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Hot Springs has so much to do! Check it out:

America's First Resort Hot Springs, Arkansas

America's First Resort Hot Springs, Arkansas
Over two hundred years ago, President Thomas Jefferson engaged naturalist William Dunbar and chemist George Hunter to head to the huge expanse of the Louisiana Purchase and conduct a fact finding mission that would lead to the "hot springs of Washita". After publishing the findings in periodicals, a new geological treasure was made known, and by 1828 a rudimentary hotel was built to take care of the many visitors that began coming to the steamy waters and exhilarating mineral deposits found in the natural hot springs. Other hastily constructed structures were built over some of the hot springs to give some kind of simple shelter to the people bathing in the springs.

Bill Clinton's Hometown

Bill Clinton's Hometown
Our 42nd President, William Jefferson Clinton came to the city of Hot Springs, in 1950, with his mother, Virginia Kelley. His dad, William Jefferson Blythe III had died in an auto accident when Bill was yet born, so his mother was the main person in his young life; as were his maternal grandparents. Virginia met and married Hot Springs native Roger Clinton that same year, and Bill eventually took on his surname, that he still has. He started at the St. John's Catholic School in the second grade, then moved on to the Ramble Elementary School, which prepared him for the Hot Springs High School he would later attend. Young Bill became involved in the arena of politics while in high school and other activities; most likely to keep him from going home to his alcoholic dad, although this is not mentioned anywhere other than the fact that Roger was an alcoholic and could be abusive at times. Naturally this isn't talked about much and is only speculation, but is what happens when young children get more involved in school activities or other pursuits that lead down the wrong road. His mother's love kept him on the straight and narrow, and Bill continued to honor her in his enthusiastic support and involvement in the National Honor Society, the Beta Club, band and chorus.

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McClard's BBQ

McClard's BBQ Restaurant
A family tradition since 1928, the great BBQ food at McClard's in the Hot Springs National Park has brought people in from all over the nation, especially when visiting Hot Springs. Now working on the 4th generation of BBQ cooks, they start early in the morning prepping, cooking and smoking the finest ingredients in the state. All the fixin's are made there, like cole slaw, beans, hot tamales, and the best BBQ sauce anywhere. The menu starts with Plates; the ribs are all pork and the meat can be wet or dry; beef or pork chopped meat only; ribs and fry is where the ribs are covered with fries, beef or pork with sliced meat only; beef or pork sliced with slaw and beans; ribs only; beef or pork chopped with slaw and beans. Tamale plates include; half order is tamale with beans; whole spread is two tamales with fritos, beans, chopped beef, cheese and onions; order is two tamales with beans; half spread is one tamale. Sandwiches; grilled cheese; rib is open faced; hamburger is with mayo, mustard, pickle and onion; beef or pork sliced with mayo, chopped cabbage & sauce; baked ham with mustard and pickle; beef or pork chopped with mayo, chopped cabbage & sauce; ham and cheese mustard and pickle. Side orders include; tamale, beans, slaw or fries.

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Blue Moon Gallery

Blue Moon Gallery
Legend has it that the magnetic forces that exist in the hot springs area has somehow opened the doors of creativity and spurred the artistic juices flowing. Whether or not this is fact or speculation, artists and artisans from all over the world have come to the Hot Springs to discover the truth about this legend and in the meantime, the region has been the recipient of these artistic endeavors and the results that show up in the art galleries, art museums, shows and studios that fill the downtown Hot Springs area. In the Hot Springs convention center there is a gorgeous photography display called the "Hot Springs: A Journey Through History" that is shown continuously. The first ever Seventh St. Patrick's Day contest is happening now through the 1st of December and they have a gallery walk the first Friday of each month in the downtown area. On the third Friday of each month they hold a antique/boutique walk through the downtown area. The first weekend in October is the Balloon rally, as is the epicurean experience. The end of October holds the documentary film festival and the list is growing. The Blue Moon Gallery opened in 1997, and has grown into a popular destination for finding original and affordable works of art. Four years later, more space was needed and acquired so that new artists would have a venue for their work, whether local, regional or national.

Ouachita National Forest

Ouachita National Forest
Spreading out over 1.8 million acres in both central Arkansas and southeastern Oklahoma, the Ouachita National Forest is managed by the USDA Forest Service which in turn takes care of the wood and timber production, habitat for fish and wildlife species, watershed improvement and protection, outdoor recreation, minerals leasing and wilderness management. The habitat includes those threatened and endangered species in the region and state; and is the biggest and oldest National Forest in the entire southern region. President Teddy Roosevelt started the Arkansas National Forest in 1907, and in 1936, President Calvin Coolidge renamed it the Ouachita; which means good hunting ground. The forestation is mainly a hickory and pine mixture standing in over 700 miles of wonderful trails that are used for many venues. These can include biking, hiking, walking, running, jogging, horseback riding, off-road vehicles and more. There is one national recreation area, 2 historical sites, 7 scenic sites, 11 shooting ranges, 5 float camps and 43 vistas; with most of the recreational areas opened during the spring and summer months, but you should check to make sure before heading there as some resources are available during the winter.

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Belle of Hot Springs Riverboat

Belle of Hot Springs Riverboat
The Belle is a 250 passenger riverboat that sails across Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, Arkansas touring the lake's magnificent views of million dollar mansions, beautiful islands, telling stories and jokes about the happenings in this wonderful city, as well as charming resorts and exciting views of the Ouachita Mountains. The 15 mile cruise includes two well liked versions with one the lunch sightseeing tour and the dinner/dance sunset sightseeing cruise that will relax you while enjoying the sights and fantastic views that await you here. The e two hour romantic sunset cruise is the most popular cruise and the cuisine is delicious. After the meal and the enchanting views available, you can dance to the music of the dj while sailing along the calm waters of Lake Hamilton. There is also a full bar for those of you wishing to partake and enjoy a couple of drinks while dancing and cruising. The ship offers many catered affairs from weddings to reunions and the staff is always ready to make any accommodations that you might want.