Tuesday, January 04, 2010

Wind Cave National Park

The awesome boxwork formations in the Wind Cave! So we are still on our mission to visit all the major National Parks in the United States. It has been almost a full year of traveling and we have seen a bunch of them. So this time around when we found ourselves in South Dakota we decided that we would visit the Wind Cave, one of the most unique National Parks on our list. We had been up here visiting our family, and hadn’t even realized it was in the area till we started talking about our diving experience in Hawaii, one of the men in our family mentioned the Wind Cave.

Now since we were already here we had already rented a Prius from Hertz, so getting to the park was easy. However, unlike the other parks where you just walk up and down trails at Wind Cave you are actually submerging yourself underground. So we had to take a tour this time, something that didn’t really bother us at all.

Our guide was a funny fellow, who kept trying to scare us every time we heard the distant echoes of the other groups. But enough about him, onto the actual caves; the caves are a National Park because of the strange formation in the rocks surface. The calcite formation is known as boxwork. Our guide went on and on about how the “maze cave” holds ninety five percent of natural boxwork formations in the world… at least boxwork that has been discovered.

The caves are pretty extensive, and we only spent about two hours exploring before there was nothing left we hadn’t seen. I mean you can only go so far before it all seems to look exactly the same. However, we had a really great time, couldn’t have been happier! If you get the opportunity to visit just be ready to explore more than just the caves, we were topside for several hours watching Bison!