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Alamo Rental Car Manhattan - 142 E. 31st St.
Manhattan Alamo Car Rental - 252 W. 40th St.
Alamo Rental Cars Manhattan - 219 W. 77th St.

Things to do in East Elmhurst

    Louis Armstrong House Museum Louis Armstrong House Museum Corona, Queens, New York
    The Louis Armstrong House Museum has become a National Historic Landmark, as well as a New York City landmark, is situated in Corona, Queens, New York, where Louis' lovely wife, Lucille would be born and raised, and returning would live out the remainder of her life with her beloved husband until he passed in 1971 and then Lucille in 1985. The original house had been built in 1910 and owned by an Irish family named Brennan. After the couple was married and had spent some time together on the road, Lucille would find this marvelous house in her old neighborhood in 1942, so she bought it and the couple moved in. Lucy was originally from the area, and since Louis would be on the road quite a bit, they decided that she should go ahead and live there, a place for Louis to come and rest, relaxing with his family and enjoying the time they had together. Lucille was considered quite a beauty and a dancer at the famous Cotton Club in Harlem, where they would meet. Louis would achieve many marvelous accomplishments during his life that would considered quite remarkable for a black man during that period in history when many areas had separate facilities for blacks and whites; but he would manage to develop a unique style of jazz as an instrumentalist and vocalist that has continued to have a significant impact on every musician today. He would record hit songs for half a century, and it is still being played and listened to in films, on the radio and television. Louis wrote two autobiographies, thousands of letters, over ten magazine articles and hundreds of pages of memoirs. He would go on to appear in over thirty films, with twenty of them full-length features, because he was also a gifted actor that had impeccable comic timing and a completely unabashed joy of life that he always wanted to share with those around him. He would pen dozens of songs that have become jazz standards and performed an average of 300 concerts each and every year, with his outstanding tours earning him the nickname of "Ambassador Satch"; eventually becoming one of the first great celebrities of the 20th century. During his lifetime, Louis Armstrong would entertain millions of people from all over the world; from the heads of state to the neighborhood children that would come to listen to him at his stoop in Corona. And, in spite of all the fame and glory that he achieved, Louis Armstrong would remain a humble man, living a simple life in a working-class neighborhood, and to this day, whenever someone mentions his name, a smile will appear on someone's lips.

Budget rent a car East Elmhurst

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LaGuardia Apt. Budget Car Rentals - 88-08 23rd Ave. 
Budget Car Rental JFK Apt. - Bldg. 305 Federal Circle
Newark Liberty Intl. Apt. Budget Rental Cars
- 38 Carson Rd. Westchester Cty. Apt. Budget Car Rentals  
 240 Apt. Rd. Departure Bldg.

    Empire State BuildingEmpire State Building New York
    The Empire State Building is a art deco skyscraper in New York City that climbs 102 stories high and measures 1250 feet tall, getting its famous name from the state's nickname, the Empire State. It would be the world's tallest structure for over four decades, from its finish in 1931 to the construction of the World Trade Center's North Tower that was finished in 1972. Sadly, with much heartache the structure would retain its former place as the tallest building in New York City after the horrendous disaster that struck this city, state and nation on 9/11/2001. The American Society of Civil Engineers would call the structure, one of the seven wonders of the world, becoming the most famous landmarks in the city, becoming a National Historic Landmark in 1986. It is now the third tallest structure in the United States, behind the Willis Tower and the Trump International Hotel and Tower, which are located in Chicago, Illinois. It is the fifteenth tallest structure in the world, and the fourth free standing building in the Americas. It is presently going through a $550 million renovation project to bring it up to modern specs and make it more energy efficient and eco-friendly. The ground where the huge structure stands would get its beginnings as the John Thompson farm in the 18th century, with its own stream running across the land, that emptied into Sunfish Pond, which lay a block away. In the late 19th century, the site would be occupied by the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, that would be frequented by the Four Hundred, the cities' elite social group. The Empire State Building would be designed by William F. Lamb that produced the drawings for the massive structure in just two weeks, with the excavation beginning on January 21, 1930, and construction began on St. Patrick's Day, since Al Smith of the Empire State, Inc, president afforded him some influence in that direction. That project would put 3400 people to work, that was supplemented mostly by European immigrants, with hundreds of Mohawk iron workers; and five workers would die during the construction that would have its ribbon cutting on May 1, 1931. The ceremony would be gigantic since it would be President Herbert Hoover who would turn on the electricity to the structure with the push of a button located in the capitol. Ironically, the first time those tower lights would be lit would be the signaling of Franklin D. Roosevelt's victory over Hoover in November, 1932.

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LaGuardia Intl. Apt. Enterprise Rental Cars - 8334 23rd St.
Enterprise Car Rentals East Elmhurst - 108-14 Astoria Blvd.

Local Restaurants in East Elmhurst

    Joey's Place
    Entrees; cheese ravioli Florentine is cheese ravioli with tomato sauce, touch of cream on nest of spinach; angel hair primavera is angel hair with fresh veggies; angel hair with shrimp; rigatoni pomodoro with tomatoes, prosciutto & onions; rigatoni with shrimp & chicken, sundried tomatoes, asparagus, mushrooms, white wine, lemon sauce; fusilli Bolognese is pasta with tomato sauce; fettuccini alfredo is egg yolk, cream, grated cheese; linguine with meatballs; linguine with garlic & oil; linguine carbonara; linguine with garlic & oil; penne alla vodka is pasta with vodka, tomato sauce & touch of cream; linguine with red or white clam sauce; lasagna is housemade; stuffed shells; chicken scarpariello with garlic, mushrooms & lemon; chicken sorrentina is breast of chicken with marsala wine & mushrooms; chicken cutlet parmigiana; chicken & broccoli over linguine; grilled chicken Caesar salad; fresh filet of sole francese is filet of sole sautéed with white wine, garlic, lemon & served with rice; stuffed filet of sole is stuffed with freshly made crab meat; shrimp francese with white wine, butter & lemon; shrimp marinara is shrimp sautéed with white wine, garlic & tomatoes; veal marsala with cherry wine sauce & mushrooms; veal piccata is sautéed with white wine, garlic, lemon & mushrooms; pork chop pizzaiola with mushrooms, peppers, onions & tomato sauce; veal saltimbocca is veal sautéed with marsala wine covered with prosciutto & served on bed of spinach; veal francese is lightly egg battered veal scallopine sautéed in butter & lemon sauce; veal parmigiana is veal cutlet breaded & topped with tomato sauce & cheese. 


Cheese Ravioli Florentine Joey's Place East Elmhurst, New York


Shrimp Marinara Joey's Place East Elmhurst, New York


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Hertz Rental Cars East Elmhurst- 104-04 Ditmars Blvd.
LaGuardia Apt. Hertz Car Rental
 Marine Air Terminal Bldg. 22

Hertz Rental Car Ridgewood- 6115 Metropolitan Ave.

    Queens Museum of Art Queens Museum of Art East Elmhurst, Queens, New York
    The Queens Museum of Art in Queens, New York is a major art museum and educational center that is located in the Flushing Meadows Corona Park area that was started in 1970, in the former city building that had been constructed in 1939 for the World's Fair and hosted the UN General Assembly during 1946 to 1950. It contains the well known panorama of New York City, which was a scale model of the five boroughs that had been constructed for the World's Fair of 1964. It sits in the county's most diverse neighborhood and concentrates on an outstanding outreach program and access for many types of audiences. It has become famous for its international contemporary art exhibitions that showcase the hyper-diversity of the area, and their education department was the first in the nation to employ art therapists for the classrooms, and the public events department hired community organizers to help with local improvement initiatives. The structure it is housed in was designed by Aymar Embury II, and it is the last remaining substantial structure that is left from that fair. The UN general assembly would meet there from 1946 to 1950 and create UNICEF and the partitioning of both Palestine and Korea. In 1972, the northern side of the structure would be converted into the Queens Center for Art and Culture that would be renamed later to the Queens Museum of Art. Their permanent collection contains some 10,000 pieces of artworks, of which more than 6,000 are documents and objects that relate to the 1939 and 1964 World's Fairs and recent acquisitions include the magnificent works of Salvador Dali, almost 1000 drawings by the court reporter and political cartoonist, William Sharp, works by Mark Dion and Andrew Moore's photographs from Robert Moses and the modern city, which is a collection of photographs from the 1964 World's Fair Kodak Pavilion, as well as crime scene photographs from the Daily New Archive 1920s-1960s.  Perhaps the best known permanent display at the museum is the fantastic panorama of the city that had been commissioned by Robert Moses for the world's fair and consists of a 9,335 square foot architectural model that houses every structure that had been constructed in the city, in all five boroughs before 1992; which totals, 895,000 individual buildings. It was built with 100 workers for the architectural model makers of Raymond Lester Associates, taking three full years to complete.

avis discount rental car East Elmhurst

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LaGuardia Apt. Avis Car Rental  - 25 Bowery Bay Blvd.
Avis Car Rental JF Kennedy Apt.
- Bldg. 305 Federal Circle
Newark Liberty Intl. Apt. Avis Rental Cars
- 28 Newark Apt.
Avis Car Rental Westchester Cty. Apt. - 240 Apt. Rd. Ste. 105

    New York Hall of ScienceNew York Hall of Science Queens, New York
    The New York Hall of Science in Queens, New York is housed in one of the last surviving structures of the 1964 New York World's Fair in the Flushing Meadow Corona Park area of the borough and is the city's only hands-on science and technology center with more than 400 hands-on exhibits located in the marvelous building that includes, physics, biology and chemistry. The museum would be started in 1964 as part of the world's fair, and at that time, would be on of the few science museums in the world. The hall would stay open after the fair closed, and many of its venues, becoming a great resource for the students of the region. Although it didn't contain many exhibits, it did have plans for the world's first atomarium that would be opened to the public, and the museum would close in 1979 for significant restorations. The city hired physicist Alan Friedman in 1984 to assist with the overall transition from concentrating on science fiction to the significance of science to our everyday lives. It reopened in 1986, giving the city its first science museum since closing, with the outstanding exhibit of an atom that would be part of the $400,000 rejuvenation and expansion, which caused more visitors than expected to visit the marvelous museum. The decision to expand would be made in 1999, so that it could continue to grow and expand without an IMAX theater, since there were plenty of those around already, deciding instead to focus more on doubling its size and restoring its famous rockets that had been donated by the Space Program for the original fair, but later taken away, only to be returned in 2003. The hall continues to concentrate on educating the city's 1-17 year old school children, with a big permanent collection and numerous changing ones that would interest and excite the children. The hall would be one of the first museum's in the nation to have the children visiting there to assess its exhibits and give feedback to the museum that would enhance and further its objectives for the 1986 reopening. Their permanent collections include; an amateur radio station, Realm of the Atom, Connections: The Nature of Networks, Technology Gallery, Feedback, Rocket Park, Seeing the Light, Hidden Kingdoms: The World of Microbes, the Sports Challenge, Mathematica: A World of Numbers... and Beyond, Science Playground, Sound Sensations: The Inside Story of Audio, The Search for Life Beyond the Earth, Marvelous Molecules- The Secret of Life, Science Technology Library and Preschool Place.

Thrifty Car Rental East Elmhurst

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Manhattan Thrifty Rental Cars - 148 W. 83 St.
Thrifty Car Rental Montclair- 120 Watchung Ave.

    The Neustadt Collection of Tiffany GlassThe Neustadt Collection of Tiffany Glass Queens, New York
    The Neustadt Collection of Tiffany Glass was created to preserve, interpret and develop its unique collection of Tiffany windows, glass, lamps and related items that is available to publications, changing exhibitions and public programs. The collection strives to create a better understanding of the unique qualities by making its collectibles available to the public through its numerous traveling exhibitions to other museums and facilities around the nation. There are almost 300,000 pieces of flat and pressed glass that has been used by the Tiffany studios, with an excellent archival system that catalogs each piece, color, pattern and texture, that has been created for exhibition and study. The collection also is involved in gathering oral histories of the families of former Tiffany employees so that they can preserve the names and stories of the folks that were actually involved in the creations and made a famous success of Tiffany's. In 1935, Dr Egon Neustadt and his wife, Hildegard started collecting Tiffany pieces with the original purchase of a Tiffany desk lamp in New York City, although the company's elegant designs seemed to have fallen out of public favor, and when the doctor brought the lamp home and placed it on a table, their friends didn't seem to like it, which didn't seem to phase them in the least. It wouldn't be long before the doctor became enamored by the company and its objects, as he would become one of the earliest collectors of Tiffany objects. He would spend years amassing an encyclopedic collection that included desk, library, floor and reading lamps, along with shades and chandeliers. He also began collecting leaded-glass windows and bronze desk sets, and in 1967, he would acquire about 500 crates of sheet and pressed glass that had been made and used by the Tiffany studios that had been left over after the company went bankrupt in the 1930s. Dr. Neustadt would publish a book about his collection in 1970, entitled, The Lamps of Tiffany, and he would classify the various types of lamps and eventually develop a nomenclature that would be used to describe the numerous categories of the lamp designs. He gave the New York Historical Society, 135 lamps in 1983, and after he passed the next year, his Manhattan apartment would be discovered full of the lamps and windows of Tiffany from almost half a century of collecting. This phenomenal treasure would soon become the property of the Neustadt Collection of Tiffany Glass. The story of Louis C. Tiffany is a very interesting and exciting one, available at the gallery that is housed in the Queens Museum of Art in New York and is well worth visiting to view the beautiful Tiffany glassworks and the other Tiffany objects that have become more valuable than ever before.

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JFK Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental - Federal Circle Bldg. 312
Dollar Rental Car LaGuardia Intl. Apt. - 22-61 94th St.
Newark Intl. Apt. Dollar Rental Car 
 Bldg. #36 Station #P2 36 Carson Rd.

    The Morgan Library & MuseumThe Morgan Library & Museum New York
    The Morgan Library and Museum in New York City, was originally called the Pierpont Morgan Library, and houses a magnificent museum and research library that had been started to house the private library of J. P. Morgan in 1906. The spectacular collections include manuscripts and printed books, with many contained in rare bindings, his drawings collections and prints as well. The fabulous structure would be designed by Charles McKim from the firm of McKim, Mead and White and would initially cost $1.2 million, becoming a public facility in 1924 by John Pierpont Morgan, Jr. his son; and declared a National Historic Landmark in 1966, as well as being listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Currently, the library is a large complex of structures that serve as the museum and scholarly research center, with the original scope shaped in its early years by Morgan's personal librarian, Belle da Costa Greene. The magnificent collections contains many original and famous manuscripts and books, that include; numerous illuminated manuscripts, some by Sir Walter Scott and Honore de Balzac and even some scraps of paper where Bob Dylan wrote down "It Ain't Me Babe" and "Blowin in the Wind". There is a big collection of incunabula, drawings and prints of master European artists like Rembrandt, Leonardo, Michangleo, Gainsborough, Picasso, Raphael, Durer and Reubens, with many early printed Bibles, including three Gutenberg Bibles and a large number of excellent bookbinding. There is also items from ancient Egypt, medieval liturgical items that include Coptic literature examples, a journal by Henry David Thoreau, materials from Emile Zola, conceptual drawings for the Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery, manuscripts of George Sand, Charlotte Bronte, William Makepeace Thackeray, Lord Bryon and nine of Sir Walter Scott's novels that includes Ivanhoe, William Blake's original drawings for his edition of the Book of Job, a Percy Bysshe Shelley notebook, original poems by Robert Burns, a unique collection of autographed and annotated libretti and scores from Verdi, Beethoven, Mahler, Chopin and Brahms, as well as Mozart's Haffner Symphony in D Major and a Charles Dickens manuscript of A Christmas Carol. Other famous artists in the collections include; Paul Cezanne, John Ruskin, John Leech, Jean de Brunhoff, Vincent van Gogh, Rembrandt van Rijin and Gaston Phoebus. It houses one of the world's finest collections of ancient near Eastern cylinders seals, that are small stone cylinders finely engraved with images that would be transferred to clay when it was rolled over it and many music manuscripts and Victoriana, that contains one of the best collections of Gilbert and Sullivan manuscripts and pertinent articles. The initially dedicated structure to contain the magnificent library was the McKim building that Charles F. McKim designed in 1903, on the eastern right side of the residence of Morgan, which was a brownstone that had been constructed in 1880. His residence would be taken down in 1928 to make room for the reading room and exposition hall, that was also designed by McKim and the other brownstone house in the complex was constructed by Phelps, Dodge and Company in 1852 and bought by Morgan in 1904 that would become the residence of his son, J. P. Morgan Jr. from 1905 until 1938.

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Manhattan National Car Rentals - 19 E. 12th St.
National Rental Cars Manhattan - 252 W. 40th St.