Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Big Game

Gentleman Jack Terrace! The Jerky Boy crew had made plans to go to the new Amway center and see the Orlando Magic play against the Utah Jazz but of course we needed to find tickets to get in so a friend of mine suggested we go to ticketmomma and look for some cheap tickets to the game and he was right because the tickets that we wanted would have cost over forty dollars and we each spent twenty two dollars. Unfortunately not all the members of the Jerky boys could make it out to the game and that was because some of them could not get that day off to go. We decided to leave early so that we could find a decent place to park of course we wanted to make sure that we parked close to the arena that way we could not get lost at least that is what we thought. Once we were walking to the Amway center it was unbelievably huge I could not believe my eyes this place was so beautiful. Once we got in we passed the merchandise store and went straight to the elevator because our tickets were for section 204 and that was on the fifth floor. We actually thought that from were we would be sitting that the basketball court would seem very far away but to our surprise those were some pretty cool seats and we could see all the players perfectly and they didn’t look like ants on the ground. We still had about forty minutes until the game would start so we decided to go to a popular bar that is located in the new center on the third floor and it is called Gentleman jacks bar and this place is really cool because it was an outside bar and this place was extremely packed. While we waited for the game to start we had a few beers at that bar and we happened to see the mayor of Orlando Buddy Dyer we were surprised to see that he was Chilin by himself having a few drinks and walking around like an average Joe. So once we finished our beer we started to head back to our section to start to watch the tip off of the game and on our way back we made sure to buy some munchies and more beer because we new we would not have the opportunity to get out of our seats once the game started. Once we got settled into our seats we could now finally admire this arena I mean this place was far more amazing than what I expected it to look like and it was completely jam packed. There was a spot light that traveled through the sea of people that were in attendance in the crowd and that was when you could see how many seats were empty and of course there was not an empty seat in the building. The Orlando Magic got off to a slow start but it seemed like they would make it through even though Utah was trailing behind the Magic by one point in the first quarter I had high hopes we would be victorious. Stay tuned for part two of the illest basketball game the jerky boy crew attended.