Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Boston Party - Part 1

Harvard University I was awesomely excited to touchdown land. As soon as our airplane landed, we were awesomely excited to get underway with our vacation. It’s been a long time since I been to Boston. You see, before getting to Orlando Florida, I used to live in Beantown as is commonly known in this area. Christie, Simon, Ms Hotness Alejandra and I, rented out a Dodge Charger before hand and found a really great discount with Thrifty Car Rental at $313.38 for the 4 of us, it came about $78.35, which for the holidays is not bad at all!

So finally we got into our car, which to our surprise was very incredibly comfy, plus our luggages fit nicely. Of course, Simon and I helped the ladies get with the bags. Funny to see them carrying their Coach and Louie bags and us boys were carrying the real deal! We got into the hotel and ask something for room service, and went to bed early.

The next morning, we all woke up with high energy. We were ready to tackle the city. And boy! What a city it is! This is the most history filled city in the U.S. Everything here breaths history, and also is one of the oldest cities in the U.S. as well.

The girls wanted to see THE place of higher learning. There’s no other place like Hardvard college, and one of the sections that is really incredibly transited with lots to see is Harvard Square, where shops and eatery and other stores can be found. We didn’t know this, but I guess we couldn’t pick a better time, even if we planned it. The reason being was that they were celebrating the 100th year anniversary to this area! There’s so much history, and the girls couldn’t say enough about how their favorite authors (like E.E. Cummings, T.S. Elliott, to name a few). However, I was telling them that this is the place for my favorite movie “Good Will Hunting”, and “The Paper Chase” which both were filmed in the area! We then got into the famous store and one of the oldest, The Harvard Coop (established in 1882!). The girls brought some shirts and sweaters, and Simon and I got the “Harvard vs Yale” commemorative hat, cause we’re College Football fans and this is one of the oldest and most competitive rivalries in and outside the classroom!

We then drove from Massachusetts avenue crossing the famous Charles River and then finding the Red Auerbach Way (named after a Celtics coach that won 9 titles), which let us know that we were close to the TD Garden home to the NBA’s Boston Celtics and the NHL’s Boston Bruins. The Celtics are the winningest Basketball team in the NBA, that featured player like Bird, Russell KG, Pierce, Rondo, and Ray Allen. And, the Boston Bruins that plays ice hockey and has won several Stanley Cups. We went to the store and got some scarf to the ladies and some hats for us boys.

Then we headed to our next stop, Faneuil hall. you’ll find it by driving passed Logan Airport and toward government center. This is a marketplace and a meeting hall since 1742, so there’s a lot of history in it. We all went to the west side of the building and pose in the Samuel Adams statue. One of the awesome buildings that they have in the marketplace is the Quincy Market that was built in 1824, once you get inside you’ll find a long array of little shops where you’ll enjoy a great variety of food, from Indian to irish to Italian to Spanish (that also shows you the diversity that is the city of Boston), you’ll be licking your fingers with the taste of the food in here!