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Things to do in Dubois

    Dubois Area Historical Society Dubois Area Historical Society Dubois, Pennsylvania
    The Dubois Historical Society would be born in 1982 so that it could promote the preservation and appreciation of the history of the region, that included the city of Dubois and other area towns. Its current interests include; architecture, entertainment, schools, fire departments, churches, business and industry, farm life, lumbering, mining, genealogy and those relevant topics, artifacts and documents that pertain to the history of the area and its citizens. The society accomplishes this with an excellent museum collection, guest speakers, genealogy references, a yearly banquet, as well as grants and sponsorships from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum commission; and the society's newsletter. Their genealogy and research library will answer any inquiries pertaining to the genealogy of folks that can be made by email, telephone and snail mail, with their assistance given in the form of general searches made of their records, printed genealogies, city directories, census records, family files, histories, marriage and obituary files and cemetery records. They have an excellent history of the city, the area surrounding it and many other interesting and informative documents that will be of great interest and enjoyment to visitors and those that may have some interest in their history. The city had been what was called a dual town, with one part called the East or Dubois side, and the other, older part called Rumbarger. It had been quite a time back then, with a rivalry growing between the coal miners and their families living in Rumbarger, and woodsmen/lumbermen and their families living in the Dubois side, almost equal in the pugilistic area, with many fights occurring in the local barrooms and often on the main streets. It is a great story, one that is very interesting, but way too long to put in here, so if you are interested, it would behoove you to visit the society, where you can enjoy their excellent library and museum, as well as learn many things and stories about the history of the city and its citizens that won't be found in any books or documents.

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    Paul G. Reitz TheaterPaul G. Reitz Theater Dubois, Pennsylvania
    This unique theater is housed in a church constructed in 1887, and had been a church for 133 years before being acquired by the organization known as the Cultural Resources, Inc., and is one of the few buildings in the town that weren't destroyed by the fire of 1888. The interior, where a lobby normally would be located is filled with excellent local artworks, showcasing the wonderful works of the town's artists, that are for sale. The church was constructed of handmade bricks from a local brickyard, and it is a blessing that it was constructed with this material otherwise, when the fire broke out the next year, it would have been destroyed along with many other structures in the growing town. Cultural Resources, Inc. began in 1992, when a group of the community made up of professionals, businesses, educational folks and other parts of the town, would elect its first officers, and begin a capital drive to obtain funding, and with just $300 in the bank, it would negotiate a contract to purchase the church, known as the Cornerstone Church and parsonage, it would pay just a dollar on deposit, a couple of months afterwards. Within months, the stage was constructed, and the first performance given that was called, Magnolias. As the performances brought in much needed funding, electric lighting, control booth and seats are acquired and installed. However, the real difference for those first four years was that it was still being used as a church, until 1995, when it would be relocated and become solely a theater. It is a marvelous venue for the local townspeople, playing a part, as well as providing a much needed art in the region during this difficult economy. They just began casting for a new musical called, The Great American Trailer Park Musical that takes place in a south Florida trailer park and sounds like a cross between South Park and Desperate Housewives. There isn't anything better than going to the theater, especially in this period of turmoil and uncertainty, for a great musical comedy, that will take your mind off your troubles and laugh until you cry. Check it out soon, and have a great time at this home grown theater.

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Local Restaurants in Dubois

    Luigi's Ristorante
    Entries; served with house salad or soup; Elise's tour of Italy is Luigi's famous lasagna with a meatball, chicken Maria & homemade gnocchi's with alfredo sauce; chicken Romano is boneless, skinless chicken breast lightly floured & seasoned, then cooked in olive oil & garlic topped with Italian seasonings and Romano cheese, served with side of spaghetti; chicken Maria is baked boneless chicken breast, lightly breaded, layered with capicolla ham, provolone cheese & topped with alfredo sauce, served with side of spaghetti; chicken cacciatore is a delicious sauce made from boneless chicken, green peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, white wine, seasonings over spaghetti; chicken parmigiana is boneless chicken breast seasoned with house Italian breadcrumbs, baked with house spaghetti sauce, Romano and mozzarella cheese served with side of spaghetti; eggplant parmigiana is fresh eggplant dipped in seasoned flour, lightly fried, topped with red sauce & cheese, served with side of spaghetti; lemon basil salmon is fresh salmon gently grilled over open flame & topped with lemon basil butter, served with side linguine and homemade clam sauce; portabella ravioli is ravioli stuffed with portabella mushrooms, served with choice of marinara or aflredo sauce.

    Hoss's Family Steak & Sea
    Entries; shrimp is broiled, fried or scampi with baked potato & salad bar; Atlantic salmon is with lemon sauce, with baked potato & salad bar; scallop medallions broiled, fried or scampi with rice pilaf & salad bar; shrimp scampi with garlic pasta is angel hair pasta flavored with house garlic butter sauce, topped with scampi shrimp; whitefish fried served with FF & salad bar or broiled with rice pilaf & salad bar; cold water South African lobster, served with drawn butter, baked potato & salad bar; Maryland style crab cakes made with premium lump blue crab meat and touch of old bay, served with baked potato & salad bar; Hoss's famous stuffed chicken breast is whole boneless breast with homestyle stuffing, mashed potatoes & gravy, with salad bar; BBQ ribs is fall-off-the-bone ribs with FF & salad bar; smokehouse chicken is grilled whole chicken breast basted with Hoss's BBQ sauce & topped with smokey bacon & cheddar cheese served with FF & salad bar; steaks are grain fed beef grilled your way; sirloin steaks 6oz., 8oz., 12oz.; tender tips are lean sirloin steak topped with grilled onions, peppers and gravy; stuffed steak filled with house stuffing; the cleaver is 10oz. double thick sirloin with choice of steakhouse toppers.


Lasagna Luigi's Ristorante Dubois, Pennsylvania


Chicken Lasagna Luigi's Ristorante Dubois, Pennsylvania

 Broiled Scallop Medalions Hoss's Family Steak & Sea Dubois, Pennsylvania





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    Parker Dam State Park Parker Dam State Park Dubois, Pennsylvania
    Parker Dam State Park is a magnificent park encompassed by the Moshannon State Forest, occupying 968 acres, constructed during the Great Depression by the CCC, as well as numerous facilities that are still being used at the park today. The state park and the state forest surrounding it offer a marvelous habitat for wildlife, where many ravens and warblers can be seen the dark forest of conifers, with the rarely seen ovenbird and American redstart creating their homes in the deciduous forest. In the hollows, ridges and fields of the park, you have the opportunity to view beaver, foxes, turkeys, coyotes and white-tailed deer, along with the occasional bobcat, elk and porcupine, even though elk are rarely observed in the state. However, there is a herd living in the remotest part of the woods, in the Clearfield, Elk, Clinton and Cameron counties. In 1985, a tornado would storm through the forests of the park, and the state decided to use the occasion to instruct others, how a forest would regrow, if left untouched. The Mud Run road travels through the park, bisecting the tornado ravaged area, so the wooded remains on the west side would be left alone, with numerous bare and broken tree trunks still standing, and the trees on the east were salvaged for lumber. Naturally, both sides are in the process of regrowth, and the lessons learned here will become an excellent study of how mankind can effect the reforestation. Parker Lake is a twenty acre man-made lake, that was created when they dammed the Laurel Run river, with outstanding picnic and camping areas on its shores, with a great sandy beach available for sunbathing and relaxation. The lake only allows non-powered boats, or electric, with hunting offered in the respective seasons. The most common game hunted here include; squirrels, rabbits, ruffed grouse and white-tailed deer. The park is located on the western trailhead of the Quehanna Trail system that is 75 miles long and winds through the state park and forests, linking up to the Susquehanna Trail by Sinnemahoning State Park.

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    Clearfield County Historical SocietyClearfield County Historical Society Clearfield, Pennsylvania
    The Clearfield County Historical Society houses a marvelous collections of memorabilia and relics that chronicle the history, settlement and development of the county and surrounding towns, with outstanding educational and informative displays that showcase the county's early occupations and important events. There is an excellent museum and archive that is managed by the society and is the best place to start learning more about the central region of Pennsylvania. The county originally belonged to parts of Huntington and Lycoming counties, in 1804, and would become known as Chincleclamousche township, and would only be organized in parts, until 1812, when it became a county and elected its officials. The original courthouse still standing today, was constructed in 1814, and the current courthouse would be constructed in 1862, with an addition completed in 1882. The museum and the society occupy a magnificent structure typical of the Victorian architecture of the late 1870s and 1880s, and built of brick, considered to be a "country mansion", with a large box shape, an ornamented horizontal molding by the top and on its summit, a lovely cupola. In the mid 1970s, the historical society would replace the old wooden flooring and railings along the porch, with a concrete deck and wrought iron railing, as well as repointing the brick facade, caulking and painting of the exterior, repairing the stone chimneys, and other small replacements and refurbishments. The library contains many outstanding and useful records, including newspapers on microfilm, the census records, 5 volumes of cemetery records, early deaths and marriages, city directories, 29 volumes of obituaries, close to 500 surname files, phone books, more than 200 family histories and early naturalizations, as well as high school yearbooks that begin in the early 1900s. There is much more as well and will be available to any visitors that come and ask. Tours of the museum also include touring the Bloody Knox cabin and marvelous grounds that might take up to three hours to complete.

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    Treasure LakeTreasure Lak Dubois, Pennsylvania
    Treasure Lake in Dubois, Pennsylvania is a private residential area that contains more than 9000 acres of woods, and over 2000 homes, but does have some excellent amenities that are available to the townsfolks and any other visitors interesting in discovering a unique style of living that includes beautiful lakes, two PGA rated golf courses, tennis courts, a driving range, swimming pools, beaches, horseback riding stables and more. There are numerous natural trails located throughout the community, with other sports fields and playgrounds that are just waiting for more folks to come and visit, if only to enjoy a short vacation from the hustle and bustle of congested big cities and all that goes with it. The fabulous lake is excellent for boating, with a completely stocked marina and 200 slips for renting. The shore has two beaches with great sandy areas, and the entire shoreline is great for fishing, swimming and waterskiing; with two fine dining restaurants located right there with magnificent views of the lake and countryside. It is one of the newest and finest creations in the city of Dubois, and welcomes visitors all year long, trying to entice them to settle here, or at least learn more about the outstanding amenities, that can be used for retirees and others that want to escape the big towns and cities, moving to a place where you can say hey to your neighbor, walk down the roads or trails without fear or indecision, where your children can ride their bikes and enjoy a variety of sports opportunities. They also offer lessons for tennis, swimming and golf, so it might surprise you more than you thought.

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    Grice Clearfield CommunityGrice Clearfield Community Museum Clearfield, Pennsylvania
    The Grice Clearfield Community Museum just a short drive from Dubois, Pennsylvania has some of the finest antique and classic cars from the early 1900s to the current models, as well as taxidermied animals, a great gift shop and more that is sure to interest and delight any visitor to the area. Some of the outstanding models showcased include a 1959 Cadillac convertible, a 1917 Buick D35 Touring Car, a 1948 Allard from England, a 1925 Ford Model T 1-ton truck, a 1986 Zimmer that is just 1 of 1200 with only 5000 miles on it, a 1969 Ford pick-up, a 1979 Dodge Li'l Red pick-up, a 1979 Cadillac Eldorado Del Caballero, a 1934 Ford 4-door sedan and a marvelous 1929 Model A street rod. The history of this great collection would begin in 1945 at Scoot's Uncle Tom Grice's gas station, with Scoot, a veteran of the Korean War, taking over the station after his Uncle Tom had a heart attack in 1954. He ran the station in the daytime and worked at a local brickyard on the nightshift. In 1962, Scoot and his wife, Janet, would enlarge the station and add gun sales to its menu, with some custom rifle manufacturing that would increase the business further. By the end of the year, the gas pumps were taken out and the Grice Gun Shop opened. By 1970, it would need more room and by the time they were done, it would become one of the biggest gun shops in the state. A new gun shop was constructed in 1985, that doubled the size of the old one, and they began, Grice Wholesale, dealing with other firearms dealers in every state in the nation. The couple constructed and opened the Grice Clearfield Community Museum in 1994, showcasing some of the cars that the Grice family owned and other residents in the area. They would adorn the walls and floor with hundreds of game animals and fish that had been acquired by hunters and fishermen across the globe.

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