Friday, December 4, 2009

Atlanta Georgia

We were so exited when we got a phone call from some old friends wanting to meet with us. Of course we offered to let them come meet us here in Florida, but secretly we wanted to go to Atlanta Georgia and meet them. When they offered to meet half way we offered to go the whole mile and meet them. We were ready for another vacation and Atlanta Georgia sounded like just the right way to go. We remembered instantly that Atlanta Georgia is home to Six Flags one of the largest theme parks in the world.

So naturally we called Avis and rented a car. When they asked us if we had a preference for a car we simply replied that we really did not care and wouldn’t mind being surprised. We got a Pontiac G6 and wow, this thing was sleek. It had a huge sun roof and a the engine had a bit of a kick… ok it had a lot of a kick and I thoroughly enjoyed it the entire way to Atlanta Georgia. When we reached our friends home they offered us a guest room and we canceled our hotel reservations.

We spent two days touring Atlanta Georgia with our friends and seeing key sites, visiting city parks and just enjoying our time. The wives went shopping and us guys spent time at the house watching football, cooking burgers and relaxing, we are men after all. When we told them we wanted to go to Six Flags Atlanta Georgia they asked if they could come also, and we all departed early the next morning for the theme park.

Six Flags was awesome, now I may be getting old but I can still enjoy rollercoaster’s and theme park rides, and trust me, they had both in abundance. The entire theme park was just a blast, every ride and even the sit in entertainment was just a riot, we will definitely be going back if we ever visit Atlanta Georgia again. We ate some of the best food we have ever had at any theme park there and then headed home to our friend’s house.

The next morning we said our goodbyes and we set off back for home. Speeding down the road in our Pontiac G6 we were glad we had made the trip. We have been to Georgia before, we visited the state parks and walked under the trees in natural reserves there. However, our trip to Six Flags will always be the highlight of our trips to Atlanta Georgia, we really, really enjoyed it.

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