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Things to do in Las Vegas

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition Las Vegas, Nevada
Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition is one of those rare moments when we here today, can look back into the past, thanks to the incredible changes and advancements in technology, and to the more than 5000 objects that have been recovered from the sunken ship. The "unsinkable" ship has created more buzz than any other vessel on the high seas as well as being made into a blockbuster movie that made stars of numerous people. Although the story begins in the early 20th century, when the world was on the verge of a world war, no thought or idea could have foretold that disastrous event since the 1900s had brought the many advancements in transportation, labor, banking, and other industries that were going through some exciting times; the story for us really begins in September, 1985, when the Titanic was discovered some two and a half miles below the surface in the North Atlantic. The RMS Titanic, Inc and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the Waitt Institute, would team up to find the lost ship that cost so many people's lives, including some of the most wealthy and famous people of this nation. Thanks to their marvelous efforts, we have been able to put together many missing pieces of the puzzle that caused so much interest, decades after the event occurred. And now, in Las Vegas, Nevada, the exhibition has all the answers you ever wanted to know and more about the unbelievable story of the Titanic and the sinking that is still remembered today, almost a century later. Using the marvels of today's advanced technologies, many of the areas of the ship have been replicated, allowing you to view and actually walk in the steps of many of the passengers that sailed on the doomed vessel, looking over the many artifacts and relics that have been brought up from the floor of the ocean. Of the passengers and crew of the Titanic, 705 survived, but 1523 were lost in one of the deadliest tragedies of that age, and the exhibition has more answers and information than any other source or resource in the world. The original exhibit had been shown at the Tropicana, but in 2008, it went to the Luxor and contains many new artifacts that hadn't been shown before, with even more details about the ship and people that were aboard her. There are many stories, personal ones, that have never been told before this and now are part of this magnificent exhibition that entwines visitors with the passengers that took that fateful voyage. One very poignant moment is at the beginning of the tour, when you are given a boarding pass of one of the original passengers, that gives you information about that passenger; and once the tour is over, you will see if that person survived or not on the wall memorial. There are also many passenger quotes about that horrific night, although some are so heartfelt that you will gain much insight into what these people were going through. Their personal belongings tell a broader tale of their lives and the artifacts discovered are in the state that they were found in and not enhanced in any way to restore them. There is a lot of jewelry, china that the passengers had brought along with them, ship tools, playing cards, currency, a pipe, spittoon and postcards; but the real treasure lies in all the stories that have been brought to light in spite of having been preserved in a sense at the bottom of the ocean for so many decades. It is a fabulous sight and one that is well worth the time and money to visit.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Las Vegas, NevadaThe Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is about 15 miles west of Las Vegas, Nevada and can be seen from the city, as it welcomes more than one million visitors each year. The area contains an array of big rock formations, sandstone peaks and walls that were named the Keystone Trust; with many walls going up 3000 feet and thus making a marvelous climbing and hiking area that attracts many people for that alone each year. There is a one-way loop that is 13 miles long that offers the visitor access to many of the beautiful features of the landscape, with a visitor's center located at the beginning. This loop have also become a very popular place for bikers, starting out with a small climb and then flattens out to become easier riding, with a few downhill spots. The Red Rock Canyon is usually accessible by four wheel drive vehicles, although it wouldn't be difficult for hikers or bikers to visit the magnificent beauty that abounds there. On the southern end of the conservation area, Spring Mountain Ranch State Park sits, along with the western ghost town replica of Bonnie Springs and the small village of Blue Diamond. The Red Rock area has been a favorite place for humans for millennium because of its water, animal and plant resources that are difficult to find elsewhere in the desert. There have been six various Native American tribes that are believed to have been here, and include; the Southern Paiute from 900 AD to the present day, Patayan culture from 900 AD to the 1800s; Anasazi from 1 AD to about 1150 AD, Pinto/Gypsum from 3500 BC to 1 AD, San Dieguito from 7000 BC to 5500 BC and the Paleo-Indians from 11,000 BC to 8000 BC. In 1967, the Bureau of Land Management created a 10,000 acre area that would be called the Red Rock Recreation Lands, and in 1990, a special legislation had changed the landmass to the Red Rock Recreation Lands to a National Conservation Area. It is the eastern most area of the Mojave Desert and contains about 600 species of plants that include Utah juniper, Joshua tree, blackbrush, Mojave yucca, creosote, Sonoran scrub oak and banana yucca. It is also a thriving place for wild burros, desert bighorn sheep, rabbits and ground squirrels as well as the protected desert tortoise.

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Imperial Palace Auto CollectionImperial Palace Auto Collection Las Vegas, Nevada
The Auto collection that is housed in the Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino contains the world's biggest classic car showroom with an inventory of over $100 million that is both for exhibit and sale; with over 250 antique, historic, muscle and classic cars. Sitting on a 125,000 square foot showroom floor, these gorgeous machines have enticed visitors from all over the United States and the world, with many purchasing one of the finest automobiles ever made in this country, as well as a few from others. Check out Johnny Carson's vintage 1939 Chrysler Royal Sedan that he actually drove to his high school senior prom, or the 1938 Cadillac series 90 V-16 Fleetwood limousine that was bought and created for the famous comedian, W. C. Fields. The car used to sit on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, while Fields, Carlotta Monti and secretary, Magna Mitchell would hold court, so an automotive first was installed to help them deal with the fame and attention and that was the first electric martini mixer in a car. You can see some of the rarest vintage classics like the only 1937 Mercedes-Benz 540K Mayfair Special Roadster, a large number of Duesenbergs or a 1957 Jaguar XKSS that has been valued at over $7 million. The majority of these magnificent cars can be purchased, and there are knowledgeable salesmen walking the floor to help you in any way, as well as tell some exciting story about the particular vehicle that piques your interest. The Grand Salon contains the crème de la crème, with Packards, Minerva, Duesenberg, Rolls-Royce, Talbot Lago, Bugatti, Pierce Arrow, Cadillac, Hispano-Suiza, Horch, Maybach, Delahaye, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Delage and many more. The main floor contains such outstanding cars as; Oldsmobile, Auburn, Buick, Stutz, Pontiac, Audi, Austin Healey, Volkswagen, Dodge, Alfa Romeo, Chevrolet, Shelby, Ford, Maserati, Lancia, Lincoln, Hudson, Cord, Franklin, International, BMW, Chrysler, Renault, Cooper, Indian, Morgan, Locomobile, Hupmobile, Mercury, MG and many more. This is the only showroom of its kind in the world, and can only be seen in Las Vegas, Nevada, the sin city of America, with more vices that money. But isn't that what brings everyone here?   

 Liberace Museum
Liberace Museum Las Vegas, Nevada
The Liberace Museum can be found in Paradise, Nevada where you will discover many of the former performer's jewelry, stage costumes and cars, many citations for philanthropic endeavors and exquisitely decorated pianos. Liberace opened the museum in 1979, with his brother George becoming the director, and is part of the Liberace Plaza that also houses his restaurant. There are two structures that contain his jewelry and costume gallery and the other houses his magnificent pianos and cars. Also included in the outstanding museum are the rare antiques, amazing jewelry and unusual custom cars, and of course, Mr. Showmanship's outrageous costumes that have delighted and excited fans for decades. The museum is a nonprofit organization that helps fund the Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts that has been able to help many young people gain a scholarship since 1976; helping 2700 of them thus far. Some of the famous star's most elegant pieces are housed in the second building that includes rare Moser crystal pieces that came from Czechoslovakia, with his personal service for 12 that includes 14 separate glasses for all of the settings. There is a wonderful museum store where you can purchase Liberace related items that include CDs, music related books, video cassettes, giftware, jewelry and stationery. His story is a unique one that might interest many since he faced difficulties from early youth all through his life as many people perceived him one way and that was odd. It is a terrible injustice that these poor ignorant folks should feel that way since he was only a performer of outstanding talents and unusual idiosyncrasies, like most of us have, in one way or another.

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Local Restaurants in Las Vegas

Delmonico's Steakhouse
Appetizers; crispy fried calamari with smoked tomato sauce, olive salad & parmesan cheese; roasted butternut squash ravioli, duck confit, sage brown butter sauce, dusted with toasted hazelnuts & parmesan cheese; Emeril's New Orleans BBQ shrimp served with petite rosemary biscuit; ahi tuna & salmon tartare with cucumber salad & wasabi aioli; jumbo lump crab cake, confit fennel, tomato, fresh herb salad & herb emulsion; truffle & parmesan potato chips; Creole boiled Gulf shrimp cocktail, tomato horseradish dipping sauce; classic steak tartare, traditional garnishes & toast points; selected artisanal cheeses. Entrees; peppered seared ahi tuna, olive tapenade, roasted red pepper aioli; Emeril's BBQ salmon, potato & andouille sausage hash, spicy onion crust & housemade Worcestershire; spicy jumbo shrimp & fresh fettuccine pasta, Andouille sausage, parmesan cheese & basil; grilled marinated organic chicken breast, roasted fingerling potatoes, whole garlic, wild mushrooms & natural reduction; grilled double-cut Kurobuta pork chop, roasted butternut squash, natural jus & crispy sage; roasted rack of Colorado lamb, fresh herb popover & truffle sauce; grilled filet mignon medallions, wild mushroom crusted beef filet medallions with Emeril's Worcestershire sauce, house cured bacon & parmesan cheese; Chateaubriand carved tableside for two, asparagus & garlic mashed potatoes; bone-in rib eye, rib eye, bone-in NY strip, filet mignon.

First course; composition of house smoked salmon & sturgeon caviar with crisp potato latke & heirloom tomato; American white sturgeon caviar; Charlie's onion soup is beef consommé with onions, foie gras, truffles, Gruyere cheese puff pastry; salad of baby field greens & herbs is shaved organic vegetables, Normandy cider vinaigrette; warm Cypress Grove goat cheese tartine with herb baguette, baby arugula salad, rhubarb marmalade; Hawaiian hamachi duo is fennel crusted with Meyer lemon confit, sashimi style with Mongolian spices; asparagus with warm morel custard, white & green dressed with morel foam; chilled lobster salad with piperade & cold pressed olive oil; new potato gnocchi Nicoise with pesto spike tomato sauce, ripe olives; seared Hudson Valley foie gras. Main course; roasted skate wing, new potatoes, brown butter beet reduction; fennel steamed Alaskan salmon, organic green asparagus, tomato spiked herbed hollandaise; simply grilled John Dory is tiny stuffed veggies, bacon-braised baby chard, coulis of fresh tomato; roasted Chilean sea bass, California date couscous, saffron mussel emulsion; seared ahi tuna, citron potato gratin, sauté of spring peas, haricot vert & tomato; roasted Sonoma chicken, fricassee of porcini & black prunes, herb infused poultry jus; caramelized Sonoma duck Peking flavors, preserved duck & ricotta cannelloni, kumquat infused sauce; roast loin of veal with chanterelles, rustic Yukon gold potatoes, mushroom cognac sauce; roasted rack of Colorado lamb, tender lamb stuffed Campari tomato, braised flageolet beans, Nicoise olives & rosemary jus; pepper crusted prime NY sirloin, sautéed pea shoots, horseradish potato clouds; pan seared filet mignon, peekytoe crab & potato Lyonnaise, natural beef reduction.


BBQ Salmon Delmonico's Steakhouse Las Vegas, Nevada


Chateaubriand Delmonico's Steakhouse Las Vegas, Nevada


Steamed Salmon Aureole Las Vegas, Nevada


Roasted Rack of Colorado Lamb Aureole Las Vegas, Nevada


Pan Seared Filet Mignon Aureole Las Vegas, Nevada


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M & M's World M & M's World Las Vegas, Nevada
The M and M's World is a fantastic store that specializes in every M and M product in the world, from candy to clothing and more, located on the Las Vegas strip in Paradise, Nevada; with stores in New York City and Orlando, as well. This store opened in 1997, in the Showcase Mall adjacent to the MGM Grand, and is a four story structure that naturally has a gift shop located on the first floor. That store leads to a 3D movie theater, with a plethora of M and M's paraphernalia located in every nook and cranny, with every imaginable color, and a replica of the M and M's race car that was in the NASCAR Sprint Cup series. Their clothing is located on the second floor and as you climb the stairs to that floor, you will pass by images of the evolution and changes to the lovable candy that has been enjoyed by every person that likes or loves chocolate. Since opening, it has welcomed more than 8 million visitors, with everyone of them loving the entire tour and the delectable candy all around you to make sure you are enticed into buying at least one package of the candy that has brightened many a sad child's day. What makes it even more enjoyable is the fact that it is absolutely free to visit and is open seven days a week. The four floors seem like a chocolate heaven, with bright colorful lights and lively music everywhere, enjoying the sense of energy and excitement as it crawls up your legs and enables you to step a little bit more lively yourself. The second floor has a rainbow wall that houses all 22 colors, and is where you can find one of those silly T-shirts with your favorite slogan or a new one that you just have to bring home for the relatives that didn't come with you. The third floor contains the magical collector's items, including the $275 M and M's guitar, or the Swarovski crystal; or the spectacular purses that were hand made from the wrappers of those famous little circles of chocolate candy. The fourth floor has all the items that carry the M & M logo, including sweaters for the little pet that you left at home to visit here; as well as suitcases, home decor and lunch bags. There are back scratchers, beachwear, games, Frisbees, golf club covers and even martini glasses. The walls are filled with the various changes that have occurred over the years, and the evolution of the fun characters that have delighted audiences for years on their television commercials.

Atomic Testing Museum
Atomic Testing Museum Las Vegas, NevadaThe Atomic Testing Museum is found in Las Vegas, Nevada, housing the documents describing the history of nuclear testing in the desert at the Nevada Test Site (NTS), just north of the city. The museum was opened in 2005, in Paradise, Nevada, one of the southern suburbs of Las Vegas that has become the most visited place in the city for many reasons. The museum details the first test that was held on January 27, 1951 and spans the period up to today. One of the exhibits that is housed here includes the Ground Zero theater that simulates the experience of watching an atmospheric nuclear test; and their are radiation testing devices, Geiger counters, and radio badges that told you how radiation you had absorbed during your shift of work, Native American relics from around the area of testing, pop culture memorabilia that pertains to the atomic age, and other equipment that was used for testing. The other exhibits concentrate on the figures of the facility, interactive displays about radiation and videos that will fill your mind with images of unbelievable magnitudes and visions that could turn any dream into a horrific nightmare. Visit the place where only a few could work, and learn about the secrets that were kept here by only a few hundred people, and more. It is a unique destination, one that kept the world at bay for many centuries after the bombing of Japan's Hiroshima and Nagasaki, with the Nagasaki incident being even more terrible and devastating. It is a lesson in the world governments and the stage as it exists today, hopefully imparting some understanding of what the feelings, emotions and thoughts of the people that were involved in many events that almost led to the destruction of our planet. Even today, there are more nuclear weapons on this planet than are needed to blow it out of existence 20, 30, perhaps 100 more so than necessary; and still they are lying around, waiting for some zealous idiot to flip the switch or push a button. Unbelievable as it may seem, during President Reagan's tenure, we produced 17,000 more nuclear warheads; when it only takes 200 to put this world out of its misery. Come, visit and learn, and help us work together to destroy these "real" weapons of mass destruction that sit in our nation, in Russia, Israel, Pakistan, India, China, North and South Korea and other nations that we know nothing about; all praying that that fanatic never gets the chance to push or flip.

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Arizona Hot SpringsArizona Hot Springs Las Vegas, Nevada
The Arizona Hot Springs outside of Las Vegas, Nevada can be found in an unusual slot canyon that flows into the river downstream of Ringboldt Rapids as it forms numerous small pools that are about a 1000 feet from the river, where the canyon walls are almost straight up and about 6 to 9 feet apart. At the source of the spring, there is highly mineralized water that spews forth at some 30 gallons a minute and a very hot temperature of 111 degrees Fahrenheit; but shouldn't be sat in for longer than 15 minutes or you will almost boil your own blood. The spring gushes forth from fractures in the Miocene-age volcanic rocks that intersect by two faults. White Rock Canyon is a very beautiful volcanic area, with many desert plants to check out, that include; rabbit brush, indigo bush, rock nettle, Mormon tea, ground cherry, desert tobacco, rush-milkweed, desert fir, rock daisy, windmills, desert trumpet, cheesebush and globemallow. The many rocks that you will pass by on the hike to the springs are mostly volcanic, with flow and fluff deposits, as well as granite boulders that were washed down from the Black Canyon. The springs hike is certainly not recommended in the summer, and if you do decide to try the adventure, take plenty of water and be sure to keep an eye out for rattlesnakes; making sure of where you put your hands and feet at all times. And stay on the trails that have been cut for you or you may end up someplace that you have no idea of where it is or how to get out. The whole trip should be about six miles round trip, and be about five hours long plus the time that you plan on spending in the hot springs. There is also another warning about naegleria fowleria, which is an amoeba that has been found in hot pools, and could be there, although you can't see them, but they enter your body through the nose and cause all kinds of problems, like a rare infection and possible death. So don't dive into them, splash the water around or put your head under the water; and that way you can be somewhat sure that you won't have any troubles with the amoebas. There is a ladder located at the springs that will allow you to climb down, but as always, be careful and be aware of your surroundings. But with all the warnings, it is a wonderful hike where at the mid point you can soak your body in a soothing spring that will relax you like you have never been and help your body more than you will understand. The minerals will make you feel like you could sleep for hours, and afterwards invigorate you to no end. It is a great time to be enjoyed by a family or good friends wanting to enjoy a different kind of experience than what Las Vegas has to offer.

Lied Discovery Children's Museum
Lied Discovery Children's Museum Las Vegas, Nevada
The Lied Discovery Children's Museum is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, spread across 23,000 square feet of space, just across the street from the natural history museum, and sharing a building with the library branch of the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District; with more than 100 hands-on displays that will thrill your children for hours and hours. It opened in 1990, and soon became apparent that it would be one of the most useful resources for families in the area and city, welcoming over 1.8 million folks so far. Over 425,000 children have come here on field trips from their schools that find the curriculum here complements their own in many new and exciting innovative ways. The main thrust of the museum is to encourage interaction between children and adults, availing them of an opportunity to share a very special and unique learning experience together as they discover many new things. The museum is dedicated to serving all people from both culturally and economically diverse backgrounds; making sure that when you learn new ideas and concepts, it doesn't have to be boring or strict, but rather fun and adventurous.

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Grand Canyon South Rim Bus TourGrand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour Las Vegas, Nevada
The Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour is one of the most economical ways to visit and enjoy the nation's most glorious Grand Canyon, and to be picked up and dropped off at your hotel is even more helpful, especially if you are traveling with your family. It is certainly one of the best tours that are available from Las Vegas, Nevada, although there are many ways to get to the fabulous canyon and enjoy its magnificent sights. However, there is no more enjoyable way to travel than on a bus filled with like minded people that want to experience the Grand Canyon, without all the fuss and glitter that many of the tour companies will add on to get more money out of your pocket. You will travel along in air conditioned buses, quite comfortable and relaxing, allowing you to look out the window and see all the views of deserts and mountains, valleys, streams and rivers, arroyos and more. The bus stops at the Hoover Dam, one of the most exciting sights in the region, man made and quite a view, and as you continue your relaxing comfortable ride, you'll stop at other places like the Yavapai Point and the famous Bright Angel Lodge, where you can shop for souvenirs, or take pictures of the magnificent scenery, taking time to enjoy the beauty of nature and the marvelous views that are available here. You will be stopping the deepest, widest and most gorgeous part of the canyon, with plenty of time to walk about and take all the pictures that your heart desires. There are many places to take pictures and many marvelous sights to take them of. It is a wonderful trip that will most likely exhaust you and your family, but one that you wouldn't have taken if you didn't come here explicitly for that reason. It is a once in a lifetime adventure that will sure to please the whole family and when you leave the driving to the bus driver, you get to spend all that time with your family reveling in the beauty and size of the sights you'll see.

Silverton Aquarium
Silverton Aquarium Las Vegas, Nevada
The Aquarium at the Silverton Casino Lodge in Las Vegas, Nevada isn't there just to show off exotic colorful fish, more than 4000 of them, including three kinds of stingrays and three kinds of sharks, but there to be an intricate part of the hotel's experience for its guests and visitors. There are mermaids that swim about the tank in the afternoons and evenings, entertaining the hotel's guests and visitors, while the fish continue their daily routine without batting an eyelash, if they had them. Because of the colorful costumes that the mermaids wear, the fish come and up and check them out, but otherwise, they just do their own thing and swim around looking for food and mates. The hotel has had the 117,000 gallon curved acrylic tank for three years and is constantly trying to find ways to incorporate the tank into the hotel's charisma and draw, having had some unusual shows take place in the tanks besides the mermaid shows. One was Criss Angel trying to get out of the tank, which he did, and another time, a couple were married in the tank after "taking the plunge". They want to be sure that when people come back to visit that they will have something new and interesting for them to see at the aquarium, and it seems to be working very well. In fact, the aquarium has been named the best free attraction in the city, and has a daily feeding show that is assisted by a marine biologist that goes in the tank with a full face communication mask that allows him to answer questions about the tank, the fish and anything else folks want to ask. Their mermaid lounge contains two 500 gallon jellyfish aquariums that are lit with LED lights and a pleasure to watch those jellyfish float around their tanks as well.

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Hartland MansionHartland Mansion Las Vegas, Nevada
The Hartland Mansion in Las Vegas, Nevada is the biggest private residence ever constructed here, with almost 31,000 square feet of beautifully adorned spaces, filled with antiques and artworks that are amazing. The mansion has been the site of many famous people's visits, photographs, film shoots, videos and book launches; as well as being used for the movie, "Casino" with Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesce and Sharon Stone. Extravagant is barely the word to be used for this outstanding and magnificent house, where the bathrooms are decorated more than ordinary people's most glamorous houses. One such room was adorned with paneled walls, golf leafed painting, outrageously gold leafed mirror, and pictures hanging on the walls that are masterpieces in any other house; with a richly decorated vanity and a single plain looking toilet that lacked any bidet. The history of the house began in the 1940s, when it was actually two separate residences in the historic 6th Street district, and the only place to live if you had some interests in any of the hotels or casinos that lined the strip; like Howard Hughes, Jake Kosloff, the Hamms, Houssels and Binions. Then, in the 1970s, the houses were bought by the Arvey Estate and a huge restoration began to join the two houses together to create a new house that would have approximately 13,000 square feet of space. Mr. Arvey had his architect visit Disneyland so he could copy the exterior and facade of the Plaza Inn on Main Street, telling him to spare no expense in reconstructing his new Victorian mansion. By 1978, the mansion would be sold to the Hart family, and because of the untimely vacancy by Arvey, the house hadn't been completed; so the Hart's decided to continue it. During 1980 and 1981, the mansion would experience two fires that leveled it to the ground, so Toni Hart decided to rebuild the entire mansion from the foundation, instructing her architect to use the previous designs for the outside, just to enlarge it and embellish it to increase the size to 31,000 square feet. This reconstruction and changes would take almost seven years to complete, and as it went up, Toni began getting requests to use the mansion for dinner parties, receptions and charitable events. All these requests soon turned into a full time business for the Harts, where they would host some of the most celebrated parties, events and weddings that have happened in Vegas during the last two decades. Willie Nelson came here and sang, Ginger Rogers came and danced, Jackie Collins launched a book here, Engelbert Humperdinck dined here and DeNiro and Stone made a movie here. The Grand Party Room had the Las Vegas Symphony give a dinner for 400, as well as art shows were held here, corporate events, mitzvahs, fund raisers, weddings and receptions, fashion shows, and more have been hosted at the Hartland Mansion, continuing a time old tradition of the rich enjoying the fruits of their labors.

Shadow Creek Golf Club
Shadow Creek Golf Club Las Vegas, Nevada
Shadow Creek Golf Course is an 18 hole, Tom Fazio designed course constructed by casino mogul Steve Wynn in 1989 in North Las Vegas, Nevada on empty desert flatland that encompassed some 350 acres; and cost somewhere around $60 million. Before the actual construction began, more than three million cubic yards of dirt was taken from the desert floor so that it could be pushed up around the course forming a berm that would block anyone trying to see it from the outside. With some 21,000 trees of over 200 different varieties being brought in and planted, to help with the sense of privacy and seclusion, the trees were planted around the edge of the course and various holes. When it opened in 1989, it was considered one of the most exclusive golf course in the world, and only invited guests of Steve Wynn or the Mirage properties could come here and play. Tee times were space out an hour apart so that the course wouldn't get congested nor anyone have to rush or hurry to get out of another group's play. The course has been opened to all MGM resort international property guests, that are willing to pay the $500 green fees, the includes a round-trip limo ride from the strip and club rental. There are rarely more than two dozen rounds played in any single day, and those are mostly PGA professionals, VIPs, professional athletes, spokespeople, Las Vegas hot shots and occasional CEOs. A few of the names that are placed on the lockers in the clubhouse include; Wilt Chamberlain, George Bush, Michael Jordan and John Elway. It is a magnificent course with waterfalls, flowing rock bed streams, lakes, rocky outcroppings, rolling hillsides and exotic birds that wander around the property at will. It is a masterpiece of design, creating an experience like no other on the golf course circuit, creating subtle changes in the challenges until reaching a crescendo at every few holes and then repeating itself so that you are constantly challenged and excited to play. You cannot see one hole from the other, with four par 3s that are quite unusual and amazing, with one forcing you to hit over a valley of trees and another has you enter into a bowl-shaped valley and leave through a tunnel. There are some private houses located around the course, with one by the 18th that had belonged to Steve but he sold it to MGM in 2005 for $17 million; guess he saw the writing on the wall? That four bedroom house has a wine cellar, underwater speaker system, zero-gravity jacuzzi, two story library, two pools and theater. In May of 2008, the entire course enjoyed a $17 million restoration with Tom Fazio being there to make sure everything was kept chic, and the course got new tees, rough, bunkers, greens and fairways with a few holes being redesigned and lengthened. The course is now 7560 yards, where it had been only 7239 yards; and a 7 acre short game area with four target greens and large putting green being added.

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