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Museum of Southern History Museum of Southern History Jacksonville, Florida
The Museum of Southern History in Jacksonville, Florida is dedicated to preserving the history, chivalry and ideals of the south with a concerned focus on the education of young people, offering educational programs and events that encourage the youngsters of today to learn the real truth about the history and events that led up to the Civil War, on a southern perspective. It is also intent on describing that history with adult groups, as well as producing educational materials for adults to use in their own environments. Some of the more outstanding examples of relics include the President Abraham Lincoln flag that covered his coffin, only one of three in existence, and signed by the attending doctor; General Joseph E. Johnston's revolver, who was commander of the Army of Tennessee. One very interesting and exciting exhibition is the Road to Secession, a detailed chronology of the debate that went on during those early months before the war began and the beginning.

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- 10246 Atlantic Blvd.
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Cummer Museum of Art and GardensCummer Museum of Art and Gardens Jacksonville, Florida
The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens in Jacksonville, Florida, concentrates on the European and American artistic paintings, with a marvelous collection of Meissen porcelain; being added to the list of National Register of Historic Places in 2010. It opened in 1961 on the former property of Ninah and Arthur Cummer, with three beautiful flower gardens located there, with the oldest one being created in 1903. Their permanent collection contains more than 6000 artworks that date from 2100 BC to this century and the wonderful art connections program they have educates more than 50,000 student on a yearly basis.

Enterprise rent- a- car Jacksonville

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Hertz Car Rental Jacksonville

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Jacksonville West Hertz Rental Cars- 1165 Cassat Ave.
Hertz Car Rental Jacksonville - 10531 Atlantic Ave.
Craig Apt. - Sky Harbor Hertz Car Rentals
 855 St. Johns Bluff Rd.

Hertz Car Rentals Jacksonville Intl. Apt.
 2400 Yankee Clipper Dr.

Timucuan Ecological & Historical Preserve Timucuan Ecological & Historical Preserve Jacksonville, Florida
The Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve in Jacksonville, Florida opened in 1988 and contains 46,000 acres of critical wetlands habitat and other privately held parcels of land. The Fort Caroline National Memorial is located there as well as the Kingsley Plantation, that is the oldest in the state; and was named after the Timucuan Indians that had 35 chiefdoms in the northern Florida and southern Georgia area when the Spanish colonization began. There have been numerous archaeological excavations in the preserve by the University of North Florida, revealing a lot of information about these indigenous tribes, and on Black Hammond Island, the remains of the second oldest pottery in this nation has been discovered that dates back to 2500 BCE. The school has also excavated artifacts that were used by the Mocama chiefdom, found more recently and during the last quarter century, the tribe has been found to be quite distinct from the Timucua, even though they spoke the same dialect. The archaeologists have also found some evidence that a Spanish mission had been located here since San Juan de Puerto, one of the oldest missions that came to Florida, had been settled during the 16th century.

Fort Caroline National Memorial
Fort Caroline Nationa Memorial Jacksonville, Florida
Fort Caroline in Jacksonville, Florida was the first French settlement in the nation, began in 1564, under the leadership of Rene Gouliane de Laudonniere, original started to become a refuge for the Hugenots, but lasted only a year since the Spanish were worried that it would become a haven for pirates or privateers that would constantly harass or steal their treasure ships as they headed to Europe, laden with gold and silver from their conquests. It is now the Fort Caroline National Memorial, and contains a marvelous old fort mound that shows the visitor what the fort looked something like almost five centuries ago. The French came here after being organized by Protestant leader Admiral Gaspard de Coligny and they were led by the Norman navigator, Jean Ribault that would land on the May River side in February 1562. They would then head north to Port Royal Sound, known as Parris Island, South Carolina today.

avis discount rental car Jacksonville

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Jacksonville Intl. Apt. Avis Rental Cars  
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Avis Car Rentals Jacksonville.
- 1515 Prudential Dr.
Jacksonville Avis Rental Car - 10536 Atlantic Blvd.
Avis Car Rentals Jacksonville - 9550 Baymeadows Rd. Ste. 11

Kingsley PlantationKingsley Plantation Jacksonville, Florida
The Kingsley Plantation in Jacksonville, Florida was named after one of the earliest owners, who had lived there for more than a quarter of a century, Zephaniah Kingsley, and sits on the northern end of Fort George Island and part of the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve that is taken care of by the National Park Service. It was originally composed of 1000 acres, but over the many centuries has been overtaken by forests and native plants, so that only about 60 acres remains with the structures and outbuildings. Archaeological excavations have uncovered evidence of pre-Columbian Timucua tribes living there, as well as the remnants of a Spanish mission called San Juan del Puerto. While under British ruled in 1765, the plantation would be started and then owned by several people as the island would be the property of Spain and then the United States.

Thrifty Car Rental Jacksonville

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Thrifty Car Rental Jacksonville Apt.
 2400 Yankee Clipper Rd.

Jacksonville Museum of Modern ArtJacksonville Museum of Modern Art Jacksonville, Florida
The Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville is often referred to as the MOCA Jacksonville, which has become a significant cultural resource for the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida and is one of the biggest contemporary art facilities in the southeast, with exhibits of regional, national and international artists. It was started in 1924 as the Jacksonville Fine Arts Society, and the first organization in the region that was dedicated to the visual arts. By 1948, it would be incorporated as the Jacksonville Art Museum and in 1978, it would be the first institution in the city to become accredited by the AAM. MOCA would get is current permanent home in 1999, a historical Western Union Telegraph Building on Hemming Plaza, next to the newly rejuvenated city hall and become the Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art or MOCA. A number of preview displays were opened in a temporary exhibit space so that the facade could be restored to its original art deco style; while the interior would receive a marvelous facelift that would now contain the theater/auditorium, museum shop and cafe; educational facilities and galleries.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Jacksonville

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Museum of Science and HistoryMuseum of Science and History Jacksonville, Florida
The Museum of Science and History (MOSH) in Jacksonville, Florida has become the most popular museum in the city, sitting on the Southbank Riverwalk and containing hands-on science and history opportunities for the entire family, with many interactive and marvelous displays. These include the Atlantic Tails that showcases the mammals that are indigenous to the northeast waterways; Currents of Time that looks at 12,000 years of history in the region and the 200 seat Alexander Brest Planetarium that has numerous shows each day. Their 60 foot diameter dome-shaped projection screen encourages the audience to look up at the stars and learn more about astronomy, gone by and today. The beginning of the museum was in 1941, when the city's children's museum was chartered and its first home located in a Victorian mansion in Riverside. That led to a construction location in downtown in 1965, opening in 1969, eventually becoming the Jacksonville Museum of Arts and Sciences in 1977 and their would receive their accreditation some six years later.

National Rental Cars Jacksonville

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