Monday, November 15, 2010

Isle Royale in Michigan

The Isle in the morning! So we just got done helping with an exhausting week long VBS (Vacation Bible School) at our local church and decided we needed to get out of town for a vacation. So we put some effort into finding a place to go and decided we would stick to our “National Park” decision we made late last year. We want to visit all the major parks before we start settling down and become “good” elderly.

So next on our list we came across a national park that was actually in one of the great lakes, and is only accessible by boat or plane. It is located in… or just off the state of Michigan. So naturally we decided it was high time we visit Isle Royale, the island and national park we have heard so much about.

When we landed it was snowing, and so we asked the locals where we could find an airport where we could charter a plane to visit the island. Unfortunately we got a really quick response along the lines of “Sorry planes don’t fly in this whether.” So we asked if we could get a boat, and they all said that it was our best option. So off we went the next morning and took a boat across the freezing waters to the snow covered Isle Royal. Along the way we saw a variety of animals, mostly schools of fish but also several beavers scurrying across the ice.

The island overall was pretty interesting, mostly beautiful though. I mean in the middle of the winter there isn’t much more to see than blankets of white and snow covered trees. However the lake was absolutely great and the island was photogenic for my wife, not a complaint here!