Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our Lovely Capital - Part 1

We always as a family like to travel around the US. We think it is the best country to do a road trip. Not only it offers amazing natural beauty, but also there’s so much history and incredible sounds and sights. That is why as family we decided to go to our nation’s capital, Washington DC.

To say that there’s a lot to do is an understatement. In such little land, it’s cramped with so many buildings and so many monuments and museums to fill the other 50-states!

As usual, included in our plans were the airline tickets, the closest airport is the often-called National Airport (which is named after our 40th President, Ronald Reagan); also, we wanted to have our freedom, that’s why we rented a minivan. We thought that it will be more comfy for all six of us, my two sisters, brother-in-law, mom & dad. It came up pretty good with Dollar rent-a-car. We ended up paying $116.37 each.

The following day, we were ready to rumble! In our car, we went directly to the U.S. Supreme Court building, were major landmark events have make this one of the best countries to live! After that, we went to The Capitol, where our government writes the law that governs us, and the meeting place for congress. I tell you, one thing is to see it on TV when they show the building on the news reel, and another is to see it in person. This is a beautiful building! We parked our minivan and got inside to the visitor’s desk where they were waiting for a few more people and the tour went underway. The rooms inside were absolutely awesome, and the tour guy gave us a nice exposition. She seemed very knowledgeable and she had funny takes on the events, which added to the awesome presentation. We saw the old senate chamber, and one thing that struck out with the old chambers is how they painstakingly went to the original furniture builders and the great-grand sons or daughters of the original designers to put everything as it was in those years. Everything looked new and it wowed us! We took several pictures inside, however, the guards reminded us to make sure not to include them for security reasons.