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Things to do in Watertown, South Dakota

  • Mellette House Mellette House Watertown, South Dakota
    Arthur Calvin Mellete built this house for his wife, Margaret Wylie Mellette and four sons on top of Prospect Hill in Watertown, South Dakota in 1885. Constructed in the Italianate architectural style, very popular at the time, it was made of bricks that came from the town's brickyard that was owned by Arthur and his long time friend and business partner, William McIntyre. One of the most exquisite features of this magnificent home is the huge winding staircase that goes up from the first floor, through the second and into a small tower room that sits on the third floor. It is believed that the staircase was constructed in Minnesota and brought by train to be installed in the beautiful house. The first floor contains a library/office, kitchen and pantry attached, superb double parlor room, and a lovely dining room. While the family was living here, they decided to have a garage/carriage house built and it is where the museum of this family is located today. The Mellettes were great hosts, and held some of the best parties of the day in their home, as well as interesting political gatherings. Arthur was the tenth appointed governor of the Dakota territory, and then was elected to be its first governor. He was born in Henry County, Indiana, in 1842, getting his education, and then going to the Indiana University in Bloomington where he entered the law school, which were suddenly interrupted with the Civil War, in 1864. He enlisted into the 9th Regiment of Indiana Volunteers and stayed in it until the end of the war in September of 1865; going back to Bloomington to continue his law studies. He finished these in 1866, and then married Margaret Wylie, who was the daughter of one of the professors at the university, and was the daughter of the owners of the boarding house where young Arthur was staying. After their marriage, they moved to Muncie, Indiana; and Maggie had four sons. While in Muncie, Arthur practiced law, became co-owner of the town's newspaper, and also served in the state's legislature. In 1878, the family left the area since Maggie's health was getting bad and Arthur thought a better climate would help her. Arthur had visited the Dakotas and thought it would be the best place to help Maggie, so he moved his family here in 1879, on a cool winter's day when the temperature was 45 below zero. They first came to Springfield, with Arthur working as the Registrar of the United States Land Office and they stayed here until it was moved from Springfield to Watertown in 1880. He moved his family here, and since there weren't a lot of houses, camped at Lake Kampeska and bought a small store in Watertown. Arthur ran the store in front and the family lived in the back. Their beautiful house was built, and they came here to live for the following ten years, while Arthur became involved in many ventures of business in the region, as well as the territory. Being public minded, he thought the territory was big enough to be separated into two states, and worked towards those ends. His feeling this way made him a popular man in the territory, and a great political speaker. He became the last territory governor in 1889, and received his oath of office in his own law office. Within 6 months, the territory became a state and he was elected to be the governor of South Dakota and both states entered the Union in the next month. Arthur served as governor for two terms, and not wanting a third, left public office in 1894, and went back to being a lawyer and businessman. Some serious sicknesses changed his mind, though and in 1895, the family moved to Pittsburg, Kansas, with plans to go back to their home in Watertown as soon as possible. Sadly, he died in May of 1896, at the fairly young age of 53, and since he knew he was dying, made sure his remains would be taken back to Watertown to be buried. His wife, Maggie, lived until she was 95, staying in Pittsburg with her son Anton. Maggie, Arthur and two sons, Dick and Wylie are buried at the Mount Hope Cemetery in Watertown.

  • Codington County Heritage Museum
    The museum is found in the old Carnegie Library structure that is in uptown Watertown, South Dakota, and houses many thousands of local historical artifacts, over 2000 photographs and 200 linear feet of archival items. There are both permanent and temporary displays, with a turn of the century Victorian house, military exhibit, 1920s dental office, dry goods store, country school and general store. The museum is operated by the Historical Society and the archives directories of the society are housed here. There directories are searchable and contain the street directories, county atlas index, uptown buildings tenants lists and telephone directories. Making these directories searchable, helps those interested in their ancestors to find out any pertinent or necessary information. They are available via the internet or by going to the library itself.  Codington County was the first county in the territory to become one by the legislature in 1877, and became affected in 1878, when the new governor set up a commission to organize it using the Hamlin, Clark and Grant counties to form it. The clerk was ordered to create a country seat, that would include a body of water, boat on the lake and town on the bank. The county seat was changed from Kampeska to Kampeska City, and then changed in 1878 to Watertown; with the first election held in June of 1880. The Transit Railroad Company came to Watertown in 1857, and this new change helped the town grow and become more important in the region. The Chamber of Commerce was started in 1883, and there were many established businesses and a "good progressive class of immigration". It is the second biggest county west of Minnesota, and two marvelous lakes are located there. The biggest, Lake Kampeska, is two miles wide and six miles long, and believed to be one of the most spectacular lakes in the northwest. Lake Pelican is about three miles southeast and it is five miles long and a mile wide, covering some 3000 acres.

  • Bramble Park Zoo
    The zoo was started in 1912, when Frank Bramble gave the city council his collection of waterfowl and pheasants for exhibiting. This was moved in 1940, where the WPA had built new habitats for the animals that soon became the center of the zoo. As the years passed, and the collection grew, it became increasingly obvious that the confines of the building didn't have enough room for all its growth. The Lake Area Zoological Society was started, in 1972, so that it could help with the professionalism and development of the zoo. Starting in 1976, the zoo would be involved in a lot of reconstruction inside the building and also on the outside. With a strong sense of community and pride, the residents have volunteered time, materials and energy into building new habitats, more support structures and making the viewing areas better. With the new improvements, and the hiring of professional staff members, the zoo was accredited by the AZA in 1993, and it still is trying to improve and grow the collection, educate, be involved in Species Survival Programs, enlarge its conservation efforts and increase and diversify its financial help. To this end, the city voted for funds to buy more land, and in 1995, they received money to increase and renovate the bird building. The funds also helped purchase a prairie plant exhibit, observational beehive display, a demonstration stage, black-footed ferret showcase and interpretive prairie showcase. In 1996, the zoo received a grant, and with the money from the city was able to improve the animal holding structures, and hire a full time educator. The city and LAZS were able to obtain enough funds for the building of an 8000 foot front entry way and discovery center, that holds a gift shop, bathrooms, educational displays, concession area, classroom, offices and educational displays. More funds were received to overlay the walkways, update the kitchen, build more rehab habitats for birds of prey and buy two pickup trucks. In 1998, they received $200,000 for building the discovery center and a bigger parking lot, with all the landscaping included. That year and the following, almost $300,000 was received for the upgrades of the primate exhibits, walkways, and upgrade many exhibits to a top quality status. In 2001, $70,000 was received for a better ventilation system, creating a new bison overlook, repair the netting on the bird sanctuary, revitalize the salt water aquariums and build a black-footed ferret enclave.

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  • Redlin Art CenterRedlin Art Center Watertown, South Dakota
    Terry Avon Redlin was born on July 11, 1937 in Watertown, South Dakota, where he learned to paint the great outdoors, and the magnificent wildlife that thrives there. His images are mostly collected as prints, more often in the dusky hours of the day, and for 8 straight years, from 1991 to 1998, was called the most popular painter in gallery surveys by U.S. Art magazine. Terry went to St. Paul School of Associated Arts in St. Paul, Minnesota, and then went to work in commercial art for over 25 years as a layout artist, illustrator, art director, and graphic designer; with his famous painting, "Winter Snows" adorning the cover of the Farmer magazine in 1977. He left the city two years later to return to his roots and become a full time painter. This art center in Watertown is dedicated to his works of art, and there is an elementary school named after Terry in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Terry and his wife, Helene Marie Langenfeld were married at the young age of 19, and they have raised three children. The art center was opened in 1997, with 150 of Terry's originals being shown. There have been over 2 million visitors since then, and this 52,000 square foot building was designed by his son, Charles Redlin. Today, his beautiful prints and paintings are on plates, wine accessories, wallpaper border, tableware, cutting boards, tapestry throws, outdoor thermometers, coat hooks, lighting and bedding and bath items. They are all exquisitely detailed with the artist's special techniques and his wonderful nuances of coloring. His newest collection is 7 prints of firsts, including his first home, first friend, first dog, first date, first goodbye, first graduation, first homecoming and last goodbye. It is truly a work of art with the master's great touch and well worth bringing one home. You will be truly excited and have a marvelous treasure for the rest of your life.

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Local Restaurants in Watertown, South Dakota
  • Dempsey's
    Dempsey's is an American and European restaurant serving the best food in Watertown, as well as some wonderful microbrew beers. Appetizers include; combo platter is choice of any four appetizers or wings works; 3 cheese flatbread is grilled flatbread with melted parmesan, asiago and romano cheeses, served with choice of spinach & artichoke dip or queso dip; Lahvosh pizza is 12 inch cracker bread, smothered in Alfredo sauce, shaved peppered turkey, kalamata olives and caramelized onions; black peppered frickles is slices of kosher pickles, lightly battered, seasoned with black pepper, served with signature blooming onion dip; chislic is cube sized seasoned steak served with bourbon glaze; onion rings is beer battered onion rings, served with buttermilk ranch dressing; cheeseballs is cheese filled nuggets, served with buttermilk ranch dressing. Wing works served with bleu cheese dressing, celery & carrot sticks include; 8, 16, 24, or 50 pieces, with bourbon glaze, buffalo mild, buffalo hot, raspberry heat, Kim's bodacious BBQ, honey teriyaki, garlic, parmesan. Dempsey's signature dinners; are served with choice of side, fries, infused rice pilaf, tater kickers, beer-battered fries, baked potato, garlic mashed, vegetable, soup/salad, and breadstick; flat iron steak is 19 ounce cut of steak from the shoulder, fresh cut and seasoned with Montreal steak seasoning, then charbroiled to your tastes; shrimp dinner is 8 jumbo shrimp, grilled or beer-battered to perfection; Jameson glazed 8 ounce sirloin fresh cut glazed with signature Jameson whiskey glaze; Dempsey's smoked ribs is half rack of in-house smoked pork ribs, smothered in Ol'West BBQ sauce; wiener schnitzel & spatzle is house specialty is pork filet hand breaded and sautéed in butter, with German style dumplings; Italian pan fry is pan-fried breaded chicken in creamy white sauce with mushrooms, served over bed of infused rice pilaf; Thai stir fry is spic stir fry with peanut sauce, la Choy vegetables and served on bed of noodles with egg roll.

  • Past Times
    Always ready to cater to you culinary needs, the good folks at Past Times take you back to the good old days, when you came into an eating establishment to enjoy the meal, to savor every bite, and sit back to say hi to any neighbors passing by. Laid back and relaxing this is the perfect place to take your family when you want to really enjoy a delicious meal. Appetizers are served with choice of ranch, honey mustard, bleu cheese, BBQ sauce, maple syrup or honey; 8 ounce beef chizlic is served with BBQ sauce on bed of fries; sampler platter is choice of any 5 appetizers; mozzarella sticks, cheeseballs, chicken dummies, breaded mushrooms, breaded cauliflower, onion rings, sweet corn nuggets are sweet corn kernels covered by savory, crunchy breading, large French fries, large sweet chips. Salads include; cup of soup and small portion of salad below; chef salad is ham, turkey, cheddar cheese, red onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and boiled egg; Caesar salad is fresh crisp romaine, seasoned housemade croutons, Caesar dressing, black olives, tomatoes and parmesan cheese; fruity romaine is romaine lettuce, mozzarella cheese, cashews, dried cranberries, apples, pears, drizzled with cranberry-citrus dressing; crunchy chicken salad is chicken strips, cheddar cheese, red onions, tomatoes, boiled egg and cucumbers. Fresh & hearty sandwiches, served with choice of wheatberry, marble rye, sourdough breads or as a wrap, kettle chips; half sandwich & side is any kind of sandwich with any kind of side; downtown tuna melt is albacore white tuna salad with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and grilled; the veggie is lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, sprouts, black olives, mushrooms, onions, green and red peppers, pickles served with cream cheese and slice of pepper jack cheese; clubhouse is roasted turkey, ham crisp bacon, American cheese, pickles, tomatoes and mayo; Northside special is mesquite smoked turkey, Havarti cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomatoes; Cranny granny is roasted turkey served with combo cranberry sauce and cream cheese spread, topped with sprouts, lettuce, and cucumbers; 1950s Reuben is pastrami and corned beef, some kraut, Swiss cheese and thousand island dressing; big boy is pastrami, turkey, ham and roast beef with Swiss, American and Havarti cheeses; uptown tuna salad is topped with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, sprouts and black olives; chicken salad supreme is housemade chicken salad topped with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles and sprouts.

Flat Iron Steak Dempsey's Watertown, South Dakota

Grilled Jumbo Shrimp Dempsey's Watertown, South Dakota

Dempsey's Smoked Ribs Watertown, South Dakota


Clubhouse Sandwich Past Tmes Watertown, South Dakota


Tuna Melt Past Times Watertown, South Dakota


Northside Sandwich Past Times Watertown, South Dakota

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  • Pelican Lake Recreation AreaPelican Lake Recreation Area, South Dakota
    This is one of the finest parks in the state of South Dakota, sitting in the midst of majestic conifer trees, prairie trails, boat dock and sandy beach. The winter is where the ice fishing, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing occurs, and the summer months bring more joy to those that have found this beautiful haven near Watertown, South Dakota. The camping sites here are great with many located just off the lake and there are two cabins with lake views. The campground has two comfort stations, as well as two playgrounds and horseshoe pits. It sits in the best pheasant hunting region in the state, and every fall it becomes the favorite place of hunters. Another great reason to visit the park is that is on the route of the migrating birds, like the geese and ducks, with big white pelicans staying here frequently. It was this way when the region was first visited by exploring settlers and that is why the lake got its name. On one of the hiking trails, there is an observation tower that looks out over the area and gives one of the best views around. The 5.2 mile trail meanders through the area, with its pristine prairie lands and lakeshore shelterbelts. A horse camp and parking lot is here for groups and single people, with campsites, fire grates, hitching posts, vault toilets, water and corrals. It has become a very popular point along the trail that goes to the Black Hills and other state parks that allow horseback riding. In the summer, the beaches are fairly full since the swimming is excellent and a great way to cool off, although the weather doesn't get too hot and the water either. An archery range graces the park's landscape and is a good way to tone up your skills. The lake is well known for its great fishing, with largemouth bass and bluegill, and nationally known for their bluegill size. The recreation area has 25 electrical camp sites, with many regular camping tent sites.

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  • Historic Uptown WatertownHistoric Uptown Watertown, South Dakota
    The uptown area is where you will find over 200 businesses, that include service, hospitality, professional and retail storefronts sitting in some of the finest historical buildings in the city. There are over 60 building that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and a great self guided tour is the best way to see them all. Codington County Heritage Museum is along the path, the Goss Opera House of 1889, just happens to be the last one in the region, the M & St. L Railroad Depot, and the Codington County courthouse that was constructed in 1929 also showcases a gorgeous cathedral glass dome. There are many more beautiful historic homes along the way and are waiting for your perusal when you arrive. There are some fantastic festivals held every year here, like the June Artwalk, Quilt Tour of October, July Crazy Days, Vintiques Show in September, the Shine & Food Fest in September, and the Holiday Lighted Parade on the Friday after Thanksgiving; which still gives you some time to get there.

  • Lake Kampeska
    Lake Kampeska is nearby Watertown, South Dakota, and is home to the Sandy Shore Recreation area, since this beautiful lake is what is left of a glacial lake where the water is crystal clear and the beach is long and sandy. When the earliest settlers came here and started living on the edge of this lake, a terrible horde of grasshoppers destroyed their crops and made most of them move away to the Watertown area. Although the smallest park in this division, it has one of the best sandy beaches, with the campsites sitting right on the shoreline. A comfort station sits between the campgrounds and beach area, with shade trees all over the area. One of 12 disc golf courses in the state, this recreation area boasts one, where you flick your wrist like throwing a frisbee at a flag to gain points. It can be played by anyone able to throw the disc, and has become a favorite up here in the South Dakota parks. There are 23 sites, with only 6 tent sites and the rest have electricity. Showers and water is available, with boating, fishing, swimming and picnic tables around and near the water's edge. There is also a playground with volleyball net nearby. The 5000 foot long sandy beach is close to the campsites and is great swimming although there aren't any lifeguards, so you must watch your family members. The fishing is great with walleye, bullheads, bass and northern pike waiting for your lures, bait hooks or whatever kind of enticement you have made. The lake is 4817 acres large, and is fed and bled by the Big Sioux River, while the watershed contains over 200,000 acres of the Big Sioux River drainage basin. There was another natural outlet from the lake, but it was blocked off in the 1940s to keep the lake higher than normal during the dry spells of the year or years.

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  • Dakota Sioux Casino & HotelDakota Sioux Casino & Hotel Watertown, South Dakota
    Set smack dab in the middle of nowhere, or only 5 miles from Watertown, South Dakota, the Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel is definitely worth the visit when you are here in town. Every Thursday night, at about 7 PM. they have a Hollywoods Knockouts wrestling match with contestants wrestling in oil or hot cream and making a thorough spectacle of themselves and certainly a spectacle for those watching. There is an all you care to eat buffet, a deli and great drawings that could win you some big money. Plus the casino is where you will find all the action, with blackjack and poker tables, and plenty of slots for anyone's pleasure. You can join the players club and get extra discounts and other great benefits, a lounge & bar where you can see some great performances given and drink your favorite beverages. 345 slots to entice you into spending some of those greenbacks you have sitting in your wallet doing nothing. Since the hotel is fairly new, the rooms are great, clean and spacious. There is parking for RVs, buses and other large vehicles, while you and your group enjoy a night or two gambling and enjoying the beautiful South Dakota sunsets. For those special occasions, they have Jacuzzi and hospitality rooms available, with meeting, banquets, or conference rooms for whatever type of venue you are looking for. Their convenience store can help all the other needs you may have, like getting gas, air, discounted cigarettes, snacks and other sundries. The gift shop has some wonderful artwork for sale and you might just find that special item that you were looking for.

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  • Glacial Lakes & Prairie RegionGlacial Lakes & Prairie Region South Dakota
    As the glaciers began to recede north, over 20,000 years ago, it left the grand prairies and beautiful lakes criss crossing the plains of the northern states. It is a cold land, even in the summer, the temperature doesn't go into the nineties or so like most of the other states in the country, but the beauty of the four seasons that appear with such gusto and colorful landscapes that you don't care about wearing an extra shirt or light sweater. The parks, recreation areas and other land venues bring magnificent fishing, hunting, and outdoor activities that would be difficult if it was too hot. Shards of pottery, stone tools and shell beads have been found to tell the tales of a people called the woodland people, who lived in the northeastern area of the state, where they hunted antelope, bison, deer and other big game animals, fishing in any body of water they came across, and eating the berries just picked off the sides of the banks of the many majestic rivers that meander through this land. From about 1200 AD. the Native Americans would live here, bury their dead in the long low mounds that have been discovered all across the country, and be gone before the Sioux started moving west to get further from the white hordes that were closing in on them and their hunting grounds. This was during the 1700s, and the woodland peoples had disappeared, leaving the land and waterways the same as they found them; the only telltale sign they were even here are the burying mounds they left. The Sioux had moved here for two reasons specifically, the Chippewa and Cree, were trading furs for guns with the new French traders, and the buffalo was moving also. Only two Sioux tribes settled in this area, the Santee and Yanktonnais. During those decades of the 1700s, these Native Indians lived here in relative peace and prosperity, going to intertribal trading gatherings so that could learn the latest news of the white migration, and the chance to exchange furs and skins for weapons, tools, and foodstuffs. In the next century, during the first fifty years, the demand of these soft furry pelts had brought such a high demand in the European marketplace, the French and now English traders came to where the furs were being trapped abundantly. It wasn't long before the Indians were getting horses, guns and steel knives, which helped perpetuate the cycle of their killing off the buffalo to get their hides, which gave them more to barter for the guns, knives and horses. It was in 1838, and 1839, that Joseph Nicolas Nicollet and Lt John C. Fremont came to explore and survey the area, and naming many lakes and regions on their way. Father Pierre Jean DeSmet, a Jesuit priest, came here in 1839 to start his 34 year mission across the South Dakota plains. Many settlers hadn't arrived in the area because they were still nervous about the Indians, but in 1851, a treaty was made with the Santee people that gave the country over 30 million acres of land to wander through and homestead. The Indians had no idea or concept of what it meant to "own" the land since they knew that it was really impossible for men to own lands that were here for their use. Seven years later, the Yankton Sioux gave up 14 million acres, and the rush was on. It wasn't quite a rush since the country was still talking about the slavery question, and a civil war was just around the corner. In 1861, Congress made the Dakota territory, and in 1863 created the Homestead Act which said that people coming to the area had three ways of owning the land themselves. They could farm 160 acres for five years; plant 10 of the 160 with trees, and keep them alive for eight years, at least 675 trees; or settle on the 160 acres and buy them for $1.25 an acre later. The railroad did the rest and after the war, the east headed west.

  • Watertown, South Dakota Sports
    Watertown, South Dakota sports venue is from the local high school, with all teams being fielded named the Arrows. The football season is just past, and the team played their best, just not enough to win any championships, but it did win 3 games out of their schedule. It is unfortunate that they lost 7 games, so next year is the year to win big. Other sports that are happening at the school are cross country, boys and girls golf, boys and girls tennis, boys and girls basketball is just getting under way, volleyball, gymnastics, wrestling, and track & field. The teams have been doing their best to bring home a championship for the town, but as of yet haven't achieved that goal. The coaching staff is right on the ball, and the students have always come out to support their favorite teams. If you are in the area, and have a need to watch some great games, regardless of who wins, these kids know how to play hard and will surely give you an exciting game to watch. Check out the local newspaper, or go online to find out where they will be playing next so you can come out and support this great school.

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