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The Emerald Isle of Ireland is irresistable. You'll love driving along the coast and soaking up the green fields. Whether it's Dublin or Cork, be sure to check with Advantage car hire for the best rates and a great rental experience.

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Things to do in Ireland

    Chester Beatty Library Chester Beatty Library Dublin, Ireland Image of 3rd Century AD Gospel of Luke in Greek
    The Chester Beatty Library began in Dublin, Ireland in 1950, to hold the magnificent collections of mining mogul, Sir Alfred Chester Beatty, located on the grounds of the Dublin Castle, and reopened in 2000, being named the European Museum of the Year in 2002. Its main collections, artistic traditions and sacred traditions showcase rare books, manuscripts, drawings, prints, miniature paintings and numerous decorative arts from western, east Asian and Islamic collections. This fabulous library has become one of the most significant sources for scholarship in the old and new testaments, as well as housing one of the most prominent collections of Far Eastern and Islamic relics, as well as hosting temporary exhibits that also include artworks on loan from many foreign collections and facilities. Their museum contains many priceless items that includes one of the surviving books of the Life of the Prophet and the Gospel of Mani that many consider to be the final remaining relic from Manichaeism; that had been one of the major Iranian Gnostic religions. The western collections contains numerous illuminated manuscripts, drawings, rare books and Old Masters prints, with a magnificent collection of papyri that many belief to be the most extensive in the world, with the almost complete corpus of the Ancient Egyptian love songs. It has a splendid Islamic collection that has been separated into the Persian, Qur'an, Mughal-Era Indian, Arabic and Turkish collections. The Arabic writings include many treaties on medicine, mathematics, jurisprudence, religion, astronomy, history, linguistics and geography, with some of the best miniatures from the imperial Mughal albums, named Muraqqa', and some of the most important paintings from the late Shah Jahan Album and Minto album. These albums have just been the highlight of a recent display and publication by the Islamic curator, Dr. Elaine Wright, Muraqqa': Imperial Albums of the Chester Beatty Library; and one of the most significant items that is often showcased; the Ibn al-Bawwab Qur'an, that had been copied by one of the finest medieval Islamic calligraphers. Their East Asian collection contains one of the finest collections of carved snuff bottles, a large number that were part of the catalogue: The Chester Beatty Library, Dublin: Chinese Snuff Bottles.

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    National Library of IrelandNational Library of Ireland Dublin, Ireland
    The National Library of Ireland in Dublin, Ireland, contains the nation's library, in a structure designed by Thomas Newenham Deane, operated by the Minister for Arts, Sport & Tourism in the country, which is reference library and not a lender. It houses a great amount of Irish and Irish-related material that can be researched without any charges, and includes; photographs, books, newspapers, books, periodicals, maps, music and manuscripts. Their collections include items that were published by the government as well as private sources. The library offers many services like exhibitions and a marvelous archive of Irish newspapers, the ISSN National Center, genealogy research and the chief herald of Ireland and National Photographic Archives. The library would be started in 1877 by the Dublin Science and Art Museum Act, that would give the majority of the collections that were held by the Royal Dublin Society to the new building. Once the foundation of the Irish Free State was created in 1924/25, the library would be transferred to the Department of Education, where it would stay until 1986 when it would be transferred to the Department of An Taoiseach. The library houses the world's most extensive collection of Irish documentary materials anywhere and offer a priceless representation of the history and heritage of the nation and contains four main categories that include; digital, printed that includes newspapers, books, music, official publications, periodicals and maps, visual collection with photographs, ephemera, prints and drawings and manuscripts that contain about a million pieces that span a millennia.  

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Dublin Apt. Enterprise Rental Car - Arrivals Terminal Apt.
Enterprise Car Rental Cork Apt. - Arrivals Terminal
Galway Enterprise Rental Cars
 Unit E,D Block, Oldenway Bus Pk

Enterprise Car Rentals Waterford
 Westgate Bus Park, Tramore Rd.

Local Restaurants in Ireland

    Restaurant Michael Deane
    Entrees; beef is 28 day aged sirloin, triple cooked chips, green beans, Cafe de Paris butter; lamb is braised shoulder of Dorset lamb, confit breast, pomme puree, glazed carrots, pearl onions; chicken is free range chicken, gratin dauphinois, chanterelles, Madeira & rosemary; sole is whole Dover sole, meunilre, pak choi, brown shrimps, cucumber & curry scented olive oil; salmon is fillet of organic salmon, watercress puree, red wine, crispy crab cake, pea shoots; piglet is glazed pork belly, roast milk fed loin, caramelized apple puree, Clonakilty black pudding.

    Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud
    Entrees; Annagassan blue lobster, spicy carrot linguine, piment d'espelette; slow cooked black sole, rigatoni pasta carbonara, Alsace bacon, shiitake mushroom; roast Regleg partridge, rosemary mousseline, walnut, split game jus with yellow wine; roast lacquered Challans duck, soy, star anise, Yuzu jam, salad of caramelized legs, marinated radish, Aigre Doux dressing; fillet of Irish beef & roast foie gras, Madeira & truffle jus; squab pigeon from Touraine, sauce soubise, Chou Farci, Dragee almonds, elderflower jus; venison loin poached in mulled wine, green apple, cocoa balsamic, toasted muesli; caramelized veal sweetbread, Cevenne onion, perfume of bay leaf, roast juices; Atlantic cod demi sel, cracked wheat with pear & almond, salted lemon emulsion.

Braised Shoulder of Lamb Restaurant Michael Deane Dublin, Ireland



 Roast Lacquered Duck Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud Dublin, Ireland



Hertz Car Rental Ireland

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Hertz Rental Cars Cork Apt.- Arrivals Terminal
Dublin Apt. Hertz Car Rental - Terminal 1 & 2
Hertz Rental Car Galway Apt.- Carnmore
Kerry Apt. Hertz Car Rental - Cty. Apt. Farranfore

    Dunsandle Castle and Woods Dunsandle Castle and Woods Galway, Ireland
    Dunsandle Castle and Woods is located in Galway, Ireland and is a De Burgo castle that was constructed in the 15th century and then enlarged into a great manor house in 1650, although it would seem that the building would be vacated by 1791, and left uninhabited for many years. It is one of 18 significant castles located around the region which offer visitors a fantastic look at the early days of this area, when fiefdoms were flourishing and the hardships of everyday folk was tied to the hierarchy of the manor house or castle that was overseen by a friend of the royal court. One of the most unique features of the old castle/manor house is the ice house that it had on the premises, constructed in the 17th century, actually a converted corner tower; and used to cool meats and other foodstuffs, with ice merchants coming around in the winters bringing ice from the Loughrea Lake to the icehouse. To help keep the ice frozen and cold, alternating layers of straw and ice would be put into the egg shaped cavity, with a drain on the bottom to let the melted ice water flow out. With the outstanding insulation installed around the walls, that were made of limestone and brickstone, measured about 18 inches thick and on the second floor of the tower, ice would actually last up to ten months. The main door had numerous recesses that would give the defenders great protection once the invaders or attackers got through it, there was a hole above it that was called the murder hole since defenders could kill everyone in the room since it had great oaken doors with metal grills to keep them in their while they were slowly put to death. The spiral staircase that winds its way up through the castle is believed by historians to have been wound up clockwise, so that defenders could keep their right hands free to use their sword to attack the enemy, as they were forced up the stairs by overpowering odds. Strangely, the one in the Dunsandle were constructed anti-clockwise, which has been the subject of much intrigue. The windows that are located on the bottom floor are merely slits, although constructed in such a way as to allow more light through since they were built with wide angles once through the slots. It would also give archers better protection as they could move side to side shooting their arrows, while attackers had only a small slit to fire into. There are many other interesting features inside the castle, which can be seen and better understood when you visit there. It is a marvelous old castle, with much history and intrigue, that is sure to entice you into staying longer and lingering around to discover all you can about it.

Alamo Car Rentals Ireland

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Cork Apt. Alamo Car Rentals - Arrivals Hall
Alamo Rental Cars Dublin Apt. - Arrivals Hall
Kerry Cty. Apt. Alamo Car Rentals - Main Arrivals Hall
Alamo Rental Car Limerick City - Ennis Rd. Motors

    Ross CastleRoss Castle Kerry, Ireland
    The Ross Castle in Lough Lane, Killarney National Park, County Kerry, Ireland was the ancestral home of the O'Donoghue clan, although it was better known for its close association with the Brownes of Killarney that owned the estate until a short time ago. It sits on the edge of Lough Lane, constructed in the late 15th century by the ruling clan of the O'Donoghues Mor (Ross), but the ownership would be changed during the Desmond Rebellion of the 1580s to the Mac Carty Mor. He would lease the castle and lands to Sir Valentine Browne, who was the ancestor of the Earls of Kenmare, and was one of the last to surrender to Oliver Cromwell's Roundheads in the Irish Confederate Wars. It would be overtaken only when the artillery for the attackers would be brought here by boat along the River Laune, with Lord Muskerry (MacCarty) defended the castle against General Ludlow that had marched here with 4000 foot soldiers and 200 horse, but he would attack by water instead; because there had been an old Irish prophecy that said the castle would never be taken until a warship could swim on the lake. So, when the sight of the warships brought by Ludlow arrived, the castle defenders would eventually surrender. When the wars had been ended, the Brownes showed that the heir was much too young to have played any significant part in the affair, so the family would keep its lands. Around 1688, they would construct a mansion near by the castle, but since they had shown allegiance to King James II of England, the family would be exiled. Afterwards, the castle would be used for a military barracks, and would stay that way until the early 19th century, while the Brownes decided to construct the Kenmare House in Killarney instead of trying to return. In the Middle Ages, many such castles had been constructed and were mostly typical, and used by the Irish chieftains for strongholds. The main castle is surrounded by a fortified bawn, with its curtain walls defended by circular flanking towers, with two of them still here. A majority of the bawn would be gone by the time the barracks were constructed here on the south side of the castle in the middle of the 18th century. Inside you'll find exquisite examples of 16th and 17th century oak furniture, as well as many other period furnishings and decorative arts.

Thrifty Car Rental Ireland

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Cork Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - Main Arrivals Hall Desk A
Thrifty Car Rental Dublin Apt.- In Terminal
Shannon Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars -Arrivals Hall

    Hunt MuseumHunt Museum Limerick, Ireland
    The Hunt Museum in Limerick, Ireland contains a personal collection of artifacts that were donated by the Hunt family, that had been originally located at the University of Limerick before it was moved here in 1997, inside an old customs house constructed in the 18th century by the River Shannon in Rutland Street of central Limerick. The eastern edge of the Limerick's quays start in the area of the river, and has just been transformed into a marina. The Hunt houses some 2000 various relics from Ireland and around the world, with the oldest artifacts coming from the stone ages in this nation, and the ancient Egypt region. It contains the Antrim Cross, which is a 9th century bronze and enamel cross, a bronze horse from a design by Leonardo da Vinci for a bigger monument and a little sketch that was created by Pablo Picasso. In December of 2003, the Simon Wiesenthal Center would contact the museum and state that it had some items that had been stolen by the Nazis in WWII, but they didn't specify what, even though the museum denied any such claims. During the early part of this decade, and up to now, the controversy has been shifting back and forth, and by 2007 had been straightened out when the center was told that it had misspelled certain names of the owners of the artifacts in question, so could not have been related to any Nazi thefts. John Hunt had been born in London in 1900, and studied both architecture and medicine before he began working as an antique dealer, opening a shop in Bury Street, London, eventually becoming an authoritative figure in the realm of medieval artworks. Gertrud Hartmann would be born in Manneheim in 1903, meeting John in London during the 1930s. Their mutual interests would bring them together, and in 1933, they would be married. That decade would become one of the most prolific for antique collectors and dealers, as European museums were still more interested in rebuilding their destroyed buildings from the Great War and American museums had failed to enter the market as of yet. By the end of the decade, museums would move away from shop based dealers and become more interested in them as advisers to prominent collections and collectors. The Hunts would become involved in this business, helping acquire outstanding artifacts for such notables as William Randolph Hearst and the age of Aga Khan and international collections like the one that Sir William Burrell in Glasgow had. The couple would act as advisers for Sotheby's, London, and during the 1930s and 1940s, that the Hunts began accumulating their own special collection.

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Cork Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental - In Terminal Arrivals Hall
Dollar Rental Car Dublin Intl. Apt. 
 In Terminal Arrivals Hall
Dollar Rental Car Shannon Intl. Apt. 
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    Blarney Castle & RockBlarney Castle and Rock Cork, Ireland
    Blarney Castle, in Blarney, by Cork, Ireland and the River Martin, that had been a medieval stronghold, constructed about 1446 by the MacCarthy dynasty, Kings of Desmond and home of the magical Blarney stone, that is located in the machicolations of the castle. These "machicolations" were openings in the floor, the stone floor of a castle, that was located between the supporting corbels of a battlement that stones or other objects could be dropped onto enemies below. Although the castle dates to the 13th century, when a wooden structure had been built here, as some believe, although no evidence has bee found thus far to corroborate this, there was a stone fortification constructed on the site in 1210, but was later destroyed in 1446, and then rebuilt by Cormac Laidir MacCarthy, the Lord of Muscry. The castle would be besieged in the Irish Confederate Wars and eventually seized in 1646 by Parliamentarian forces led by Lord Broghill, but it would be restored back to Donough MacCarthy and he would become the first Earl of Clancarty. In the Williamite War of the 1690s, the 4th Earl of Clancarty, who happened to be named Donough MacCarthy as well, would be captured and his lands that included the marvelous castle as well, would be confiscated by the Williamites, and sold numerous times to various families before it would be bought by Sir James St. John Jefferyes. This family would construct a mansion by the keep, but later destroyed by fire, and in 1874, a baronial replacement mansion would be constructed overlooking the lake that is located nearby, and it would become called the Blarney House. Today, the castle is in ruins, with a few rooms accessible, as well as a couple of battlements, but at the top of the castle, the Stone of Eloquence or the Blarney Stone is still located along the battlements there, with the visiting tourists coming here and hanging upside down to kiss the stone, which is believed to give the kisser, the gift of eloquence. There are numerous legends about the stone and its origin, with some saying that it was the Lia Fail, a magical stone that the Irish kings would be crowned over. The Blarney stone is a bluestone that had been constructed into the battlements of the castle, which had been set in it in 1446, but other than that, which is purely guesswork on the part of those spreading various legends, it remains a mystery.  The many stories behind the stone is quite good reading and very interesting, regardless if you are a Bible scholar or not. Many believe that the stone was the Stone of Jacob, who used it as a pillow one night, and dreamed visions on it, who then consecrated it to God, and later it would be taken by Jeremiah, who took the daughters of the great king just killed, to Great Britain, with the stone, and that is how it was believed to have been brought here.  But whatever legend is the truth, if it is out there, we will never learn it, and to watch millions of people and their spittle being put on the rock, notice the discolored area in front of the person hanging upside down in the image to the right, is not the best way to visit a foreign country and hope to be well the whole time. 

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National Rental Car Dublin Apt. - Arrivals Hall
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