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Things to do in Cork

    Red Abbey Red Abbey Cork, Ireland
    The Red Abbey, in Cork, Ireland had been a magnificent 14th century Augustinian abbey that would get its unique name from the red sandstone used in its construction, however, little remains of that colossal church except the central bell tower of the church, and is one of the last surviving ruins that date to the medieval walled town of Cork. Sometime during the 13th or 14th century, an Augustinian monastery would be constructed on this site, and occupied by the monks until the rebellion of 1641, and might have even been occupied as late as 1700, although no one is quite sure today. The abbey tower would be utilized by John Churchill, who would become the Duke of Marlborough, as an advantage point in the Siege of Cork in 1690, which had occurred to suppress the uprising in Cork and the related expellation of the Catholic King of England, James II. During the 18th century, the monks would found a new friary in Fishamble Lane, and the Red Abbey converted into a sugar refinery. Unfortunately, in the year 1799, the abbey would have a fire start that would decimate a majority of it. Which is why it is just a ruins, even though it has been made a national monument, that is managed by the city council. Regardless of what it has become, it is still a structure that was created in the 13th century, which makes it 800 year old and still standing tall and proud. It is a testament to the skills and knowledge of the men that built it, although it doesn't appear to have any of the red sandstone in it to show visitors today what it might have looked like back when it was an abbey. Just to walk around it and touch something that old is a glorious feeling that should be enjoyed if you should travel to the city of Cork, in Ireland, since it doesn't cost anything to do that and you might discover something about it that has been missed to those folks that are so used to seeing it that they are oblivious to any significant carvings or hidden areas in the tower.

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    St. Finbarre's CathedralSt. Finbarre's Cathedral Cork, Ireland
    Saint Finbarre's Cathedral is a cathedral of the Church of Ireland in Cork that is part of the ecclesiastical province of Dublin, and has been showcased on an Irish postcard. It is one of the three cathedrals of the United Dioceses of Cork, Cloyne & Ross, and is a magnificent church as can be seen by the image to the right. Its organ was constructed by William Hill of London in 1870, and later overhauled by the Cork Organ building firm, T. W. Megahy, and moved from the west gallery down to a pit in the north transept, where it remained and is still there today. It is located in the heart of the city, and designed by William Burges, consecrated in 1870, on a site that has been having Christian worshipping since the 7th century. It is a fabulous building of great architectural style, with many beautiful statues and carvings that make it more of a work of art than a church. There is a legend associated with the church that St. Fin Barre had been the son of Amergin, whose tribe had descended from the Eochaidh Muidmheadoin, the brother of the king of Munster, that settled in the land of Muskerry, in county Cork, where he would get an inheritance and land at Achaidh Durbchon by the source of the Lee River. He would become the chief smith to Tighernach, the king of the Hy Easchach of Munster and eventually married a young lass from the king's household. The marriage defied the king's orders and they were brought before him to be tried and sentenced to burn at the stake. At the time this was to happen, a great storm arrived, with loud thundering and lightning, very heavy rains poured down and the sentence couldn't be carried out; which seemed to be a sign of divine interposition so the couple was set free. They would have a child, and go back to Gougane Barra, where he would be baptized as Luan or Lochan. As he was turning seven years old, three clerics from Munster happened to stop by, after having gone on a pilgrimage to Leinster, and they would stop at the house of Amergin. They were quite taken with the lad, since the Holy Spirit seemed to emanate from his face and his parents allowed him to be taken with the clerics to study. He would go to Sliabh Muinchill and the cleric that cut his hair observed that Fair or finn is the hair or barra of Luan, so they named him Barr Finn or Finn Barr.  

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Local Restaurants in Cork

    Liberty Grill
    Entrees; New York chicken is stuffed with mascarpone, thyme & lemon, served with peas, smoked bacon, carrots & Albufera sauce; Liberty chicken is grilled West Cork chicken on skewers, served with herbed couscous, salsa & salad leaves; Tennessee Flambé is tender medallions of beef, peppered & flambéed in a shot of Jack Daniels & served with mushrooms, sweet balsamic onions & garlic potatoes; sirloin steak aged for 28 days; filet steak 8oz.

    Jacques Restaurant
    Entrees; fresh tranch of turbot, black butter, almonds, baby capers & organic spinach; fresh Castletownbere scallops with warm tomato & chorizo salsa & organic leaves; roast East Cork duck breast with gooseberries & boiled ballycotton queens; sirloin steak, cafe de Paris butter, field mushrooms, garlic confit & crispy onions; ribeye steak stuffed with sultanas & pinekernals with tomato & olives; chicken breast stuffed with ardsallgh goats cheese, thyme & lemon, served with aubergine fritters & rustic potatoes; spinach roulade with mushroom a la crème, salad & rustic potatoes.

Liberty Chicken Liberty Grill Cork, Ireland


Turbot Jacques Restaurant Cork, Ireland


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    Church of Shandon Church of Shandon Cork, Ireland
    The Church of St. Anne is a church of Ireland in the Shandon district of Cork, sitting on the summit of a hill looking down on the Lee River, constructed in 1722, on the site of a previous medieval church dedicated to St. Mary. It had been talked about in the decretals of Pope Innocent III in 1199 as St. Mary on the Mountain, but would be destroyed in 1690 at the Siege of Cork. It is quite famous for its 8 bells since a famous song, called the "Bells of Shandon" was written by Francis Sylvester Mahony, with each one weighing eight tons and created by Rudhall of Gloucester. Needing to reduce the huge vibration, they would be fixed in a certain position and rang out for the first time in 1752. The bells have been recast two times, in 1865, and in 1906; and even today, visitors are encouraged to climb to the first floor and ring the bells. Its walls are seven feet thick, and the tower rises up 120 feet, with another fifty feet for the pepper pot. The McOsterich family had been part of the design and installation of the bells, so they are given a special privilege to this day. Whenever a family member is married, anywhere in the world, the bells are rung in honor of them. The pepper pot is a weather vane in the form of a salmon, which represents the fish of the Lee River, and seems quite apropos since the earliest Christian times used a fish to symbolize the name of the Lord. The clock is famous as well, known to the citizens of Cork as the Four Faced Liar, since the time is just a bit different on each of the faces in that hour. The Christening font, which dates back to 1629, is one of the artifacts from the church that had been destroyed during the siege of 1690, and bears the inscription, "Walter Elinton and William Ring made this pant at their charges", and inside is a pewter bowl dated 1773.

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    Elizabeth FortFort Elizabeth Cork, Ireland
    This fort is a 17th century star fort in Cork, Ireland that had originally been constructed as a defensive fortification outside the city walls, until the city began to grow and encompass it, which would then cause it to be used for other purposes, that included a military barracks, prison and police station. It had been constructed in 1601, on a hill that sat south of the town, and outside its protective walls, because the city had been using the Shandon Castle and city walls for defense since Anglo-Norman times, when the development of artillery and the possible use of it on the hills around the city would decrease its use of the potential effectiveness of the defenses. The fort had been constructed by Sir George Carew and named in honor of Queen Elizabeth. The original fort has been constructed of wood and earth, and eventually pulled down by the townspeople, because they feared that James I would use it against them in the Tudor conquest of Ireland. The city would be retaken by Lord Mountjoy and later reconstructed. In the Williamite War, that happened in 1690, the city had been a Jacobite stronghold, and even though the Elizabeth Fort would hold out for quite a period of time, it would be overcome and artillery would be brought in and aimed at the eastern walls of the city, from a vantage point at the Red Abbey. The walls would then be breached, and the city capture in four days. After the siege ended, the fort would no longer be used as a defensive point, and in 1719, be converted into barracks until 1835, when it became a women's prison. It would eventually be reverted into a fort for military uses and become a station of the Cork City Artillery, and during the Irish War of Independence, it would become a base for the Black and Tans; until the Anglo-Irish Treaty was signed.

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    Blarney Castle EstateBlarney Castle Estate Cork, Ireland
    The Blarney Castle is a medieval stronghold in Blarney, near Cork, Ireland and the Martin River, and although numerous previous forts had been constructed on this site, the present keep had been constructed by the MacCarthy dynasty, Kings of Desmond and dates back to 1446; and the famous blarney stone is in the machicolations of the fort. Machoicolations are openings in the floor of the fort's upper levels to allow objects to be dropped on the invaders or intruders trying to enter the fort. Some folks believe that a wooden fort had occupied the site sometime before 1200, but since no evidence has been discovered, it is just guessing. A stone fort would be constructed in 1210, but destroyed in 1446, and rebuilt by Cormac Laidir MacCarthy, the Lord of Muscry. It was besieged during the Irish Confederate Wars and seized in 1646 by Parliamentarian forces under Lord Broghill, but after the Restoration, it would be given back to Donough MacCarty, who would become the 1st Lord of Clancarty. It would be confiscated during the Williamite Wars in the 1690s, then sold and changing ownership a number of times until the early 18th century when Sir James St. John Jefferyes would buy it, while he was governor of Cork City. Members of that family would eventually build a mansion near the keep, but it would be destroyed by fire and replaced in 1874 by a baronial mansion that would become known as the Blarney House, and it would overlook the lake close by. During the mid 1800s, the Jefferyes and Colthurst families would join by marriage and the Colthurst family still occupies the mansion today. The castle has become a partially ruined castle, that still has some battlements and accessible rooms, but at the top of the castle lies the Stone of Eloquence, that is best known as the Blarney stone, where throngs of tourists come to be hung upside down over a sheer drop to kiss that stone. It is believed, by many, that once you have kissed the stone, you will gain the gift of eloquence; and although there are various legends associated with the stone, many believe that is the Lia Fail or a magical stone where Irish kings would be crowned.

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    Charles FortCharles Fort Cork, Ireland
    The Charles Fort, is a star shaped fortress sitting near the water's edge at the southern edge of the village of Summer Cove, by Kinsale Harbour, County Cork, Ireland, and James Fort is situated on the opposite side of the harbour to give good protection from any invading ships or other types of invaders. It had been constructed in the site of an earlier stronghold called Ringcurran Castle, that had become quite prominent during the Siege of Kinsale in 1601. It was named in honor King Charles II, and designed by the Surveyor-General, Sir William Robinson, who had been the architect of the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, built in the 1670s and 1680s to a star fortification design that had been created to resist cannon attacks. The inland bastions of the fort can be overlooked from higher ground, which would become very significant when the fort had been besieged by John Churchill, during the Williamite War. After the siege, it would be reconstructed and stay as a British army barracks for many hundreds of years. In the 17th century, Robert Reading would construct a lighthouse here, and the fort and all the lands would be given up by British forces after the Anglo-Irish Treaty; only to become useless after being burned by the retreating forces after the Irish Civil War of 1922. In 1971, it would become a National Monument of Ireland and partly restorated by the Duchas, which is the Irish heritage service.

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