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Belgium Apt. Alamo Car Rentals
 Arrival Hall, zaventem, 1930

Alamo Rental Cars Antwerpen Central Station
 Pelikaanstraat 3

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 Arrival Hall, Bldg. S6-Desk 11 Gosselies, 6041

Alamo Rental Cars Liege Apt. -  Rue De L'aeroport

Things to do in Belgium

    Museum des Sciences Naturelles National Museum of Natural Sciences Brussels, Belgium
    The National Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels, Belgium is a museum dedicated to the scientific research of the natural sciences, although more concentrated on the studies of ecosystems, evolution and diversity using permanent and temporary exhibits to spread scientific knowledge. The museum holds collections of mollusks, insects, terrestrial minerals, shellfish and more that is sure to pique your curiosity and interests, including a magnificent gallery of dinosaurs with over thirty whole skeletons and many dinosaur fragments; that make it the largest in Europe. The new gallery of evolution showcases the history of life, from the very beginning to the current day, with some 600 fossils and 400 animal displays that describe the story of animal biodiversity from its infancy. The museum has a wonderful cafe that is stocked with all your snacking needs as well as drinks, and the gift shop has many interesting and exceptional items that will delight whomever you are getting them for. The museum's eclectic collections include Beyond the museum with its outstanding hands-on exhibits, unique collections and magnificent halls, with items above you and behind the walls, inviting you to partake of it all; or the dinosaurs that is Europe's biggest, the Paleolab that is devoted to the world of fossils for children five years and older, or evolution that takes you through time so that you can meet your ancestors face to face. BiodiverCITY is the newest permanent gallery at the museum, with animal kingdom that houses marvelous collections of silverfishes, cuttlefish, cat sharks, capybaras, agoutis, tarantulas and tiger moths, minerals from around the world that include cut gems, meteorites, beautiful crystals, pieces of moon rock and more. The 250 years of Natural Sciences gallery describes the history of the museum that began with an 18th century cabinet of curiosities and today is this fabulous museum, then the temporary exhibitions and more. The museum is closely involved in research, educational services, practical information, and so much more that you should plan on spending some time here.

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Brussels Apt. Budget Car Rentals - Novotel Hotel 
Budget Car Rental Charleroi Apt. - Rue Des Freres Wright 8

Local Restaurants in Belgium

    Le Champenois
    Entrees; sliced Jacques scallops, foie gras mousse de canard, strawberry vinaigrette; red tuna tartar with citrus, mesclun salad & parmesan tuile; zucchini stuffed with crayfish & prawns, sweet pepper coulis; crispy sweetbreads, risotto with 2 flavors & currant sauce; grilled swordfish fillet, spaghetti of veggies on bed of tomatoes; lamb cooked at low temperatures with summer truffles, veggie tian southern potato stuffed with ricotta; fish with spices & candied almond milk ice cream.

    Chateau Beauregard
    Entrees; sushi smoked mackerel with wasabi espuma; brandade cod with jelly tomato basil; cream of asparagus ravioli with mini-county; big Fosteau roasted asparagus with parmesan crunch; noix de Saint Jacques with truffle emulsion; medallions of duck foie gras with smoked beech; consistency of beetroot in vinegar of Modena; heart of salmon marinated in soy, fleur de sel & lime; young shoots of veggies, black radish; sea bass roasted in skin with slightly crunchy green asparagus; gillardeau oyster tempura with lovage emulsion; filed of wild rabbit in slow cooking with fried onions; brown juice mandarin with Szechuan pepper; stewed red cabbage with apple. 

Sliced Jacques Scallops Le Champenois Brussels, Belgium


Duck Medallions Chateau Beauregard Brussels, Bellgium


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Hertz Rental Cars Charleroi Apt.- Charleroi Apt. Gosseles
Brussels Hertz Car Rental - TGV- Eurostar - Thalys Arrivals
Hertz Rental Car Brussels Apt.- Zaventem P.O. Box 29

    Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium Brussels, Belgium
    The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium has become one of the most famous and significant art museums in the nation, with four museums under the umbrella of this museum, with two main ones called the Museum of Ancient Art and the other called the Museum of Modern Art, both in Brussels, with two smaller ones located nearby. The Royal museum houses more than 20,000 paintings, sculptures and drawings that date from the early 15th century to the current period, with a comprehensive collection of Flemish paintings, that include the works of Bruegal, Robert Campin, Anthony van Dyck, Jacob Jordaens and Rogier van der Weyden; and a fabulous room devoted to Rubens, containing over 20 paintings by him. One of Brueghel's finest paintings called the Landscape with the Fall of Icarus is also here, that would form the subject of W. H. Auden's famous poem called the Musee des Beaux Arts, that is named after the museum. The museum hosts changing exhibitions, with one held in 2007 about the Belgian artist Leon Spilliaert and his fabulous works and another about Flemish food at Christmas time. The main structure that houses the museum of Ancient Art had been constructed as the Palais des Beaux-Arts, that had been designed by Belgian architect, Alphonse Balat and was funded by King Leopold II. The structure would be finished in 1887 and is a marvelous example of Beaux-arts architecture with the use of themed statuary to showcase the identity and meaning of the massive building. The outstanding sculptures include the four figures of Music, Painting, Sculpture and Architecture and sit atop the four main piers, showcasing the magnificent works of Louis Samain, Guillame de Groot, Georges Geefs and Egide Melot. The gilded Genius of Art sculpture had been designed by de Groot, and the three rondels of Jean de Bologne, Rubens and van Ruysbroek that represent the works of sculpture, paintings and architecture were the work of Antoine-Felix Boure, Jean Cuypers and Antoine-Joseph Van Rasbouorgh. There are two fabulous bas-relief panels that are called Music and created by Thomas Vincotte, with Industrial Arts by Charles Brunin. Another magnificent sight is the two bronze groups that stand on pedestals that represent the Teaching of Art by Charles van der Stappen and the Crowning of Art by Paul de Vigne.

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Brussels Zaventem Apt. Avis Car Rental  - Arrivals Hall
Avis Car Rental Brussels
- Rue Americaine 145
Brussels Avis Rental Cars
- Gare Du Midi

    Museum Rene MagritteMuseum Rene Magritte Brussels, Belgium
    The Magritte Museum opened in 2009 in Brussels, Belgium, kept in the neoclassical Hotel Altenloh, that sits on the Place Royale, housing about 200 original Magritte sculptures, drawings and paintings that include the Empire of Light, the Return and Schedherazade. There is another museum housed in the former residence of Magritte and his wife, Georgette, from 1930 until 1954, that was robbed of one painting called Olympia, created in 1948, that is a nude portrait of his wife and worth about $1.1 million. The bottom floor houses the apartment that they lived in for those 24 years, along with a biological exhibit that is devoted to the great surrealist artist. It was at the house that he would create almost half of his works, where many of his contemporaries would gather for talks and discussions about the world, art and the politics of the day. Some of the paintings that he produced here would become some of his finest work that included the L'empire des lumieres, La duree poignardee and La condition humaine. It is a very unique apartment, with his own special touches on the walls and furniture, like the electric blue on the walls of his living room or the blood red pieces of furniture in their bedroom. His easel stands like a solitary guardian of his belongings in a semi-dark and narrow dining room, that seems to showcase his preference for home comfort rather than the vied'artiste way of life that many other painters and artists of the day had. The studio that is located at the rear of the garden would be used for advertising, which he had to do for enough money to live on, and for stocking, like the attic, where he put all his scraps of daily life. Going up the next floor, and living the trappings of homelife, he is highlighted in a permanent exhibit that is spread on two floors that contain over 400 original documents that span his biological journey, recalling the major stages of his life in the many documents, surrealist brochures, advertisements, mascots and correspondence, with about thirty drawings, paintings and gouaches from Magritte that punctuate the journey that would include the Olympia, Lola de Valence or La Lampe d'Aladin. And then lastly, a room devoted to other famous surrealist of his time that included; Rachel Baes, Mesens, Paul Delvaux and Marien.

Thrifty Car Rental Belgium

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Aarhus Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - Stabranbvej 24

    Royal PalaceRoyal Palace Brussels, Belgium
    The Royal Palace of Brussels is the official palace of the King of the Belgians that sits in the heart of the city, no longer used as a royal palace, since the king and his royal court live at the Royal Castle of Laeken that sits on the outskirts of the city, while this palace is used for state functions, audiences and states of affairs. It is located in the front of the Brussels Park, with a large square squatting in front of the palace called the Paleizenplein/Place des Palais which divides the palace from the park. The facade that exists on the front of the structure today was created after 1900 on orders from King Leopold II, while the nucleus of this structure dates from the end of the 18th century, although the grounds that the palace occupies had been the foundation of a very ancient palatial complex that dated from the Middle Ages. The palace sits on what is called Coudenbergy Hill, and the first structure that was constructed here dates from the latter part of the 11th century and first part of the 12th century, and probably looked more like a fortified castle that would be part of the fortifications of the city, being home to the Dukes of Brabant that lived in the close by town of Leuven and in the castle of Tervuren. As the centuries passed quickly by, the palace would be reconstructed, remodeled and enhanced with the growing prestige of the Dukes of Brabant and their successors, like the Dukes of Burgundy, the Emperor Charles V, the Archduke Albert of Austria and the Infanta Isabel of Spain, and finally, the Governors of the Hapsburg Netherlands. It contains a fascinating history that is great reading and quite interesting, so you might check it out before going to have a bit more background about it so that when you arrive you'll know exactly what to see or overlook.

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Brussels Intl. Apt. National Car Rental 

 Arrival Hall, zaventem, 1930

August 16, 2011