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  • St. Maarten MuseumSt. Maarten Museum St. Maarten
    The St. Maarten National Heritage Foundation was started in 1993, to merge the country's museum system and the national park system and manages the museum of St. Maarten. The island is one of the smallest land masses in the world that is shared by two independent nations, France and the Netherlands. The Dutch side is 16.5 square miles, and the capital is Phillipsburg, with the French controlling 20.5 square miles and capital, Marigot. There are three official languages, Dutch, English and French, with some smaller groups speaking in Spanish, Hindi, Creole, Papiamento and Cantonese. The Dutch St. Maarten has more than 50,000 residents, while the French St. Martin contains 29,000 residents, and less than 6 decades ago, had less than 2000 people living there. The museum contains numerous kinds of rock formations that are showcased, allowing the visitor to get some idea of the geological history of the small island, with one such item being the Point Blanc rock formation that was formed more than 15 million years ago, and is the results of limestone crystallization. The entire region was quite unstable, as the plates moved about and the volcanoes erupted, then cooled when they came into contact with water, only to be down over and over again, until now there are many islands all through the Caribbean; and St. Maarten, St. Barth's and Anguilla were joined together as one island around a million years ago. There is a marvelous 3D map inside the museum that shows what it looked like back then. The entire Caribbean was a geological unstable area because of the main continental plates that would shift, cause earthquakes and the formation of new volcanoes. The yearly temperature changes from a low of 66 degrees F. to a high of 90 degrees F. with tropical rains in the summer and a lot more humidity. The island is home to numerous habitats, which affect the flora and fauna, with division being made into marine and inland regions. The marine areas are the many salt ponds and lagoons, sandy shores, mangrove swamps, sea grass beds and coral reefs. The salt ponds were, at one time, connected to the sea, but are now to polluted for plant life, except for those that have adapted to their environment like the red mangrove and seaside lavender; fish like the white mullet and varieties of birds like the snowy egrets and brown pelican. The displays include the plantation period, Hurricane Luis, pre-Columbian, geology, salt industry, migration period, national heroes, slavery & emancipation, Fort Amsterdam, flora & fauna and the HMS Proselyte. The Arawaks were the first humans to inhabit the island, originally from the Orincoco basin in Venezuela, and archaeological digs have discovered that these hardy travelers came here during the period from 600 AD. to 1200 AD. They were able to survive by fishing and harvesting wild fruits. They used stones and shells to make tools or just use as tools, and for transportation between the islands, used hollowed out canoes, called pirogues. Their homes were mostly temporary shelters, with some permanent villages like those at the Hope Estate on the French side. The Arawaks were a very spiritual group, believing in the great power of the supernatural beings that surrounded them.

  •  Octopus Diving
    Octopus diving on the island of St. Maarten is a special excursion that invites you to enjoy the beautiful waters around the island and the spectacular sights that are swimming in the waters you'll see. One such company is Octopus Diving, that offers you some memorable experiences snorkeling and scuba diving in these magnificent waters; where you will get VIP services and no more than 6 people in your group, access to all the best diving locations on either side of the island, which means more than 30 sites altogether, a full range of PADI courses and only 2 people per instructor, a marvelous locale off of Grand Case, only the culinary capital of the Caribbean, they use only high quality well-maintained rental gear and the dive masters are fluent in English and French. The company uses the latest scuba pro masks, Mares Avanti HP fins, Scubapro Pilot BCDs and Scubapro MK2 & R195 regulators, able to offer all PADI courses in both languages. No experience is necessary, since all instruction is so personal with only two students for each instructor. Learn underwater photography, scuba diving, snorkeling and more on this great adventure, and if you have never tried it, then here is a great opportunity to see what the magnificent underwater world of St. Maarten has to offer.

Local Restaurants in St. Maarten
  • La Gondola
    Antipasti-Appetizer; antipasto classico Italiano with homemade salami, parma ham, sweet roasted peppers and grilled eggplant marinated in extra virgin olive oil; Romana croccante allo stile di Cesare is crispy romaine lettuce with house Caesar dressing and fresh baked garlic croutons; Caprese di mozzarella di bufala agli odori Mediterranei is grape tomatoes and fresh Italian certified buffalo mozzarella cheese garnished with fresh basil and Tuscan extra virgin olive oil; insalata nobile del Doge di Venezia is selection of fresh salads and arugula with diced gorgonzola cheese, cherry tomatoes and walnuts dressed with housemade vinaigrette; Finissime di manzo marinato, capperi e lame di Reggiano is thin slices of marinated beef tenderloin, fresh shaved Reggiano parmesan cheese, capers, onion rings and lemon Italian dressing; Carpaccio di salmone ai grani di pepe rosa is thin slices of raw fresh salmon flavored with house lemon dressing and served with capers, onion rings and pink peppercorns. Warm Appetizers; housemade Italian focaccia bread filled with parma ham and goat cheese, baked and brushed with extra virgin olive oil, served on bed of arugula salad and cherry tomatoes; thinly sliced fried eggplant, dressed with tomato sauce, fresh basil, parmesan and fresh mozzarella cheeses and then baked; sliced certified buffalo mozzarella cheese and fresh tomatoes wrapped in thinly sliced parma ham, baked and served warm on bed of baby arugula salad. Soups; lobster bisque topped with puff pastry croutons; minestrone of selected fresh veggies; Venetian style pasta and red bean soup, served with fresh rosemary croutons and extra virgin olive oil. Pasta; spaghetti with house bolognaise style meat sauce; housemade fettucini in cream and egg yolk sauce garnished with Italian pancetta ham; housemade four cheese ravioli served with delicate butter, sage and parmesan cheese sauce; housemade basil, four cheese and meat raviolis in fresh mushroom sauce; fresh housemade potato dumplings with gorgonzola cheese sauce; meat lasagna with fresh baked oven reggiano parmesan cheese; selected veal manicotti baked in fresh tomato sauce and crisped with parmesan cheese.

  • Le Montmartre
    Starters; 6 or 12 snails in garlic and parsley butter sauce; pan fried frog legs is with choice of provencal pesto or garlic and parsley butter sauce; crispy goat's cheese roll with Italian pesto. Soups; broccoli veloute, cream of gorgonzola; French onion gratinated with fresh cheese; Caribbean lobster bisque from house tank with sour cream; island fish soup. Salads; mixed leaves in white balsamic vinegar and virgin olive oil dressing with grilled pinenuts and cherry tomatoes; Caesar salad; Cleopatre salad is Caesar with smoked bacon, crab meat, green olives and cherry tomatoes. Foie Gras; foie gras Mi Cuit and Sauternes wine jelly; seared fresh foie gras on French bread brioche style with maple syrup and grilled hazelnut sauce; foie gras marinated in housemade sangria with warm toasted bread; en trilogie is all three on one plate; thick slices of sashima tuna topped with seared fresh foie gras, honey and sparkling soy sauce. Asian flavors; Japanese style sashima tuna wakame, wasabi, soy sauce and marinated ginger; jumbo shrimps and rice noodles Thai style salad, grilled peanuts, nuocmam and sesame oil. Vegetarian; roasted Mediterranean veggies, with melted mozzarella and pesto; linguine Pont D'Avignon with parmaggiano shaves; gorgonzola cheese and green asparagus risotto. The Sea; jumbo shrimps and Mediterranean sea bass, roasted veggies and marseille sauce; grilled grouper topped with lemon and dill melty butter, olive mashed potato, chorizo foam sauce; jumbo shrimps linguine in saffron and chardonnay wine cream parmiggiano reggiano shaves; seared sea scallops, tomato and caper curry sauce, lemon and nori seaweed risotto; Norwegian salmon filet, provencal butter sauce, bacon and basil risotto; Caribbean lobster; whole red snapper, Caribbean John Dory, mahi-mahi, seabass, seabream, served grilled or roasted.


Four Cheese and Meat Raviolis La Gondola St. Maarten

Veal Manicotti Baked La Gondola St. Maarten





 Seared Sea Scallops Le Montmartre St. Maarten

Whole Red Snapper Le Montmartre St. Maarten



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  • PADI Caribbean Dive College
    Sitting in the middle of the Philipsburg tax free area, the Caribbean Dive College in St. Maarten has one of the best spots on the island, right in the heart of everything, with the boats just steps away from the office. The college just opened its new doors, with brand new equipment, boats and more. They are also dealers for Cressi dive gear with great past experience using and servicing the equipment, which make for a great diving experience. The college has two boats, one the Peter Pan is a 54 foot spacious vessel that can hold up to 30 divers at a time, although only about half that is taken since they are trying to keep the class sizes smaller, and more personal. The vessel is equipped with music, lights, bar, large toilet, and big enough to handle any storms. The Splash is a 34 footer and second boat, bought at an auction and used as a fishing/diving boat before it came to the college. This boat is used more often to preserve the ecology of the diving area, and with twin 250 hp outboards, this baby can almost fly you there and back. The instructors have all been certified in all PADI functions and are very skilled at teaching and helping others to learn this exciting venture and enjoying watching others discover the thrills and chills associated with diving. Some of the courses offered include; snorkeling programs, introduction to scuba programs, scuba and open water divers, adventure and advanced OW diver, EFR and rescue diver, master diver, specialties and PADI professional. In the specialties programs they offer; Tec Rec gas blender, full face mask diver, fish identification diver, compressor handling, underwater videographer, whaleshark awareness, diver propulsion vehicle diver, discover Tec diving, equipment specialist, AWARE coral reef conservation, underwater naturalist, Project Aware, drift diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy diver, enriched air nitrox diver, ray rebreather diver, multilevel diver, deep diver, night diver, boat diver, search & recovery diver, underwater navigator, dry suit diver, digital underwater photographer and wreck diver. They also offer professional diving courses, as well as EFR courses, DAN courses, Snuba and HSA buddy courses. It is a well diversified college and one that would help you with all and any diving needs or questions.

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  • St. Maarten ZooSt. Maarten Zoo St. Maarten
    One of the most unique homes in the state is the castle in Proctor, St. Maarten that was The St. Maarten Zoo is just opposite the Great Salt Pond, and is home for more than 60 species of mammals, as well as birds, reptiles and primates. Their new Squirrel Monkey Island exhibit has many of the Caribbean creatures that children love to watch as they scramble around their habitat, it is mostly known for its primate populations, as well as golden lion tamarins, Hamadryas baboons and white-fronted capuchins. They have ocelots and bush dogs, with an excellent petting zoo that has African pygmy goats and domestic rabbits. There are many opportunities to feed the animals, and the three acre park is certainly an entertaining way to enjoy an afternoon after visiting beaches and swimming. The shops are all over, but can get tiring, and how many days can you look for jewelry and clothes, so when you have a free moment and want to try something different for you and your family, head to the zoo, where you might run into some animals you have never seen before. There are over 200 exotic animals that you wouldn't ordinarily see in an American zoo, since the majority of these animals come from the Caribbean and South America. There are a few rare breeds, with very colorful and noisy birds flying all around, very picturesque and beautiful. There is a great playground for the kids to enjoy, while you can watch them and enjoy the scenery around you.  

  • Seaside Nature Park
    The Seaside Nature Park is well known around the Caribbean Islands, and sits on the island of St. Maarten, part of the Netherlands Antilles group of islands, offering the finest natural landscaping in the region, with excellent horseback riding opportunities going over the trails and the beach of Cay Bay; plus getting to go swimming with the horses as well. There are numerous things for the non-horse back rider to do as well, especially the beautiful hiking trails along the beaches, with all the unusual flora and fauna, snorkeling or just body surfing. The Tiki-hut is a great place to sit and relax to watch the sun setting while sipping on one of those tropical umbrella drinks, or eating the freshly caught fish in the Beach Bar and Grill. Besides the horseback riding and hiking, viewing the unique flora and fauna, and going to areas that used to hide buried pirate treasure, and the place where Speed II took place, the runaway cruise ship that starred Sandra Bullock, and the island of Saba, which is also called Skull Island and the very one where they shot the first black and white version of King Kong. With good weather, all these places offer marvelous and exciting views and beautiful vistas of panorama that will forever stay in your mind. Always a great place to visit and spend some relaxing or rewarding time with you and your family. The Lucky Stables horse ranch offers some unique opportunities to volunteer with their new animal assisted therapy which they say they are having great success with and hope to bring it to the states and Europe soon. This is another wonderful occasion to gain valuable people skills trying to help someone else, especially on your vacation.

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  • Fort AmsterdamFort Amsterdam Philipsburg, St. Maarten
    Fort Amsterdam was the first Dutch military post in the Caribbean, constructed on the island of St. Martin, close to the Sint Maarten town of Philipsburg in 1631. This historical fort was set on a peninsula between the Great and Little Bays, although it would be captured by the Spanish a short time afterwards. The Spanish would then make the fort the most important fortification east of Puerto Rico, but then abandoning it in 1648, thus leaving it in the hands of the Dutch. There weren't any more military operations after the 1800s, but did see use as a communications and signal station in the mid20th century; with a wonderful view of the town of Philipsburg. There are still some remains of the fort standing, although it isn't anything more than that, but since it is of historical significance, it has become a tourist attraction. While the Spanish were bivouacked at the fort, they expanded it to hold the garrison's troops, and in 1644, the Dutch, led by Pieter Stuyvesant tried to recapture it; but failed, with Pieter, losing his leg and gaining the notorious title of Peg Leg Pete. In 1648, the Spanish left and the Dutch came back to claim the island and fort. In 1874, a cannon was fired in honor of King William III's silver anniversary of reign and was abandoned after that. In 1987, a group led by archaeologist Jan Baart of Amsterdam came to conduct research, and were able to excavate a large area of the fort during their three months stay. They discovered the remains of a Spanish officer that was killed during the Dutch attack of 1644, and many artifacts left by the Spanish, English and Dutch.

  • Paradise PeakParadise Peak St. Maarten
    Paradise Peak rises up over 1400 feet above the island of St. Maarten/St. Martin and is the highest point of the island. Sitting atop the peak are two observation towers that show the best views of the island, the beautiful Caribbean waters and a marvelous tropical rainforest. You can get to the top either by walking or driving, the road/path is the same. The island's climate is fairly dry, although this area of the peak gets more, which is why there are more plants and vegetation, with cooler air and more marvelous homes. The top gives the best and most beautiful views of Philipsburg, Marigot, Simpson Bay Lagoon, Orleans and Orient Bay.

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