Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kona Village Hawaii

Kona Village Resort! So we have finally admitted that we are in our senior years and the way we see it we are just about ready to kick the bucket in a figure of speech. We figure our glory days of traveling and excitement are about to come to an end and we are going to have to hunker down in a big house and hope our kids come around to visit us. So we figured before we complete our transition to retirement we wanted to go out with a bang, we made plans to head to Hawaii and meet our youngest son and his wife for a weekend of fun.

When we made our son aware of our plans he said “Great, you guys can stay on the pull out couch!” My response was “Heck no, we are going to stay at a resort!” Sounds a lot better in text than it did on the phone, but we had already made plans to stay at the Kona Village Resort. We had heard about it before, I think some of my wife’s friends had been there and gave us the heads up. It was a relief when my son said he was jealous, it just confirmed that the place was as great as my wife was boasting about.

However we ran into a problem when we made our plans, we had to find a way to get from the airport to the Kona Village Resort, you see my son doesn’t own a car; he’s within walking distance of his job and all the local stores, so he has no need for one. We ended up saving a ton of money when we rented a car at the airport through RentalCarMomma. We had a fantastic time that week, and we think for our final big vacation that visiting paradise was money well spent. It’s always nice to spend time with the family, despite my grouchy characteristics.