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Things to do in Santiago

  • Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes-Museum of Fine Arts Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Santiago
    Is a must see if this is your first visit to Santiago.  This breathtaking Palace and Museum was established in 1880 making it the oldest building in South America.  Located in Parque Forestal- the beautiful park nestled in historical downtown Santiago.  Everyone will be dazzled at the stunning site of the building, designed by the famous Chilean architect Emilio Jequier.  This beautiful palace and museum is replicated from the gorgeous Petit Palais in Paris. Today the palace houses the Fine Arts Museum, which is one of the most important in the country.  Once inside visitors will discover over 2,700 paintings created from foreign and Chilean artists, as well as sculptures, sketches and fascinating reproductions.  In addition to the beautiful artwork the museum also houses a large slide collection and an art library featuring over 15,000 volumes, archives and documents.  When visiting the museum guided tours are available and entry is free on Sundays.  Visitors will enjoy the beauty of the architecture throughout the museum, be sure to see the glass cupola that crowns the central hall.  This was designed and manufactured in Belgium and brought to Chile in 1907.

  • Pueblo Artesanal Los Dominicos- Arts & Crafts
    Houses some good quality Chilean crafts, this is the most popular place for tourists looking for the unique one of a kind Chilean gift.  The shops consist of colonial-era houses and buildings alongside the Iglesia de Los Dominicos.  Here you will also see a beautiful arts and craft center, full of exhibits displaying several styles from all over the country expressing different cultures. The shops here offer beautiful jewelry including the Lapiz Lazuli- a rare and precious stone, Chile is currently the only major producer of the stone.  Lapiz crafts and jewelry make wonderful gifts, visitors will find a large selection of Chilean crafts, ceramics, furniture, paintings, sculptures, clothes, and leather goods. If shopping has tired you out and given you an appetite you can find several cafe's and bars there is also live entertainment. This is a great place to do some shopping and hang out & relax.

  • Cerro Santa Lucia- Park
    Cerro Santa Lucia is a lovely Park, rich in history Santiago was founded here.  This is a popular destination for tourists as well as the local residents of Santiago.  Cerro Santa Lucia park is a great place to visit offering lush gardens, monuments and some of the most beautiful panoramic views of Santiago.  Visitors will enjoy strolling along the maze of paths covered in stone steps that cover a hill which is tucked into the heart of the city.  If you follow the path all the way to the top you will see a small observation tower, here you will see the amazing panoramic view of the city.  Off to the east are the Andes mountains and the hills to the west that hide the Pacific. The views are breathtaking from the observation tower the walk to the top is worth the view.  There is a picturesque water fountain along the base of the hill this stunning park is great for strolling, relaxing, site seeing or enjoying a romantic picnic.

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La Chascona in SantiagoLa Chascona-Former residence of Pablo Neruda
Is a must see on your visit to Santiago, La Chascona  was once the residence of Pablo Neruda.  The acclaimed Chilean poet who won the Nobel Prize for Literature.  This beautiful home was built in 1955 by Pablo and his wife Matilde.  The house rests at the bottom of San Cristobal Hill, this stunning home has it's own unique style designed in part by Pablo himself.  The home features a beautiful library filled with a large collection of books, paintings and other artifacts belonging to Pablo. Today La Chascona  is the headquarters of the Pablo Neruda Foundation.  Visitor's should call ahead for a guided tour.

Parque Forestal-Main park of the City
Is the perfect place to spend a relaxing afternoon in Santiago.  Parque Forestal is located in the  historical downtown of Santiago. The entire family will enjoy strolling through this lovely park offering several monuments, sculptures along with several species of trees. For several of the local residents of Santiago a Sunday stroll is a must. The several tall trees provide great shade cover making the park a perfect location to relax and enjoy a delicious picnic lunch. If you are visiting Santiago during the fall, be sure to visit this beautiful park so you can see the leaves changing colors. To experience the leaves changing colors will be well worth the trip, this will leave you speechless it's so beautiful.

Restaurants in Santiago, Chile
  • Giratorio-Great view of the city
    A visit to Giratorio is a must on your visit to Santiago. The restaurant is situated on the top floor of a high-rise building, offering you stunning,  panoramic views of Santiago as you enjoy your delicious meal.  The floor is built onto a revolving mechanism that turns the dining room a full 360 degrees. The tables are arranged next to the large windows offering you changing views. The restaurant specializes in fish and seafood prepared in the Chilean tradition. They also serve a variety of meat dished including duck and chicken. A recommended favorite is the sweet corn ceviche or the duck in orange sauce. Save room for the homemade deserts and cakes.
  • El Madronal
    Is one of the Best Spanish restaurants in Chile. Visitors who enjoy Spanish food will want to stop in at El Madronal for a delicious meal and a chilled beverage.  This cozy yet open restaurant offers large tables, a private bar with comfortable sofas.  Here diners can enjoy tasty appetizers while waiting for their table, and the restaurant offers plenty of natural light from several large windows. A recommended starter is the Pimientos Rellenos (stuffed peppers) or the Ensalada de Marinados con Palta. And for the main course try the Congrio Mediterraneo or the Lomo Grill a la Robespierre.
Chilean Cuisine

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  • Edifico Club de la Union-National Monument Edifico Club de la Union in Santiago
    Is a stunning building that you don't want to miss seeing on your visit to Santiago. This important building is an exclusive social center in Santiago.  Today the Edifico Club de la Union is a National Monument, designed by the famous architect Cruz Montt in 1917. The inside is truly stunning, decorated with beautiful pieces of art displaying a variety of valuable works of art.  Featured by national painters such as Pedro Lira, Pedro Subercaseaux, Alberto Valenzuela and Alvaro Casanova. During the week this is specifically a men's club.
  • Casa Lo Matta-17th Century Colonial House
    Represents houses that were first constructed on this land dating back to the middle 17th century.  During the 18th century the homes were reconstructed and enlarged. Visitors can view the glass exhibition showing the furniture, silverware, tapestries, paintings and art work from Europe, Chile and the Far East. This property was purchased in 1967 by the Las Condes Council. Several events and exhibitions are held throughout the year with decorations from flowers, wines and other themes.

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  • Granja Educativa- Farm with Tour for kids Granja Education Farm Santiago
    Is a must see if you are visiting Chile with children, the farm is a short drive outside Santiago.  This fascinating farm teaches children how to work on a typical farm in Chile. Under the supervision of trained guides, children will learn how to feed the animals, how to care for them and understand the upkeep of the animals.  Some of the animals the children will see are llamas, ducks, rabbits, pigs and goats.  When you are visiting the farm be sure to visit the rainbow trout farm- here visitors will learn each stage of the breeding process. The farm also has greenhouses where you will see a variety of plants and flowers.  The farm has plenty of open space for playing and running around.  Or you can relax, eat some lunch, take a little nap and of course enjoy all the farm animals.
  • Parque O' Higgins- Park with Museums
    Is a great family adventure, round up the family and head out to Parque O' Higgins you will all have an enjoyable day.  The park features a lake, swimming pool and a skating rink the kids will enjoy skating and showing off at the same time.  The park also has a picnic area where you can enjoy your lunch or a snack. This is a great place to relax and hang out for the day.  The children will be delighted to see hundreds of butterflies and insects in the Insect Museum.  Animals lovers will enjoy an up close look at the animals of Chile over at the Fauna Museum and look at the fish in the Aquarium.

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  • Biblioteca Nacional in SantiagoBiblioteca Nacional- National Monument 
    Visitors of Santiago will enjoy a visit to this beautiful National Library which dates back to the 1914's. Today this stunning Library is a National Monument, visitors will be amazed at the beautiful structure.  It's main front, which faces Avenida Libertador General Berardo O'Higgins also known as La Alameda (Santiago's main avenue) It is also named after Chile's founding father Bernardo O'Higgins. Is designed in the beaux-arts French Style dating back to the end of the 19th century. The inside of the beautiful Library is painted and decorated by the famous Chilean painters Arturo Gordon and Alfredo Heisby. The Library houses more than six million books making it one of the most completed in Chile and Latin America. Guided tours are available for touring this fabulous Library.
  • Parque Metropolitano- Panoramic views of Santiago
     Is the perfect place to bring the family for fun and adventure, this beautiful park rests on 728 acres of lush grasses and is one of the largest parks in the country. Visitors will enjoy the spectacular views from the park including lush, rolling, green hills. The summit of the park reaches 860 meters above sea level, topped with a stunning statue of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception.  This park is a favorite place for the local residents and their families for a fun Sunday outing.  The Park features two public swimming pools, picnic areas, several restaurants, a children's play area, a zoo and a chapel with botanical gardens.  When visiting the Parque Metropolitano be sure to go all the way to the top of the summit for a breathtaking panoramic view of Santiago. Some of the best views are during the summer months on a clear day it's possible to see the snowy Andean peaks (what a stunning photo opportunity).

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  • Plaza de Armas-Main Plaza of SantiagoPlaza de Armas in Santiago
    This is considered the center of Santiago, this beautiful plaza traces back to Pedro de Valdivia in the year 1541. During an era that was a protected area in the middle for guarding the arms. It's name was taken from the military and is still used today. This beautiful Plaza and the surrounding areas hold much of the country's history.  Plaza de Armas is used as the starting point to measure all distances in the country. When you visit Plaza de Armas you can see some of the important buildings such as the Real Audiencia and the Home of Governors of Chile. Other interesting sites to see is the equestrian statue of Pedro de Valdivia the founder of Santiago and the city's Cathedral. This is a very popular Plaza, you won't want to miss out on the opportunity to visit this beautiful Plaza on your visit to Santiago.
  • Vinos de Chile-Guided wine tour
    Is a special event held at the beautiful five-star Plaza San Francisco Hotel. All you wine lovers will enjoy the week long event featuring over 30 of Chile's best vineyards.  These very delicious wines are showcased from each of their respected wine cellars during this tasting and drinking celebration.  This event is truly stunning from the fantastic wines to the beauty of this five-star hotel. This event should not be missed, in addition to tasting great Chile wines from some of the best vineyards.  Visitors will also receive a guided city tour paired with daily breakfast buffets, gourmet dinners topped off with a visit to the beautiful wine producing valleys of Chile.

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