Monday, December 6, 2010

Back to the Great Smoky Mountains

Alum Cave Bluffs Some friends of ours recently suffered a loss in the family, and they were feeling really down, so we decided to head up to North Carolina and offer them our condolences. My wife was really close to them and it meant a lot to them having her around. In the process of going up there we were invited to stay an entire week for the funeral, we kind of expected this invitation so we stayed. Most of our week was spent with the family, we helped in any we could, but after all was said and done we ended up talking about or previous visit to the area.

Last time we came here we visit the Great Smoky Mountains national park, when we told them about it they asked if we were sure it was the right place. Turns out there are two entrances to the park, one that leads you straight up the mountain and another that puts you half way up the mountain already. Now last time we were here we got about a quarter of the way up the mountain before we got to tired and headed back down before the sun dropped. So we decided since we were in the area that we would visit again, this time using the instructions of our friends to go higher up the mountain.

Turns out they wanted to go with us as well, so when we parked the car we could tell right off the bat that we were near the top of one of the mountains. The name suddenly made sense, because just around the corner of the bend we looked up and saw a cloud not twenty feet above us. The further we walked the closer we came to the cloud, and eventually we were in it.

The view from the top of the Great Smoky Mountain’s is incredible; the pine covered mountains are just gorgeous. My wife took a million pictures which makes her collective pictures from all our vacations top somewhere in the zillions; that must have been the best present I could have gotten her. Anyway, if you head up to the Great Smoky Mountains be sure to take the Alum Cave Bluffs trail, it’s the best one.