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Things to do in Sacramento

  • Governor's Mansion Governor's Mansion Sacramento, California
    Governor's Mansion State Historic Park is located in Sacramento, California and was the official home of the state's governor and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is the only governor's mansion in the nation that is not being used by the sitting governor; used mainly for state and public ceremonies and events. The first governor to live here was George Pardee and the last was Ronald Reagan, who was there for only four months. It is a 30 room Second Empire-Italianate Victorian mansion that was constructed in 1877 for the local hardware merchant, Albert Gallatin and was bought by the state in 1903 to house the governor and his family. Numerous furnishings that were used by prior governors remain in the house, including the 1902 Steinway piano form Pardee, Persian rugs purchased by Mrs. Earl Warren and velvet chairs and sofa that were Hiram Johnson's. It has been restored numerous times and had a lot of exterior work done just a while back to bring the house's paint back to freshness and replace all the windows with modern and efficient ones. Presently, the state doesn't have a governor's mansion, although one had been constructed in the Sacramento suburb of Carmichael, that was completed by the time that Ronald Reagan left office, and Jerry Brown, who succeeded him actually refused to live in it. So, the state decided to sell it in 1982. George Deukmejian, Pete Wilson and Gray Davis would live in different houses in the Carmichael area and Arnold stays in a hotel suite by the capitol when he is in Sacramento, but prefers to commutes each day by private plane from his house in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles. The Governor's Mansion State Historic Park is one of the 48 state parks that had been slated for closing in January 2008 by Arnold so that the deficit could be reduced.  Some of the exquisite amenities in the mansion include; marble fireplaces from Italy, handcrafted hinges and doorknobs, gold framed mirrors from France and on the exterior, there are flower gardens, shrubs and trees that date back to 1877 and a swimming pool built in 1959 for Governor Brown. It has become quite the wedding site which is perfect for that intimate and personal wedding and receptions. 

  • Sacramento Zoo
    The Sacramento Zoo is found in the William Land Park in Sacramento, California and opened in 1927 with 40 animals and sat on 4.2 acres, until the early 1960s when it was enlarged to 14.2 acres. In 2004, they had accumulated 609 animals with a new exhibit about six penguins that opened in 2007. In 2009, the zoo started building a new barn and yard for the giraffes living at the zoo, with the current 40 year old barn being demolished and replaced with a state-of-the-art concrete building. It contains a breeding compound for future giraffe breeding programs, with many big stalls for the present herd and will sport a lake for the long necked critters to drink from with a barrier of rocks and trees; as well as a pavilion for visitors to get up close and personal. It was finished in February, 2010. The zoo contains the following mammals; starting with the primates; black and white; Coquerel's sifaka, which is a fantastic creature that is very unique but strange looking if you can find a picture of it; ruffed lemur and chimpanzees; golden bellied; ringed tail lemur, mongoose lemur, mangabey, Sumatran orangutan, white-handed gibbons, white-faced sakis. The female mammals include; margay, jaguar, Sumatran tigers, snow leopards and African lions. Ungulates are reticulated giraffes, addax, Grevy's zebra, Red River hog and bongos. The African crested porcupine, red kangaroo, two-toed sloth, North American river otter, red panda, giant anteater, Bennet's wallaby and spotted hyenas. Birds that live here include; Abyssinian ground hornbill, Bateleur eagle, American flamingo, African gray parrot, Chiloe wigeon, Azure-winged magpie, black-necked swan, burrowing owl, cinnamon teal, emu, Fulvous whistling duck, keel-billed toucan, great hornbill, hooded merganser, northern pintail, laughing kookaburra, Lady Ross' turaco, ostrich, plain-colored Amazon, red-breasted goose, tawny frogmouth, rosybil pochard, yellow-billed magpie, white-faced whistling duck, thick-billed parrot, wood duck and southern crested screamer. Reptiles include the lizards, snakes, turtles and tortoises, gecko, monitor and gila. The amphibian creatures are amazing with many that have brilliant coloring and others that are quite strange looking, but well worth the visit.

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  • California State Railroad MuseumCalifornia State Railroad Museum Sacramento, California
    John Calvin Coolidge, Jr. was born July 4th, 1872, in The California State Railroad Museum is located in old Sacramento, California and honors the "iron horse" that connected the state to the rest of the country, featuring 21 restored locomotives and railroad cars, a few that date back to the year 1862 and a full scale diorama of an 1860s construction site that existed high up in the Sierra Nevada mountains; and the marvelous Gov. Stanford locomotive and a bridge that is 24 feet above the museum's floor. They have rebuilt a passenger station and freight depot from 1867 and it is found just a block from the museum. In the summers, a steam train takes visitors from the depot for a marvelous 40 minute ride that goes on a six mile roundtrip along the Sacramento River, using the museum's tourist line, the Sacramento Southern Railroad; which owns the abandoned Southern Pacific Walnut Grove branch right-of-way that goes south from the city along the east bank of the Sacramento River. Along the levee, by Freeport, a few miles of track were reconstructed as part of a Corps of Engineers project; and eventually hopes to have a longer excursion trip that might go as far as Hood or Walnut Grove. If the train did go that far, then the visitors would have the option of taking the tourist steamboat in the Sacramento River back to Old Sacramento.  The museum started in 1937, when a group of rail enthusiasts in the San Francisco Bay area started the Pacific Coast chapter of the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society and worked for many years to promote the concept of a rail museum and donated 30 historical cars and locomotives to the state's Department of Parks and Recreation for the center piece of a state run museum located in Sacramento. The initial museum was the Central Pacific Railroad passenger station that opened in 1976, with the Railroad History Museum being finished in 1981. Steam powered passenger train service on the SSR started in 1984 and the Central Pacific Railroad Freight Depot opened three years later. In 1992, the Railtown 1897 State Historic Park in Jamestown was added to the museum's complex. The list of locomotives is extensive and impressive so if you ever go there, be sure to look them all over, and be sure you have plenty of time because these are outstanding examples of the locomotive power that ran our railroads for many decades.

  •  Sutter's Fort
    Sutter's Fort State Historic Park is located in Sacramento, California and includes the fort and the state's Indian Museum. Started in 1839, and called New Helvetia, which means New Switzerland, by the builder, John Sutter, this fort was a 19th century agriculture and trade colony in the state, and the first non-Native American community in the state's Central Valley. It is most famous for its association with the Donner party, the Gold rush and the formation of Sacramento. It is also noteworthy as the end of the California Trail and the Siskiyou Trails that it was used for a waystation. After the gold was found at Sutter's Mill, which was owned by John, in Coloma, the fort was left abandoned although the adobe structure has been restored to the original condition, it has been used by the state parks and threatened to be closed because of cost cutting. In 1961, it was made a National Historic Landmark.  The fort was constructed at the junction of the Sacramento and American rivers and is somewhere in the Midtown neighborhood of the city. The main structure was a two story adobe building that was constructed between 1841 and 1843 and is the last surviving structure at the rebuilt Sutter's Fort State Historic Park. In January, 1848, James Marshall met with John Sutter and showed him the gold that he had found while building the sawmill on the American River just four days before. The fort's walls were two and a half feet thick and 15 to 18 feet high. After the gold rush was sensationalized, the fort stood empty by the 1850s and soon fell into disrepair, but in 1891, the Native Sons of the Golden West started a campaign to restore the fort, and finished it in 1893. By 1947, it would be transferred to the California State Parks. The fort is about 20 feet above sea level and slowly decreases as it slopes down to the American River banks and west to the Sacramento River. The surface drains toward the Sacramento River, while the groundwaters slowly flow towards the Sacramento delta.

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Local Restaurants in Sacramento
  • The Firehouse Restaurant
    First Course; Dungeness crab cake with green garlic aioli & sweet pea puree, pickled watermelon relish; Tuscan steak BLT with marinated rib eye with balsamic-braised radicchio, crisp pancetta, fried green tomato & artichoke salsa verde; honey-Thai prawns is rice encrusted with sweet soy-honey glaze, Asian microgreens & spicy cucumber salad; smoked tenderloin carpriccio with herbed chevre croquette & baguette crostini, capers, onions, parmigiano-reggiano & white truffle oil; sampler with Dungeness crab cake with green garlic aioli, Tuscan steak with fried green tomato & herb salsa verde, herb encrusted brie with black currant-coriander confiture. Second Course; mixed greens with baby greens with herb-encrusted goat cheese, spiced almonds, scallions, sweet pickled onions & strawberry-balsamic vinaigrette; grilled asparagus salad is grilled asparagus with prosciutto ham & mache marinated baby artichokes, toasted pine nuts & manchego lemon pistou vinaigrette; hearts of romaine Caesar is whole leaves of lettuce & house-made dressing, anchovies & shaved parmigiano-reggiano; chevre & asparagus bisque is delta asparagus, leeks & spinach blended in goat cheese-infused veloute, herb encrusted goat cheese croquette. Third Course; pork tenderloin wrapped with pancetta & pan roasted with white balsamic glaze, spring veggie risotto primavera & demi pan jus; five-spice duck is pan roasted with coriander & Szechuan peppercorns, citrus-infused five-spice blueberry pan jus & taro root gratinee; sea scallops are pancetta wrapped & pan roasted with lemon-herb pistou, spring vegetable succotash with pea potatoes & asparagus emulsion; lamb loin chop is marinated with herbs & olive oil then chargrilled serrano ham-pecorino polenta & pea tendril salad, sweet pea-garlic puree & minted lamb jus; steak Delmonico is center-cut rib eye chargrilled with caramelized shallot-tomato butter garlic mashed potatoes, house-cured pork belly & sautéed greens; pecan encrusted halibut pan roasted with sweet & crunchy crust warm red potato salad with spinach, pancetta & chevre, pommery mustard demi-glace; filet mignon charbroiled beef tenderloin with grilled scallion butter, chive-potato croquette & Madeira wine-infused demi-glace; game hen is citrus-ginger jerk marinated with rhum-molasses glaze, sweet potato-coconut-brown rice fritter.

Pork Tenderloin The Firehouse Restaurant Sacramento, California


Five Spice Pan Roasted Duck The Firehouse Restaurant Sacramento, California


Lamb Loin Chop The Firehouse Restaurant Sacramento, California

 Steak Delmonico The Firehouse Restaurant Sacramento, California

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  • California State Capitol and Museum California State Capitol and Museum Sacramento, California
    The California State Capitol Museum is located in Sacramento, California and has been where the state's legislature has held sessions since 1869. From 1975 to 1982 it went through a major restoration bringing it back to its previous state. It sits majestically on 40 acres of landscaped gardens and plants that encompass the capitol building and has shrubs and trees from around the world. Some of the magnificent features on the grounds include; a Civil War Memorial Grove that was planted in 1897 with various saplings from the major Civil War battlefields; the California Vietnam Veterans Memorial with full size figures of service men and women that depict the life of the military in Vietnam and contains the engravings of Californians missing or killed in action; a full sized statue of Father Junipero Serra, the Roman Catholic missionary that was sent from Spain to colonize the territory, and at the bottom of the statue, there is a map of the 21 missions that he started, from San Diego to Sonoma; the California Firefighters Memorial that was installed to honor the courageous men and women that fight the fires in the state; the state's Veterans Memorial, a granite obelisk that honors the veterans from the state in the Mexican-American War, Civil War, Spanish-American War, WWI, WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam War and the Persian Gulf War; and the Y-ET-IM TEH-LEI-LI California Indian grinding rock. A bell from the USS California (BB-44) is exhibited on the museum grounds, as well as a replica of the Liberty Bell. The museum's collections include; the permanent collection, a massive antique and statuary collection, the loan collection, the capitol collection, governors portraits, and the Biennial Senate contemporary art collection. The legislature approved a $10,000 capitol fund to beautify the rotunda, wanting to bring culture, history and art to the building, so Arthur F. Mathews, a well known San Francisco artist was commissioned to paint a number of murals that would show the historic periods of the state. Arthur created 12 murals in sets of three (triptychs) that was finished for the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition. The murals exemplify the regional artistic style called "California Decorative" and with the help of his wife, Lucia Kleinhans Mathews blended a romantic classicism and idealism with a renaissance color palette and the images of the state to create the magnificent murals. These murals were showcased on the first floor rotunda, until the renovation started in 1976, and then they were taken down and preserved. They were put up in the basement rotunda in 1981 to save the original appearance of the first floor rotunda.

  • Crocker Art MuseumCrocker Art Museum Sacramento, California
    The Crocker Art Museum is located in Sacramento, California and has been open longer than any other art museum west of the Mississippi River. It was began in 1885, and contains an outstanding collection of early California art that includes the prominent works of artists like; Thomas Hill, Albert Bierstadt, William Keith and Xavier Martinez; plus old master drawings that include; Francois Boucher, Durer and Rembrandt. The nucleus of this collection was donated by Judge E. B. Crocker, brother of the railroad tycoon, Charles Crocker and has continued to grow until it now contains more than 14,000 pieces. It is the finest art museum in the capitol district and the central valley. In October, 2010, the museum will unveil a brand new 125,000 square foot structure that was designed by Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects and this new building will complement the museum's historic buildings and increase its ability to start and give traveling exhibitions and educational programs, enhance the roll of it being the cultural resource for the state and its many visitors; and significantly showcase more of its growing collections. This expansion is triple the size of the current museum structure and be able to increase the traveling exhibition space by four times, as well as increase the amount of space for their permanent collection by three times. It will add an education center, onsite collections care, auditorium, dedicated programming space, 7000 square foot courtyard and conservation lab. Besides the early California collection, old master drawings collection, there is a beautiful Asian art collection that includes more than 600 miniature Persian and Indian works donated by Edith and William Cleary, the Crocker-Kingsley, and the magnificent architecture that beautifies the grounds.

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  • California Museum for History, Women and the ArtsCalifornia Museum for History, Women and the Arts Sacramento, California
    The California Museum for History, Women and the Arts or better known as the California Museum is home to the California Hall of Fame and is located in the State Archives Building, a block from the state capitol in Sacramento, California. It contains over 20,000 square feet of display space, and rooms for receptions, events, lectures and performances. When the museum was opened in 1998, it was called the Golden State Museum, and was an unusual private and public venture, developed under the secretary of state's office that was able to get state bond funding for the building and opening exhibits. In May of 2004, First Lady, Maria Shriver, worked with the secretary of state and the state parks department to present a marvelous exhibit called, "California's Remarkable Women". This display honors the legacy and celebrates the accomplishments of the state's remarkable women of the past and present. That exhibit's eventual success created the idea and momentum that resulted in the opening and creation of the California Museum for History, Women and the Arts; a museum devoted to depicting the story of the state and for the first time ever, the stories of the state's women. The first lady led the bipartisan effort to make this revitalized museum that is dedicated to telling the entire history of the state, which naturally, includes the stories of the women that lived and died here. Exhibits include; Out of this World: Extraordinary Costumes from Television and Film that contains costumes from Blade Runner, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Terminator and much more from the most popular films and television shows, enlightening the public of how these costumes played an important part in the definition of the characters for visual storytelling; American Masterpieces: the Artistic Legacy of California Indian Basketry that contain rare and magnificent baskets from more than 20 different Indian tribes that will show why the state's Indian basketry is considered to be one of the world's best textile traditions; California's Remarkable Women exhibit that was inspired by the first lady; Uprooted: the Japanese American Experience during WWII which is a fantastic exhibit that describes the internment of many Californians of Japanese descent during the second World War; California Canines: Dogs with Jobs, a wonderful exhibit that showcases the pets and companions of people for thousands of years and the California Hall of Fame. This exhibit was also thought of by First Lady Maria Shriver to show honor to the legendary people and families that contain the innovative spirit that helped create the awesome state of California and have made their mark on its history. Beginning in 2006, the museum has inducted about 12 notable people from the state's history each year into the hall of fame. Rising six stories above the courtyard of the museum, there is a public artwork called "Rights" that inspires comment and thought. Sculpted into the huge wall are the words taken from the state's constitution and picked because of the enduring meaning. Depending on the light and your position to it, the wall's words are highlighted and stand out; like in the early morning or late afternoon, the huge words "Rights" stand out, which is the underlying theme of this work. At other times of the day, more words that are indicative of rights can be seen, like assemble, or redress. The artists' grouping of the various words adds yet another layer of meaning; emboldened by the colors chosen from the state's own palette of ocean, desert and forest hues. The wall was designed by artists Larry Sultan, Paul Kos and Mike Mandel.

  • Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic ParkLeland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park Sacramento, California
    The Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park is located in Sacramento, California, and showcases the magnificent Leland Stanford mansion that was owned by Leland Stanford, governor of the state from 1862 to 1863, US Senator from 1885 to 1893, railroad magnate, founder of Stanford University and member of the Big Four; the main entrepreneurs that built the Central Pacific Railroad, the western part of the First Transcontinental Railroad. In 1987, it was made a National Historic Landmark and in 1971, added to the list of National Register of Historic Places. The original owner and builder was Sacramento merchant Shelton C. Fogus, a rich city building merchant; although the renaissance revival architecture is attributed to Seth Babson. Leland Stanford, a rising star in the Republican party and president of the Central Pacific Railroad, bought the estate for $8,000 in 1861, just before he was elected to become governor. While he was governor for two years, the mansion would become the state's executive office and living quarters; as did Frederick Low and Henry Huntly Haight. During 1871 and 1872, the family started a huge remodeling of the mansion and it was raised about 12 feet so that the frequent floods from the Sacramento River wouldn't affect it. Because of the continued flooding, Stanford would have to use a rowboat to go to his inauguration in 1862. The house received another level on the top and bottom also, enlarging it from 4000 square feet to 19,000 square feet and transformed to showcase the French second empire architecture that was quite popular during that period. In 1893, Stanford passed away and his wife, Jane continued to oversee the works of the house. In 1900, she donated the estate to the Roman Catholic diocese of Sacramento so that it was used for the state's children and given to the Sisters of Mercy who would use it as an orphanage called the Stanford and Lathrop Memorial Home for Friendless Children. In 1932, it was given to the Sisters of Social Service who would then change the house to a residence for dependent high school girls. In 1940, the mansion received a lot of damage on the fourth floor and that same decade, it was made a State Historical Landmark.

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  • California State LibraryCalifornia State Library Sacramento, California
    The California State Library was started in 1850 by the legislature and has grown to become the central reference and research library for the state's government and legislature. It advises, consults and gives technical help to the state's public library programs, and directs the state and federal funds that help support the local public libraries and programs. Its mission is to serve as the state's public research library assisting the people of the state, their governments and libraries with their expansive information and knowledge needs. This library has a large amount of services that are available to the state's residents giving reference service to visitors of the library and those that contact the library by fax, phone, TDD, letter or email. Visitors are encouraged to use those resources available onsite and their circulating materials are offered out to the public on loan basis by the local libraries. Different services include the use of computers with internet access, Braille and recorded books, state information and online access to the library catalogs. There are seven sections of the library; the Sutro Library, Bernard E. Witkin State Law Library, Library Development Services Bureau, California Research Bureau, California History Room, Braille and Talking Book Library and the Information Resources and Government Publications.

  • California State Indian Museum
    The California State Indian Museum is a state historical park in Sacramento, California and displays the traditional objects that illustrate the different cultures of the state first inhabitants. These native peoples was one of the biggest and most diverse in the Western hemisphere, and contained more than 150 different groups that spoke in at least 64 various languages. Before the European hordes came, the native population is believed to have been more than half a million strong. Some of the present displays of the museum contain ceremonial regalia, beadwork, basketry, hunting and fishing objects that can be associated with the numerous tribes of the state, and contemporary artwork by well known Maidu artist Harry Fonseca. These marvelous people have donated many photographs of their ancestors, family and friends. The museum houses a wonderful hands-on area, with a pump drill, pestle and mortar for grinding acorns and other nuts; and a marvelous basketry exhibit that includes three one-centimeter-sized baskets that were made by well known basket maker Mabel McKay. The mission of the museum and cultural center is a large undertaking; trying to culturally enrich and enlighten the state's residents and world about the unique qualities and history of this endangered group of individuals that has been forced to change their lives, livelihood and dreams to a culture very different and unforgiving from their own. Their history is not well known, not has ever been truthfully told, since white people are perhaps some of the worst bigoted racists on the face of the earth. It is a sad truth, one that many will vehemently deny, and diligently try to turn around, but to no avail since history shows the truth, the results of their greedy, indifferent attitudes towards people, animals and sacred places. It is a story that began centuries ago when the first white people came to this country, even before Columbus discovered the area he did, the Vikings came here to take what they wanted and kill anything or anyone who would dare to stand in their way; as they did in Europe and the other islands that they visited. When the white people came to Massachusetts, they were able to get along and share with their red friends the earth, the animals and the unique fellowship that they were able to attain. It is most unfortunate that the rest of the country didn't feel quite the same and the sad results are now part of history, regardless of how these same white people perceive it to be or write about it. Even today, groups of individuals are trying to change history by rewriting it in terms and words that make them feel better. Time and history will tell.

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  • Sacramento History Museum
    The Sacramento History Museum, located in Sacramento, California showcases the city's exciting historic past that includes the gold rush, the abundant resources that enticed emigrants to come here and stake a claim for more than just gold, but for a city and state that would grow into the most diverse state in the nation. It tells about the native peoples that lived here thousands of years ago; for most of those thousands of years, only to be removed by the hordes of European and American settlers that came here for a new life, and a new chance at life. The city's history is overstuffed with surprises and contrasts, riches and rags, generosity and greed, violence and beauty that marked the earliest days of the city, when its future was dismal and very uncertain. The museum is a replica of the 1854 City Hall and Waterworks, with the initial structure finished in 1854 and costing $120,000. It held the marshal, police, mayor, council, waterworks and other departments necessary to run the city and assist it to grow. That building was destroyed in 1913 and the new museum opened in 1985 with natural brick rising two stories into the bright California sun, 14 foot double doors in the entry that lead and look out on the 1849 scene of the Old Sacramento State Park. The museum's goal is to discover, interpret and showcase the area's history from the early days before that infamous gold rush to the current day. The diverse and dramatic history is discovered by the numerous galleries and has become the best place to explore the Old Sacramento State Historic Park and to gain an understanding of how this city developed and grew into the exciting city it is today. Visitors coming to the museum are offered the opportunity to explore the diverse aspects of the history and culture of the city and county of the same name. Inviting visitors to meander through the permanent and temporary exhibits, they will get a better and deeper knowledge of the way this city developed and the unique place it has in the history of this nation and the state. The first display that visitors encounter is Gold, Greed and Speculation: The Beginnings of Sacramento City, offering an overview of the first 50 years of the city's history; and also on the first floor is the agriculture gallery that depicts the region's wealth of one of the richest agricultural areas in the world, producing wheat, rice, fruits and vegetables. On the third floor, the community gallery gives a marvelous chronological narrative of the area and the people that helped shape its past and future with special short term displays that enhance the selected periods of time, people, collections and events that showcase a bigger depth of the stories. These permanent and short term exhibits give visitors the best chance to discover the origins of this community and to explore the ways that history has played a very active part in how their lives are lived and affected.

  • California Automobile Museum
    The California Automobile Museum is perhaps the finest and most expansive auto museum in the world, with numerous exhibits of cars, about cars, their history, evolution and care. One of the temporary exhibitions being held now is the Drive Fast Take Chances: Birth of the Hot Rod that runs until July 5, 2010, or the Toyota: Oh What A History exhibit that ends September 19, 2010 and the 2nd annual CAM Car Cruise that is going to be held on July 31, 2010 and gives anyone and everyone with a vintage, classic or show car the chance to take their favorite model out for a fun filled day for the entire family. Americans have had a fancy for cars ever since they were first made in the late 19th and early 20th century and the incredible history that these automobiles have had and their influence and effect on American society today. Their current inventory of exhibited vehicles is unimaginable and beyond belief, starting with a 1885 bicycle high wheeler and ending with a 2003 Fuel Cell Mercedes Benz NECAR 4A. Some of the more amazing and beautiful vehicles include; the 1916 Maxwell Jalopy that Jack Benny owned, a 1925 Cadillac V-62 Coupe, 1928 Willys-Knight Coupe, 1933 Ford V-8 Fordor Sedan, 1934 Pierce-Arrow Deluxe 8 Sedan, 1935 Ford 3 Window Racer, 1936 Graham Supercharger Sedan, 1936 Ford V8 Roadster, 1937 Midget Racer, 1938 Buick Special 4 Dr. Sedan, 1946 Mercury Convertible Coupe, 1949 Cadillac Series 62, 1950 Studebaker Commander 4Dr., 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air, 1954 Chevrolet Corvette, 1956 Buick Super, 1956 Ford Thunderbird, 1959 Cadillac Coupe De Ville, 1963 Studebaker Avanti Coupe #9 owned by Andy Granatelli, 1965 289 Cobra, 1965 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S, 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 Sports Car, 1966 Pontiac GTO convertible, 1987 Lamborghini Countach owned by Malcolm Forbes, and the 1984 Ford Mustang Convertible owned by Ricky Nelson; plus many more exciting and gorgeous automobiles all in one place to spend hours and hours looking over, admiring them and dreaming about owning one of these rare and magnificent vehicles.

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