Thursday, January 13, 2010

The Florida Keys

My 2003 Mitsubishi Evolution VIII! With winter peeking its' frosty head around the corner I decided to depart on a road trip. What better place to go than Keys in southern Florida. I figure why not go to the southern most point of the continental US in an attempt to soak up some sunshine. So after carefully planning my trip and booking all the proper rooms and such, I decided to change the oil on my car and give her a tune up. The 2003 Mitsubishi Evolution VIII is running strong, even after hitting that 100 thousand mile mark recently. So I changed the Mobile 1 fluids and gave her a new oil filer as well as changing my transmission fluid and rear differential fluid, because I know I wouldn't be able to drive sanely all the way there. The most important part of the tune up I saved for last, that's right a new Yankee Candle air freshener. You gotta stay fresh. So after taking all the necessary precautions for both myself and the car I departed on my trip.

After shooting down 95 at an average speed of 110 miles an hour I decided to open the Evo up a little bit so I put it on "high boost" and stepped on it, before I knew it I was doing 120 then 125. Followed by 130, creeping up to 137, boosting all the way through 145 and screaming past 155 all the way until my speedometer was maxed out and pinned down at 170 mph. That's right 170 mph, and I still had room to speed up but, I felt it would be wise to let off since I wasn't trying to get incarcerated for "reckless driving", some people just can't appreciate a fine piece of engineering perfection as I can. This car seemed like it just wanted more and more every time I tapped on the accelerator it wanted to jump away and throw me back in the seat.

After challenging the roads of Florida I decided to stop at one of my favorite restaurants to get a bite to eat. Chipotles was the destination, and I had to have my favorite entree: a steak burrito with double meat topped with cheese, corn, salsa, sour cream and guacamole. Making a burrito the size of a football, this to die for entree is by far my favorite meal of all times. After enjoying this delight, I decided to fuel up the Evo with some 93 octane fuel and make my way south to the Keys.

After a few hours of driving I had finally arrived in Key Largo. I was staying at a nice tiki-like set up right on the water. We rented a few jet ski's for the time being so we could have some fun while we were living here for the weekend. Surprisingly, the sun was very bright here and kept us warm despite the harsh month of December's weather. Our stay was a very relaxing time and luckily wasn't too much of a hit on our wallets. We had fun and stayed warm and didn't get into much trouble, and what else can you ask for. By the way I decided to drive a little slower on the way home.