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Alamo Rent A Car is the company to go with when you want a reliable vehicle at an excellent rate Not all car hire companies are the same. In fact, Alamo has been in the business for quite a while and has worked hard to maintain their distinction. to see online discount specials.
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Car Hires Liverpool, England - 278 East Prescott Road
Liverpool John Lennon Airport Hires Alamo - In Terminal
Wirral Birkenhead South Car Hires - 749 New Chester Road
Alamo Car Hires in Caernarfon - Gwalia Garage Caerthro
Warrington Alamo Car Hire - Newbridge Service Station

Things to do in Liverpool

  • Liverpool Anglican Cathedral
    Anglican Church Liverpool
    The Liverpool Anglican Cathedral is a must see when you are paying a visit to the area. This amazing cathedral is the fifth largest cathedral in the entire world! To truly understand the size of the church is to go inside and just look up. Inside you will find huge examples of magnificent stained glass, supported by the intrinsic gothic architecture that makes up the infrastructure of the church. Be sure to see this landmark the next time that you are visiting the Liverpool area.

  • The Albert Dock
    You would be doing yourself a total disservice if you did not go to The Albert Dock while you are vacation in the Liverpool area. The Albert Dock is home to some of the most famous attractions in Liverpool, like The Yellow Duckmarine, The Beatles Story, The International Slave Museum and the Shiverpool Ghosts Tour. The Albert Dock also has a variety of shops and restaurants to choose from. You will enjoy yourself when you decide to share an afternoon at the Albert Dock.

  • Prince Road Synagogue
    This awe-inspiring synagogue is a must visit when you are in the Liverpool area. The Prince Road Synagogue is truly a hidden treasure and you would be doing yourself a favor by paying a visit to this synagogue. The architecture is truly amazing. The synagogue was completed in 1874 and was built to house 824 members. Luckily, the synagogue was not damaged by the fighting that was brought on by the two world wars. Enjoy an afternoon at the Prince Road Synagogue.

Grand National Liverpool

Grand National Liverpool
The Grand National in Liverpool, England is one of the most prestigious horse races in the world. The race dates back to 1839, where horses first ran the complicated track. The race showcases the balance of expert horsemanship and the significance and condition of the horse. Since its inception, the Grand National has been a staple in the Liverpool area and draws quite a fashion savvy crowd.  If you happen to be vacationing in the Liverpool area during the Grand National, be sure to visit one of the most famous races in the world.

Croxteth Hall & Country Park
Croxteth Hall and Country Park sis a beautiful and serine park that is located in Liverpool, England. You can get lost in the beauty and tranquility of the gigantic garden that surrounds Croxteth Hall on the grounds. The hall is a historic building that is centered in Country Park, giving you a natural feeling of comfort and warmth. Be sure you lend an afternoon to Croxteth Hall and Country Park when you visit Liverpool.

Enterprise rent- a- car Liverpool, England

When you are looking for a car hire company, look no further than Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Enterprise will pick you up and get you where you need to go. Be sure to log on to Enterprise Car Hire Coupons for a look at some great discounts.

Liverpool Airport Car Hire - Liverpool Airport L24 1YD
Enterprise Car Hires Liverpool - Unit 402, Queens Dock
Car Hire in Liverpool, England - Unit 2 Holgate Court
Liverpool/Warrington WA1 2PR - Tilley Street
Liverpool Enterprise Car Hire - 202 Rimrose Road

Restaurants in Liverpool, England
  • Brew Tea Bar
    The Brew Tea Bar in Liverpool, England is a unique tea bar that serves an eclectic variety of teas from around the world. They've spent a long time bringing in different flavors and combining them with teas, like black tea, green tea and white tea. This provides the taste that you can only get when you visit the Brew Tea Bar in Liverpool. If you are just visiting and you would like the tea wherever you live, you can visit their website and order the tea that you had when you where there.
  • Lucy In The Sky
    Well, you are in Liverpool and you are hungry for some lunch. Where do you go when you are in Liverpool? You go to Lucy In The Sky, of course. To be in the city that The Beatles began and not eat at a restaurant named Lucy In The Sky would be a shame. Lucy serves most soups, salads and sandwiches that is perfect for a quite bite. Be sure to pay a visit to Lucy In The Sky when you are in Liverpool.
Tea Bre Bar Liverpool

National Rental Cars Liverpool, England

When you are in Liverpool and you need a car hire, be sure to check out National Coupons Car Hire online for some of the hottest deals in the rental car business. National is one of the most recognized names in the industry, and you'll see why when you hire a vehicle.

John Lennon Liverpool Airport Car Hire - In Terminal
Birkenhead South National Car Hires - 749 New Chester Road
Hire Car Caernarfon/Liverpool - Gwalia Garage Caerthro
Liverpool National Car Hire
- 278 East Prescott Road

  • The Beatles Story The Beatles Tour Liverpool
    The Beatles Story in Liverpool, England is a must see attraction. Whether or not you know or like The Beatles, you will enjoy this interesting story about music and culture. The Beatles Story is located on world famous Albert Dock and a visit there where throw you back to an era that helped shape the face face of music forever. The Beatles Story is a great place to spend a day when you are visiting Liverpool, England.
  • Formby Pinewoods
    Formby Pinewoods is a Natural Trust coastal reserve and one of the most beautiful places to go when you are visiting Liverpool, England. The park is how to two of the most endangered species in England, the Sand Lizard and the Natter-Jack Toad. The walkways throughout the park lend way to a spectacular viewing of the fauna and flora, and not far from the park are the sand dunes of Sefton's Coastline. After an afternoon in Formby Pinewoods will leave you in a state of rest and relaxation.

avis discount rental car Liverpool, England

At Avis, we try harder to make sure that your car hire experience is the best you've ever had and the best that you'll ever have. To have a look at some of the outstanding rates that Car Hire Offers Avis, be sure to visit us online. Make Avis you next car hire when you do to Liverpool.
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Liverpool John Lennon Airport - Terminal Building
Liverpool Downtown - 113 Mulberry Street

  • Tate GalleryGoodison Park in Liverpool
    The Tate Gallery in Liverpool, England is home to a variety of fine art pieces that mainly focus on fine paintings and sculptures that are based around twentieth century fine art. Work from some of history's greatest twentieth century artists are showcased at the Tate Gallery, including Picasso, Degas and Brancusi. You will enjoy your time when you spend it at the 
  • Goodison Park
    Goodison Park is located in Liverpool, England and was built in 1892, making the field one of the most historical and earliest football fields in England, and in fact the world. Goodison Park holds a first in many aspects of football fields. The park was the first to have a three tier section for spectators, the first to have double-decker seating on all four sides of the stadium an the first to have under soil heating. If you happen to be in the area during football season, or any event really, pay a visit to Goodison Park.

Thrifty Car Rental Liverpool, England

 Car Hires with Thrifty has long been a staple in the car hire business. With a name like Thrifty, you know that you will receive quality service and the most reliable vehicle. Be sure to use their easy to navigate website to find the best deals in your area.

Thrifty Car Hire Trafalgar Dock - Waterloo Road

  • Meritime Museum in LiverpoolMerseyside Maritime Museum
    Be sure to spend an afternoon at the Merseyside Maritime Museum when you are on vacation in the Liverpool area. The museum is located on famous The Albert Dock, home to many other places to visit while you are there. The Merseyside Maritime Museum is home to an excellent slavery exhibition and many other exhibits, including many that are interactive and that are great for the kids. For a brilliant afternoon, visit the Merseyside Maritime Museum.
  • The Cavern Club
    Everyone know that The Beatles got there start in Liverpool, so if you are in Liverpool you should probably visit some of the places that pay tribute to the world famous band. The Cavern Club in the perfect place to do such a thing, especially because The Cavern Club is the place where The Beatles were recognized. You'll be able to catch a Beatles tribute band and have a beer to the music of The Beatles. You'll have an awesome time at The Cavern Club.
  • St. George's HallSt. Georges Hall in Liverpool
    Located right in the centre of Liverpool, St. George's Hall is one of the very first things that visitors gaze upon when exiting the train station. Construction was completed and the building opened in 1854. The hall was built for a number of different activities, like concerts, readings, lectures and court hearings. In fact, the trial was held here for Florence Maybrick, the wife of Jack the Ripper suspect James Maybrick. Pay to visit to St. George's Hall to see the beautiful architecture and the mere presence of this magnificent building.
  • Beatles Magical Mystery Tour
    So, you spent the first part of your day in Liverpool down on the Albert Dock and took in The Beatles Story and you just want more information about The Beatles. Well, you are in luck because tight down the road is the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour. Tour around the city in the big yellow bus, an exact replica of the one used their feature film, and experience Liverpool as the Beatles did in the 1960's. 

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Liverpool Airport Hertz Car Hire- Speke Airport Terminal Building
Car Hire on Vauxhall Road - 141 Vauxhall Road

  • Walker Art GalleryWalker Art Gallery Liverpool
    The Walker Art Gallery was established in 1877, to house some of the most exquisite pieces of fine art in the world. Paintings and sculptures that range from the 14th century to the 20th century. The museum boasts some magnificent works from artists such as Rembrandt and Monet. The work within the walls of the Walker Art Gallery is truly superb and you will not be disappointed when you spend your day there. An addition was built in the 1930's, to house more great works of art.
  • Blundellsands Beach
    If there is one place that you have to visit while you are vacationing in Liverpool, England, is most definitely Blundellsands Beach. When you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city, head to outskirts and have a relaxing day on Blundellsands Beach. The low, rolling sand dunes and a panoramic view of the estuary provides a picturesque landscape. This place at the sea is a great place to go to relax and bask in the sea air.