Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yellow Stone Park - Part 2

Old Faithful! Definitely one beautiful area is the Old Faithful geyser. This not only comprises of the geyser, but also an Inn that is part of the Historical District. Exactly we got there an hour after leaving the entrance to the park, about 9am. We waited patiently, and then suddenly we got a little wondering what happen to the “erupts on the hour every hour”, when we finally saw the sign that read that it was one of the major misconception. However, we heard the rumblings of the land, and then there was this flushing of water being spit into the air. It was 9:19am, and for almost 2-minutes the water still was rushing out of the hole. It was incredible and the most impressive was that the water formed a little cloud at the end. It was like seeing a waterfall to the inverse. We took pictures of Old Faithful as we were standing in the benches that were around the geyser. One thing that capture my attention was that even with the little distance between us and the geyser, you can still can feel the warm water in your face, so I imagined how it would be standing right at the hole, it must be really incredibly hot! On the way to the geyser, we read that there was also a waterfall nearby. So we look for it. It was called Kepler Cascades, which are like a postcard ready picture kinda waterfall. As you go thru the mountain trail, there’s a parking area and if you walk a little you’ll reach the overlooking tram. We all were staring at the magnificent look of nature and how beautiful it is, but also it kind of remind you how we all have to do our part to conserve such a beautiful landscape for the posterity!

We were all glad that we got a SUV, cause the distances tend to be a little farther inside the park. Glad that we knew this and also when we were at the entrance we asked for different places where we can do barbecue. We got our carbons and our meat, plus the girls prepared pinchos with sprouts, and cauliflower and avocado salad that kept everything healthy. We listened to the advise of the friends at that party and everything we had it double wrapping so the animals wont smell the food. We saw several people, including this Florida family that was super funny cause some of their kids were wearing their Gators T-shirt and others were wearing their ‘Noles T-shirt, plus our Simon was wearing his Golden Knights shirt, and we all laugh so hard that we had to take a picture cause it looked pretty darn funny!

We finished eating and we got under way to the “Lower Falls”, which is an amazing sight. Within the canyon there was this waterfall, which in the sign read as the highest fall in the park. It rises 308-feet, and it was funny cause the cartographers put it as “Lower” but the everyday people called it “Great” Fall. And let me tell you, if you want a spot where you wanna put it a big frame, this is the place! Definitely you have to take a picture, cause the place is worth the price of admission alone!

But the one that really capture our attention was the Gran Prismatic Spring, which is a big pool with geothermal water. However, the thing that sets this one from all other are the vivid colors. It feels as if it was a blue or sapphire color sun with the huge flames with vivid yellow, oranges and reds. Once you are there you’ll be stunned with the colors and also for the sheer size of the whole spring. We parked our car and then we walk all the way, thru a large wooded bridge that gets closer to the actual pool. We took pictures of this one too. It was breathtaking, to say the least!

All in all, I think we have to eat our words cause our friend was really seriously and incredibly right! This is a beautiful place where you can feel that every scenery and every waterfall or geyser, even the wildlife is all made as a humongous postcard. It is an enchanting place that reminded us that this country has to offer lots of interesting places to be. And somehow, let us feel for a little bit of time as if we were Lewis and Clark exploring this part of the world!