Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I left my heart in San Francisco

My friends and I decided to take a vacation to the west side. We took a flight to San Francisco (CA) international airport (aka SFO). Once we arrive, we went directly to the Dollar rent-a-car desk and pick up our SUV. As usual, I did the reservation in their website, which is a nifty little tool and extremely user friendly. Plus, the offer I took was wonderful, only $94 per the 5 of us (total $470).

We arrange everything to start tomorrow, since we wanted to rest because of the jetlag, and also to get used to the time zone!

In the morning we woke up and took an awesome breakfast! With that energy we were ready to have fun here in this marvelous city!

The first stop was the San Francisco Bay Aquarium. One thing that is awesome here is that during the winter time there’s a lot of Sea Lions in the rocks nearby ‘K’ Dock. We overheard some people that were saying that you can view them awesomely great by pier 41, and let me tell you, we took excellent pictures and it was a spectacular view! Then we head to the entrance of the aquarium and visited the different exhibits. One in particular that we all liked was the “Under the Bay” exhibition, that is a recreation of the San Francisco Bay that is 300-feet long with tunnels that shows sea creatures and thousands of other aquatic animals in their natural habitat, the whole tank is 707,000 gallons of bay water! We were so thrill with the animals that we interacted and touched in the “Touch the Bay” exhibit. All in all, it was an awesome pick from the girls.

After this we took the SUV and drove to the Ghirardelli Chocolate Soda & Café. It was windy and also cold in winter, so the girls wanted to get something hot, but something “chocolaty”. We bought few of their excellent milk chocolate, and some dark chocolate (cause the girls wanted to taste their other varieties of chocolate). My and Rachel have hot cocoa, Michelle and Mike (you can bet we call them M&M!) had cappuccinos, and Simon had Frappuccino. We sit outside and the excellent view was simply amazing. We were talking and having fun and getting ready for our next stop.

Since we were close to the area, we left the car in the parking garage, and then took the cable car! I tell you, if you come to Sanfran and don’t take the cable car, it will be like if you haven’t been here at all! We took the Powell-Hyde line (which is one of three lines). We got into the car and one thing that we discover is that people didn’t ring the bell (which is for the use of the driver only), but shouted “Next stop, Please”. It was terrific to be in the car and to our surprise, it went pretty fast. One section that had us with our cameras was when we reach the Lombard Street section cause it is the crookedest in SanFran. It is a street that has 8-tight hairpin turns, and it looks like a zigzag-y type of street, awesome to look at but I wouldn’t be caught in traffic in that street!