Monday, November 8, 2010

Voyageurs National Park

Voyageurs Waterways! So we have been in Wyoming for the last few days and decided that we wanted to see one more national park before calling it breaks and heading back to Florida for a break from our vacation. So we checked our list and decided we were going to head north before heading south. It was quiet a bit out of the way but we really wanted to go see this park, in fact we had considered making the trek out to Minnesota several times in the past.

So off we took in our Nissan Titan from Hertz and headed toward Voyageurs National Park. Now there really wasn’t anything eventful about our trip there, I mean we pretty much just drove straight while trolling through radio stations, nothing special at all. The state of Minnesota is not much different than we left it a few years back when we visited some friends, only this time it was covered in snow.

The first place we went when we arrived at Voyageurs in the morning was to rent a canoe. We had heard far too much about the beautiful water ways to miss out on the opportunity to explore them. So after proper instructions and collecting the necessary equipment we heading off into the mountains via the crystal clear waters. All the trees were half filled with snow and everything was glistening in the sunlight, made for a lot of great pictures.

We really enjoyed Voyageurs, however we both would like to come back sometime when it isn’t half filled with snow and freezing. Luckily there was no ice on the water; otherwise our visit would have been a disaster.