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Things to do in Columbus

    National Infantry Museum National Infantry Museum Columbus, Georgia
    The National Infantry Museum that sits in Columbus, Georgia is located just outside of Fort Benning, the home of the Infantry, and this museum honors that infantry and their immeasurable history since the very beginning of these United States. The museum officially opened in June of 2009, and is a 190,000 square foot structure that cost $107 million. The signature exhibit is called the Last 100 yards and houses scenes from the eight wars that the US infantry has fought in and has lifelike figures cast from real soldiers. The museum contains an IMAX theater and restaurant called "the Fife and Drum". The private, non-profit National Infantry Foundation was created to manage the museum, that was at one time on the base, but has closed, where it was located in the former hospital. Their website is really interesting and very apropos, a place to start your excursion to the museum and decide beforehand what collections or exhibits you want to be sure to visit or just plan on spending considerable time there. They have put up a well worn and recognized slogan by General George Patton, Jr., "wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won with men." The admission price can't be beat, it's free, although they would like any donations that you can spare in these hard and difficult times. The name is now the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center, and it was created to honor every single one of those people, both men and women, that have earned and protected our freedoms for more than 235 years now, and that really doesn't seem like a long time in the space of time, but when you mention that we have fought long and hard in the majority of those contests, you realize it is a long time and more than difficult; as we continue on with the conflict that takes our young men and women into harm's way in Afghanistan; a place almost all of us have never been nor will we, but those that serve and protect our shores and freedoms have, and probably will never want to go back. There are eight major galleries and a few smaller ones; the Last 100 Yards being the foremost, then the Fort Benning gallery that showcases some of the exciting training that takes most young boys and turns them into the best fighting infantry in the world today; the family support gallery that pays a huge debt of gratitude to the parents, children, spouses and siblings that support these young men and women and often have to make sacrifices that are more difficult than those that have left. There are six era galleries; securing our freedoms from 1607 to 1815; manifest destiny and the civil war is from 1815 to 1898; entering the international stage is from 1898 to 1920; a world power from 1920 to 1947; the cold war from 1947 to 1989 and the sole superpower from 1989 onwards. Numerous galleries have what they call immersive experiences that will engage every one of your senses as you travel back through time to the very beginning of a nation being colonized and up to the present day. As you enter the international gallery, you will actually walk through a WWI trench and look over the peak to see the terrible enemy coming at you; imagine for just a split second, what would you do? Well, the majority of the infantry with you has had the finest training in the world to help you know what to do, but it takes something deep inside a person to do what has to be done, could you? Think about it as you walk about.

    Springer Opera House
    Springer Opera House Columbus, GeorgiaThe Springer Opera House in downtown Columbus, Georgia is a historical live performance theater that opened in 1871 and called the State Theater of Georgia by Governor Jimmy Carter at its centennial anniversary. The Springer has brought in such notable performers like John Philip Sousa, Edwin Booth, Agnes de Mille and Ethel Barrymore and put on the National Register of Historic Places in 1970. It became a National Historic Landmark in 1978. The theater has held a place of high esteem in the city since it first began, with the first recorded performance in an enclosed theater in 1828. Then then until 1870, there were different sizes of stages and improvements arrived and left like the performers that visited here. In 1869, there was a meeting held in the Columbus banking office of John King to start a public hall association so that a performance hall could be started to make the city proud. Under the leadership of King and other influential men, the new association was able to raise funds by selling stock, and the name of the hall would be the person's name that owned the most stock. Within a month, almost half the necessary funds were acquired, and by May 1870, an immigrant by the name of Francis Joseph Springer, who had made riches in the grocery business said that he would have the hall constructed on his property in downtown Columbus, and would pay back every investor, over time, what they had put in so that he would be the sole owner. Springer had been a huge fan of the theater for most of his life and had actually dreamed of opening a theater in the new city. The building was started right away and went so quickly that it was projected that the new theater would be done within the same year and ahead of schedule. One of the workers had an accident that held up work for a while, and then brick and lumber was in short supply causing more delays. However, by January of 1871, the exterior was finished and the interior work started and was in the process of getting its fresco painting done. On February 10th, Springer announced that the theater would be open within two weeks and a gala inaugural benefit concert would be the first event to benefit the Trinity Episcopal Church that was located nearby. In 1900, the theater enjoyed a new expansion and rejuvenation, with well known theater designer, J. B. McElfatrick doing the redesign. A hotel and restaurant was incorporated into the theater that would bring in more revenue for Springer and it turned out to be a great success.

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    Port Columbus Civil War Naval CenterPort Columbus Civil War Naval Center Columbus, Georgia
    The National Civil War Naval Museum at Port Columbus opened in 1962, to become the only museum in this country that describes the story of the two opposing navies during the war between the states and occupies a 40,000 square foot structure. The museum contains two original Civil War military vessels, weapons, equipment and uniforms that were used by the two navies during the war and had initially opened as the James W. Woodruff Confederate Naval Museum. After it was moved to its new location, the name was changed as the scope of the museum's collections increased to include the Union's side. One of the main features of the museum is the hull of the CSS Muscogee, which is known as the CSS Jackson, a 180 foot ironclad ram that was lit with fire in the Chattahoochee River by Union forces under General James H. Wilson, and then somehow recovered from the river's bed in the 1960s. Part of the CSS Chattahoochee is also a featured exhibit as is the rowboat from the USS Hartford. The two ironclads that were used in the Turner Broadcasting Film, the Ironclads, the USS Monitor and CSS Virginia, which was called the USS Merrimack, are highlighted there as well as replicated full scale sections of three other civil war period ships are also showcased along with the hundreds of Civil War relics that can be discovered here. A marvelous battle experience theater is located in the museum that takes viewers to the midst of a Civil War battle scene and an exciting interactive Confederate ironclad simulator that allows visitors the chance to really experience the 19th century battle first hand. Presently, the museum is in the middle of building a full scale copy of the USS/CSS Water Witch, constructing it by the original plans, and the 160 foot ship will become a new landmark in the city. The masts will be 90 feet high and the huge side paddle wheels will really turn and spew out smoke from her stack. The first Water Witch had been stationed in Savannah as a blockader for the Union, but was captured in a commando type raid in 1864, and became a useful Confederate ship. The story about the Witch is quite interesting since she had served on both sides of the war and her capture by the Confederates had been led by an African American Confederate pilot, Moses Dallas, although there isn't any evidence as to whether Moses was still a slave or had been given his freedom in return for fighting for the south. The museum offers everyone a solid understanding of the realities for both naval forces and has many complementary exhibits. They have a yearly symposium, living history programs, summer camps and more special events that will enlighten you and delight you with their historic authenticity.

     Columbus Riverwalk
    Columbus Riverwalk Columbus, Georgia
    The Columbus Riverwalk is one of the most successful and biggest historical walk in the south today, connecting numerous historical venues along the marvelous Columbus River with other points of interest to the visitor and exercist that uses the walkway for running, jogging, walking and other exercises to keep in shape. It also offers an excellent ecotourism trail right along the city's river and other areas of historic and interesting venues. It is the result of outstanding forward thinking and planning that happened in 1987-1988, when the federal government wanted the city to upgrade their sewer and water systems, but instead of demolishing works and landscapes already there, the city incorporated all of these aspects into the new revitalization projects that were needed. The results have been phenomenal, with a one mile stretch the initial trial project that started in 1989 and opened on Columbus Day in 1992. That first section started at the dam and headed to the excellent convention area that was developed in the huge historic ironworks plants and gained extra popularity when the Columbus State University School of Music was relocated there. After that first mile stretch, the city has extended the walkway to the south and north for a full extent of 22 miles that began in the Lake Oliver area northwards to the Fort Benning base in the south. Some of the magnificent features along this trek are the Battle of Columbus historical site, the Coca-Cola Space Science Center, Heritage Park, Heritage Corner, the Columbus Historic district, the National Civil War Naval Museum, the Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center, the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center and other favorite spots that will fill you days and vacation with much excitement and enjoyment for the entire family. An added feature is the bridge that takes you across the Chattahoochee River to the Alabama town of Phenix City, where you can gain a better panoramic view of the city from that side, which is also part of their citywalk region.

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Local Restaurants in Columbus

    Buckhead Bar & Grill
    Appetizers; lump crab lobster Rangoon is premium lump crab, lobster morsels, cream cheese & herbs, wrapped in fried wonton chips served with sweet Thai chili sauce; copy cat cheese dip is premium lump crab, roasted bell pepper, savoy spinach & artichoke hearts; fried fresh calamari is flash fried fresh calamari with sweet Thai chili sauce; sesame seed blackened sushi grade ahi tuna served with ponzu cucumber salsa & citrus aioli; jumbo lump crab cakes; quarter pound premium lump crab cake, with lemon & lobster buerre blanc on bed of baby greens; California nachos is fried wonton chips, rotisserie chicken, steak tips, melted cheeses, topped with sweet Thai chili sauce, sour cream & chives. Salads; wedge is wedges of fresh bibb lettuce with vine ripe tomatoes, red onions, smoked bacon & crumbled bleu cheese; USDA prime black angus steak salad is garden salad, topped with black angus tips & medallions; Caesar is hearts of romaine, Caesar dressing, shaved parmesan & housemade croutons. Fresh Seafood; cedar planked Norwegian salmon is slow roasted on aged cedar planks, with garlic cream sauce & red wine reduction; fresh Brazilian tilapia imperial is topped with premium lump crab meat, lemon butter, in white wine cream sauce; pan seared North Carolina rainbow trout with fresh herbs & lemon beurre blanc; fresh domestic Floridian gulf grouper topped with orange ginger butter & scallion slaw; shrimp & grits is Cajun shrimp served on stone ground grits, surrounded by herbed olive oil. USDA prime black angus natural steaks; prime black angus Maytag blue cheese filet mignon 8oz.; prime black angus filet mignon 8 or 10oz.; black angus pepper encrusted sirloin 10oz.; painted hills black angus char-grilled rib eye 16oz. all natural NY strip 10oz. Organic poultry; rotisserie chicken is half chicken topped with mojo seasoning & herbed olive oil; chicken marsala with mushrooms, shallots & marsala wine; chicken picatta with shallots, capers & white wine lemon sauce.

    Meritage Cafe
    Appetizers; crab bisque; French onion soup; gratin of spinach dip with meritage house chips; creamy mushroom dip with asst. grain crackers; hand battered chicken tenders with honey Dijon dipping sauce; crab encoute is lump crabmeat encased in puff pastry baked & served in pool of crab bisque; fried shrimp with remoulade sauce & black eyed pea relish; jumbo lump crab cake with mango salsa; pepper seared Hawaiian tuna over wakame salad & drizzled with Asian ginger vinaigrette. Small Plates & Dinner entrees served with chef's selection of starch & veggie; NY strip steak; seared filet mignon steak; mustard & rosemary crusted rack of lamb drizzled with red wine bordelaise; pork tenderloin with mango chutney; osso bucco Milanese. Seafood & Fish; oven roasted Chilean sea bass; North Carolina rainbow trout, pan fried & served boneless with lemon & capers; caramelized diver scallops with Key West lime sauce; Atlantic salmon with citrus beurre blanc; grouper Rockefeller is grouper filet topped with blend of spinach, bacon, red onion & roasted garlic in pernod cream with hollandaise, served over stone ground grits; New Orleans style BBQ shrimp served over stone ground grits; jumbo lump crab cakes with mango salsa. Poultry & fowl; pan seared duck breast with sauce of fresh berries; chicken picatta is pan seared chicken breast with lemon caper butter sauce. Pasta; blackened chicken or medley of shrimp & scallops served in alfredo sauce with summer veggies, tossed with penne pasta; blackened filet or seared chicken breast marsala with asst. mushrooms, onion & roasted garlic tossed with penne pasta.

Rainbow Trout Buckhead Bar & Grill Columbus, Georgia


Cajun Shrimp Buckhead Bar & Grill Columbus, Georgia


NY Strip Buckhead Bar & Grill Columbus, Georgia



 Chilean Sea Bass Meritage Cafe Columbus, Georgia

New Orleans Style BBQ Shrimp Meritage Cafe Columbus, Georgia





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    Andersonville Prison Andersonville Prison Georgia
    Camp Sumter, more commonly called and known as Andersonville, was one of the biggest military prisons that was started by the Confederacy during the Civil War and during its short lived history of 14 months, held up to 45,000 Union soldiers as prisoners of war. Out of those men, 13,000 would pass away from malnutrition, disease, overcrowding, poor sanitation and exposure, with over 32,000 being held there at one time, which was during the month of August, 1864; notably the hottest month of the year in this southern state, as it is in the majority of the other states as well. If you go there now, you will look upon the modern beauty that exists there, a huge difference between then and now, when in those days, the terrible suffering and torture that took place here. In 1970, the legislature established the Andersonville National Historic Site, that was created to interpret the role of POWs in history and to commemorate the sacrifice of Americans that would lose their lives in these horrid camps. The museum opened in 1998 and is dedicated to the men and women who suffered as POWs, from all wars that put our American ancestors into places that took away all they had or dreamed of. The Andersonville National Cemetery is located nearby where the men that died in the prison would end up in; and today is a National Cemetery as an honored burial place for present-day veterans.

    Coca-Cola Museum
    Pemberton House Coca-Cola Museum Columbus, GeorgiaIn 2007, the grand opening of the World of Coca-Cola at Pemberton Places happened, and is today, the only facility in the world where you can learn all there is to know about the world famous drink, the past, present and future, all on 60,000 square feet that highlights over 1200 relics that have come here from across the world, and never shown to the public before. There is something interesting around every turn, behind every show and more, like the interactive displays that will delight your senses. Especially the multi-sensory 4-D movie that uses 3-D glasses with moving seats and a complete bottling line that will show you how the product has been produced for many decades. You can stop by and hug that marvelous 7 foot Coca Cola polar bear and certainly stop by the tasting experience which offers you 60 varieties of tastes from across the world and a truly delightful experience. Pemberton Place was named after John S. Pemberton, the druggist that concocted Coca-Cola in 1886. The 20 acre site in Atlanta, Georgia is home to the World of Coca-Cola and the Georgia Aquarium, with a possible third venue coming soon, and a five acre public access green space that is available for everyone to enjoy in the community. But the real place where the famous drink was created, and the site of the Pemberton House & Apothecary Shop on 7th Street that contains a recreated pharmacy scene and Pemberton-like mannequin. Columbus, Georgia was the home of Dr. John S. Pemberton, the local town pharmacist who created the original and still secret formula for the Coca-Cola syrup, who is buried in Linwood Cemetery, one of the oldest parts of time. Pemberton passed away in 1888, after living a unique life, selling his formula for $1750. His stone marker is adorned with a Confederate Army and Masons seal, along with 200 other graves, many who had also fought in the Civil War with Pemberton. Pemberton had been wounded in the Battle of Columbus, Georgia and soon after became an addict of morphine, as did many of the wounded soldiers had before him. He knew that he had a terrible problem so he decided to become a pharmacist at the Eagle Drug & Chemical Company in Columbus, searching for a remedy for his addiction. He started experimenting with coca and coca wines, finally making his own version of Vin Mariani that had kola nut and damiana that he began calling Pemberton's French Wine Coca. As the public became more concerned about drug addiction, alcoholism and depression in the veterans that had survived, as well as "neurasthenia" in the high strung southern ladies, his new concoction began advertising itself as being very beneficial for "ladies and all those whose sedentary employment causes nervous prostration, irregularities of the stomach, bowels and kidneys, who require a nerve tonic and a pure, delightful diffusible stimulant." When Atlanta and Fulton Counties enacted their temperance laws in 1885, Pemberton then made a nonalcoholic alternative to his French wine coca, with Frank Mason Robinson creating the name, "Coca-Cola" for the alliterative sound, and soon was to become a popular drink among the various wine medicines that were circulating during that period. Even though the name contains the two main ingredients, the public controversary about cocaine content eventually caused the Coca-Cola company to announce that the title was meaningless but fanciful. Robinson would hand write the Spencerian script on the bottles and ads, while Pemberton continued making many health claims about his new product and was able to market it as refreshing, exhilarating, invigorating, delicious and billed it as a "valuable brain tonic" that could cure headaches, calm nerves and relieve exhaustion. The original formula supposedly needed 8.46 mg of cocaine, although the average street dosage was between 15 and 35 mg, it is magnified by the caffeine that comes from the kola nut; and initially advertised as an alternative cure for morphine and opium addictions along with numerous other health benefits. Asa Candler purchased the business in 1888, and in 1894, it was sold in bottles for the first time and by WWI, it was being bottled in the Pacific islands, Europe and Africa.

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    Columbus MuseumColumbus Museum Columbus, Georgia
    The Columbus Museum of Art can be found downtown Columbus, Georgia, and is the main artistic center for west central Georgia, with 90,000 visitors coming here each year. It is the biggest art museum outside of Atlanta in the state, and offers unique and interesting educational programs for both adults and children, as well as rotating exhibits and complementary activities. The museum contains plenty of room for lectures, advanced studio art instruction and a marvelous interactive gallery. It was founded in 1941, and opened to the public in 1953 as a partner in the Muscogee County School district; but after many decades, found that the space was too small and they needed a bigger facility to store, preserve and showcase the beautiful works of art. In 1985, a capital campaign was started to raise funds for the expansion necessary to house the works and help it grow, enlarging the size of the building to 86,000 square feet from 32,000 square feet. The outstanding grounds that surround the museum were designed in the 1920s by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, were rejuvenated as well. The original collections were across the broad spectrum of arts, stating its mission as wanting to serve the public as a museum of arts, historical subjects and crafts, as well as promote cultural and educational activities. The trustees changed this broad focus in 1992, and narrowed it down to concentrate on American decorative and fine arts, with some cultural history thrown in, and to that end, the present collection of 16,000 works reflect that rich visual and cultural history of the developments of American art from the 17th century to the present day and showcases the exciting history and culture of the lower Chattahoochee River valley's growth. Significant artists that are represented in the works at the museum include; John Henry Twachtman, William Merritt Chase, Gilbert Stuart, Sanford Gifford, Hiram Powers, Eastman Johnson and Robert Henri, with contemporary artists; Robert Rauschenberg, Roger Brown and Robert Motherwell. Significant women's works include; Joyce Treiman, Janet Fish, Alice Neel, Sarah Miriam Peale, Nancy Grossman and Ida Kohlmeyer. Other notable artists include; George Cress, Ed Moultrip, Lamar Dodd, Howard Thomas, Carl Holty and Robert Gwarthmey, with African American artists like Alma Thomas, Benny Andrews, Sam Giliam, William H. Johnson and Radcliffe Bailey. Some of the magnificent decorative artworks include a 1670 Pilgrim era Boston chest and 1813 Philadelphia sideboard that is believed to have been created by Joseph Barry to a number of mid 20th century Eames-designed chairs. The excellent archaeological and historical collections offer a complete survey of the humans that existed around the Chattahoochee River valley, starting with the prehistoric period and following history through the early settlement period to the Civil War, reconstruction, industrial expansion, right up to the civil rights movements. The entire story of the area is told through the marvelous displays and exhibits of weapons, portraits, costumes, archaeological fragments, machinery, books, photographs, household goods and maps.

    Lunch Box Museum
    Lunch Box Museum Columbus, Georgia
    The Lunch Box Museum is located above a radio station that is owned by Allen Woodall, who also owns the museum, which is the biggest lunch box museum in the world, that has been showcased on many television shows and written about in many newspaper articles. That old rectangular metal box has been the side kick and companion of many, millions of school age children, using them for their homemade lunches, with a zillion variations of sandwiches, cookies, fruit, and most of the time, a small thermos that usually contained milk. But more and more today's school children are carrying huge heavy backpacks that are filled with all kind of books, snacks, pencils, notebooks and more. No room for lunch boxes any more, but then the schools offer hot lunches, some kids even get them for free; a vastly different experience from the "good old days" of their parents and grandparents. The metal lunch boxes that are highlighted in this museum though were once the proud companions of those folks so many years ago and are often used by the children today, with their favorite comic book hero on the front and back, or the cartoon characters that have taken over the television waves of the present and future. Both the museum and radio station are located in the International Marketplace in Columbus, Georgia and the lunch boxes that the museum sells are merely copies of the originals that we used to carry so many years ago. Allen had graduated from Columbus High School in the 1950s and remembers the beginning of these memorable containers that replaced the brown paper bag that children would carry their lunches to school in the early days, actually before television, which started the whole fad going. The first few metal lunch boxes were non-descript, in plain black or brown or blue colors, until someone decided to put Hopalong Cassidy on one and that opened the floodgates, as the next one, three years later, was Roy Rogers and the rest of the television shows began showing up on the fronts and backs. Woodall has them all in his 2000 box collection, and then he said, evidently during the 1980s, some mothers in Florida said that some children were using the boxes as weapons and so the next logical step was to make them out of vinyl, with insulation on the inside and no more the thermos container to hold your drink. Today's parents, usually with both of them working, don't have the time to make a lunch anymore, if they are fortunate to be home when their child or children head off for school; so they are opting out for lunches at school, which are quite different even there. The variety of lunches have evolved into what they are becoming today, more health foods than ever before as the size of the children have grown bigger as they forget about even television as they spend more time on the phone or laptop, or even going outside to play, anything and everything. It is a shame that these lunch boxes are gone, since they were a representation of the better times that children had in school, when your lunch was wholesome and good, perhaps not the pizza or burgers that you could get at school, which wasn't good for anything except for filling your belly. Just another part of the changes that have occurred over the last half century, taking further away from the things and events that helped shape us and our future.

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    Heritage ParkHeritage Park Columbus, Georgia
    Heritage Park is found in Columbus, Georgia, and is one of the most unusual historical destinations in the nation, sitting in the historical district of the city, just off the historical riverwalk, offering adults and youngsters the chance to take a walk down memory lane in Columbus. With marvelous water features, historical exhibits, original brick kiln and sculptures the park brings history alive with memorials and monuments that showcase the special relationship between the city and the river that runs along its side. The park has a fantastic huge running water exhibit that copies the river as it runs through the western side of the city. There is a magnificent dam overlook, dams, steamboat tribute, and other features that show how important the river has been to the city in the last 175 years. The site of the city had been the hub of the lower branch of the very powerful and fierce Creek nation, who had lived along the Chattahoochee and Flint Rivers making their living, fishing and transporting goods, furs and supplies up and down the rivers as necessary. There is a legend about a river monster or giant serpent that lives in the river, but it hasn't appeared to anyone lately. The falls that exist here were eventually dammed, with the only way to get to Apalachicola, Florida and the huge Gulf of Mexico, and power to run the factories that would grow up in the city. Soon the city was one of the main manufacturing regions in the south, serviced by numerous steamship vessels that would run up and down the rivers. The park includes a marvelous exhibit about this as well as mills that were run by the power from the dam; using full size factory workers to show what it all looked like back then, with interpretive panels that give all the necessary information about the manufacturing process that went on here. The brick kiln that is still here, showcasing the fact that the area was famous for the bricks that it manufactured, and the buildings can attest to that, as well as the walkways and displays. There is a special exhibit for John Pemberton, the creator of Coke, that has a space center here, as well as Pemberton's house and many other projects that have benefitted from this great man. Pemberton's statue is sitting on a bench so that anyone wanting to sit with him and take a picture can do so. Down in Heritage Corner, there are numerous historic homes that will delight all visitors with what these folks lived like back then and the houses they lived in. The corner showcases five houses that represent different periods of time in the history of the city, but one had to be Pemberton's house, where he is believed to have discovered the secret formula for the world famous Coca-Cola drink.

    Coca-Cola Space Science Center
    Coca-Cola Space Science Center Columbus, GeorgiaThe Coca-Cola Space Science Center in Columbus, Georgia is affiliaited with the Columbus State University and opened in 1996 to instruct the community in the areas of astronomy, space science and physics with four significant components. The first is the numerous interactive exhibits that sit in the lobby and include 7 flight simulators, four that are networked and have motion bases. The Omisphere Theater planetarium that features laser effects and concert quality sound, making it one of the most up-to-date state-of-the-art theaters in the world and its third component is the Mead Observatory that was created for astronomy outreach. The main device here is the 16 inch Mead LX 200 Schmidt-Cassegrain that has evolved into a dedicated solar telescope with numerous images coming here from the Transit of Venus. The last component is the Challenger Learning Center, where groups, of both visitors and students, can fly a simulated space mission complete with scientific tasks that pertain to mission control and communication skills. The space center offers some of the most fantastic opportunities that allows students to learn more about the space program through simulation and programs, hopefully helping these young people decide on a career in space, physics or any one of he many sciences that lead us to better living and lives.

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    Rankin HouseRankin House Columbus, Georgia
    The Rankin House in Columbus, Georgia was constructed for James Rankin, a local planter that had immigrated from Ayshire in Scotland to Columbus, with the initial construction beginning before the Civil War, but when it started, the house had to wait, but was completely built after that. The historic house has magnificent iron grill works that are located on the bottom veranda and flying balcony, wide heart of pine floors, cast iron windowsills, hand-carved doorframes and cornices. The gorgeous solid-walnut double staircase, that rises from a center hallway to the landing that sits between floors has become the focal point for the house and was restored with the remainder of the house and decorated in the Victorian style of the period with original colors and specifically reproduced fabrics of the era, that was authenticated by the curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and has been used extensively throughout the house.

    Columbus Black History Museum
    Columbus Black History Museum Columbus, GeorgiaThe Columbus Black History Museum in Columbus, Georgia contains a significant number of learning experiences with multimedia, and authentic historical objects, documents, photos, tours, lectures and other venues.  The museum contains many historical and cultural documents and artifacts about the early lives of the slaves that arrived here in a most unfortunate way, and by 1860, almost 90,000 slaves lived in the area and called it home, which was about half the population of the Chattachochee River Valley of Georgia and Alabama. They tended the crops that were the mainstay of the region's economy, constructed all the buildings that they would need to live in and store their crops, and became a part of the very culture of the south. But, because of their status as slaves, there are many records about them or their lives, and how it felt to be stolen away from your home and brought to another country where you were expected to drop everything you were doing or starting and come running to the man that they called your master. Their displays try to show visitors the lives and experiences of the majority of the slaves and freedmen, with the sliver of documents that are available.

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