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Things to do in Myrtle Beach

Ripley's Aquarium Ripley's Aquarium Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
When you visit Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, be sure to stop in and visit the marvelous and exciting Ripley's Aquarium, an 85,000 square foot aquarium that is filled with outstanding exhibits and sights. There are many wonderful exhibits and displays at the park, with the Rio Amazon looking more like the jungle that grows along the Amazon River, filled with stingrays, armored catfish, piranhas, silver arawana, pacu, red tailed catfish and tiger shovelnose catfish, as well as many other exotic and strange tropical fish. Another is the dangerous reef that is full of fish, thousands of them, in just about any shape or size, and the biggest, most popular display here. You stand or ride the 340 foot glidepath as it flows through an acrylic tunnel and you are inside a world of unbelievable sights like tarpons, sawfish, green sea turtles, snappers, squirrelfish, huge stingrays, grunts and enormous sharks. It is as if you are underwater yourself, with all the creatures of the deep, but you can breath normally and actually get face to face with these wonders of the deep blue sea. There are also sand tiger sharks, nurse sharks and sandbar sharks that will make you think twice about getting too close to the acrylic, even though it is very thick and you are protected. In the living gallery, you'll be viewing the more unusual and fragile creatures of the deep, like living corals, weedy sea dragons, octopus, jellies and sea anemones. There are also the bat star fish, regal blue tang fish that are part of the sturgeon family and other awesome fish. The rainbow rock exhibit is filled with the most beautiful and exotic fish of the aquarium, found in the waters of the Indo-Pacific coral reefs with very brilliantly colored fish as they swim and swarm around and into the outstanding coral reefs. The reefs here are hand crafted so that no real coral is destroyed or disturbed, and divers hand feed the exotic fish that look as if every color in the rainbow had just fallen down from the sky and wrapped them up. Some of these fabulous beauties include the bluespine unicornfish, the clown triggerfish, scrawled filefish, emperor angelfish or raccoon butterflyfish. Another display, that is rather unusual for visitors to view is the system control room that shows you how all this is accomplished and the many processes that are needed to keep every tank just right as well as the water that is their main environments. You can even watch the computers as they run their various tasks without human interference, as if they were specially tuned into the fish and their needs. The discovery center is so exciting that it might be more crowded than the other exhibits since you touch and hold many of the marine specimens in this sea-for-yourself interactive multi-media playground that doubles as a wonderful educational resource center. There are well trained staff members located all around to answer any and every question that you or your children might have, with classes and topics for group discussions each day. Be sure to check out the horseshoe crabs that aren't really crabs but belong to the spider family. In the ray bay, you are going to be amazed as the stingrays glide along so smoothly like the birds of the air, only these creatures are gliding like rays as they swim around the pool and get hand fed by their trainers. You are going to be able to touch and feel these smooth skinned fish as they slide and glide under your hands. In this display you will enjoy the spotted eagle rays, bowmouth guitarfish, cownose rays, whitespotted bamboo sharks and southern stingrays. It is a day of exceedingly unique excitement for you and the entire family and one of a king type of aquarium that exists just for your pleasure and fun.

Tropical Weather - Expert Hurricane Forecasts and Travel Resources

Children's Museum of South Carolina
Children's Museum of South Carolina Myrtle Beach, South CarolinaIsn't it exciting the way many destinations throughout the United States have found a way to make learning fun? Why can't they do that with our school systems? Well, at the Children's Museum of South Carolina in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, they are doing that very thing, making fun while learning. This center is about touching, playing, exploring and most importantly to you, and unbeknownst to your children they are getting a world of knowledge that will last with them forever. Here at the museum, your children will learn more about the exciting world around them using interactive displays and various programs that have been designed to do just that, with a dedication and commitment to education that is a joy to behold. They touch on the sciences, humanities, culture and technology, welcoming thousands of visitors from churches, camps, schools and childcare centers around the area and beyond, offering them the time of their young lives, while visiting here. Their programs have become very popular with both the youngsters and the adults that visit, as the museum takes part in many community affairs. In fact, their main mission, besides making money to run, is to promote, enhance and stimulate the self-discovery of every child through interactive learning techniques that inspire children to learn. With almost 10,000 square feet of space, the museum has many visual and audio techniques that assure your children will learn to learn and enjoy it, as much as they enjoy going out to play and experience the marvelous world that we all share. They have many links to other exciting and fun sites on the internet that will endear learning to your children and even you. Their splendid exhibits include; Magic school bus, It's electric, Kidz medical center & Dr. Molar's dental clinic, Discover South Carolina, Express yourself to Art, USS Kids-A-Float, Pizza delivery truck and the Collin's Kids discovery lab classroom.

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TPC Myrtle BeachTPC Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
The TPC Myrtle Beach, South Carolina golf course offers ordinary golfers, or any type of amateur golfer the opportunity to play a great round of golf on one of the tournament tour courses, designed by famed golf architect Tom Fazio. The course has been the site of many Senior Tour Championships, allowing you to play on the same turf that many golfing greats have played. The entire course is expertly groomed and manicured, with outstanding greens and fairways, with high towering pines and large marvelous wetlands to make the entire scene one of enjoyment and pleasure. Once you've played the course and used every club in your bag, head to the clubhouse that is lavishly attired and relax with a cool drink and ponder on the experience you've just had. Golf Digest has awarded the course 5 stars, and is the only such course that is located on the Grand Strand that has been given this high honor. In the summer of 2010, the greens have been replaced and the bunkers alongside them have been completely rejuvenated with new drainage and sand so that your play is going to be even better. The course opened in 1999, and began hosting the PGA Tour Championship, so that now anyone can come here and play on a PGA approved course that challenges you just as much as it does the professionals, and now you can see how you stack up against them, without having to enter a tournament or be so nervous playing a doubles or triples round with them that you play the worst you ever have. The locker room is exactly what you would expect from a luxury course, with exceptional practice area, as well as all the amenities that accompany a golf club like this one. The greens are firmer and of course faster, so that you will fully experience the feel of playing like a professional and have one of the best games you have ever played. The course has also been hosting the nation's finest collegiate tournament, the General Hackler Invitational, each spring so you know that no matter when you come, the course is going to be in the best shape of the season, regardless of when you go. Besides using all your clubs, you will be using every one of your best shots, from long balls to the shorts chips, with hazards and bunkers all around you to challenge you to play your best game. The aprons around the greens are kept shaved so when you hit your ball, you better have a good idea of where it is going to land so you don't end up in the bunkers and have to play above your best to get out. Every shot you make from the first drive to the last putt is going to stretch your talents to their utmost and encourage you to play like you've never played before, which is the best way to learn and improve your game. The course has four sets of tees that play between 6183 and 6950 yards, allowing you to play from your handicap, with enough variation to make the game one of excitement and challenge. Be sure to bring your best when you come here to enjoy a fantastic round of golf.

 Waccatee Zoo
Waccatee Zoo Myrtle Beach, South CarolinaThe Waccatee Zoological Farm sits in 500 acres of majestic woodlands, private and preserved, that started about two decades ago with a private collection of domestic and exotic animals that has evolved into a marvelous and popular zoo for visitors of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. With more than a mile and a half of meandering trails, with plenty of shady trees to line the trails, you will discover more than 100 species of animals that have been treated like they were part of the family. No government funding is needed, on the land that sits where the Waccamaw River Intercoastal waterway and Socastee Creek join, the zoo is one of those spectacular wildlife sanctuaries that encourages responsible breeding and care for many migratory birds. It isn't unusual to see over a 1000 marvelous herons or egrets wading in a little area, with the entire property as pristine as possible so that the animals feel like they are in their natural habitats and environments. Some of the concessions available for visitors includes; restrooms, wagon rentals, picnic areas, food for the animals, a snack bar for the guests, a souvenir and gift shop and plenty of vending machines that are sure to supply most of your needs. The farm is open 7 days a week from 10 to 5 PM, and fairly inexpensive.

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Local Restaurants in Myrtle Beach

Carolina Roadhouse
Appetizers; peel & eat shrimp with cocktail sauce; chicken strips with housemade sauce; fried crab claws with cocktail sauce; onion rings with bleu cheese dip; baked potato soup topped with cheese, scallions & fresh bacon; chili cheese fries topped with chili, cheese & onions; Louisiana seafood gumbo with shrimp, oysters & andouille sausage over rice; basket of croissants baked & drizzled with honey-butter; bowl of chili topped with cheese, scallions & sour cream with tortilla chips; oysters Rockefeller removed from the shell & topped with creamed spinach, bacon, ham & Romano cheese; fried Pacific calamari lightly breaded & flash fried; traditional nacho with chili, cheese, tomatoes, jalapenos & sour cream on top of freshly cooked tortilla chips; chicken wings is a pound marinated in hot peppers with bleu cheese dressing; creamed spinach nacho is large plate of chips topped with housemade creamed spinach & cheese sauce. Entrees; marinated chicken breast is 12 oz. double breast marinated in fruit juices, fresh garlic, soy & spices; BBQ chicken is 12oz. double breast covered with honey tinted BBQ sauce; loaded chicken Albuquerque is large order fresh battered & fried with housemade dipping sauce; N'awlins chicken is fresh 12oz. double breast of chicken & large shrimp, blackened then baked with bayou sauce & mild queso. Top Choice Steaks; bone-in NY strip 18oz. center cut; NY strip 14oz. center cut; filet mignon 10oz. barrel cut; tenderloin medallions is 3 3oz. filet mignon medallions; filet medallions & fried shrimp is 2 filet medallions & 8 fried shrimp with hushpuppies; marinated sirloin 11oz. sirloin steak marinated for 48 hours in fruit juices, garlic, soy sauce & spices.

Sea Captain's House Restaurant
Appetizers; sautéed crab cakes is 2 fresh bluefin crabmeat served with lemon dill butter sauce; shrimp cocktail is select large peeled shrimp boiled in special seasoning served with cocktail sauce; blackened sea scallops & grits is spicy pan-blackened sea scallops served on smoked cheddar cheese grits with roasted red pepper sauce topped with crispy fried leeks; McClellanville crab dip is baked dip of fresh crabmeat, artichoke hearts & cream cheese, with French bread croutons; crab & avocado remoulade is fresh jumbo lump crab meat & diced fresh ripe avocado in house classic herb mayo; New England clam chowder is chopped clams with bacon, potato, onion & touch of thyme. Captain's menu; catch of the day; Captain's seafood muddle with sautéed shrimp, scallops, fish, mussels & calms in saffron tomato broth with bacon, potatoes, celery & herbs, with fresh bread; sautéed crab cakes with dill butter sauce; low country crab casserole with fresh crabmeat, eggs, seasonings & chives topped with splash of sherry; long bay stuffed flounder stuffed with fresh Atlantic bluefin crabmeat filling, topped with hollandaise; jambalaya is shrimp, scallops & andouille sausage simmered in spicy Cajun sauce with dirty rice; shrimp Creole is shrimp cooked in New Orleans style tomato sauce with steamed rice; breast of chicken Oscar is grilled boneless breast of chicken with crabmeat, asparagus & béarnaise; grilled pork chops with seasonal fruit chutney; sautéed breast of chicken dusted in flour & sautéed topped with shiitake mushrooms, capers, shallots & lemon butter; Captain's rib eye is 12oz. choice aged beef grilled your way topped with roasted pepper basil butter; beef tenderloin is 7oz.; filet of beef Neptune is grilled your way topped with shrimp, crabmeat & béarnaise.

BBQ Chicken Breast Carolina Roadhouse Myrtyle Beach, South Carolina


Marinated Sirloin Carolina Roadhouse Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


N'awlins Chicken Carolina Roadhouse Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

 Jambalaya Sea Captain's House Restaurant Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Breast of Chicken Oscar Sea Captain's House Restaurant Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Grilled Pork Chops Sea Captain's House Restaurant Myrtle Beach, South Carolina



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Franklin G. Burroughs, Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum Franklin G. Burroughs, Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Although the Franklin G. Burroughs, Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum only opened in 1997, it had been born in the minds of various Myrtle Beach, South Carolina art patrons, business leaders, artists, cultural enthusiasts and other private citizens some 13 years before. The museum structure had been constructed in 1924, by the textile magnate Eugene Cannon in the Cabana section of the city, then sold to Colonel Elliot White Springs to be used by his family and the executives of Springs Industries and renamed Springmaid Villa. Then in 1975, the house would change owners and somehow end being scheduled for demolition, but a campaign was started to save the historic house, which was led by Waccamaw Arts and Crafts guild president, Gaye Sanders Fisher. The building could be saved but it would have to be moved, requiring two flatbed trucks and three full days to move the 150 ton house and a team of city employees, utility workers and all the guild members. It would then be moved 8 miles south to an undeveloped land mass that was donated by the Myrtle Beach Farms company, which was the forerunner of the Burroughs & Chapin Company. The museum houses six first floor galleries with changing exhibits, an art studio, classroom area used for children's, family and adult workshops, reception hall with baby grand piano used for demonstrations, receptions, displays, lectures, and concerts; four second floor galleries that include the Grace Martin Matlock education galleries; the Simeon Chapin art resource library and the Carolyn Burroughs Tea Porch that is enclosed and used for receptions, teas and other numerous events that gave visitors an outstanding view of the Atlantic Ocean. The four permanent galleries include the art museum permanent collection that is small but growing with donations, purchases and artists' exhibits; the Bishop maps and prints collection that includes 15 maps from 1606 to the mid 20th century showing what the golden age of cartography was like and a selection of 15 complementary historical prints. The Barbara Burgess and John Dinkelspiel collection of southern art that had been obtained for over a decade by Barbara Burgess and John Dinkelspiel, a couple of Bostonians that had migrated to the lowcountry that contains 21 works by Jonathan Green and almost a dozen southern artists' works. Included in the 50 plus works are sculptures, paintings, lithographs, prints, pastels, collages and photographs. The Waccamaw arts and crafts guild collection that includes artists from the 1960s on, and had created a great number of works. The guild's collection of 46 works were created by some 29 regional artists and was the first gift and permanent collection in 1997.

Alabama Theater
Alabama Theater Myrtle Beach, South CarolinaThe Alabama Theater in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is the number 1 live theater attraction with more shows and concerts to keep your Grand Strand vacation going all night long. The country rock band, Alabama had always wanted to return to their roots in Myrtle Beach and where it all started for them and their many fans. In 1993, the Alabama Theater opened and brought national attention to this already famous beach resort city, with outstanding help from industry leaders like the Gaylord Entertainment group that came in to help with the writing, producing and directing of many of the fabulous shows the were going to be held here, using just about every style of music and more. They would bring in the best talents in the industry to help with the singers, bands, dancers, costumes and stage, with a professional lighting director to run the hundreds of lights. The magnificent sound system was designed by Electrotec Productions, Inc. of LA, a company that already has a successful history of setting up sound for bands like Alabama, the Eagles, Paul McCartney, Barbara Streisand and Rod Stewart, all digitally controlled and tuned. Every year, almost half of the show's content will change with newer costumes, performers and sets. With the dozens of microphones used every week, a full case of batteries are used, with even a floor that floats on rubber bushings, making the theater one of the best live entertainment theaters in the nation. Some of the fabulous features that are upcoming include; George Jones, the Lettermen, Tim Conway and Friends, Oak Ridge Boys and James Gregory in October; with November looking like a Christmas show almost all month long except for the Carolina Beach music awards and Larry the Cable guy. It is a great place to visit for a night or a few nights with so many things to do and see, Myrtle Beach is one jumping city.

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NASCAR SpeekparksNASCAR Speedparks Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
NASCAR Speedparks in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina have the best fun for families with racing tracks for kids of all ages, including big ones, outstanding arcade, interactive games, a mini-golf course, mini-rides, snack bar and the finest NASCAR merchandise around. The tracks at the speedpark include; Thunder Road that is a half mile course and the best track here, with technologically advanced cars one half the scale of the big racers in Nextel's Cup cars, but have to be at least 16 and 64 inches. The competitor is a short oval track that has high banking and side-by-side racing in single and double seat cars that offer your child the opportunity to see if they might be the next NASCAR champion, when they grow all the way up. The Intimidator is a slick track road course that also has high banking and side-by-side racing in the famous NASCAR replicas, offering a fast ride and exciting fun. The Slide Wayz is an indoor track that is a tight hard oval with highly polished surface for an outstanding and thrilling race every time. The Family 500 is a longer road course that is perfect for the youngster starting out, as well as the pros in the younger group, with single and double seated cars and great family entertainment. The Champions is a 725 foot track that has evolved into the favorite with plenty of racing thrills and fun. The Qualifier is the smallest track at 200 feet but perfect for the really small fry since they need be only 40 inches tall to test out this track. The gift shop has all your NASCAR needs from flags, driver jackets, hats, t-shirts and die cast models that will be enjoyed by the whole family for a long time. Other rides include the speed bumper boats, SpeedDome arcade, Kiddie speedway, NASCAR challenge golf mini course, Sky Wheels is a NASCAR version of the old ferris wheel and Slick Spin that is almost like the Tea cups ride you find in many amusement parks. Lastly but not the least is the NASCAR silicon motor speedway that is 80% of the normal size of racers and run 750 hp full motion race car simulators that will surely fill your socks with excitement. So, when you visit Myrtle Beach, be sure to check out the speedpark and have a great day of racing.

Myrtle Beach State Park
Myrtle Beach State Park Myrtle Beach, South CarolinaThe Myrtle Beach State Park in South Carolina is a small park that contains a few miles of forest and beaches along the Atlantic Ocean, with accompanying nature center that includes many interactive natural history exhibits, live reptiles and saltwater aquariums. The park's naturalists are always ready to give nature education programs that are about the coastal habitat and the marvelous wildlife that lives here. There are large expanses of beaches, a fishing pier that stretches out into the Atlantic Ocean, a wonderful campground in the oceanfront woods and the great smell of saltwater air. The state park was one of those outstanding projects completed by the CCC during the 1930s that actually helped put people to work in this country just after the Great Depression and helped many states acquire excellent amenities that they wouldn't ordinarily get. Wi-Fi is available at the campground store and on the pier for those of you who can't go anywhere without your pc, and encloses 312 acres of outstanding South Carolina landscapes. The campground has individual water and electrical hookups, with hot showers, restrooms and laundromat facilities; and sits about 300 yards away from the beach and water. At the camp store and camper registration station, sitting at the entrance, you can get a few grocery items, souvenirs, drinks, firewood, snacks and some camping supplies. They now have wireless internet service for overnight guests, with tent sites and RV camping, on 302 sites that usually rent for 23 to 25 dollars a night. For a real adventure and family treat, take your entire group to the beach for a long weekend and enjoy all the sights and features that the beach has, without spending a bundle to visit all the places you wanted to during the regular season, with the usual bugs and heat gone.

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Georgetown County MuseumGeorgetown County Museum South Carolina
The Georgetown Country Museum in South Carolina contains a marvelous collection of artifacts that span three centuries of history, art and culture, from the earliest maritime industry in the 1730s, when an international port of entry was constructed and ships built to trade with the nations of the world, taking out the rice, tobacco, indigo, cotton and other agricultural products and bringing in the necessities and supplies needed by the pioneers of this great country in its early days. The legends of people like the Swamp Fox and others, like Daniel Boone and David Crockett, Jim Bowie and Sam Houston, the history making signers of the constitution and men and women from all over the world that came here to make history and a new life for themselves and their families. Times when the blue and gray fought for their ideals and way of life, regardless of who was right or wrong, they believed and fought for that belief. Huge fortunes were made and lost, while the Civil War era cost more than lives, it cost families, and children's futures, but somehow we made it through and the south began to grow once more, with this region coming back in timber, more cotton and great industries began to grow and supply jobs and homes to the men and women that came here from all over America. Georgetown has been visited by great men and women, presidents and royalty, as well as many figures that have been famous through their contributions to the history, art and culture of this area. Come and visit one of the finest museums in the Carolinas that describes it all to you in visual and audio format, with authentic artifacts and relics preserved and discovered from the rubble of ruined plantations and cities, farms and barns and other locations that still have stories to tell and help us understand the past so that we can do better in the present and future of this marvelous area. The collections include industry, military room, sport fishing, slavery, Dr. Doyle, study archives, Native Americans, hunting, famous Americans and Georgetown, 20th century, entertainment and oral histories. It is filled with information that will certainly interest you and your family with visions and relics of the past.

Brookgreen Gardens
Brookgreen Gardens Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Brookgreen Gardens sits on thousands of acres of lowcountry around Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, along with a great history and wildlife preserve that is filled with native plants and animals and large rice plantations that had been richer in the 1800s than they are today. You can discover all this marvelous information at the lowcountry center by walking their trails or by taking a wonderful nature filled excursion on their boat or overland vehicle that goes deep into the outstanding preserve. There are many special events that are held here during the year to help you enjoy it more, as well as teach you more about this rich environment that always has something going on. The Oaks Plantation History and nature trail meanders through the outstanding South Carolina lowcountry, offering you a self-guided tour that goes through the historic woods, where along the trail you will see the former plantation house, foundation of the spring house, Alston family cemetery and slave village. Using interpretive panels along the route you can learn more about this historic period and the people that lived it. The plantation had been owned by the Alston family from the 1730s to the early 1900s and had been the home of the state's governor Joseph Alston and his wife, Theodosia Burr Alston, the same daughter of Aaron Burr, who had been one of the vice-presidents of these United States. Her marriage occurred in 1801, and started a number of tragedies and events that would end in her disappearance at sea in January of 1813. Because of the remoteness of the area, the history and nature trail is accessible by Brookgreen Gardens vehicles only and add an additional $3 to the overall price. The lowcountry: Change and continuity exhibit introduces the visitor to the history of the region from the earliest period when Native Americans roamed the lands to the current day and is included in the garden price. Lowcountry excursions include creek cruises, the Southern Trek: the Oaks and the Alstons, the Oaks history and nature trail and the northern trek: Laurel Hill families and fortunes. The gardens are considered the floral jewel of the region, especially along the coastal areas south of Myrtle Beach and north of Georgetown with a divers mixture of sandy ridges, fresh tidal swamps, forested swamps and salt marshes with more natural and wildlife than you could comprehend. The gardens were started by Anna Hyatt Huntington and Archer Huntington and was called their sculpture garden, designed by Anna in 1931, in the shape of a spread wing butterfly with beautiful scenery everywhere and the peace and tranquility that has been spread over the area for centuries.

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Atalaya CastleAtalaya Castle Huntington Beach, South Carolina
Atalaya Castle or Atalaya had been the winter home of Archer M. Huntington and his wife, Anna Hyatt Huntington, in Huntington Beach, South Carolina, constructed in 1931 and finished in 1933. Archer was a well known scholar of Spanish culture and art, and modeled the house after the style of the Moorish architecture that is found along the Spanish Mediterranean coastline. It was constructed by the ocean in an area that has become Huntington Beach, and picked to become their milder winter retreat for Anna's health, suffering from tuberculosis from the mid 1920s to the mid 1930s. The masonry structure measures 200 feet square and had no formal plans other than what was inside Archer's mind; using labor from the local area to give work to those that had been hard hit by the Great Depression. The word, "Atalaya" means watchtower in Spanish, and is dominated by a large square tower that held a 3000 gallon water tank and rose from a covered walkway in the inner court, some 40 feet into the sky. The walls of this courtyard were covered with creeping fig vines, palms and the sabal palmetto, the state's tree. Inside their were 30 rooms that went around three sides of the perimeter, with the studio, and its 25 foot skylight, would open into a smaller enclosed courtyard where Anna worked on her sculptures. There were pens for the animal models, that was adjacent to it and had room for dogs, horses and bears. The structure had hand-wrought iron grills designed by Anna and covers the exteriors of the windows, with shutters installed as well to protect them from hurricanes. In WWII, the Huntingtons would leave the castle and allowed the Army Air Corps to use it from 1942 to 1946, and they would use it last in 1947, with Archer passing on in 1955. The majority of the furnishings were then sent to New York, and the studio equipment moved across the street to the Brookgreen Gardens that had cut through their property. Their 2500 acre estate was leased to the state in 1960 for usage as a state park, until Anna passed on in 1973. It would be added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984 and along with Brookgreen made a National Historic Landmark in the same year.

Huntington State Park
Huntington State Park Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
The Huntington Beach State Park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is home to a grand stretch of beach front, with outstanding camping facilities, fishing from the jetty or surf and some of the best bird watching in the region. You can also visit Atalaya, the unique Moorish style winter home of Anna Hyatt and Archer Huntington, who would leave the park, and Brookgreen Gardens, as their legacy. The park has a wonderful environmental education center and a great amount of programming, including the opportunity to enjoy watching loggerhead turtles and other endangered species of plants and animals up close and personal. The park's freshwater lake is a great place to view alligators and quite possibly a mink or two. In September of each year, there are thousands of art lovers that come to the area for the excellent juried Atalaya Arts and Crafts Festival that is well enjoyed by all. There have been more than 300 species of birds identified here, with many trails and field trips to encourage visitors to come and take part in the many programs that make up the region. Besides the three miles of beaches, there are salt marshes, woodlands, wetlands and more to keep you trekking around the beautiful area, looking for exotic plantlife and wildlife. It is a wonderful way to spend the entire day and to peruse the beautiful beaches, landscapes and trails of this outstanding area.

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