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Things to do in Carolina

    Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico Museum of Art of Puerto Rico San Juan, Puerto Rico
    The Museum of Art of Puerto Rico opened in 2000, to enrich the lives of the people of this country and make the knowledge, enjoyment and appreciation of the visual arts accessible to them and those that visit this island in the Caribbean. The building the museum is housed in was constructed in 1920, and designed by William H. Shimmelphening, occupying 130,000 square feet of exhibition spaces. The neoclassical building is one of the 13 buildings that had been part of the Municipal Hospital that was converted into this museum, to preserve and showcase the wonderful modern artworks of the islanders. It is the main entrance into the museum that houses 14 galleries of exhibits, the permanent collection and a representative of the marvelous art of the nation since the 17th century to the current day, with works from the permanent collection being shown and other collections that are on loan from private collectors. The east wing is a modern five story structure designed by Otto Reyes and local native, Luis Gutierrez, containing an atrium that rises three stories, a couple of galleries for temporary exhibits that have 5000 square foot in each gallery, a 400 seat theater and the conservation department. There is a computer lab, art studios and workshops, classrooms, an interactive family gallery, a gallery for the display of students artworks and a hall for the projection of multimedia that is now part of the Department of Education and research center. The splendid atrium leads to the gift shop, the garden and a restaurant; with a beautiful stained glass window called the Rising Sun by artist Eric Tabales, another local artist; letting in the morning sunlight to light up the floor. The museum has been constructed with the latest technology to control the lighting, temperature, communications and security, with a special air conditioner that adjusts the humidity levels to ensure proper preservation and conservation of the many collections and other works retained here. The garden outside the atrium contains many magnificent sculptures created by 15 of the local artisans that have been set along the trails of the garden, which contains 106,000 plants and 26 species of trees. There is a 900 gallon tank full of koi fish, three waterfalls, as well as birds and aquatic plants to complete the outstanding environment.

    Casa Escute
    Casa Escute Carolina, Puerto RicoThe Casa Escute is a small museum in Carolina, Puerto Rico, on the north end of the island, with seven excellent galleries that include the permanent exhibition of Felipe Birriel, with the finest visual and folk arts of the nation. Felipe Birriel, was known as the "giant of Carolina" and also the tallest Puerto Rican at 7 feet and 11 inches.

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    Museo de Nuestra Ra z AfricanaMuseum of African History San Juan, Puerto Rico
    The Museum of Our African Roots, Old San Juan, is situated in the House of Buttresses, which is one of the oldest structures in the old city, with nine exhibition galleries that present the chronological timeline of the slaves coming here from Africa, and the kind of life that they endured, including many aspects of their culture and history that is now an important part of the island. The old adobe building that houses the museum showcases the African role in the lifestyles and history of the island of Puerto Rico, and the significant influence that the arrival of the slaves had on the natives, from the early days of the slaves to the modern period. Part of the exhibits include African photographs, sounds, art and literature that has been interwoven into the fabric of this unique island and the people that call it home. The museum was created to encourage the people of this Caribbean island to better understand their how their cultural and historical venues have been changed and influenced by the injection of slaves into their nation. Showcased on two floors of exhibits, there are many documents that pertain to the slave trade, words that were integrated into the Puerto Rican language from the Africans that arrived here, African masks, crafts, artworks and African musical instruments. One of the most significant displays shows how the slaves were brought here by ship and the hardships and experiences that they endured during their horrific voyage, and the land and people that were already here to greet them into their history, culture and art.

    Atlas Art
    Atlas Art San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Atlas Art is situated on the Calle Cristo, and has become one of the finest art galleries in the old city with a marvelous and large selection of outstanding artworks that span period painting to modern art, with both international and local artists recognized and showcased. Since the gallery has such a large range of variety, it has become the well known and popular art gallery that it is today.

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Local Restaurants in Carolina

    Soleil Beach Club
    Entrees; stuffed seafood mofongo in Creole sauce with shrimp, conch, octopus or crab; deed fried whole red snapper marinated in Caribbean spices in sweet garlic sauce with plantain tostones; pan roasted mahi mahi fillet in a caper & white wine sauce with cassava mofongo; crab stew Puertorican style in cassava mofongo; tiger shrimp in barrilito rum mojito & roasted garlic & mashed plantains; fresh halibut fillet in oriental beurre blanc sauce with cassava mofongo; grilled surf & turf is grilled shrimp, cuttle fish, baby octopus, mahi mahi fillet with USDA choice skirt steak & Spanish chorizo; whole Caribbean spiny lobster in beurre blanc sauce with sautéed potatoes & seasonal veggies; angus burger with cheddar cheese, romaine lettuce & tomatoes with FF; Puerto Rican style chops served with white rice, beans & green salad; grilled chicken breast in garlic sauce served with white rice & pink beans; grilled USDA choice skirt steak 12oz. with chimichurri sauce, potato gratin & veggies; chicken mofongo with Creole sauce; skirt steak mofongo with chimichurri sauce.

    Ruth's Chris Steak House
    Entrees; BBQ shrimp is sautéed New Orleans style in reduced white wine, butter, garlic & spices on bed of garlic mashed potatoes; petite filet & shrimp is 2-4oz. medallions of filet with jumbo shrimp; lamb chops is 3 chops extra thick, with fresh mint; stuffed chicken breast is oven roasted range free double chicken breast stuffed with garlic herb cheese & served with lemon butter; fresh whole Maine lobster from 2.5 to 5 lbs.; market fresh seafood selection; cold water lobster tail with blackening spice & topped with lemon & drizzled butter; personalized potato & vegetable selection; filets are corn-fed Midwestern beef; petite filet is smaller; ribeye is USDA prime; cowboy ribeye is large bone-in version of USDA prime cut; NY strip is USDA prime; porterhouse for two is USDA prime cut; t-bone is prime cut.

Seafood Mofongo Soleil Beach Club Carolina, Puerto Rico


Crab Stew Puerto Rican style Soleil Beach Club Carolina, Puerto Rico

BBQ Shrimp Ruth's Chris Steak House Carolina, Puerto Rico

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    Casa Rosada Casa Rosada San Juan, Puerto Rico
    The Casa Rosa or Casa Rosada is very well known here as the pink house, located in old San Juan, Puerto Rico, constructed in 1812 as a barracks for the troops that had been sent to the San Agustin Bastion. In 1881, the Spanish army would convert it into officers quarters in 1851, to house the officers that were sent here and then later, converted to a museum for Puerto Rican crafts. It is now a children's day care center for the employees children that work for the government of Puerto Rico. The house has become quite popular with the photographers that visit the island or come here to take marvelous pictures of the unique architecture and striking pink color. When dusk begins to fall, the beautiful tones of the color become even more striking and bring out the best in the color and architecture. It isn't open for tours, but when folks visit here and ask politely, they usually are allowed to be escorted around the old structure, learning more about its wonderful history and the people that used over the years.

    Ballaja Barracks
    Ballaja Barracks San Juan, Puerto RicoBallaja Barracks in San Juan, Puerto Rico was constructed in 1854 to 1864, to be used for the Spanish troops that would establish the island for themselves and their families. To construct the barracks, six blocks of the Ballaja ward were taken from the Dominican Order of Monks and taken down in 1853. This three story monstrosity was finished in 1864, taking up more than 7700 square meters and can house up to 1000 people, that were originally the Spanish troops and their families. The large interior patio is considered to be one of the finest examples of 19th century Spanish architecture. The buildings also contained mess halls, horse stables, storage rooms, dungeons and kitchens. The barracks would be used quite a bit during the Spanish-American War, and on May 12, 1898, the Americans can and bombed the city, with the fleet being led by Admiral William T. Sampson, and that bombardment would severely damage the northeast corner of the barracks, which would eventually be repaired. When the war was over, and the nation changed hands from the Spanish to the Americans, the barracks became the quarters for the US infantry until 1939. When WWII began, the barracks would become a military hospital, using the name Army General Hospital of Fort Brooke, and then in August, 1944, the War Department issued General Order #71 that officially changed the name of the hospital to Rodriguez Genera Hospital, in honor of Major Fernando E. Rodriguez Vargas. In 1976, the government of Puerto Rico would gain control of it by a transfer from the government of the US, after committing to restore it, with the intent of making it a center for education, cultural or tourist purposes. During 1986, a reformation plan was put into effect for the San Juan Historic district that included the structure getting restored from 1990 to 1993. The barracks contain numerous cultural and educational organizations, that includes the Museo de Las Americas on the second floor since they opened in 1992. The first floor houses a library, music and dance schools as well as other businesses; while the museum contains three permanent collections that include; popular arts in America, the Indian in America and African heritage.

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    Casa del LibroCasa del Libro San Juan, Puerto Rico
    La Casa del Libro was created by Elmer Adler, an American that was born in Rochester, New York in 1884 and died in Puerto Rico in 1962, but in between Elmer would create the magnificent library book by book, who would become the library's first director. Elmer would choose books that delivered a spiritual insight into life, as well as those that were beautifully bound, spending the final years of his life doing this beloved task. Elmer was also a publisher, museum manager, collector and teacher, as he continuously explored for books that fit into his library, as well as learning about the history of each particular book. He started Pynson Printers in 1922, making sure that only the finest quality of books would be reprinted or printed, and becoming the most expensive printing house in Puerto Rico, although not ever making any profits. He would later help build the Random House printing company along with Cerff Bennett and Donald Klopfer, as well as producing several books for the company, like the Voltaire's Candide, that was beautifully illustrated by Rockwell Kent. Elmer would publish the Colophon and during the period between 1940 and 1952, he started a center for study and the appreciation of graphic arts at Princeton University. He would create outstanding exhibitions and seminars using the principles he developed at Pynson Printers, with college students, the community and teachers thoroughly enjoying it all. When he retired from Princeton, Elmer accepted an offer from Teodoro Moscoro to come and improve and enhance the quality of printing, design and illustration of books at the island's new La Casa del Libro, bringing a taste for quality under any circumstance. He was still working on the changes when he passed, but he left a legacy that is still used and followed today at the marvelous museum. The museum would be founded by a group of citizens that started the Friends of Calle del Cristo 255, Inc. in 1955 to create a special library of the finest designed books and the production of books down through the centuries, from manuscripts to incunabula to the finest and most important forms in the world, with the collection encompassing the history of books, along with various kinds of books to be displayed at the museum. Some of the featured works include two cards signed by the Catholic monarchs in 1493, and considered to be the oldest extant documents in the world and in Latin that are related to the second voyage of Columbus. There are more than 300 volumes that were printed in the 15th century, and included in this excellent collection is a copy of the first edition of the sermons given by Pope Leo I, printed in 1470 by Sweynheim and Panartz or the Historia Naturlis of Pliny printed in 1472 with magnificent Roman type. There are many more outstanding copies of books, manuscripts and works on paper that must be seen to be really appreciated and one more reason to visit the island of Puerto Rico real soon.

    Casa de los Contrafuertes
    La Casa de los Contrafuertes San Juan, Puerto RicoThe La Casa de los Contrafuertes is also located in the House of Buttresses in Old San Juan and is a pharmacy museum that dates back to the 18th century, situated in a historical Spanish style structure called the Calle de San Sebastian that was constructed in that particular style and influenced by the architecture of that day. The house is also one of the oldest in the district and is visited by many just to enjoy the marvelous style. When entering the museum, the visitor is greeted by a traditional apothecary shop that has been rebuilt to represent the way they looked in those days, during the 18th century city. Every effort has been made to recreate the look and feel of an authentic apothecary, with bottles and scales shown just as they would have been two centuries or more ago. The museum is located next to the African history museum and will keep you busy for many enjoyable hours as you peruse the plethora of old bottles and chemical used to mix the concoctions of the day.

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    Catedral de San JuanCathedral of San Juan, Puerto Rico
    The Cathedral of San Juan Bautista in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico is a Roman Catholic cathedral that is one of the oldest structures in the city and the second oldest in the Western Hemisphere. Its construction started in 1521 and holds the tomb of the Spanish explorer and settlement founder, Juan Ponce de Leon, who was the first governor of the island and constantly looking for the Fountain of Youth. The artifacts of Carlos Manuel Rodriguez Santiago, the first Puerto Rican to be beatified is situated around the small cathedral, often referred to as "Beato Charlie", was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 2001, after numerous citizens had reported being cured from life-threatening diseases after addressing their prayers to the deceased lay minister. Many believe that if more miracles are found from the connection with Carlos, the Vatican will make him a saint. The cathedral was also the site of the first ordination of a bishop in North America in 1529 and is still used as a house of worship today. It is encompassed by narrow cobblestone streets, and visits need to make sure that they know where to look for the cathedral since it isn't as grand as many others, since it was built such a long time ago, before the country had much money or wealth. In fact, the most striking feature of the cathedral is the simplicity of it, which is what a church, cathedral or even basilica should look like since our Lord preferred the simpler and poor things of this world to personify Him; using the large amounts of money that are given in tithes for the poor, hungry and homeless.

    Centro Nacional De Artes Populares y Artesanias
    National Center of Arts and Crafts San Juan, Puerto RicoThe Centro Nacional de Artes Populares y Artesanias is situated on Calle Cristo and the arts and crafts center houses the creations of many artisans in the city and region, offering their marvelous artworks for souvenirs and gifts for friends or family members. There are many handmade creations like paintings, hand-woven items and leather work, with many stalls and artisans that are quite ready to bargain with you and much cheaper than some of the other galleries and shops that offer artworks to the tourists that come here.  The area is filled with colors from the rainbow, in every kind of shape and size offered, with friendly salespeople enjoying the easy banter that continues all day long between visitors and vendors, all trying to get your attention and money, although if you enjoy bargaining with people you can probably get some of the best deal on the island right here, for whatever items you might want to buy.

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    La FortalezaLa Fortaleza San Juan, Puerto Rico
    La Fortaleza or the Fortress in English, is the formal and official residence of the governor of Puerto Rico, constructed between 1533 and 1540 to defend the harbor from any attacking ships; and has been known as the Palacio de Santa Catalina, the oldest executive mansion in the New World. In 1983, it would be listed by UNESCO as the La Fortaleza and San Juan National Historic Site, part of the World Heritage Site. The fortress would need reconstruction in 1640, bringing the chapel of Santa Catalina from outside its walls to become integrated into the walls of the structure, and thus create the name of Santa Catalina's Palace. This would be the first defensive fort for the city and the first of a series of military buildings that were constructed to protect the city; and included the Fort San Felipe del Morro and Fort San Cristobal. The construction would be authorized by Charles V as a defense against attacks from the Europeans that shipped around these waters, as well as Carib Indians. In the beginning, there were just four walls surrounding an interior patio with circular tower called the Homage Tower, and from the top, the governor would accept oaths of fidelity at significant periods to the Queen and King of Spain, as ordered in military tradition. Some years later, another tower, called Austral, would be built. Beginning in the 16th century, the fort would become the home of the island's governor, thus causing it to be the oldest continuously used executive mansion in the Americas. In 1822, the tradition would be made official, and in 1846, the fort would get a huge reconstruction to change its military appearance to that of a palatial facade. The fort has been the home for more than 170 governors of Puerto Rico, hosting many famous dignitaries that included; President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline Kennedy that came and stayed in the fort in 1961. Other famous personages include Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, King Juan Carlos and his wife, Queen Sofia of Spain that have visited and stayed overnight. The fort has been captured twice in its outstanding history; in 1598 by George Clifford, Earl of Cumberland attacked San Juan and in 1625 by General Boudewijin Hendrick of the Netherlands, who invaded the city and took control of the fort; and when they would retreat from the island, they would set the fort and city ablaze. There is a legend about the old longcase clock inside that goes as the US was getting ready to invade the island in 1898, the last Spanish governor of the island, Ricardo de Ortega, would take his sword and strike the clock, which stopped it and marked the exact time that the Spanish lost their control of the island.

    El Morro
    El Morro San Juan, Puerto RicoFort San Felipe del Morro, or Morro Castle is the 16th century citadel that sits right on the edge of the island by San Juan, Puerto Rico constructed in 1539 under authorization from King Charles V of Spain, but named in honor of King Phillip II of Spain. The fort has been referred to as el Morro or the promontory, and designed to guard the entrance to the San Juan Bay, as well as the city from any attackers coming in by sea. The site would be named a World Heritage site in 1983, in conjunction with the San Juan National Historic Site with more than 2 million visitors a year coming here to explore and wander around the old ruins. Facing that fort, on the opposite side of the bay, was a smaller fort called El Canuelo that would complement it and make for a perfect cross fire on any ships trying to enter the harbor without permission. The fort had been constructed in phases, with the first being finished in 1589, and makes up about ten percent of the overall site of the fort. In 1587, engineers Juan Bautista Antonelli and Juan de Tejada designed the overall appearance of the castle following the well established Spanish military guidelines; which can be seen at other forts located throughout the Caribbean, like Cuba, Panama City, Santo Domingo, Acapulco, Veracruz and the Dominican Republic, as well as many others. Quite a few complex structures would be added to el Morro during the four centuries that followed, with the outer walls being six meters in width. Governor Enrique Enriquez de Sotomayor started the wall construction in 1680, and it took them 48 years to complete. As the late 18th century rolled around, the walls had grown to become 18 feet thick, and today, the fort rises six levels from the sea to a height of 145 feet. All along the walls, you will notice the dome covered sentry boxes called garitas that have grown into a cultural symbol of the nation. In 1843, the El Morro or Port San Juan Light was constructed on top of the fort, and then, in 1908, it would be replaced by a US military lighthouse that is still there to this day. The entire fort occupies more than 70 acres, and that includes the exterior opening killing grounds that are called, esplanade and glacis, and these would be dominated by the cannons in the 17th and 18th centuries. While the Spanish owned the island, there would be numerous attacks from foreign powers during various years. In 1595, Sir Francis Drake, from England, attacked the island with his fleet, but he was repulsed. The Spanish gunners would fire a cannon ball through his cabin so that as he fled, he would remember that day. The English tried again in 1598, under the leadership of George Clifford, 3rd Earl of Cumberland, who succeeded since he came into the city by land, but very soon he would leave in a rush as an epidemic of dysentery flowed through the island. Boudewijin Hendricksz would attack afterwards, using Clifford's plan of attack going through the land, although the cannons from the fort would cause them to depart fairly soon. But not before setting the fort and city on fire before leaving. The last active fight for the island and city was during the Spanish-American War of 1898, when the US Navy came in and bombarded the city.

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