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Tampa Alamo Car Rentals - 4030 George J. Bean Hwy.

Things to do in Brandon

    Brandon Homestead Brandon Homestead Brandon, Florida
    James H. Brandon, the son of the town's founder, John Brandon and his wife Martha, would construct this two story frame house for his wife, Joanna, and their seven children, and proceeded to entertain the local folks with great parties in their Folk Victorian southern mansion. William and DocEstelle Brandon Vamedoe would buy the house and estate, then in 1912, Edward Linsley purchased it, and from 1946 until 1955, his daughter's family, the Walter Claytons would live here. Dick Stowers dream would come true in 1960, when he was able to get financial backing from John "Rudy" Williams and buy the old home to convert it into a funeral parlor, while keeping the structure of the L shaped house intact. It is still an impressive sight today in the city that was named after his family. A plaque has been installed on the corner of the house's property in honor of the Brandon Centennial, and that was donated by Dick Stowers' family.

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Tampa Intl. Apt. Budget Car Rentals
 4030 George Bean Hwy.
Budget Car Rental Clearwater - 14700 Terminal Blvd.
Tampa Budget Rental Cars
- 9331 Adamo Dr.
Budget Car Rentals Tampa - 6906 E. Fowler Ave. 

    Lowry Park ZooLowry Park Zoo Brandon, Florida
    The Lowry Park Zoo occupies 56 acres near Tampa, Florida and has been recognized as a Florida wildlife conservation center as well as being biodiverse. It began with a little collection of exotic animals in Plant Park, which was located on the grounds of the University of Tampa, across the Hillsborough River from downtown, and in the mid 1950s, Mayor Nick Nuccio would have it moved to another location that would include the zoo and a park area that later became known as Lowry Park. This new zoo opened in 1957, sharing the park area with a children's venue called Fairyland, that had concrete statues lining a number of paths below huge oak trees, that depicted nursery rhymes and fairy tale figures. While the zoo continued to grow and draw more attention to its animals, the commission would add more rides and various attractions in hopes of bringing more of the community to visit the marvelous zoo, that today has been voted the number 1 family friendly zoo in the nation by Child Magazine. Although, in its early stages of growth, it would be deemed one of the worst zoos in the country by the Humane Society. It would get a skyride, a kid-sized train and small roller coaster during the 1980s, while the facilities declined and the animals were cramped. After getting help from the city, the old zoo would close down in the mid 1980s to get a facelift and complete reconstruction, so that when it reopened in 1988, it would be almost as it is today. This zoo has more native animals than any other zoo, that includes flamingos, American crocodile, key deer, American alligator, Florida panther, North American river otter, roseate spoonbill and many more. It has numerous hands-on displays, that include feeding the stingrays and lorikeets, a petting area, West Indian manatee encounters, camel rides, a river ecotour and a discovery center. The latest and greatest additions have brought Safari Africa here, with its African elephants, Grant's zebra, white rhinos, giraffe, meerkats, okapi, shoebill storks and more. In one of the oldest areas, the Asian domain sits, after being rejuvenated in 2007 and renamed the Asian Gardens, with clouded leopards, sloth bear, Indian rhino, babirusa pig, Indonesian themed Sulawesi aviary and Sumatran tigers. It has initiated a species survival plan project that takes care of threatened and endangered species, as well as species of special concern. Come on down to the Lowry Zoo and find out exactly what these types of species are and have a great visit with the many wild animals.

Enterprise rent- a- car Brandon

BIG discounts are waiting at Enterprise Rent-A-Car for your next vacation or trip.  Enterprise will give you the best selection of new quality cars to choose from and the best staff to help you with that decision.  Enterprise has more locations nationwide to serve you where ever you are going.  Try them now to get the cheapest rates ever. Enterprise Cheap Locations

Brandon Enterprise Rental Car - 720 W. Brandon Blvd.
Enterprise Car Rental Brandon - 11020 Causeway Blvd.
Tampa Enterprise Rental Cars
 9017 E. Adamo Dr. Ste. 115 Unit E

Enterprise Car Rentals Tampa - 2881 N. 50th St.

Local Restaurants in Brandon

    Columbia Restaurant
    Entrees; paella "a la Valencia" is a traditional dish prepared in a paella pan, with clams, mussels, shrimp, scallops, calamari, chicken & pork, baked with Valencia rice, extra virgin olive oil, green peppers, Spanish onions, ripe tomatoes, garlic, spices & splashed with white wine; paella "marinera" is seafood version of the paella that combines Valencia rice with clams, mussels, shrimp, scallops and calamari; paella "campesina" is Valencia rice with beef tenderloins, pork, chicken, chorizo and green beans; snapper Alicante is king of gulf fish, snapper, baked in a casserole with sweet Spanish onions, green peppers, rich gravy, olive oil, fresh garlic, sauterne wine & topped with sliced roasted almonds, served with yellow rice & garnished with fried eggplant & shrimp supreme; snapper adelita is snapper, grilled & topped with hearts of palm, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, olive oil, garlic & onions, served with good rice; mahi mahi cayo hueso is boneless fillet of mahi mahi, marinated in citrus juices & grilled, served with good rice, yucca, plantanos & mojo; pompano en papillot is boneless fillet of pompano with seafood stuffing of shrimp, crabmeat, artichoke, butter & white wine, wrapped in parchment paper & baked with yellow rice.

    Fly Bar and Restaurant
    Entrees; grilled hanger steak with fingerling potatoes, seasonal mushrooms & chimichurri; hot sesame tuna tartare with guacamole & wonton chips; pepper crusted filet mignon with smoked pomme puree, grilled seasonal veggies, fig infused BBQ glaze; grilled lamb tenderloin with hummus, tomato, red onion, feta & pita; shrimp & grits with etouffee, chorizo, spring onion; truffled mac & cheese with housemade croutons, fine herbs; seared crab cakes with jicama slaw, chipotle cream; shiitake mushroom risotto with goat cheese & fava beans; seared scallops with cauliflower, applewood bacon & curry aioli; seared New England market catch with white bean stew & wilted spinach; Kennebec potato & chorizo hash with poached egg & tarragon; seared saddle of lamb with broccoli rabe, roasted cauliflower puree, spiced yogurt.


Paella Marinera Columbia Restaurant Brandon, Florida


Pompano en Papillot Columbia Restaurant Brandon, Florida


 Grilled Hanger Steak Fly Bar & Restaurant Brandon, Florida

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Hertz Rental Cars Tampa- 9005 E. Adamo Dr.
Tampa Exec. Apt. Hertz Car Rental - 6582 Eureka Springs Rd.
Hertz Rental Car Tampa- 700 S. Florida Ave.

    Alafia River State Park Mountain Bike Trail Alafia River State Park Mountain Bike Trail Lithia, Florida
    This trail is one of the most popular off-road biking opportunities in the state of Florida, with skilled riders coming here from around the state to ride a number of hair raising drops, high speed banked turns, ridge top trails and off-camber hillside ledges, all on a single track that had been constructed on the rugged terrain of an area that had a phosphate mine located there. Alafia River State Park has some twenty miles of trails right now that is sure to challenge every rider in your family, and provide you with an exciting and adventurous ride. The easiest ride is the green loop called Sand Pine that is enjoyed as a three mile round trip ride, or a two mile loop riding back on the levee located there. The river loop is another green trail but for more experienced beginner riders, and has three miles of fairly difficult areas that will slow you down so you can be more careful of the many hazards that are included in the loop. The blue or intermediate rides are the bridges, North Creek and rock garden that have medium sized hills, that will offer some short and deep or others that have a more gradual downhill run that eventually speeds up and gives you a very exciting ride. This trail has some outstanding challenges that will cause even the best and most experienced riders to pause, with quick drops, fast climbs and twists and turns that will keep you busy every second. The rollercoaster and moonscape trails that are black is located on a four mile advanced loop that has to be ridden one way only and includes some steep roller coaster drops, rocky areas and tough climbs and dips. The gatorback and rabbit ears trails are tough short loops off the Bridges and Sand Pine trails that are also excellent rides. Quite a few of these trails have a steep straight line that goes down into a short valley when the trail climbs quickly to the opposite end and includes a roller coaster area that is awesome with some serious moments as the swoop goes into a sharp dive and quickly begins a climb. You would do well to learn a bit about the paths before heading out at full speed, since some of the curves, drops and turns will come up quicker than you expected and could throw you into the rough. A number of the trail designers came together and created a trail for the extreme rider that is named double black diamond and will be the most difficult, but also the most fun. See you there, cause it is a great place to ride and put your skills and heart to the ultimate test.

avis discount rental car Brandon

On your next visit to Brandon, Avis Rental Cars will make your visit the best.  Avis Rental Cars will help you choose the best vehicle for your trip and our friendly staff will help.  Get the BEST SAVINGS at Avis Rental Cars.  Start saving money right away by going to our web site to see the great deals.
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Tampa Intl. Apt. Avis Car Rental  
 4030 George J. Bean Pkwy. Ste 1109

Avis Car Rental St. Petersburg/Clearwater Apt.

 14700 Terminal Blvd.

Brandon Avis Rental Cars
- 686 Brandon Town Center Mall

    Medard Reservoir Medard Reservoir Brandon, Florida
    Another exciting place to visit and enjoy the lush tropical forests of Florida is the Medard Reservoir that occupies 1284 acres of magnificent woods, grassy areas, trails and the reservoir. The American Cyanamid company donated much of the park in 1969, and in 1970, it would add a dike and control structure that created the 700 acre reservoir that was made to offer some flood protection to those living along the Alafia River. It is one of the biggest regional parks in the state, welcoming half a million visitors each year, with the reservoir being the main interest. There is a marvelous boardwalk fishing pier with an observation tower across the river and offers great panoramic views. The park is a great place to ride bikes or rollerblade on a paved path, boating and paddling, with ramps and docks; as well as primitive camping sites, that include RV, tent and group sites. Each of these sites have everything you need, including electricity, fire ring, water and table, with clean restrooms, an RV dump station and showers. On the northwest part of the park, you can rent horses to ride on a one-way 3.25 mile bridle path, with water available in the equestrian staging and parking area. You must stay on the marked trails, with each rider being responsible for their horses. Fishing is great here, if you have a boat, or along the banks of the reservoir and the 730 foot pier/boardwalk that is ADA accessible, but a license is required, with permits for after hours fishing at the park office. You can hike all the trails and roads, with a great playground area and horseshoe pits as well. There are three picnic areas with grills, tables and restrooms, with covered shelters there also.

Thrifty Car Rental Brandon

  Thrifty Car Rental has been a staple in the car rental business for many years.  Thrifty customers will get the biggest selection of new quality cars to choose from and the friendliest customer service.  Thrifty Rental Car will give you the BIGGEST discounts in the nation. Thrifty Discounts

Tampa Intl. Apt. Thrifty Rental Cars - Tampa Intl. Apt.

    Florida AquariumFlorida Aquarium Tampa, Florida
    The Florida Aquarium is located near Tampa, Florida, with a big scale, 250,000 square foot aquarium, accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, that is home to over 20,000 aquatic plants and animals from around the state and across the globe. It opened in 1995 as a privately funded entity, and would become a public-private partnership after the city assumed its responsibility in 1999. The aquarium was built using borrowed money and unusual inflated projections that believed high attendance and ticket sales would pay for the debt, but after opening, its attendance was well below the projection; causing it to fall into financial debt, and caused the city to assume its assets and liabilities. It didn't attract much attention during its early years, because the aquarium had put such a high emphasis on native Florida wildlife and science, with quite a few of the visitors considering the exhibits boring, rather than interesting. Then, in 1998, Jeff Swanagan would become the CEO and turn it around, providing new exhibits that showcased fauna and flora from other parts of the world that began to bring more visitors, both new and returning, to see the new changes. Some of the new displays included dragons down under that showcased leafy sea dragons that are native to Australia, as well as a new display that showcased bats and snakes called the frights of the forest, an albino alligator and a sting ray nicknamed Roseanne Barb. The aquarium began to become solvent, and pay off it debt by 2002, with the number of visitors increasing to a high of 620,000 in 2002 and then a record crowd of 675,000 in 2007. The aquarium's displays are set up so that is represents a drop of water from one of the state's many springs out into the open waters of the gulf, with new exhibits like the big simulated wetlands display that was housed under a large glass atrium, a coral reef community that was kept in a half million gallon tank and a simulated beach.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Brandon

When you want the best deals and the most reliable vehicle, use Dollar Rent-A-Car.  You know that you will get the best deal on a new quality vehicle when you use a company that has a name like Dollar. Dollar has more locations across the nation that offer you CHEAP rates today.
Dollar Cheap Locations

Tampa Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental - 5503 W. Spruce St.
Dollar Rental Car Clearwater - 3535 Ulmerton Rd.
Dollar Rental Car St. Petersburg Beach - 5005 Gulf Blvd.

    Limona ParkLimona Park Brandon, Florida
    If you are looking for a really unique and exciting park, then the Limona Park in Brandon, Florida is the perfect place for you to visit, since it has the first disc golf course and the first public disc golf course in the county of Hillsborough, with a marvelous 9 hole, par 27 course nestled in the rolling hills and huge oak trees located in the ten acre park. You can play the course for free during the park's hours, or join a league that does charge a small fee. The park offers lessons for those interested in learning this exciting and interesting new sport, that is like throwing a frisbee, but taking a few shots or throws to get it into the cup or more like a basket. The park does have supplies there, so if you need anything for the game, it is a great place to stop by and learn more about this unique sport. It doesn't take a lot of stamina to play, but accuracy and observance will get you through the course in great style. You can learn more about this park and the sport of disc golfing, but heading on out to Limona Park and watching the "pros" work out or play the course, and talk to them since they know what is going on and always willing to help out someone new and interested in learning the game. The weather is usually great, except for the summers that can get very hot and humid, but a great way to stay in shape and do more exercising for better health and a leaner figure. It is a great way to have fun, and for those that live close by, a great way to meet new people and become more involved in what's happening in the community.

National Rental Cars Brandon

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