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Alamo Discounts When you book a vacation to Mexico City, Mexico, you know that you are going to have a great time, but only if you arrange for reliable transportation. Well, with a discount Alamo Rental Car coupon from you can get an amazing deal on your rental car so you can take advantage of all the Mexico City has to offer. Save big money and enjoy your time in Mexico City, and for even better deals, follow the button below:
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Things to do in Mexico City, Mexico

  • Ballet Folklórico de Mexico
    Ballet Folklórico de MexicoBallet Folklorico de Mexico is a special show that brings the best of Mexican culture to dance in the form of ballet. The ensemble consists of a large amount of people dressed in extravagant costumes that reflect the original culture of the country from traditions, music, and art of distinct regions. It could be past religious expression or routine for the gods, traditions of the indigenous people, or the inspiring patterns and figures featured in the majestic art work of the past, Amalia Hernandez and the team of professional dancers of Ballet Folklorico de Mexico do the absolute best to bring this past to life. The experience is intensely rich and vibrant that it will leave you in amazement as you watch a beautiful story being told by dancers who move with perfection. It is nothing like walking through a museum, slow paced and often mundane. It is quite the opposite – full of life, vivacious colors, flowing outfits, and flawless movements. Ballet Folklorico de Mexico is an insight of Mexican history without the classroom and long lecture. You will learn of the past, full of abounding life. The company, headquartered in the Palace Theatre Fine Arts, has received numerous awards including from places such as the Festival of Nations in Paris and in representing Mexico at the Pan American Games in Chicago. 

Budget rent a car Mexico City, Mexico

Budget Rent a Car is the way to go when you are in the market for reliable transportation when you are vacationing in Mexico City. When you use, you will see instant savings on all Budget Rent a Car. Do not miss out on all of the beautiful sites and landmarks that call Mexico City their home. Be sure that you take advantage of  Budget Coupons when you want to save the most amount of money on the web.

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  • Plaza de las Tres Culturas
    Plaza de las Tres CulturasThe plaza of three cultures, as the name translates, is a very important location in Mexico City. It is the spot of some distinct occurrences that took place over three cultures: pre-Columbian, Spanish colonial, and the current independent nation. In the pre-Columbian culture, the site was the center of the city named Tlatelolco. The people of this city decided to take sides with the Spaniards against the Aztecs of Tenochtitlan. When we fast forward to the Spanish colonial times a church stood in the area that is now a famous landmark, visited by multitudes of people every year. In a more modern era, one of the most horrific occurrences – the Tlatelolco massacre – to occur in Mexico and the world. Students were killed by the government in 1968 just days before the summer Olympics that took place in Mexico City. Today, you can experience the life of the Aztec era by wandering within the ruins of Tlatelolco at the plaza. Museums are also popular at that area – one of modern Mexican art and another museum in memory of the victims of the Tlatelolco massacre. Take a stroll through ruins, museums, and moving memorials that will take you back in time to three distinct eras all in one scene.

Things to do with a rental car in Mexico City, Mexico.
  • National Palace
    National PalaceWithin Mexico City on the main square – Plaza de la Constitución – lays the beautifully constructed National Palace. This breathtaking structure is the epitome of the delicate and precise detail involved with Mexican architecture. The National Palace is the official seat of the president of Mexico, and since the Aztec empire, the same spot has been home to the ruling class. The current palace was built using many materials that originally belonged to the palace of Moctezuma II. Not only is the structure filled with historical artifacts and paintings, but the palace was built with history in its materials. The palace is open to the public for tours of its incredible design, highly famed murals, and serenity attained within the palace garden. All that is needed (for Mexican residents) is proper ID. For visiting guests, a passport is needed to enter the palace. Other than that, everything is free. It is also houses the offices of the Federal Treasury and of the National Archives. Famous for the ever popular Mexican art, the palace is full of vibrant murals by artist Diego Rivera. These paintings depict the lives of many Mexicans from the past to the present, and captures history into a single setting. The garden and palace fountain are also beautiful sights for picture taking in such a prestigious complex.  

Hertz Car Rental Mexico City, Mexico

Taking a trip to Mexico City, Mexico will be a one in a lifetime experience, so you do not want to miss on all of the great sites that are located in and around the city. This is why you should get a discount Hertz Car Rental When you use, you are using the best way to get into a discount Hertz Car Rental at the most unbelievable price that you can find in Mexico City and on the internet. Do not be the one to miss out on Mexico City's highlights because you had to rely on other means of transportation, instead get into your Hertz Discounts car rental to get the most of of your trip to this great city.

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  • Pujol
    PujolMexico City is full of delicious tastes that you would think and also those that you wouldn’t think belong to such a cultural area. In other words, the city has anything and everything you can think of. But when visiting such a city and experiencing such a wonderful culture, the dining was be consistent with everything else done when traveling. Try a Mexican taste that will leave you craving for more, prepared by knowledgeable, trained, and experienced chefs who live to cook. At Pujol, you will find just that. Friendly employees who actually enjoy serving you plus culinary professionals who are the best at making the menu taste even better than it sounds are just one of the many reasons Pujol was voted one of the top restaurants in Mexico City. With a moderate $25-$100 price range, you will find something mouth watering and delectable at affordable prices that even the frugal will appreciate. Some of the food is slow cooked for hours before it is served as your delicious entrée. Imagine meat so tender it practically melts in your mouth. Other highly acclaimed items are the wine choices and the “heavenly dessert.” Many press that you don’t leave without out trying one of Pujol’s decadent desserts.  

avis discount rental car Mexico City, Mexico

For a truly unique vacation experience, take a trip to Mexico City and enjoy all that this city has to offer. However, you do not want to be stuck trying to get to many on the attractions, landmarks, shops and hot spots that are located in and around Mexico City. To ensure that this does not happen, jump into a discount Avis Car Rental and head out on the road on your own time. With the car rental coupons and Avis Discount Offers that you can get from will put money back in your wallet.
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  • Palacio de Bellas Artes
    Palacio de Bellas Artes Translated into English as the ‘Palace of Fine Arts,’ this absolutely stunning creation is the product of Art Nouveau on the exterior and Art Deco within. It is located in the western area of Mexico City’s historic center and adjacent to Alameda Central Park. Considered by some to be “one of the most beautiful buildings in the world,” the Palacio de Bellas Artes is worth a stop to just to soak in the magnificence of its design, architecture, and timeless beauty. It is perfect for picture taking, and will be a highlight of your trip to Mexico. Within the building are many breathtaking murals, similar to those in the National Palace – as the murals in both locations were created by the famous Diego Rivera. The palace was inaugurated in 1934; it is full of history and seen as one of the most important cultural locations in Mexico. As a palace of fine arts, the location is home to many exhibits, shows, and spectacular performances. The beloved Mexican dance collaboration, the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico, performs here three times weekly and considers the locations its headquarters. The building is made of white Italian Carrera marble, something that adds a world of difference and beauty to the structure as a whole.  

Thrifty Car Rental Mexico City, Mexico

 You know that you are going to be in for a once and life time vacation when you decide to take a trip to exciting Mexico City, Mexico. You know that you have to go out and see all of the amazing sites and attractions that call Mexico City their home and you certainly want to have reliable transportation to get around the town. Well, when you take advantage of Thrifty Car Rental Discounts from, you will get an outstanding rental car and you will be able to go wherever you want to.

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  • El Cardenal
    El CardenalRaved by all who come into contacting with its delicious food and friendly, prompt service, El Cardenal is the perfect place to spend a dining experience while in Mexico City. Many of those who review the restaurant want to make sure everyone knows that El Cardenal has a delicious and incomparable breakfast / brunch. The service is extraordinary, and considered to be impeccable with friendly, prompt, and knowledgeable servers who want to make sure that the customer is informed of all the delicious options and continually satisfied during their stay. Certain foods such as the pan dulce (conchas) or sweet bread, is one of the most highly enjoyed and famed delicacies in Mexico City. The atmosphere is exactly what you would imagine such a Mexican restaurant to be. It is full of Mexican décor that gives a great representation of the culture, while still providing elegance that mirrors the food. Taste the colorful flavors of Mexico and Mexico City at El Cardenal. Located just feet from Zocalo, El Cardenal is the perfect place to start a day’s activity of touring in El Centro. Stop by El Cardenal for breakfast or brunch to make a great start to your day. It’s always best to start your touring on full stomach anyway.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Mexico City, Mexico

Dollar Rent a Car and have teamed together to bring you the very best deals on your rental car while you are vacationing in Mexico City. You definitely do not want to be the one stressing on how you are going to get to all of the great places that are in and around Mexico City. You will not have to worry about this when you get yourself a discount Dollar Rent a Car. When you get  Dollar Coupons and Discounts from, not only will you get a great deal, you will have the freedom to roam around the city.

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  • Zócalo
    ZócaloMexico City, a place of rich culture, is known for its open squares, buildings constructed with magnificent architecture, and rich history dating back to before the discovery of the New World. The name Zocalo is actually the informal name for the square located in the center of the historic center of Mexico City. Other names it has been commonly referred to include Main Square and Arms Square. However, its official name is Plaza de la Constitucion, or Constitution Square. Its most commonly referred to name today, Zocalo, actually translates to ‘plinth.’ There was originally suppose to be a large monument to Independence built, but the only piece that was laid down was the plinth. Zocalo is measured at 57,600 square meters which makes it “one of the largest city squares in the world.” The plaza has several distinguishing borders including the following: the famed Cathedral, the National Palace, the Federal District buildings, the Old Portal De Mercaderes, and the Nacional Monte de Piedad building. Zocalo is used for celebrations, concerts, public gatherings, protests – a collaboration of emotion and use. Also, an enormous Mexican flag towers over the center of the square is set up and taken down daily by members of the military in a formal ceremonial procedure.

National Rental Cars Mexico City, Mexico

You know that you are going to get the most amazing service and an even better price when you use discount National Car Rental from National has maintained a high reputation because they know how to treat their clients. The friendly and professional staff at National will get you passed the counter and into the most reliable rental vehicle that they have. Before you rent a car from somewhere else, be sure to use National Rental Car Coupons to get the most amazing deals when you are in Mexico.

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  • Metropolitan Cathedral
    Metropolitan CathedralThis absolutely stunning structure is a must see for all who visit Mexico City. Of the Americans, the Metropolitan Cathedral ranks number one as the largest and oldest. The cathedral began its groundbreaking in 1573, and it took nearly two and a half centuries for it to be completed! With such beauty and elegance, evident with its detailed and gothic-inspired architecture, the Metropolitan Cathedral is one of the world’s most beautiful buildings. The cathedral is full of columns, statues, and stone engravings in the form of decoration or design on all four sides. The large bell towers contain 25 bells, while the interior of the Metropolitan Cathedral contains sixteen chapels. Fourteen of these chapels are open to the public, and each is differently decorated and dedicated to saints. Two of the largest 18th century organs call the Metropolitan Cathedral their home. Many former bishops have been laid to rest under the building within the cathedral’s crypt. You don’t need to leave the Americans to experience a magnificent cathedral – the Metropolitan Cathedra is easily comparable to the prestigious cathedrals of Spain, France, and Italy. It would be easy to spend hours within the cathedral with all the art, artifacts, and architecture contained inside such a large structure, and it is something you definitely do not want to miss.