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Things to do in Tulsa

  • Philbrook Museum Philbrook Museum Tulsa, Oklahoma
    The Philbrook Museum of Art is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on the former estate of Oklahoma oil pioneer Waite Phillips and his wife, Genevieve (Elliot) Phillips, which opened in 1939 and has continued to grow and improve this wonderful collection. By 2007, the museum had an operating budget of almost $6 million and a permanent staff of 60; although with the current economic problems, it might have changed dramatically. The museum has also continued to add more space, with new wings, like the Children's Museum. It has had some financial difficulties during the 1980s and then enjoyed a marvelous renaissance during the 1990s. The magnificent collection that is housed as the estate include many marvelous works by such notable artists as; William Merritt Chase, Piero di Cosimo, Thomas Moran, Gentile da Fabriano, Levi Wells Prentice, Biagio d'Antonio da Firenze, Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, Tanzio da Varallo, William-Adolphe Bouguereau and Bernardo Strozzi. It is quite well known for the exciting Native American and African art collections; with about 125,000 visitors coming here each year to enjoy the spectacular estate, museum and beautiful grounds; which are shown in the picture to the right. The gorgeous mansion is an Italian renaissance villa, designed in 1926 by KC architect, Edward Buehler Delk, with construction beginning the same year. It was completed in 1927, and named the Villa Philbrook, with 72 rooms on 23 beautifully landscaped grounds that have elegant gardens that were inspired by the Villa Lante, the Italian country estate located just north of Rome and designed by Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola in 1566. Waite would donate the estate and property to the city in 1938 with great hopes of having it used as an art and cultural museum. The huge house, with its expansive rooms, great halls and wide corridors would be the most natural house for a museum, since it is made of steel and concrete, with only a small amount of changes necessary to make it a fantastic art museum. The Villa Philbrook was opened to the public in 1939 as the Philbrook Museum of Art, adding studio art classes in 1940, and the children's museum in 1949. A new wing was constructed in 1969, because of such a high demand for studio art classes, but in the 1990s, enrollment went down, and the space became open for other uses.  The museum contains exhibitions from across the globe, and includes one of the best permanent collections of baroque and renaissance sculpture and art in this country. It started with a number of artworks from the Tulsa Art Association and the Villa Philbrook, but began growing with generous gifts of American Indian pottery and basketry from Clark Field in 1942 and the Roberta Campbell Lawson collection in 1947. Laura A. Club donated numerous paintings in 1947, increasing the American and European collections, as well as the Samuel H. Kress foundation's Italian renaissance sculptures and paintings in 1961. The Philbrook shares the wonderful Adkins Collection of Native American painting, jewelry and pottery with the Fred Jones, Jr. Museum of Art. The adjoining La Villa Restaurant has a great lunch Tuesday through Saturday and a delicious brunch on Sunday; seating up to a 100 people. There is an outstanding gift shop located in the villa, and offers walking tours of the beautiful grounds and gardens; that showcase native Oklahoma plants and a rejuvenated creek. There is also a free audio tour of the history of the villa, and it does offer event spaces, with the Williams Conference Center seating 75 to 80 people and the Patti Johnson Wilson Hall, a performance hall auditorium that seats up to 236.

  • Tulsa Garden CenterTulsa Garden Center Tulsa, Oklahoma
    The Tulsa Garden Center is found in historical Woodward Park and is a nonprofit that offers a number of environmental and horticultural educational chances for the community, as well as serving as the horticultural headquarters for the city of Tulsa and the surrounding areas. Their main goal is to promote learning about horticulture through educational and recreational programs, while at the same time, preserving the heritage of this marvelous historic building. The center is part of a bigger botanical community that advocates responsible stewardship of plants and their habitats, often sponsoring shows, special events, classes and lectures. Almost 30 affliated organizations consider the center to be the home for environmental and horticultural projects. It is open to the public without charge, and visitors are able to peruse the wonderful collection of photographs shown throughout the mansion that showcase the house during its heydays with the Travis, Hull and Snedden families era. A majority of the rooms in the mansion still have the marvelous craftsmanship and charm of the home in its best times. The exquisite woodcarvings, marble floor and ostentatious gold leaf ceilings are only a few of the magnificent amenities available in the great home. The center is very proud to house one of the best horticultural libraries in the nation, with more than 5000 books about landscaping, horticulture, botany and related materials; an excellent resource for students of horticulture and gardeners.  The Tulsa Garden Center mansion is a historical Italian renaissance style structure that was constructed in 1919 with more than 6 rooms available for any kind of event or occassion, with elaborate ceilings, hardwood and marble floors, and chandeliers. The villa was designed by Tulsa architect Nobel B. Flemming and contains 21 rooms and 10 bathrooms. Building began in 1919 and was finished by 1921, costing over $100,000, and is considered one of the most fabulous house in the city, sitting on 13 beautifully landscaped grounds and gardens. It was constructed by David R. Travis, originally David Rabinowitz, a Russian immigrant that had lived in Ohio, where he was quite successful in the scrapmetal business, before coming to Tulsa in 1913. David came to Tulsa with his family and became even more successful and wealthy in the oil field equipment salvage business. The property has the main villa, a solarium, swimming pool, two greenhouses, two barns and two five-room cottages. The ballroom on the first floor had been used for Jewish services when the family was in the city. The ceiling in the library on the first floor is gold leaf, and the stained glass ceiling was originally a skylight. David and his brother, Samuel constructed the cobblestone driveway themselves, while Samuel constructed a house next door to his brother's and that is presently used to house the Tulsa Historical Society. J. Arthur Hull bought the estate in 1923, and constructed the "Lord & Burnham" conservatory and the accompanying sunken garden in between 1924 and 1926. George Snedden bought the estate in a distressed condition in 1934, and he and his family would live there until 1949. George and his wife, Geraldine helped interior decorator Louis Perry refurbish the villa. In 1950, W. G. Skelly purchased the estate, never living in it, and sold the estate to the city. Beginning in 1954, when it was opened to the public, it has welcomed over 1 million visitors that have come here from 71 different countries and every state in the union. 

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  • Gilcrease MuseumGilcrease Museum Tulsa, Oklahoma
    The Gilcrease Museum is located in the northwest area of downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma and contains the world's biggest most complete collection of artworks from the American west and an impressive growing collection of artifacts and artworks from South and Central America. It was named after Thomas Gilcrease, oil tycoon and devoted art collector. Thomas grew up in the Creek nation, in Oklahoma, and at the turn of the 20th century, the government gave the land occupied by the American Indian tribes to private citizens to entice them to come and settle the growing state. Thomas' tribal membership entitled him to 160 acres just south of Tulsa, by Glenn Pool, which eventually became part of the state's biggest oil fields. Tom was an able businessman and in 1922 started the Gilcrease Oil Company, and during the next decase would increase those holdings substantially. In the 1920s and 1930s, Tom would travel to Europe, visiting European museums and inspiring him to start his own collection. His immense pride in his American Indian heritage and interest in the American west became a focal point for his collecting; with his first oil painting named Rural Courtship in 1912, which he paid $1500 for. It wouldn't be until after 1939 that he earnestly began collecting, with his opening the initial Gilcrease Museum in his oil company headquarters in 1943. That was located in San Antonio, Texas, and in a couple of years he would return to Tulsa with his oil company and marvelous collection. He opened a gallery to the public from his estate in 1949.  Tom was acquiring his collection when most people weren't interested in either art or the history of the west, which allowed him to accumulate a marvelous collection quickly. Then, in the 1950s, although he continued to amass many artifacts, documents and artworks, the price of oil was on the decline; so he wasn't able to purchase any major works. Slowly, his debt increased to the point of being insurmountable, he had to put his outstanding collection up for sale to keep it together. In 1954, afraid that they might lose the Gilcrease Museum, some concerned citizens organized a bond election, which was approved by the voters, and paid off the museum's outstanding debts; keeping it in the city of Tulsa. In 1955, Thomas deeded the collection to the city, and in 1958, the Gilcrease Foundation gave the museum buildings and grounds to the city; as well as committing oil property revenue to maintain the museum and repay the $2.25 million bond issue. After this, Thomas still continued to finance archaeological digs and acquire more materials for the collection; and when he passed on in 1962, left all he had to the museum. Some of this country's most famous and brilliant artists have their works exhibited at the Gilcrease, including; Frederic Remington, Albert Bierstadt, Joseph Henry Sharp and Thomas Moran, with other works by John James Audubon, Alexandre Hogue and Charles Marion Russell.

  •  Tulsa Zoo & Living Museum
    The Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum is found in Tulsa, Oklahoma, owned by the city and managed by its parks department. It sits on 78 beautiful acres in Mohawk Park and is one of the biggest municipal parks in the nation. The zoo houses almost 1500 animals that span 436 species and is accredited by the AZA and AAM. In 2005, the zoo was named "America's Favorite Zoo" by Microsoft Game Studios and received a $25,000 grant in a contest designed to promote the Zoo Tycoon 2 computer game, counting votes from across the country who visited zoos, and that included the famed Bronx and San Diego zoos. Some of the attractions in the zoo includes the Robert J. LaFortune North American living museum, which is a four structure complex representing a different region in the North American continent; the arctic tundra, southern lowlands, eastern forests and southwest desert. These exhibits all house live animals, minerals, fossils, plants and Native American artifacts; with special features like a naturalistic walk-through cave, 20,000 gallon shark aquarium and simulated earthquake. Others include the elephant demonstrations; the Helmerich Discovery Center, with great interactive exhibits like the Pueblan milksnake, waxy monkey tree frogs, sunburst diving beetles and a living reef tank. The Tropical American Rain Forest is a naturalistic living replica of a Central and South American rain forest, with translucent panels used to illuminate the canopy of the rain forest and a path that leads visitors through the almost 50 foot high structure. Animals housed in here include; jaguars, black howler monkeys, piranhas, sloths, dwarf caimans and a green anaconda. Many of the animals are in cages so that the atmosphere feels like their native habitats, and that includes the rainforest birds. The chimpanzee connection is a big outdoor habitat with a bigger indoor play-area where you can go face to face with the cute chimps. The California Sea Lion Show is really a behaviorial conditioning program for the sea lions and can be viewed at their daily demonstrations. The Penguin Habitat contains African black-footed penguins and is a great place for families to enjoy the antics of these aquatic sea creatures.  In the African area you can take an African safari and watch the lions, cheetahs, zebras, giraffes and meerkats as they go about their daily activities, and in the Asian area, you'll be sure to enjoy the snow leopards, Siberian tigers and saimangs. There is even a great and exciting children's zoo where the kids can get as close as they want to southdown sheep, earless Lamancha goats, rabbits, Nigerian dwarf goats, llamas, Nubian goats, , river otters, red kangaroos, emus, prairie dogs, Guinea Forest hogs, alpacas and Sicilian donkeys.

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Local Restaurants in Tulsa
  • The French Hen
    Les Hors d'Oeuvres; escargot with white wine, tomatoes, chives, mushrooms and angel hair pasta; forest mushroom tart with chevre; steamed mussels meuniere; fried oysters with creamed spinach and pernod; shrimp and artichoke saute. Potage et Salades; French onion soup with brie; grilled salmon salad nicoise with olives, red onions, eggs, potatoes, roasted peppers, anchovies, roasted garlic vinaigrette; classic Caesar salad. Les Oeufs; ham and gruyere omelet; roasted salmon, boursin and chive omelet; quiche Loraine; salad Lyonnaise with poached eggs, bacon, frisee and champagne vinaigrette. Les Entrees; sauteed calves liver with apple smoked bacon and onions; pork chops Normandy with cream and apples; gnocchi a la nicoise with tomatoes, olives, yellow squash, zucchini and sage; poached Atlantic salmon with orange-hollandaise and pommes ana; beef bourguignon en croute with crimini mushrooms, pearl onions and lardons; lemon-dijon chicken with creamy lemon juice and dijon mustard; grilled prime rib eye with Roquefort gratin and pomme frittes; cashew chicken with brandy cream.

  • Knotty Pine BBQ
    With exposed beams, sparkling china, hanging
    Orders include meat and sauce with bread, pickles, peppers, onions and choice of two, cole slaw, baked beans or potato salad; with half orders available; ribs, center cut; rib ends; beef; pork; ham; sausage; bologna; assorted meat plate; chicken is boneless breast; mixed order is choice of two meats. Salads N Taters; chicken Caesar salad; super spud is huge potato loaded with chopped brisket and all the fixins; baked potato. Sandwiches are served with potato chips, pickles, peppers and onions; rib, rib ends, beef, pork, ham, sausage, hot links, bologna, chicken.


Pork Chops Normandy The French Hen Tulsa, Oklahoma

Chicken Breast Knotty Pine BBQ Tulsa, Oklahoma

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  • Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art Tulsa, Oklahoma
    The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and began in 1966 as the Gershon and Rebecca Fenster Museum of Jewish Art. From the start to 1998, the museum was contained in the city's Congregation B'nai Emunah Synagogue, and Sherwin Miller was the initial curator. In 2000, it was renamed after him and moved to the current locale on the Zarrow Campus in 2004. The museum is now part of the Fenster/Sanditen Cultural center with the National Council of Jewish Women Holocaust Education Center that was dedicated April 1995 on Yom HaShoah by the state's 45th Infantry Division members. This is the only American Jewish museum in the area and preserves the biggest collection of Judaica in the southwestern part of our country. It is currently the headquarters of the Jewish Historical Society of Oklahoma and Oklahoma Jewish Archives. The Kate & Herman Kaiser Holocaust Collection showcases those fortunate survivors that came to Oklahoma to live and those Oklahomans that helped with the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps. The museum's permanent collection contains over 10,000 pieces that include relics of archaeological and ritual importance, historical documents, fine art, ethnographic costumes and synagogue textiles.  In the permanent collection, the archeology gallery contains some very early Canaanite pottery from around 3200-2200 BCE., otherwise known as the early bronze age, with some artifacts from the middle bronze age or from 2250-1570 BCE. and then the later bronze age from 1500-1100 BCE. There are numerous pieces of pottery from those early ages, with differences in the look and feel of the items themselves. Next was the iron age from 1150-586 BCE., and then the Persian to Roman periods after the Jews were defeated by the Assyrians and then the Babylonians. The Hellenistic Period was next from about 198 BCE to 135 CE, or AD. It was then that the Jews were thrown out of Jerusalem and the Romans tried to eradicate all evidence of Jewish dominion by changing the name of Israel to Palestine, with what Jews were left in the area eventually allowed to go to Jerusalem once a year to pray at the ruins of the Second Temple. These changed have affected the appearances of the pottery, as can be seen in the relics of the collection. The Nazis stole every Jewish item that they could get their hands on, and put them in storage in Prague, Czechoslovakia, which gave the Czechs one of the greatest collection of Jewish artifacts in the world, although they did sell some of them, especially the scrolls of the Torah, which numbered in the thousands. One such scroll is located in the museum for your perusal and enjoyment. All the scrolls have the same words inscribed on them, and take a scribe a year to copy. Each letter is sounded out before being written and they contain only the first five books of the Bible or Pentateuch, known as the five books of Moses. 

  • Kaleidoscope Children's Museum
    The Kaleidoscope Children's Museum is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is an exciting and fun experience for the entire family. This is the place where they teach learning can and is fun, and fun is learning. The museum is all about arts and sciences, using the latest hands-on and interactive exhibits to entice your children to become more aware of the exciting adventure that learning can produce. Almost all of the displays involve some type of touch me attitude, where children can get the most out of this experience. One of the most favorite exhibits is Kid's City where children can play at being various types of workers or employees like a waitress, fireman, doctor, barber, postal worker or a super star on the stage. There are two large and funtastic rock walls that offer you and your child a chance to race to the top, or if someone is misbehaving, they can be locked up in the pint size jail. All through the museum there are hidden items that will involve your child using magnifying glasses, as well as many other venues that will keep your kids running wild the whole day through and letting you bring them home in a good but tired condition and ready for bed; which is a real bonus for you. There are so many things for you and your children to do in this 13,000 square foot adventure land of learning, but always making it fun to try and do. Other jobs your kids can try are being a cashier at the grocery store, a rescue hero from the fire department, waitress at the kid's cafe, a chef, and even a salon for your favorite girl to do your hair for you. There are two life-sized playhouses, gift shop, a black light room, tri-level play structure with 2 curly slides, fabulous deli with all the kid's favorite foods and so much more for your children to learn and do.

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  • Tulsa Historical SocietyTulsa Historical Society Tulsa, Oklahoma
    The Tulsa Historical Society is housed in the former mansion of Samuel (Rabinowitz) Travis, one of two brothers that came here and made a fortune in the oil business. The mission of the society is to "illuminate the past, enhance the present and influence the future" and it the only museum in the city that is concerned and devoted to building, saving and presenting a broad range of the city's history and heritage. The former mansion is 28,000 square feet and sits on a marvelous landscaped lot in the Woodward Park area. The society is promoting its seven present exhibits that include; the magnificent Vintage Garden with a wonderful collection of architectural relics and the spectacular bronze sculptures of the state's five famous Native American ballerinas called the Five Moons and a wonderful story if you find the time and interest; and the Tribune Library. The society started in 1963, and houses an eclectic collection of resources from the city's exciting past that contains some 5000 books, maps, documents, still photographs, architectural remnants, historical costumes, fine and decorative arts and graphics. The society was housed in the beautiful Gilcrease villa from 1985 to 1998, when they were able to acquire funds for the purchase of the Samuel Travis Mansion off Peoria Avenue; which has been enlarged to become the society's new home. The society's collection has grown to 15,000 objects that include the above, as well as photographic prints, the Beryl Ford Collection, oral histories, videos and research facilities. They also sell photographs online to help supplement the funding. With nearly 15,000 photographs of their own, the society is very fortunate to have acquired the Beryl Ford Collection that in itself contains some 24,000 images; which can all be made into prints.

  • Dennie Willis Museum
    he Ida Dennie Willis Museum located in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a museum for toys, dolls and miniatures that Ida collected over a lifetime of teaching, all sitting within a 1910 restored mansion. The house and furnishings alone are worth the visit, but to be able to enjoy, to remember and imagine the many fabulous toys of our own youth, where we spent endless hours of fun, without the need or necessity of electric power, where your own imagination could take you to different places in the world, with your favorite toy in hand to disspell any evil menacing things that would steal you or your childhood away. The majority of the toys and miniatures in the collection are considered collectibles, antiques or whatever you chose to call them. But there are so many marvelous artifacts hiding in the nooks and crannies of the century old house that you could and might spend many hours of great fun, browsing and perusing the marvelous to the unique, some you might not recognize or even know what they are, or better, what they were. Numerous items have come here from other areas of the world, created by companies, or many hand crafted by some loving parent wishing to please their youngster with a hand made toy or collectible that would be loved more and enjoyed more than any piece purchased at the toy store. The museum is more than a repository for old toys, dolls and miniatures, since there are pieces of art and history that will permeate your mind and help you remember or imagine those good old days when a bike was just a bike, not any number of gears or settings, fancy seats or gadgets to help you spend the entire day on your butt trying to win a prize or lose a few pounds. Dolls could be anything that you wanted them to be and many of those "dolls" today are worth more money than you could make in a year of hard work. The rotating exhibitions are equally wonderful bringing in other collections that will spark a memory or get your old imagination going full time. Among the finest collectibles in the world, the collection has such well known items as Fannie Hill's "One Thousand Dolls", or Eddie Fay Gates' ethnic dolls, dolls used in advertising, handcrafted miniature houses, a Gypsy caravan by Carl Smith and an excellent collection of Native American dolls and artifacts from the Buena V. Green collection. All in all, this is a splendid place to take the children or family, where they will be questioning you all the time and marveling at your outstanding knowledge of such "old" things; and you'll have the best time telling them all you know or remember. After all, for a large part of a girl's early life, her father is the dearest person she knows, and if you are fortunate enough, she will continue to feel that way for the rest of her life.

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  • Sunbelt Railroad MuseumSunbelt Railroad Museum Tulsa, Oklahoma
    The museum in the last stages of rejuvenating the historical building formerly called "the Roundtop" and will house the contents of the Sunbelt Railroad Museum that was donated to the new Railroad Museum of Oklahoma. This consolidation will allow more exhibits to be shown in one area for the enjoyment and benefit of all those people that love trains, railroading and the immeasureable history that they have given the people in this country. Without a railroad, settling the great American west would have taken years longer, or perhaps not at all, either way, there are throngs of Americans that remember the good old days of riding the rails from one stop to another, when we didn't have autos or money for the bus. The exhibits at the new museum include many lighted showcases, like those pictured to the right, stuffed with interesting and exciting memorabilia, tools and equipment used by railroaders, model train layouts and a re-created Pullman car interior. There will be a massive magazine library to complement the huge railroad book collection and so much more. Railroading has been such an important part of this nation and its growth, extending from one side of the nation to the other, from the Atlantic to the Pacific and all points in between. Many of the depots are now being used for other venues, but still considered useful and a treasure. Our family was very fortunate that there were railroads around for many years, my grandfather was a conductor on the railroad for half a century, and it helped him raise four children and pay for their college degrees. Our family always had a miniature railroad running around our Christmas tree and it was one of the highlights of our Christmas. Model trains have given grown men the biggest pleasures in an extraordinary way. Even the old tracks thata once ran trains are now being transformed into beautiful trails for runners, roller bladers, bikers and families to enjoy a wonderful day together, and hopeful they will learn about the railroad trains and engines that ran along these very tracks.

  • Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame
    America's own brand of classical music, jazz, was born and bred in the good ole USA, and gathered its initiatives and strengths from folk songs and ragtime, with a melting pot of ballads, work songs, country dances, field hollers and the blues, both the country and the newer urban. In the beginning, Kansas City jazz may be called the blues saturated dance music; as opposed to the Dixieland ragtime music of New Orleans. Many Oklahoma jazz musicians were a central part of the KC jazz, with the depression and reform movement shutting down the clubs and jobs forcing the KC jazz to hit the road and by the 1930s, Oklahoma was one of the links in that traveling jazz show. Okie University professor, William Savage, Jr. believes that to trace the evolution of American jazz is akin to tracing the black migration that began in the lower south heading west from New Orleans to Texas through Oklahoma and into Kansas City. There were two prominent times of black migration in this country, from 1890 to 1910 and those years after the end of the first World War, the boomtown period of the petroleum business. During the 1890s, El Reno became a center for the ragtime musicians, with composer and performer Scott Joplin a frequent visitor. Soon black towns were appearing; that included; Langston in 1892, Clearview in 1903 and Boley in 1904 with these small towns developing marching nad concert bands like the Indians had done. The black migration west, after WWI, would continue to rise until the Great Depression hit, with Oklahomans hearing and often being some of the best jazz musicians in the world. When the worst of the depression was over, bands started traveling through the southwest at big stops like Tulsa, Muskogee and Oklahoma City. By the time the 1940s arrived, Muskogee native Jay McShann was a rising new KC jazzman, playing with many Oklahomans and finding blind blues singer Al Hibbler. When Count Basie passed on, Al was the last great KC jazzman. The museum has many other stories like this one to help you understand or learn about the great jazz movements in our country and they'll help you every bit of the way. It is a great place to learn and hear about jazz and the marvelous players that were involved in it.

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  • Tulsa Air & Space MuseumTulsa Air & Space Museum Tulsa, Oklahoma
    The Tulsa Air and Space Museum is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma with 19,000 square feet of exhibition space showcasing the city's aviation history with exciting exhibits, vintage aircraft and hands-on activities. In 2006, a full dome planetarium was added with numerous entertaining and educational shows held each year. It has educational facilities for school visits and is one of the five partner museums in the Oklahoma Museum network. Their Hangar One has a chronological history of aviation in the city with Early Birds displays telling about the beginning of aviation in the city with special attention on aviation pioneer Duncan A. McIntyre. Another marvelous display is the scaled copy of the city's original art deco airport terminal that was designed by Leon Senter. That terminal's cast iron door frames, elaborate art deco sconces, terra cotta decorations and cornerstone are shown here with the historical documents and photographs to complement them. In the Pearl Harbor survivors' exhibit there are numerous American and Japanese relics from WWII, with an interactive touch-screen that lets visitors listen to the Oklahoma survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack share their personal experiences.  The display showcases the city's contributions to the war, as well as shows about the Douglas Bomber Plant, Spartan College of Aviation and Technology and the Spartan Aircraft Company. There is a commercial aviation display that has photos, documents and uniforms from TWA, AA and other commercial airlines, with American Airlines having the most attention since it has the biggest private aircraft maintenance base in the world housed in the city. Their space display highlights the part that Tulsa played in the unmanned and manned space programs, starting out with the first Peaceful Uses of Space Conference that was held here in 1961. There are numerous historic aircraft in Hangar One, with special crafts noteworthy of mentioning like the Spartan C-2, F-14 Tomcat and Lear 24. Their collections concentrate on the city's aviation history, with a prominent collection of documents and photographs that came from the Douglas Aircraft Company that involved their Air Force Plant #3, with the main part of the documents coming from the 1941-1945 era and 1953-1960. There are numerous historical documents and photos from the Tulsa International Airport archives that were collected by Charles Short, former airport manager that included photographs of Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, Will Rogers, William Skelly, Wiley Post and C. R. Smith. The planetarium opened in 2006 with a 360 degree full dome that offers full dome digital shows and many star shows.

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