Tuesday, December 8, 2010

Boston Party - Part 2

Boston Public Garden Driving from Merchants Row toward Washington St there’s the Old Corner bookstore, which gets its name for its impressive location, exactly in a corner street! This building was made in 1711 and originally was an apothecary, but later was home to Ticknor and Fields that was an important publishing company in the 19th century. The site has a long history, cause it was house to Anne Hutchinson who was expelled from the state in 1638 for heresy. We drove a little more to the State House and found the statue of Anne Hutchinson. Boy times really change perceptions! In the last line of the statue reads “courageous exponent of civil liberty and religious toleration“

We went on with our car and Alejandra, like me, likes to read. One her favorite authors is Louisa May Alcott, whom perhaps you recognized as the author of the book “Little Women”, and she was a resident of the Louisburg square in Boston. This is a very affluent part of the town, and not only does it look beautiful the townhouses, but also the streets are cobblestone, which add to the picturesque feel to the area. When finally we stopped in Louisa May Alcotts’ house, you can see Alejandra’s smile, she didn’t notice, but I took a picture of her, priceless!

Nearby is the Boston public garden, and we couldn’t miss the chance to take a picture of one of the nicest and most tender looks is the statue of the Ducks in the Public Garden and its base on a famous children books, which is the official children book in the state. Christie and Simon pose together and the guys all pushed Alejandra and me to do the same, and we both went red, which got them to laugh really hard!

We were extremely hungry, doing lots of driving and picture taking, and looking at the sights of this amazing city. That we went along the Charles River when we saw the billboard for Cheers in Boston. We all say “where everybody knows your name…” and made the sound of the funniest sitcom since Friends. We were extremely close, we stop the car in a parking lot near Beacon Street, and then walked to the place. Even tho it doesn’t look exactly as the sitcom, they have a board with all the actors, and some empty spaces that people uses to take pictures. We all got guiness ales and also ordered the ultra amazingly humongalitious “the Norm Burger”. Its funny that all the names refers to the series. Of course, we bought the souvenir Dimple Mug, which was an awesome looking crystal Mug, recommended to anyone that goes to Boston not to miss Cheers, well is call Bull and Finch but everyone called it Cheers!

What is a visit to Boston without going to Fenway park? Go Sox is what you’ll hear there. Sox Nation is alive and kicking all cylinders, specially when the Yankees are visiting. Going to Fenway Park where a lot of historic games have happen, and sport history was made, it is in itself sucha incredible feeling. So we stop in the store, and brought some hats and other apparels that has the Red Sox’s logo, and also some souvenirs to all the friends. And we went to Bleacher Bar which is, you got it!, a bar that is exactly inside the Green Monster! And we all got very giddy, chanting “Yankees sux!” and the whole people in there were such a hoot!

All in all, it was a beautiful and incredible day visiting Boston, and what everyone notice was how comfy we all were with our car, and to have an awesome great price was the cherry on top!