Friday, December 24, 2010

Windy City Road Trip Continued

The Ledge at Willis TowerThe next place we went was the Willis Tower, that before was commonly known as the Sears Tower. It is the tallest building in the US and 6th in the world! It has an observatory, where you can see the entire Chicago landscape that is located in the 103rd floor. They have in there a section that is called “The Ledge”, which are 4 balconies that are totally made by glass. It is awesome and there are lots of signs that tells you “Dare to stand out!” We made the lines and waited for our turn and got in. we all had our cameras, but we asked one of their photographers to take one picture with each of our cameras and one with his. We all got in the floor of the ledge, and let me tell you, that is really one way to look down, Maggie and Roger were freaking out, thinking that the thing was going to fall, we all were joking and couldn’t contain the laughter.

After this, we saw that the sun was still up, but it was getting close to 4pm, so we went to the Millennium Park, following the suggestion of the guy in Lucky’s. It is a park, not entirely like central park in NY, but it has many interactive things, plus, areas where many artist put their work in there. One that truly is spectacular is the Cloud Gate, which looks like if it was a humongous liquid mercury drop. However, it is made up of stainless steel plates, it is jokingly called by the locals “The Bean”, and it sure looks like one!

After this, we saw that the sun was getting down, so we decided to bring the end of today to the marvelous and old Navy Pier. It is a whole boardwalk-type of area, that feels as if you’ve gone to Atlantic city. It has a huge Ferris wheel, that allows you to see another view of the Willis Tower. It has that 1930s feel to it, but also a little bit of the new feel to it. At the end of the pier, there’s a lighthouse, which you can take pictures and also they have a boat’s anchor.

Navy Pier in Chicago

I tell you, Chicago is an awesome city. We had soo much fun, and one good thing is that the places to visit are all so close to one another and that makes it easy to access. The windy city is indeed windy, but it’s people are so warm and friendly, which makes it for a great vacation!