Wednesday, November 24, 2010

“Get them to the game.”

My lifesaver If you are married you know just as well as I that the wife is in charge. It’s like when your mother signs you up for camp and you don’t want to go. So it was really unfortunate when I was informed that I would be taking the entire peewee baseball team across the state to the big game. In fact, it was so elaborately planned that I was actually receiving money for the rental car before I had the opportunity to object.

So, not two days later I had to scrounge together all my assets and look for a way to afford a rental car that would house all the kids I was taking up north. Sadly not all the parents had seen it fit to pitch in their share of the money, so I was determined to make due with what I had. I began looking online for fourteen passenger vans; I didn’t need another van because most of the kids were riding with their family, probably the ones that didn’t send the money.

So as I searched the web I came across RentalCarMomma, I couldn’t find prices that were better anywhere else. In just a short time I was cruising down the road in a fourteen passenger van from National. The best part was that it had a DVD player in the back; there is nothing better than peace and quiet when in a car with nine children!

If I ever get volunteered to do such a thing in the future again I will defiantly look into RentalCarMomma, they saved me from spending my own savings on a rental car, and from a painful trip!