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Things to do in Seoul

  • Changdeokgung Palace Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul
    The palace of Prospering Virtue or Changdeokgung Palace is one of the 5 grand palaces built by the Joseon Dynasty in the 15th century. These beautiful palaces are a unique mix of materials that blend in with the surrounding environment, instead of making it a structure separated from its natural surroundings. Although the palace has been raised many times by fire, the reigning monarchs have rebuilt it to its original form because it has been the residence of the royal court. Home of the rulers until 1872, when neighboring palace Gyeonbokgung was rebuilt after its fire, the last time government would be handled from here. The last emperor to live in this palace was Sunjong who passed on in 1926. 28 pavilions and 13 buildings are all that remain of the majestic palace situated on 110 gorgeous acres.

  • Chongmyo Shrine
    Sitting within the forested garden in a corner of Seoul is a shrine, constructed in the 15th century, containing the sacred verses of the Chosun Dnasty(1392-1910). Here each May on the first Sunday, the rituals associated with this Confucian ceremony, called the Chongmyo-Taejo Royal Shrine Rites, are performed with a spectacular scene of music and dance. Congmyo's main hall floor was at one time, the longest, in the world. In the Zhou Kingdom of China, reverence was given to 7 generations of ancestors, and then changed to nine during the Ming Dynasty. This was incorporated into the building of their shrines, hence 9 rooms; however, in Chongmyo the building contains 19 rooms; and the rituals are based on the Chinese kingdoms of Xia, Yin and Zhou. The rooms and buildings contain less furniture and personal artifacts then do the Buddhists or royal families, since they are more related to the frugal nature of Confucius.

  • The National Museum of Korea
    The National Museum of Korea is one of the most fantastic museum buildings ever constructed in the world. A world wide search was conducted asking for a design for the new museum in Yongsan Family Park in Seoul. With over 850 designs submitted from 59 companies all over the world the building eventually was constructed of fire resistant materials, lighting is from the sun as much as possible, built to withstand a 6.0 earthquake, as well as a filtering system to protect the artifacts from pollutants. Oblong in shape as are traditional Korean buildings, it stands 6 stories with an abundance of natural plants and various gardens. The biggest museum in Asia and sixth in the world. It is a marvel of today dedicated to the many generations that helped build and protect the country from invaders and looters.

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Korean Folk Village


Korean Folk Village  The Korean Folk Village is a uniquely wonderful site to visit, explore, learn and become enthralled by the actual complex simplicity of the Korean people. This village is not just for the thousands of tourists that come to get some insight into the culture, but the students of the school systems here come to see what life was like years ago, and in different lifestyles and vocations. It is a wide open area that delights both the visitor from abroad, and the local student wishing to find out more about their ancestors. Over 260 houses have been erected, starting in the Chosun Dynasty tracing the historical culture of this fabulous country through the visualization of household goods and tools. Here you will watch the creations of paper umbrellas, knotting and embroidery, pottery making, farming tools, round bamboo baskets, furniture, bamboo ware, willow baskets and musical instruments.

Mount Surakson
Sitting above the city, Mount Surakson isn't altogether high or hard to climb, but the views are amazing and its has many great attributes on it. The granite cliffs set amidst a backdrop of green is often breathtaking with 3 waterfalls along the route and many places to stop and drink of the crystal clear water. It is a hiker's glory and it shouldn't take more than 3 hours to enjoy the entire route. But it is the glorious views that you will enjoy at the top of the mount that makes this trip worthwhile, and of course the fresh spring water is something you can't enjoy in every country.

Restaurants in Seoul, South Korea
  • Pulgogi
    Different areas in the country of South Korea have developed their own specialties that are the most enjoyed for that region. Since the capital of the country has been Seoul for over 600 years, this city's food is considered the favored food of the entire country. With gardens growing all over the country, it is not too difficult to understand why these various dishes have become so popular. One such dish is pulgogi, small thin strips of beef marinated in black pepper, onions, garlic, sugar and soy sauce. At some restaurants, you can actually cook this at your table using the grills that they have for that reason. Once cooked, you put a piece of lettuce on your plate, then add the meat, vegetables and rice to whatever else you enjoy, fold it like you would a taco and eat it. A wonderful dish to try and enjoy in Seoul.
  • Pibimbap
    This next delectable dish is from the Cholla-do region that has become well known for numerous dishes. Gathering vegetables from the Honaam Plain where the rich soil has grown tasty crisp veggies, these are placed in a pot to cook with your favorite seasonings. Stir fry them next with rice and red pepper sauce and you have the best pibimbap anywhere. In Seoul, it is served in a piping hot stone pot that keeps the whole meal hot while you eat. A great tradition here in Seoul and a truly delicious and healthy meal.
Foods of Seoul
Foods of Seoul

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  •  Coex Aquarium Coex Aquarium
    Held in 2500 gallons of water, the 500 species and 40,000 undersea organisms, hold amazement for people of all ages and countries; at the Coex Aquarium in Seoul. The exhibits are split into 6 distinctive different themes; with the Amazon world showcasing an exact replica of the Amazon jungle, the Marine Touch lets you get close and personal with the many residents of the sea, Seven Seas for the Caribbean Sea area, the Deep Blue Sea area showing many wild and thrilling animals of the ocean depths, the Ocean Kingdom features napoleons, sharks, groupers and stingrays; and the last wonderful kingdom to explore and enjoy is the Inca Empire with incredible architectural structures to delight everyone.

  • The King Sejong Memorial Hall
     was created to give recognition to the ruler of the country during the 15th century; with his endeavors into science, music and the Korean writing system making it possible for all people to read, write and enjoy the language. The hall also has stone chimes, scientific instruments like a sundial and a rain gauge, and a six-string zither. This two story building is home to over 627 artifacts, with 70 musical instruments including the ones above, books, scores, and the clothes of dancers and musicians so that the people of today would be able to understand something of the old days and learn to appreciate their ancestors more. Outside with the sundial and rain gauge are 37 stone monuments depicting his reign of over 32 years, as well as many gardens, lawns and trees to harmonize the whole effect.

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  • The Stone MuseumThe Stone Museum in Seoul, South Korea
    in Seoul is a wonderful place to visit and enjoy the fantastic carvings of the stone pieces. With over 10,000 sculptures depicting animals, birds, figures of importance and other designs; these carvings were created to protect the dead souls from evil, as well as being used to protect villages and other settlements from the evil spirits that are everywhere. Many other amazing artifacts are located throughout the museum such as Buddha stupas and statues, pagodas and household tools. Stakes of wood with various wood or stone birds were another way to ward off the evil ones.  These stone sculptures were created from 57 B.C. or the Silla Dynasty to the end of the Chosun in 1910 and are very important to the Korean people.

  • Seoul Museum of Art
    This unique museum is partially open so that the unusual Korean tradition of blending the natural with the architectural create an awesome sight that takes you into a new dimension of reality. Near the front of the museum, a tree, hundreds of years old has been retained so that it is part of the sculptures and artwork that is part of the museum. Here, there is no distinctive yesterday or today, but the continuation of time then and now without a break or hesitation. Metallic elements are used in the construction of walls to reflect light in such a way that time is experienced through the streaming vision. Coming up to the front of the museum, beautiful trees and pools of water meld behind steps to create the illusion of a separate area, when it is part of the entrance.
  • The Korea House
     For a really true Korean experience, you must go to the Korea House. This cultural complex is one of the most entertaining delights of a visit to Seoul.  Many traditional homes have been copied, renovated or moved here to create a unique blend of Korean culture in a natural environment, complete with food, performances, music, dance and authentic merchandise. The Korea House is more than just a place to visit and enjoy, it is a cultural experience of this country's best elitist styles and architecture. Just below the Namsan Mountain, in the city of Seoul, you will see and feel like the royal courtesans that attended the great emperors. An awesome meal, of about 15 courses, is set before you to indulge your exquisite tastes, while contemporary dance and music is performed; just as it was thousands of years ago. On the weekends, they usually cater to weddings and it is a thrill for you to be included in and participate. You are treated like you really belong to the royal family and the food is beyond words; just use your imagination. A gift shop is located there for you to purchase authentic Korean made artwork.
  • COEX Mall: Largest Underground Mall in Seoul
    The biggest mall underground in Asia is located in Seoul, the COEX, where shopping is the word and huge is the experience. With hundreds of stores, shops and boutiques, this marvelous mall is unbelievable with the incredible amount of stores, including 2 large food courts, a Cineplex with 16 screens, the Kimchi Field Museum, big book store and an aquarium. There is a large gaming area that is televised showing the many computer game tournaments. It is one of the more important ones and is just beneath the Samsung-dong Trade Center, located on the metro line for easy access. Specializing in clothing, dresses, make-up, fashion, home decor and accessories; this underground sensation will keep you busy for many glorious hours. Not just a shopping phenomenon, it is also a place for entertainers to ply their skills, events related to shopping and different cultural activities; and a great hang out for the younger generations.
  •  Deoksu Gung Palace Deoksu Gung Palace in Seoul, South Korea
    Pictured here is the Sogodang Hall, part of the complex of structures at the Deoksu Gung Palace in Seoul. It is the only 2 story on the property and was erected in 1593 by King Sonjo celebrating the Chosun ruler before him. It is a walled complex with palaces that were lived in by the many Korean royal families, until the Japanese invaded the country in the 20th century. Built with different natural materials to blend with the surrounding environment, stucco, painted wood and sugi was used; and some of the structures were reminiscent of the West. An art museum is included, a statue of King Sejong and many beautiful gardens and forested areas. Originally the home of Prince Wolsan, older brother of the king, during the 1592 Seven-Year War, the Japanese invaders burned much of the other palaces used for the ruler.
  • Tapgol Park
    Located in Seoul, is a park designed by a visiting advisor from Ireland in the late 1890s. Originally called Pagoda Park, it was changed to Tapgol, which means pagoda; since there was a 10 tiered pagoda here built in the 15th century. Some of these artifacts can still be seen in the area now, but it was changed to a garden park area to commemorate the victims and patriots of the Japanese cruelty when they invaded. Many statues were erected to celebrate these people as well as a monument to the signing of the Korean Declaration of Independence. A small statue is dedicated to the poet Han Yong-un and the park has been a place of demonstrations and celebrations for many years. In 1919, the Declaration was read in the park and a great movement towards that independence was begun.

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