Friday, February 04, 2010

Utah Part Two

The Anasazi Ruins! The next day we headed to the Colorado River to take our other expedition. We wanted to do the best water rafting, and we heard that this is a good spot for the novice like us. April and Gabrielle were a bit nervous, but surprisingly Alejandra was extremely giddy with heading to the water!

We started in the port by Moab and from there our travel began. The beginning was all quiet waters, and Michael was jokingly “are we there yet?” and we all were tire of the charade, so we splashed him with the river’s water and that sets him good. The girls were taking shots of the rocks and the river, and we found our first stop. We headed out to the camp at the river’s shore. Then the guide pointed us to a trail and headed to an ancient Anasazi ruins. This part was fantastic cause April, Alejandra and I were X-Files fans and one of the stories was about this ruins. I was amazed how this people can build their “apartments” in the rock itself, and they had a few stairs and it was awesome that the guide get us up there seeing the rooms where they sleep and live. I was fascinated that their names mean “ancient ones” in Navajo language! We found the petroglyphs and their painting is ancient but it pictured vividly the way they hunted and the way they unite. It was a totally immersive exploration of this part of the town. We finished the day with a barbecue halibut, which was delicious. We were talking between us that it was awesome that our guide was not only an excellent guide but a super nice cook!

We woke up early and headed south toward the bondaries with Colorado state. And found our first easy-going falls. Then we saw that the water was running faster and faster, that’s when our guide told us that we were entering Cataract Canyon! Here we were heading to the loop, the Spanish bottom, Brown Betty, Mile Long and Big Drop. It was intense, and awesome! We were wearing our helmets and we got soaking wet! It was totally an experience!

The third leg or day of the water rafting was with the motor boat crossing Lake Powell. Here we had our awesome lunch, which was a barbecue steak! We all loved it medium rare and it was tasty and yummy! Then after this delicious lunch, we got into the boat and arrived around 4pm at the port, where we took our SUV and headed up north to Park City.

Once we arrive to Park City, we got into our villa and rest. In the morning, we ate a hearty breakfast and got underway to our instructional sky training. It was a guy that the girls had the hots for, in their words “he is so hunky!”. The guys and I rolled our eyes and jokingly refer to him as Mr. Freeze!

The skiing was awesome! Gabrielle, April and Michael keep trying the regular sky, but Alejandra and I decided to try out snowboarding! It was all hilarious trying to maintain balance, and our butts were in the snow all the time, but once in a while we stood up and “surf” in the snow which we both capture it in our cell phones video. It was awesome to spend the day with her and we both were having fun plus was a riot when we finally got the hang of it. Let me tell you, I can give Shaun “don’t call me the flying tomatoe head anymore” White a run for his money! At the end we stoped by Flying Sumo which is a sushi bar Japanese restaurant. We got into the bar and order some specialties. Michael always pride himself that he can stand any type of spice, so there was a few that pop out to him, the F’N Hot and the Tijuana Mama. We all were totally floored when he ate them and suddenly he was asking to the waiter for water! What a silly dude, let me tell you! I had the rainbow and the Hawaii Five-O (which is by the way one of my favorite new TV shows!). Alejandra got the Nitro and the Death, which had a thai chili sauce and spicy mayo! We totally recommend this place, the sushi bar maker was awesome and very artistic when it comes about doing the sushi, and the showmanship and jokes along the way, made an awesome show!

From time to time we get back to our pictures and we remember the time we spend in this lovely part of the USA. We always look for places where we can be part of nature and also meet awesome people. Utah has that in spade, it is a wonderful place to spend the week and the people are so cool and friendly that will get Philly a run for the money when it comes to “Brotherly love”!