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Things to do in Bellevue

    Sarpy County Historical Museum Sarpy County Historical Museum Bellevue, Nebraska
    The Sarpy County Museum in Bellevue, Nebraska was originally opened in the log cabin located in the city, chronicling the county's journey from a trading post in the location of the current Bellevue, Nebraska area in the 1820s to the bustling rural urban town it is today with over 120,000 residents. The museum showcases furnished period rooms, Native American relics, photographs and historical documents. The period rooms and exhibits show the lifestyles of the community during the 19th and 20th centuries, and the many official records are an excellent help for genealogy. The newest display is a big scale model of the historic Fort Crook/Offutt Field. There is an 1869 Omaha and Southern Railroad Depot located on the grounds, with other historical structures located there as well, and include; the oldest church in the state, the log cabin that had been constructed in the 1830s, and would be the location of the birthing of the state's first pair of twins, the Old Presbyterian church that had been constructed in 1856, still in use today for weddings and other grand events, with beautiful stained glass windows and period 1800s pews. Also located here is the Fontenelle Bank that would be the first bank in the state and oldest commercial public building in the state, with its outstanding original walk-in vault, along with an 1870 accountant's desk and so much more. One of the featured exhibits at this museum is about Ponca Chief Standing Bear, who had returned to Nebraska in the early part of 1879 to bury his sixteen year old son that had died, along with 279 others that had died on the road from Nebraska to their new reservation lands in Oklahoma. General George Crook would be ordered to arrest the chief, which he did, and bring him to trial. That famous trial would change the way Native Americans were treated in this nation, and give them equal rights under the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Another historical story told in the museum is about the Lewis and Clark expedition that would spend three nights along the river here in 1804, and the final entry for historical moments involves Big Elk, but that's a story you'll have to learn about yourself when you go there.

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    Omaha & Southern Railroad DepotOmaha & Southern RR Depot Bellevue, Nebraska
    The Omaha and Southern Railroad Depot in Bellevue, Nebraska is also known as the Bellevue Depot that had been constructed in the small town after it watched as the Transcontinental Railroad would cross the state farther north, and leave this area without any decent transportation. So, the city leaders decided that a north-south railroad would be the next best thing to helping their economy grow, and in 1869, a group of Omaha business leaders began building the Omaha and Southern Railroad south to Bellevue, which would necessitate the construction of this depot in 1869-1870, with the lines going some seven miles beyond the town by the end of 1870. This depot is more significant than many of its contemporaries, since it was constructed with more elegant lines and better building elements that were normally used in the construction of railroad depots. The depot would then serve the passengers and freight transportation from Bellevue to Omaha for many years to come; and virtually no improvements would be needed when they decided to make it a historical museum. It would be moved about a mile south of its original location, and approved for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places in 1970; and be restored by the historical society in 1974, using a grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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Local Restaurants in Bellevue

    American Bistro
    Entrees; chicken & broccoli alfredo is penne & marinated grilled chicken served with creamy alfredo sauce, baked w/ parmesan cheese; pan sautéed chicken parmesan is fettuccine pasta tossed in house made alfredo sauce, topped with marinara, fresh breaded, pan sautéed chicken, mozzarella, fresh grated parmesan & baked; tilapia Florentine is 8oz. tilapia filet broiled with dill & garlic infused olive oil mixture, served on bed of linguine with house specialty Florentine alfredo sauce; southwest mesa pasta is blackened grilled chicken breast mixed with black bean & corn salsa & house roasted red pepper & spinach dip, served on top of penne pasta topped with shredded cheddar cheese, tri-color tortilla chips & sour cream; sautéed garlic & cream pasta with roasted garlic; garlic tomato & feta is Spanish tomatoes sautéed with garlic, tossed with fresh basil & topped with feta cheese; NY strip is 12oz. aged strip seasoned & grilled your way w/ choice of potato & steamed broccoli; top sirloin is 10oz. aged Nebraska beef cooked your way w/ choice of potato & steamed broccoli; grilled rosemary pork chops marinated thick cut pork chops seasoned & grilled over open flame w/ choice of potato & steamed broccoli; Baton Rouge salmon is lightly blackened wild salmon broiled with compliment of shrimp & cream sauce, w/ choice of potato & steamed broccoli; BBQ glazed baby back ribs with choice of potato; bruschetta smothered chicken is two parmesan crusted chicken breasts topped with bed of fresh spinach & housemade bruschetta & parmesan cheese; grilled chicken is seasoned chicken grilled with broccoli & choice of potato.

    Summer Kitchen Cafe & Bakery
    Entrees; chicken fried steak is 8oz. minute steak breaded & fried crispy with mashed potatoes, housemade country gravy, buttered corn or seasonal veggie & a scratch baked dinner roll; chicken fried chicken is boneless chicken breast, breaded & chicken fried, mashed potatoes, housemade country gravy, buttered corn or seasonal veggie & a scratch baked dinner roll; meatloaf dinner is housemade meatloaf w/mashed potatoes, housemade country gravy, buttered corn or seasonal veggie & a scratch baked dinner roll; crispy chicken tenders with FF & baked dinner roll, with ranch, BBQ, or honey mustard for dipping; melt-away pot roast is 8oz. pot roast mashed potatoes, housemade country gravy, buttered corn or seasonal veggie & a scratch baked dinner roll; NY strip is 8oz. w/mashed potatoes, housemade country gravy, buttered corn or seasonal veggie & a scratch baked dinner roll; roast turkey & dressing is freshly roasted turkey w/ mashed potatoes, dressing, housemade chicken gravy, butter corn or seasonal veggies & scratch baked dinner roll; stuffed shrimp is large shrimp stuffed with Alaskan crab meat & melted Monterey jack cheese lightly breaded & fried, w/mashed potatoes, housemade country gravy, buttered corn or seasonal veggie & a scratch baked dinner roll; popcorn shrimp is heaping platter of popcorn shrimp lightly breaded & fried w/mashed potatoes, housemade country gravy, buttered corn or seasonal veggie & a scratch baked dinner roll.


Pan Sauteed Chicken Parmesan American Bistro Bellevue, Nebraska


Tilapia Florentine American Bistro Bellevue, Nebraska





Chicken Fried Steak Summer Kitchen Cafe & Bakery Bellevue, Nebraska

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    Malcolm X Birth site Malcolm X Birthsite North Omaha, Nebraska
    The Malcolm X Birth site house was located in North Omaha, Nebraska until 1965, when it would be torn down, with many not realizing the historical significance until later. It would be added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984, as well as the state list of heritage sites. Malcolm Little was born at the University of Nebraska at Omaha hospital in 1925, to Earl and Louise Little. Little was a Christian minister and had been very active in the local community, but, according to Malcolm's autobiography, his family would have to leave the city in 1926, since they had been receiving threats from the KKK. The Moore family was living in the house until 1965, and didn't know the connection to Malcolm X until it was too late to save the house, but it would be added anyway, and a state historical marker raised up in recognition of it in 1987. Rowena Moore, a civic and union activist began the efforts to have the house recognized by the citizens as a historical site; since her father that been living in the house during that period. She wanted to construct a museum in his honor, buying more property around the site, and today has ten acres of land that is owned by the Malcolm X Foundation. They would like to buy more land and start a park there, and perhaps a community garden.

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    Henry Doorly ZooHenry Doorly Zoo Omaha, Nebraska
    The Henry Doorly Zoo is situated in Omaha, Nebraska and nationally recognized as a leader in animal research and conservation, evolving from the Riverview Park Zoo that opened in 1894, and today houses many exciting exhibits. It houses the biggest cat complex in North America, the Lied Jungle is one of the biggest indoor rainforests, Kingdoms of the Night is the biggest nocturnal and indoor swamp in the world and Desert Dome that houses the world's biggest indoor desert, along with the world's biggest glazed geodesic dome in the world. It is the top attraction in the state and has welcomed more than 25 million visitor during the past four decades. Just four years after it opened, it would house some 120 animals, and in 1952, it would become the Omaha Zoological Society to improve the zoo and bring it closer to what it wanted to become. In 1963, Margaret Hitchcock Doorly would donate three quarters of a million dollars to them, and telling them that they would have to change the name again, in memory of her late husband, Henry Doorly, chairman of the World Publishing Company. In 1968, the Union Pacific railroad would help them lay down 2.5 miles of track so that they could provide train rides on the Omaha Zoo Railroad in 1968. In 2009, the zoo would open Skyfari, the aerial tram that would take visitors from the Butterfly and Insect Pavilion to the Elephants and Rhinos for a completely different view of the zoo. There is also a wonderful old carousel located at the zoo that offers children an exciting and memorable ride. The zoo is located next to the Rosenblatt Stadium, that had been the former home of the College World Series and the Triple-A Omaha Royals of the Pacific Coast League; and the Omaha Nighthawks of the United Football League. The zoo plans to purchase the stadium after it is replaced with a newer one downtown and then they can decide what to do.

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    Lied JungleBlue Monkey Lied Jungle Omaha, Nebraska
    The Lied Jungle is part of the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska, opening in 1992, at a cost of $15 million, and is one of the biggest indoor rainforests in the world, sitting inside an 80 foot tall building that goes 1.5 acres, and sits right inside the gate. The interior contains 123,000 square feet of space, with 61,000 square feet dedicated to planted exhibit space, 11,000 square feet of education space, and 35,000 square feet of display management space. Visitors meander along the dirt trail, and have the opportunity to walk along a walkway that is both around the creatures or above them, with more than 90 species of animals visible along the trails. These include a Philippine crocodile, blue monkey, chichild, common squirrel monkey, otter, black howler monkey, gibbon, pygmy hippopotamus, ring-tailed lemur, scarlet macaw, clouded leopard, Malayan tapir and Baird's tapir.

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    Omaha Union StationOmaha Union Station Omaha, Nebraska
    Union Station in Omaha, Nebraska is also known as the Union Passenger Terminal and is one of the best examples of art deco architecture in the Midwest, made a city landmark in 1978, and then added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971. It was the nation's first art deco railroad station, and would add the city as a significant railroad terminus in the Midwest. During the years from 1866 until 1971, the city would be served by a number of successive station buildings that would reflect the city growing importance as the country's fourth biggest railroad center. The South Tenth Street site would have two previous structures located here before this one, with the first being nothing more than a cowshed, until it would be dismantled in 1890. For the next eight years, the financial problems of the city and railroad would keep another from being constructed until a temporary one would be installed on the site. As the start of the 1898 Trans-Mississippi Exposition approached and the development of the Burlington station nearby, more pressure would be added to construct a new depot at the site. Finally, it would be designed by Chicago architect, Charles Frost, and the actual construction started in October, 1898. The second depot would be finished in 1899 at a cost of $405, 782, with the facade rising up some sixty feet into the sky, made of pressed brick from Omaha, and Bedford stone in the architectural details. The present building would be designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood of Los Angeles, and contains a steel frame structure that is covered with a cream colored glazed terra cotta, with construction starting in 1929 and being completed in 1931. It would contain 124,000 square feet, with many modern technological innovations that included electric luggage conveyor belts, much lighting throughout the building, huge women's restrooms, electric escalators, marble columns and flooring, deep oak woodwork surrounding the windows and doors, with 1.5 million passengers going through it the first year. By 1946, there were 64 steam engines operating there, carrying 10,000 passengers in and out every day, but within just ten years, it would take a huge nose dive, as the Chicago and North Western Railroad stopped coming to Omaha after 1956, and then in 1960, the end of the Wabash Railroad would hinder it even more. 1965 would see the end of the Missouri Pacific Railroad and then the Chicago Great Western Railway stopped running. It would be followed by the Rock Island Railroad in 1969, and passenger service would cease altogether in 1971. It would be donated to the city in 1973, and immediately become the Durham Museum, with the Union Pacific Museum and archives still located there.

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