to think of it, it was an excellent price. $653.81 unlimited mileage, which for the 6 of us came to $109.00 per person!

Plus we all agreed that we’ll split the charges for gas thru the trip, which was fantastic giving that we all were going to drive. We put the map and got together in which places we were going to exchange the driver, so it wouldn’t be taxing on all of us.

Since we came from Los Angeles, we thought that it was best to start with the easy part of the route. We then headed west, and continue until we got into the super famous Santa Monica Pier. And let me tell you how marvelous was. Full of people, I thought from far, that it was like the boardwalks in coney island. But the blues and the big panoramic view of the santa monica shoreline was breathtaking.

Then, we head east towards Beverly Hills, we stop by to take some pictures of the most impressive celebrity homes, we saw the ones for Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, and Steven Spielberg. Continue taking the celebrated Route 66 onto Los Angeles, and got the shot for the Hollywood Sign and then head to Pasadena.

Since Sandy was a super “guapisima” Latina friends of ours and also a major major college football fan, she couldn’t go without getting her pictures from the awesomeness Rose Bowl with the big huge beautiful Rose!

Rogers turn took us to a winery in Rancho Cucamonga in the Joseph Filippi Winery & Vineyards, which was a total blast with the wine tasting.

Ivan’s turn to drive came with a surprise, cause we never thought he was sucha explorer. He send us to the northern portion of the state and went straight to the Mojave National Park. With it’s infinite natural beauty is a standout place to be. You can feel a spiritual presence in here. Totally awe inspiring! And we didn’t forget to leave without taking a sunset picture…plus a little sneak to take a kiss from ms hotness, which came easier than expected!

Sammy came again when Jimbo got a little sicko and had to settle a little. Good thing that his wifey Veronica is a nurse. Sam drove all the way to Needles, Ca. and let me tell you what a marvelous sight was. The panoramic view of the mountains with the awesome façade of the peaks and the different terrain made it strange and untouched. I personally felt as if I was seeing one of those area 51 alien crashing pictures.

I took the car again and drove the remaining portion to flagstaff, Az. With its rivers and its amazing natural beauty, it’s something to behold. I believe it’s one of those stretches where there’s no place where you can put your eyes and there’s not something that can make you feel little. This is like the ultimate for any nature lover! My friends and I would never take as many pictures as in this road trip.

We then headed to Phoenix where we return the car and made our trip back home, and relieving the memories of this amazing Route 66.

Standing by for the next chapter to see where this amazing Route is going to take us!~