Monday, November 23, 2009

South Africa

So we decided to leave the country, and when we decide to do that it’s usually a big deal. We spent weeks in advance planning for this trip, and now we had an opportunity to go to South Africa. We were going to zone out the areas and get ready for the 2010 World Cup. I’ve never mentioned it before (At least I don’t think I have) that I am a huge soccer fan. So after we had gotten into the whole idea of scoping out the landmarks and finding places to stay for the big show we decided we would just go early. Unfortunately at this time my wife ran into some troubles, she had obligations to be elsewhere and my first thought was that we would postpone. However through some miracle she convinced me to go it alone, and that’s what I did. Now it took me nine shots and three medicine prescriptions to get the okay, and when my visa returned I was all set. I made preparations to go, and wham I was on a plane head for South Africa.

Now before I left I made plans with Budget to have a Jeep Wrangler awaiting me at the airport, because hey, it’s South Africa it seemed fitting. Unfortunately the grand images you see in photographs and on the internet are only of the rural areas, and I really didn’t have any intentions of going off the trail. However looking back I think that any vehicle would have sufficed, but the Jeep sure was fun.

Now when I arrived in Johannesburg the Jeep was waiting, I don’t think I need to go over how easy it has been for us to get vehicles from rental companies, you just gotta make the reservations, and you don’t get any of those hassles so many people argue about. Now do to the nature of my trip I cannot sit here and tell you all about the great 11 days I spent there, so I think I would rather just tell you about a few of the high points.

I went to Rustenburg, a small city with three massive nature reserves, which I circles once or twice with the car, didn’t see much but there was an enormous amount of tour opportunities around the area. I went to the Rustenburg arena, one of the venues for the World cup and man, this stadium was massive! There is going to be thousands and thousands of people watching these games and this is a perfect arena for that sort of thing. I will be returning here for a game next year and the whole thing kinda exited me. I watched a team practice, although with my pour language skills I wasn’t able to find out what team it was, or if it in fact was a professional team.

The next day I made my way to Johannesburg the “Soccer City.” To fulfill my want for soccer I figured there was no better place to go than the city named after the sport. The stadium here should be a world wonder, it’s the coliseum of soccer, and it was a spectacle to behold. The stadium can hold 80,000 people and is going to be a prime area for the 2010 World Cup.

The rest of the time I was there I experienced local attractions and went on some nature tours. But if you ask me the best part about the entire trip was mapping out what games I wanted to see and what stadiums I want to visit. The whole experience was fun and I wished my could have made this trip, guess she will have to wait till 2010.

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