Friday, November 12, 2010

The Big Game - Part 2

The Amway Arena! Well I can’t believe it our first lose in the Amway center and really it was the Magic’s fault because they did not fight to control the ball like they normally do I mean they kept trying to shoot outside shots as apposed to passing the ball to Dwight so he can power bomb the ball through the hoop not to mention that Dwight Howard wasn’t doing so well from the foul line but even though they lost it was such a wonderful experience to be in that arena that it really didn’t matter that we lost. It was a bit strange but it seemed like everyone that was in our section was so cool it felt like we all knew each other. There was this crazy lady that new everything their was to know about the Orlando Magic and she was going on and on about how Dwight needed to get his act together when it came to him shooting free throws and she also was letting me know that if we came at least one hour before the game started that we could go court side and get several autographs from the players. Even though we were loosing we were definitely having a blast because between the Guinness and the food we could care less if they lost and at the end of the day we already knew that this lose was just a bump in the road and we would still be in the eastern conference when the dust settled. So they lost 104 to 94 it was pretty bad and what made it worse we were feeling hyped up coming out of the Amway center that we even got lost trying to find Jerry’s truck it felt like a full hour before we could even find the parking garage were we had parked. One of the youngest Jerky Boys Josh had a bit to much to drink because as soon as we got into the truck he completely passed out and we just made fun of him the whole way home this dude is a serious light weight so no more Guinness for him. Well next time I go to the Amway center I will be there early because I promised my daughters that I would get them autographs of there favorite players hopefully these guys will beat the pistons on the 30th of November so they better get there facts straight.