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Things to do in Bari

    Basilica di San Nicola Basilica di San Nicola Bari, Italy
    The Basilica of Saint Nicolas in Bari, Italy, is very important to the world of Christians and have become a significant pilgrimage destination for both Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians coming from Eastern Europe. This fabulous church was constructed sometime between 1087 and 1197, during the Italo-Norman occupation of Apulia, the region that had been taken over by the Byzantine Catapan, using Bari as its seat. The foundation of the church pertains to the theft of beautiful artifacts of St. Nicolas that had been located in the saint's original shrine in Myra, today's Turkey. After the country became the Saracens, many of the ruling group realized that it was the perfect time to move the relics to a more friendly environment, and according to legend, the saint, as he passed by the city going to Rome, decided that Bari would become his burial place. There would begin an enormous competition between Bari and Venice for the artifacts, which saw Bari winning, and the artifacts were taken from the lawful Greek custodians and their Muslim rulers, and in 1087, would arrive safely in Bari. They would construct a new church to hold the remains of the saint and Pope Urban II would come to the consecration of the crypt in 1089. It would officially be consecrated in 1197, with the Imperial vicar, Bishop Conrad of Hildesheim, many other bishops, noblemen and prelates being present. The abbot of the nearby monastery of St. Benedict, Elias, would become the first archbishop, and his cathedra or bishop's throne is still located in the church today. The church is more square in its appearance and resembles a castle more than a church, with its twin huge towers surrounding the facade, and would be used as such numerous times during its history. The basilica contains one of the most prominent Romanesque sculptures in southern Italy, the cathedra or bishop's throne that was created in the late 11th century for Elias. Other significant treasures include the mosaics in the pavements of the crypt and presbytery. The ciborium, the oldest in the region, is decorated with beautiful mosaics as well, with four massive columns decorated with mythological figures, animals and foliage, and the crypt, housing 26 columns support capitals that were created in the Byzantine and Romanesque styles, where the magnificent treasures and artifacts of St. Nicolas are kept. The church's museum houses many fabulous relics, including magnificent works of art, the renaissance marble tomb of Bona Sforza from the 16th century and a collection of 12th century candlesticks donated by King Charles I of Anjou.

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Local Restaurants in Bari

    Ristorante La Pignata
    Entrees; puree beans & chicory; strips of fresh pasta with lobster; cavatelli pasta with beans; burned wheat orecchiette with tomato & basil; burned wheat orecchiette with turnip tops; monkfish in puglia; fillets of red mullet with olive & capers in foil; skewered king prawns with oyster sauce; fillets of turbot au gratin; lobster au gratin.

Lobster Au Gratin Ristorante La Pignata Bari, Italy

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    Grotte di Castellana Grotte di Castellana Bari, Italy The Grave
    The magnificent caves of Castellana is a spectacular complex of underground karst caverns located in the province of Bari, although, only the first cave had been explored. This cavern had become known as the major, and was used by farmers for storage, because they thought that it was the entry to hell; since many animals had come into the cave and fallen from the high cliff that plunged them to their deaths. This in turn, would create such a terrible smell that the farmers thought that the cave was filled with the souls of the dead, trying to get out, but unable to because of forces unknown. By the end of the 18th century, some of the local youths had begun exploring, although they would only go so far into the opening. In 1938, speleologist Franco Anelli would begin a major exploration of the caves, discovering a maze of pits, holes and caverns that make up the enormous cave. The system runs for about two miles into the mountain that reach down some 200 feet below ground level, where the cave begins. There are two trails, one that is about a mile, lasts close to an hour to travel and explore, while the longer goes for up to two hours. The main entrance has a huge pit some 25 feet deep and is called the grave, in a local dialect that means there is a large chasm. As you go through this area, there is a much larger cavern called the cave white that is quite fantastic. It is a fascinating experience for folks of all ages and nationalities and makes for a unique and different venue for a vacation or visit to the region.

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    Castello Normanno-Svevo Castello Normanno-Svevo Bari, Italy
    The Svevo Castle was constructed around 1132 by the Norman King, Roger II, and is now used for exhibitions in the Apulian city of Bari, Italy. It would be destroyed in 1156 by King William I of Sicily, but later rebuilt by the Roman emperor, Frederick II, in 1233, when it would also be reinforced. In the period known as the Angevin domination, it would have numerous changes done to it, and then acquired by Duke Ferdinand of Aragon, and later donated to the family of Storza, eventually becoming the property of Bona Storza, the queen of Poland. When the queen was poisoned by one of her trusted officers, the castle would be restored to the King of Naples and converted into a prison and barracks. The queen would be poisoned because of large debts owed to her by the King of Spain. The castle is encompassed by a large moat on all its sides, except on the northern exposure, where the sea makes it impenetrable. It is entered by the front bridge and the gate located on the northern side, and today is just the Aragon walls and main Swabian tower, used almost extensively for exhibitions and special events. As with the majority of ruins that have been around for hundreds of years, it is a very interesting place to explore, searching for any kinds of clues or relics that may have been overlooked by the centuries of visitor.

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    Cattedrale di AndriaCathedral of Andria Bari, Italy
    The Cathedral of Santa Maria is known as the Cathedral of Andria, that contains the archdiocese of Santa Maria and was constructed by Geoffery de Hauteville, the lord of Andria, near the close of the 11th century and the start of the 12th century, close to the previous church dedicated to St. Peter, or the Blessed Savior, that had been sitting there since the year 1000. The Normans would leave their marks on many of the tombs, that include the tomb of the wife of Count Richard de Hauteville, Emma, and two of the wives of Frederick II, Jolanda of Brienne and Isabella of England, that are buried in the crypt. King Louis I of Hungary would come here and destroy the church in the middle of the 14th century, and later, during the mid 15th century, the Duke of Andria Francis of Dodge would begin rebuilding it. The magnificent church would enjoy numerous changes during the 17th century, then the 18th century, and again in the 19th century, adding the front porch. Its facade was designed by Frederick Santacroce, who replaced the lower parts of it in 1844, and the upper parts would be completed during the 20th century in the Romanesque style, especially in the rose and mullioned windows. The bell tower is the result of many changes that were done over the many centuries, and rests on a tower of the Lombard period during the 8th century, and rebuilt by the Normans. The church holds many beautiful relics and artworks, that include ten panels in one of the chapels that have sixteen bas-reliefs that showcase the miracles of the saint and various aspects of his life. On the right of chancel, there is another chapel that has been dedicated to the "Scared thorn", which is a thorn from Christ's crown, and donated to the cathedral by Beatrice of Anjou, when she married the Duke of Beltrano Leap. The church also contains marvelous works from the Benedictine monastery, that had flanked the church and one of the most significant is a painting on wood created during the 12th century that shows the Madonna of Andria.

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    Museo Archeologico Statale di AltamuraArchaeological Museum Statale di Altamura Bari, Italy
    The National Archaeological Museum of Altamura is located in the province of Bari, Italy and sits near the historic center of the city in an area called "the Cross", housing the artifacts of many archaeological sites of great significance and quite rich in the treasures of antiquities that span the Bronze age to the later Hellenistic period. The museum tour begins in the Paleolithic age and goes into late antiquity, with many magnificent relics that had been discovered in the necropolis of Altamura, the gravina in Puglia, Toritto, Laterza, Ginosa and Cassano Murge. There are two fantastic floors of fascinating artifacts, with a chronological journey starting on the first level that begins with the prehistoric period and ends with the late antique period. The center of the gallery contains temporary displays, and the second level is dedicated to the Paleolithic era that includes the discovery of the Lamalunga cave. Using casts, reconstructions and beautiful stage settings, you wander through a dark tunnel that holds many marvelous images of the concretions that pertain to the cave. The museum opened in 1993 with an outstanding exhibition of prehistoric archaeology that would be followed with other significant displays pertaining to its topics, and in 1997, it would open an exhibition about the medieval site of Altamura. The museum contains many ancient tombs of ceramic and bronze materials, as well as a Corinthian helmet with bronze patera that is embossed, showcasing the trade between the Greek colony of Metaponto Tyrrhenian and other cultures. One of the finest examples of the classical period is a tomb, called Bari Altamura, that holds 150 red-figure vases, painted black, like the kinds found in Gnathia, along with outstanding pottery from the Attic funerary in the necropolis of Botromagno, Casal Sabini, Gravina and Toritto. There are magnificent examples of jewelry, coins, lamps, glass, tiles and a fantastic box made from Limousin wood that is decorated with enamels and created during the 13th century.

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