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Things to do in Chattanooga

    Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park Tennessee
    The Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park is situated in northern Georgia and eastern Tennessee, and it was created to preserve the sites of two major battles of the Civil War; the Chattanooga Campaign and the Battle of Chickamauga. During the decade of 1890, the Congress would authorize the start of the initial four national military parks; Vicksburg, Shiloh, Gettysburg and Chickamauga and Chattanooga; with the first and biggest park, at 5200 acres, and the precedent that would begin and encourage the development of the majority of later other national military and historical parks would be based was authorized in 1890 at Chickamauga, Georgia and Chattanooga, Tennessee. The new park would become the scene of a major military training camp for troops in the southern states when the Spanish-American War broke out, and it would temporarily be renamed Camp George H. Thomas in honor of the union commander during the battle that was fought here in the Civil War. The park's close proximity to the large rail head in Chattanooga and the huge tracks of land surrounding it would become the perfect and most logical place for the new camp, as troops were made ready for service in Cuba and other points south. The park is divided into four major areas and some, smaller camps around Chattanooga; Moccasin Bend, Chickamauga Battlefield, Lookout Mountain and Point Park and Missionary Ridge. The park would be listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1966, as were the majority of other historical areas that were then administered by the National Park Service. The site would be the battlefield that would become the final major victory by the Confederacy that took place in 1863, as both armies fought for control of Chattanooga, which was at the time called the "Gateway to the Deep South". The first battle would be a victory for the south, which happened in September, but later on, in November of the same year, the north would become victorious and gain control of the city and region. The site has many monuments, wayside displays, trails and historical tablets, which contain a seven mile auto tour that will show you all the pertinent sites and places where the hardest fought battles would take place. You can also take advantage of the Dial and Discover cell phone tour that will positively enhance your experience; and a wonderful visitor's center that houses many exhibits, a bookstore, orientation film and fiber optic battlefield map. Another excellent display located there is the Claud E. and Zenada O. Fuller Collection of American military shoulder arms.

    Tennessee Aquarium
    Tennessee Aquarium Chattanooga, Tennessee potbelly seahorsesThe Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, Tennessee contains the biggest freshwater aquarium in the world at it's River Journey building and between it and the Ocean Journey building the aquarium houses over 12,000 animals that include butterflies, penguins, reptiles, fish, invertebrates, birds, amphibians and more species. The original theme of the River Journey had a rain drop begin its long journey falling high into the Appalachian Mountains flowing into the Gulf of Mexico, with almost two-thirds of the park based on that, with the remainder being dedicated to small aquatic displays that contains organisms from across the globe. The park has a wonderful self-guided tour that brings you through three forested areas that are filled with the various lifeforms that thrive below and above the waters. While doing this, you will undoubtedly see many thousands of animals that include; snapping turtles, stingrays, free-flying song birds, river otters, vibrant reef fish, moray eels and sandbar and sand tiger sharks. The latest attraction to be installed in the marvelous aquarium was the Ocean Journey, which follows a natural course, includes many more hands-on opportunities like the ray touch tank and the big shark tank, the magnificent butterfly garden and the big macaws. Another favorite is the Boneless Beauties gallery that house invertebrates like huge Pacific octopuses, Japanese spider crabs, cuttlefish and jellyfish. In 2007, the new 16,000 gallon penguin enclosure was opened with ten gentoo penguins and ten macaroni penguins. The aquarium also houses an IMAX theater that shows 3D films along with many other documentaries, the River Gorge Explorer which is a riverboat cruise and area discount tickets if you are interested in other attractions in the city. The many exhibits include the Cove Forest, Rivers of the World, Delta Swamp, Nickajack Lake, tropical cove, penguins' rock and the Secret reef.

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    Raccoon Mountain CavernsRaccoon Mountain Caverns Chattanooga, Tennessee
    The Raccoon Mountains caverns were opened in 1929 by Leo Lambert, working for the Grand Hotel that owned the land where the marvelous caverns were discovered on the farm land that had been used by the hotel's restaurant for fresh foods. Those farmers would find rest and relaxation much cooler in front of the numerous cracks in the rock that came from inside the cooler caves, and decided to call in an experienced cave explorer, in this case, Leo. He was invited to discover the unique source of the cooler airflow that filtered through the cracks in the rocky landscapes; and since he knew that for that to be possible, there had to be a bigger source or cavern behind the rock which was made of limestone. So, Leo began to make the cracks larger, until he uncovered many hundred feet of well decorated cave passages that flowed along the cave that was close to US Hwy. 41. Leo worked on putting electricity inside the caverns and opened it to the public as the "Tennessee Caverns" in June of 1931. Over the decades, the caverns have become one of the most popular attractions in the state and is one of the two caves that exist in the Chattanooga/Hamilton county area that had been opened to the public. Raccoon Mountain caves offers the magnificent Wild Caves tours, that went into the undiscovered and unlighted parts of the cave, which are quite popular with the Boy Scouts and other groups that enjoy the beautiful surroundings and sights that belong to the region. Other activities include panning for gem stones, enjoy the wonderful camping experiences around there and go-kart rides. The caverns has been ranked as one of the top ten in the nation, and open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas. The underground system contains more than 5.5 miles of mapped trails with new discoveries being uncovered yearly, where you can partake of the 45 minute come-as-you-are self guided walking tour called the Crystal Palace tour or one of the numerous wild cave tours. The park area is one of the closest campgrounds in the city, Signal Mountain, the many new bike trails at TVA Raccoon Mountain or Lookout Mountain.

    Rock City
    Rock City Chattanooga, Tennessee
    Rock City is by Chattanooga, Tennessee, on Lookout Mountain near Ruby Falls and very well known for the huge number of barns that were painted throughout the southeast and Midwest, with the slogan, "See Rock City" that was painted on their roofs and sides; totaling over 900 in nineteen states, by Clark Byers for Rock City. Another publicity claim is that at Lover's Leap, one of the most famous points in Rock City, you can see seven states. The attraction began having bird shows in 2006, that included birds of prey and part of the price of admission. During the fall season, the city makes a marvelous maze in their corn fields that are located in the valley below the gardens, and another sight that can be seen from Lover's Leap. Here you can also visualize the amazing designs and images the were cut out for the maze, where you can find your way out answering various questions of trivia that are posted inside the maze. There are hay rides and a number of seasonal activities located at the site, that has been named "The Enchanted MAIZE". In November, and going through the month of December, the city celebrates the season as it lights the entire park with millions of Christmas lights and exhibits and it is named "the Enchanted Garden of Lights". The history of the area indicates that early Native Americans had been inhabiting Lookout Mountain for a while, and during 1823, two missionaries, William Chamberlain and Daniel S. Butrick arrived in the area to minister to the natives. Daniel would make a journal entry in August of 1823, where he described a "citadel of rocks" on the crest of the mountain and made known the huge boulders that were located there. He would write that the boulders had been arranged in such a way as to hint of streets and roads that had been located there. When the Civil War began, more folks were coming to the area, and began calling the mass of rocks, Rock City; and during the battle that would be located there, a Yankee and Confederate would make the claim that they could see seven states from its height. Both of the claims are independent of each other, since they were written in different journals held by the two men. During the late 19th century, the area had become well known to both geologists and hikers, but it wouldn't be until the 20th century that its fame would become more national rather than regional in scope. Garnet Carter wanted to start a residential neighborhood on the summit, and would be called Fairyland because his wife was enthralled with European folklore. One of the main features of the neighborhood would be a golf course, until Garnet decided to build a miniature golf course since the original would just take too much time to construct, especially on top of a mountain. Garnet would later franchise his mini golf course as the Tom Thumb Golf, which is now known as the country's first mini-golf course system. Fairyland encompassed some 700 acres, as well as Rock City, with Freida Carter deciding she was going to make it one huge rock garden, using string to mark a trail that would wind its trail around the huge rock formations and ending it at Lover's Leap. She began planting wildflowers and other species of plants along the trails, even going so far as to import gnome statues and other various famous fairytale figures, to be installed along the trails. In 1932, they would make Rock City a public attraction which, today, thanks to Frieda, has a long, convoluted rock trail filled with gardens which host hundreds of labeled native plants and trees. The wonderful trail meanders through some of the most interesting rock formations in the region, including a 1000 ton balanced rock and the Fat Man's squeeze; with Mother Goose Village and the Fairyland Caverns, both caves, getting decorated with black light responsive sculptures. One legend has a Native American Indian loving a woman from one of his rival tribes, who was thrown from the lookout when his love had been discovered, with a magnificent view of the High Falls of Lookout Mountain being quite close to Lover's Leap.

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Local Restaurants in Chattanooga

    St. John's Restaurant
    Entrees; Colorado leg of lamb is braised lamb shank, Wildwood Farm's cauliflower puree, William's Island Farm's Swiss chard & truffle jus; dayboat gulf red snapper with spinach, lemon, golden raisins, capers & brown butter; Hawaiian walu with Brussels sprouts, leeks, fingerling potatoes & reduced apple cider; Broken Arrow Ranch axis venison with Nueske's smoked bacon, beluga lentils & acorn squash; Strube Ranch Kobe beef zabuton steak with Yukon golden potato-black truffle risotto, Napa cabbage & red onion marmalade; Ashley Farms free range chicken with farro, palacio's chorizo & Bob Jones' baby watercress; roasted beef filet with haricot verts, hedgehog mushrooms, potato puree & cognac; tasting of Mangalitsa pork loin, cheek & sausage roasted pepper risotto & smoked onion relish.

    Table 2
    Entrees; fish of the day with autumn veggie slaw, confit shiitake mushrooms, braised greens, citrus vanilla vinaigrette; fire kissed chicken with fingerling potatoes, glazed autumn veggies, house bacon, golden beet puree, gremolata, white truffle oil; Hudson Valley duck breast with roasted potatoes, grilled onions, apples, marinated beef & fennel salad, melted onion marmalade; Blackened diver scallops with country ham, cannellini beans, cabbage, butternut squash, smoked paprika rouille; Table 2 shrimp & grits with creamy polenta, pancetta, mixed sweet peppers, San Marzano tomatoes, basil, roasted garlic; Walden Peak Farm mushroom risotto; with Grana padano, arugula, truffle carpaccio; 6oz. filet mignon with potato pancake, broccolini, demi-glace; 16oz. Painted Hills ribeye with potato pancake, broccolini, demi-glace.


Colorado Leg of Lamb St. John's Restaurant Chattanooga, Tennessee


 Hudson Valley Duck Breast Table 2 Chattanooga, Tennessee


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    Creative Discovery Museum Creative Discovery Museum Chattanooga, Tennessee
    The Creative Discovery Museum in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee is a marvelous children's museum that houses outstanding collections of music, art and science fields, as well as a water-themed area called RiverPlay, a rooftop display, another for the temporary exhibits and the inventor's workshop; opening in 1995. The museum provides many multiple programs that include lock-ins, tours, lessons and birthday parties, with daily activities available in the venues of art, music and science, and storytime. There are tours for bigger groups, that include school field trips, birthday parties, and lock-ins that offer free time to explore and play with some time offered in the gift shop, dinner, snacks and lessons for every day. There are numerous locations to enjoy playing and learning, set in a two-story tall display, with a riverboat area for the toddlers, while there is a bigger area for the bigger children; allowing them to climb to the summit of the exhibit, then over a swinging bridge and out onto a lookout platform, where you will then slide through a twisting tunnel that spirals down. Another exhibit includes a water table that helps the children learn how to create lockes and dams, as well as informing them how it all works to our benefit. In the field science exhibit, the children can discover more about fossils as they are encouraged to dig and discover and gain valuable knowledge about dinosaurs.

    Walnut Street Bridge
    Walnut Street Bridge Chattanooga, TennesseeThe Walnut Street truss bridge in Chattanooga, Tennessee spans the Tennessee River, constructed in 1890, to become the first bridge to connect the city's downtown area with the North Shore, with Edwin Thatcher being the chief engineer. It's superstructure would be built by the Smith Bridge company of Toledo, Ohio that had become a well known and expert bridge builder. The substructure would be manufactured by Neeley, Smith and Company of Chattanooga, with the majority of parts used for the immense bridge made by Manly Jail Works of Dalton, Georgia and then shipped to the region using the railroad. The bridge is quite historically important since it is so long and old, being one of the finest examples of its type, and according to the American Engineering Record was the first non-military highway bridge across the river. The county bridge would connect the mainly white city of the south side with the black work force that was living on the south side in Hill City, one of the towns that would be subsumed into the city of Chattanooga in 1912. Two black men would be hung from the bridge during its history, and included Alfred Blount in 1893 that was hung from the first span for supposedly attacking a white woman, and then in 1906, Ed Johnson would be hung from the second span also for supposedly attacking a white woman; with Johnson's case going all the way to the Supreme Court. It would be closed to vehicles in 1978, sitting idle for many years and disrepair until modern repairs and structural changes made to transform it into a pedestrian bridge, that is now one of the longest in the world, in the midst of a huge urban renewal project. It is thoroughly enjoyed and cared for by the locals, as well as visiting tourists, also coming here to enjoy the expansive bridge and its marvelous views while walking across.

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    Ruby FallsRuby Falls Chattanooga, Tennessee
    Ruby Falls is located inside Lookout Mountain by Rock City and Chattanooga, Tennessee, an underground 145 foot magnificent waterfall inside a marvelous cave that was formed when the mountain itself was formed, which is somewhere between 200 and 240 million years ago. The cave is mostly formed from limestone, horizontally, as when it was deposited below the water level, some hundreds of millions of years ago, creating the Lookout Mountain caverns and the Ruby Falls Cave. This beautiful cave contains most of the famous formations found inside a cave, with many stalactites and stalagmites, flowstone, drapery and columns, with the falls found at the end of the main passage of the cave, in a huge vertical shaft. The stream, which flows over a 1000 feet below the surface, is fed by rainwater and natural springs, collecting into a pool at the cave's floor and continues flowing through the mountain until it joins the Tennessee River that is located at the bottom of the mountain. The falls cave has been included with Lookout Mountain's cave to form the Lookout Mountain Caverns, although the two caverns aren't directly connected by any kind of passage, since Ruby Falls is located above the two caves housing a big number of geological formations and curiosities that Lookout Mountain doesn't have. The falls cave, quite unique from the Lookout Mountain cave, had no visible or natural openings, which helped it stay hidden until the 2oth century, so that there aren't any of the usual relics that can and have been discovered in other caves of the southeastern United States. The natural entrance into Lookout Mountain would be closed while a railroad tunnel was built, in 1905, and then in the 1920s, a chemist and cave explorer, Leo Lambert believed that he could re-open the cave as a tourist destination and formed a company to try this. He believed that if he could create an opening up the mountain, away from the natural one, that he would be able to move the visitors down into the cave using an elevator, so to do that, his company bought the land located on the side of the famous mountain, which was located above Lookout cave and in 1928, started drilling through the limestone. As they continued, a small passage would be discovered about 18 inches high and four feet wide, which was just enough for a man to crawl through, so Leo went through the opening and discovered the hidden Ruby Falls cave and it gorgeous waterfalls. Leo made another trip to the falls and brought his wife, Ruby, telling her that he would name the falls after her, which explains how the falls and cave came to be named thus. By 1954, the pathway that surrounded the basin or pool at the foot of the falls, would be cut away further to allow the visiting tourists to have a better view of the falls. The tours began, but with the stipulation to not drink the falls water, which was clear, clean and safe to drink, however since it flows through the rocks, it absorbs large concentrations of magnesium, which is one of the most natural laxatives known to man. The second exit from the falls cave would be cut out in 1975, which would be following the new guidelines for caves in the state that had just been regulated.

    Chattanooga Zoo
    Chattanooga Zoo Chattanooga, TennesseeThe Chattanooga Zoo is situated in the Warner Park area of downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee on thirteen acres opening in 1937 and accredited by the AZA. The most significant display in the zoo is the Himalayan Passage that contains the red pandas, which is considered the biggest indoor red panda exhibit in the world; even though the zoo is one of the smallest zoos accredited by the AZA. This exhibit would be enlarged in 2006, to house habitats for the Hanuman langurs and snow leopards. The Gombe Forest is an indoor/outdoor display that houses the zoo's five chimpanzees, including the most famous resident of the zoo, Hank the chimp. You can really get a great view of the chimps in the Donovan Interpretive center, as well as sightings of other excellent zoo residents. The animals that originated in the Latin American region is located in the Corcovado Jungle, housing spider monkeys, macaws, capybaras, jaguars and others. Its native North American animals live in the Walkin the Tracks exhibit, and the Cougar Express is a small train that meanders through the cougar habitat, where the zoo's two cougars live and thrive; as well as prairie dogs, whitetail deer and others. It has recently begun a five phase, $12 million master plan that is going to convert the zoo into a premier zoological center, with the last ten years having the zoo grow from only 1.5 acres to today's size of 13 acres, with more implementation of new displays and enlargement of the animal collection to include African Komodo dragons, penguins and gibbons, with more species being added to the Asian, South American and North American regions. Besides the new exhibits, the new entrance has opened with bigger parking lots, restrooms, endangered species carousel, gift shop and concessions pavilion. The zoo has become quite involved in the conservation program, especially the AZA's Species Survival Plan that oversees the conservation, breeding and welfare of endangered types of animals that are part of the entire North American facilities that have been accredited by the AZA.

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    Tennessee Valley RailroadTennessee Valley Railroad Chattanooga, Tennessee
    The Tennessee Valley Railroad museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee was originally started as part of the National Railway Historical Society in 1960 by Robert M. Soule Jr. and Paul H. Merriman, as well as a group of other local railway preservationists that became very concerned about preserving steam locomotives and the railroad equipment that had been collected thus far for future generations. The museum would be incorporated in 1961 and initially stored its equipment collection at the Western Union pole yard that was situated adjacent to the Southern Railway classification yard in East Chattanooga. Once the passenger service was halted in 1971, numerous cars and locomotives would be stored at the old facility in downtown, and in 1969, the museum would get a land donation from the Southern Railway that housed a property in East Chattanooga, on North Chamberlain Avenue. That donation also included a splendid 986 foot long Whiteside tunnel and some mile and a half of abandoned right-of-way. The museum would open a new permanent building in East Chattanooga to the public in 1970, but it didn't house any equipment then, but volunteers had built a rail yard for the storage and repair of the future equipment that they knew would be forthcoming, as well as constructing the abandoned line to go through the tunnel. With that done, the museum would be able to make a few dollars more, by running a small heritage railroad on the reconstructed tracks and tunnel, as well as more funds being added to its coffers by offering mainline excursions biannually through the Southern Railway's Steam Program. The birth of the steam program started in 1964, when Merriman would buy a former Southern steam locomotive named Number 4501, which it would get from the K & T Railroad in Stearns, Kentucky.  It has become the official railroad museum of the state, broadening its horizons and excursions over the years, purchasing more equipment and acquiring more tracks that allow it to expand its excursion schedules. It also handles some freight now and continues to grow more popular as it expands its collections and equipment.

    Hanover Gallery
    Hanover Gallery Chattanooga, TennesseeHanover Gallery in Chattanooga, Tennessee is a magnificent art gallery that specializes in local and regional artworks from those artists living and working in the area as a venue for their original creations, which is great for those of you that are always looking for a new boutique to discover delightful and marvelous artworks that have been created by our peers, to include paintings, jewelry, pottery, decorative arts and more. Melissa May Peirano and her husband, David, own and operate the outstanding boutique that offers authentically created crafts of art, as well as lovely works of art that are sold to the public so that the gallery can continue to operate as a venue for local and regional artists that seems to have become the perfect thing to do for artists and artisans around the nation. These talented people have had hard times in the past to find a venue that will sell their works so that they can live, continue to work and expand in their fields of choice. It is a win-win situation for the public, who is able to visit galleries like this and peruse the works to see if one might touch their hearts or minds and fit into their busy lifestyles. There are a number of artists that offer their wares to the gallery for sale, and is one place where you might discover a hidden talent that you have. Some of the talented artists listed there include; Moni Hill, Jeanie Stephenson, Georgia Nagle, Sandy Erickson Wright, Susan Doubleday, Lauren Ossolinski, Melissia Payne Baker, Trevor Mikula, Kim Barrick, Ed and Kate Coleman, Lisa Staggs and Millie Gosch.

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    Cravens HouseCravens House Chattanooga, Tennessee
    The Cravens House in Chattanooga, Tennessee, was originally constructed by Robert Cravens in 1854, one of the leading industrialists in the city, after buying a thousand acres of land on the side of Lookout Mountain, planting orchards and constructed a number of log cabins that would become summer retreats for various members of his family. Within two years, they would become the first family to built a permanent structure on the mountain, with the white L shaped house containing six rooms on the same floor, becoming well known and seen as a landmark upon the mountain. Confederate troops would occupy the mountains after the Battle of Chickamauga, that was fought in September, in 1863, as well as Missionary Ridge and the valley that sat between, thus keeping the Union army locked inside of what was the city of Chattanooga, with the Confederates coming onto Cravens land to build extra defenses, and thus made the white house an excellent target for the Union cannons that had been installed on Moccasin Bend. The house itself would be struck some six times, but the family was still able to stay there until mid-November, when General Joseph Hooker and his Union soldiers would attack the mountain. The Confederate troops would make a valiant stand at the house, but had to retreat during the afternoon, and once the area was in the hands of the Union troops, Craven's house would become the command post for General W. C. Whitaker and his staff. After the war was over, the family returned to their beloved home and found just the stone basement and the dairy house still standing, so Robert began rebuilding his house, staying there until he passed in 1886. The National Park Service takes care of the house as a part of its Lookout Mountain battlefield park and it is a significant addition to the history and legends of the area.

    The Houston Museum of Decorative Arts
    The Houston Museum of Decorative Arts Chattanooga, TennesseeThere is more to the Houston Museum of Decorative Arts in Chattanooga, Tennessee than meets the eye, perhaps because of the numerous legends and stories that surrounded the arrival of a mysterious red-haired country girl that arrived here in 1904 and began creating one of the world's finest collections of furniture, antique glass and more. Anna Safely Houston had come to Chattanooga and become an eccentric antiques dealer that soon had become one of the local "characters", and often referred to as "Antique Annie"; until she become nationally known as a recognized authority on antique glass and devoted her life to collecting. Some fifteen years before she passed on, Annie lived in poverty in a dilapidated shack that she had constructed herself, on the outskirts of the city, deciding to save her best antiquities for the museums and refusing to sell them to buy herself food, other essentials or even medication. When this unique, misunderstood lady passed on from this lonely and misconceived society, she left all of her possessions to the people in trust, but her "museum" would never become a reality until more than a decade after her solitude and death, brought about through the determined efforts of folks that recognized the true value of the items she had collected. Anna's magnificent collections are worth many millions today, with the board not divulging any hint of the amounts of monies that is included for any kind of publication. Her marvelous collections include hundreds of antique pitchers, which is the biggest in the world now, and numerous other types of antiquities, that number in the tens of thousands are the historical legacy that she left her adopted city and the people that had made fun of her and her lifestyle. This testament to her incredible abilities as a n antique dealer is just now being understood and realized, with the discovery that many of the pieces that she had collected were very rare and beautiful; some even considered priceless. Her amazing story, that includes her "collection" of nine husbands has been told in an autobiography called "Always Paddle Your Own Canoe", which was published in 1995 and sold at the museum's gift shop. The lovely house that houses the special collections is a Victorian style house that is one of the last surviving structures of an affluent neighborhood in Chattanooga called Bluff View that was completed in 1900, that had been constructed for the Fenton Allen Gentry family. Gentry had moved to the area in 1889 and began working for the Western Union Telegraph company and lived in the house until his passing in 1925. So, it has become quite apropos that this beautiful collection should be housed in such a lovely old home, with fantastic artworks in glass from Tiffany, Steuben, Pomona, Satin, Durand, Loetz, Peach Blow, Burmese, Cranberry, Amberina and Plated amberina; with cut glass vessels and more than 600 patterns of early American pressed glass, along with Mary Gregory type glass. It is believed that Anna owned more than 15,000 glass and ceramic pitchers, which certainly made it the biggest collection of its kind in the world, and today, it is numbered in the 12,000, with more than 50 collections inside the larger one. Some of the magnificent ceramics include makers Wedgewood, Royal Worcester, Staffordshire, Doulton, Parian, Mettlach steins, Royal Doulton, Rockingham-Bennington pottery, Meissen and Chinese export porcelain, Toby jugs and humidors. It is an extraordinary collection and one worth visiting when you come to Chattanooga, and view the magnificent pieces and learn more about this eclectic woman that could have amassed such a huge and priceless collection, all the while living in the barest essentials of society, in fact, one that made constant fun of her and called her one of the city characters, much like that used to do with the "town drunks".

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