Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Getaway to the Keys

For some time now my wife has been nagging me about going for a weekend getaway to the Florida keys and I had been putting it off until the other day you see I got myself in a little trouble with my wife due to the fact that I had been at the wing house with the Jerky boy crew enjoying fight night and let’s just say I came home late and very tipsy so needless to say I had some serious making up to do. While I was getting the silent treatment from my queen I started plotting our weekend getaway first I needed to find a place for us to stay while we were there and after doing some research I found a perfect spot called the Westin Key West Resort which was right off the white sandy beaches of the Florida keys. The next thing I needed to do was find an affordable car rental for that 5 day weekend and after looking through the internet in what seemed to feel like an eternity I fell upon a website dedicated in providing discounts for car rentals the website was called rentalcarmomma.com and I was able to get a deal through Hertz and for what I wanted it was a pretty good price. I made reservations to pick up a 2010 Mercedes C Series Prestige and it was all black and fully loaded with all the bells and whistles I ended up paying $774.03 for the 5 day getaway car rental. Once I had everything in motion it was great but my stressful mission was to explain to her boss that she needed to give her a few days off and when she asked why in my head I thought “damn it I hope she doesn’t shoot me down.” But she actually thought it was a great idea and she thought that it was a romantic gesture on my part. I told her she needed to keep it a secret and that she needed to make sure she adjusted my wife’s schedule. The next step was my mom because I needed to know that she would watch my kids while we left to the keys and of course my mom came through. Once I dropped the kids off to my mothers house I had to quickly go home to pack for myself and for my wife and my father took me to hertz to pick up the Mercedes that I had rented and when he seen what rented he almost passed out he thought I had spent a fortune but really it wasn’t that expensive for what I was trying to accomplish. So I start to head out to my wife’s job because she was getting off work soon and I always pick her up so the whole way there I was on the phone with her because she was complaining about the fact that her boss had cut her hours by five days and she said that she even spoke to her boss about why she did this and her boss told her that it was slow and they did not need her to work so I told her that she doesn’t have to worry because she needs a couple of days off to relax a little. So I pull up to her job and she has not came out yet and I was glad because I wanted to set up some flowers that I had bought for her and I wanted them to be ready for her to grab in the front seat. So she calls me asking was I at she had no clue that I was parked right in front of were she was standing you see the Benz that I was driving had limo tint so she could not see that it was me in the car. I opened up the passenger door and I told her through the cell phone to get in the car and her face just dropped she had the only cool aid smile. She could not move so I got out of the car and walked over to her and I told her that I made her boss give you those five days off and that we are about to head the Florida Keys and that I got my mom to babysit the girls while we went to our weekend getaway she could not believe I had done all this for her even though I know she was still a little upset about my outing with the fellas all this that I did for her will eventually erase all of that nonsense out her mind because my swagger is to gangsta holla.