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Iselin Alamo Car Rentals - 515 US Hwy. 1 S.

Things to do in Egg Harbor

    Roundhouse Museum Roundhouse Museum Egg Harbor, New Jersey
    The Roundhouse Museum in Egg Harbor, New Jersey has numerous collections that are historically important to the city, with excellent permanent exhibits that include Dr. Smith's health spa, Liberty glass, Grandpop's tools, C. P. Leek & sons boats, and clothing and wine industries information. They have an excellent rotating schedule for certain displays that have included links to county fairs, city tax that date back to 1862, local genealogies and the Civil War. They are open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, without charge, and supported by the Egg Harbor City Historical Society, so they are constantly getting new "old" antiquities, documents, relics and more that are sure to be of great interest whether you live here or not, since they are historically significant. The museum strives to collect and preserve items that pertain to the city's German heritage, that include old newspapers, photographs, records of all kinds, materials and items that were manufactured here, and always any genealogy records. Although the museum was only founded in 1993, it is housed in the marvelous old remaining structure that had been part of Dr. Smith's Neutral Waters Health Spa that was constructed in 1905 and had been a "vapor house" that is now listed on the state and National Register of Historic Places. Besides the aforementioned collections, the museum also collects city tax, general and cemetery records that date back to 1858, and also has many items left over from the business of Dr. Smith, education displays that date back to the first school in 1876 and many German heritage items like wine, beer, music and local newspapers.  The unique house has sixteen sides and had been part of Dr. Smith's Sanitarium, with a hotel that has since been torn down, and was a special resort for those wanting to find the fountain of youth by wading in the waters of Landing creek that is behind the house. Dr. Smith would claim to be more than 150 years old, after having waded many times in the youth restoring waters, so he would dig canals from the creek and construct his resort, although it seems to have failed since it is no longer a resort and not many people are walking around telling us how they had managed to live more than 120 years.

Budget rent a car Egg Harbor

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Atlantic City Intl. Apt. Budget Car Rentals
 101 Atlantic City Intl. Apt.

    Storybook LandStorybook Land Egg Harbor, New Jersey
    Storybook Land has been making children happy since 1955, in their entertaining and educational environment, where fun is the key word for the entire family, but more specifically, the kids. Sitting on twenty acres of excitement and fun, the park is a place where all your childhood memories are brought to life, with great nursery rhymes and excellent stories that have captured the hearts and minds of children for generations. It is a place that brings these famous old characters to life, with rides and attractions that are dedicated to making you and your children have the best memories ever, with something to take with you as you travel the roads of life. You pay one price for everything, and get more in return, with staff members devoted to ensuring your child's safety and well being, and rides that are perfect for the younger crowd. Some of these great adventurous rides include Bubbles the coaster that is a dragon style roller coaster ride that is sure to excite everyone in the family, or the rockin tug that is a tug boat simulator that rocks, twists and turns you around in every direction as you go through its course. Rock Spin roll is another great ride that spins around and around, like a magical top, with great colorful seats that just spin and take your children around a course, or the tea time ride, the carousel with its colorful horses and the happy dragon that rises into the sky like a dragon taking off for a flight around the world, or the balloons ride that is like a small hot air balloon that spins around and goes up and down. Old tymers is a antique car type of ride that is like a go cart around a track, but more colorful and a modern old time car taking you for a ride. Then there is the turtle twirl, the J & J railroad and the jumping jumbos that look like miniature elephants going around a track. The park also has a great tram that takes you around the park so you don't have to run around it with your kids. They have some great places to eat or snack, like the Gingerbread house snack bar, the Dining Depot, Caboose Cafe and the Watering Can, that offer great snacks, like pizza, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, French fries, popcorn, nachos, drinks, lemonade and Philadelphia water ice, ice cream and much more.

Enterprise rent- a- car Egg Harbor

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Egg Harbor Enterprise Rental Car - 6017 Black Horse Pike
Enterprise Car Rental Atlantic City Apt.
 101 Atlantic City Apt.

Local Restaurants in Egg Harbor

    The Crab Trap
    Entrees; include house salad & fresh housemade bread; blackened redfish seared, topped with simmered red onion & mushrooms; fresh flounder filet broiled or fried; honey glazed salmon with sweet potato crust, braised spinach; sesame crusted tuna steak with Thai pepper sauce; baked stuffed shrimp 3, stuffed with house crab imperial; shrimp scampi in garlic butter sauce, rice or cappellini; baked crab au gratin is lump crabmeat in creamy cheese sauce, oven browned; broiled cold water lobster tail; deviled clam platter with best house tartar sauce & lemon; chicken piccata is boneless breast sautéed in lemon caper sauce, seasoned rice; filet mignon is 10oz. prime filet, served with béarnaise sauce & onion rings; grilled pork chops 2 10oz. pork chops rosemary demi glace; Texas porterhouse is 24oz. western cut steak, onion rings, smashed potatoes.

    Bonefish Grill
    Entrees; Lily's chicken with goat cheese, spinach, artichoke hearts, lemon basil sauce; fontina chop is boneless pork chop, fontina cheese, garlic, prosciutto, mushroom marsala, wine sauce; chicken marsala with mushrooms & prosciutto marsala wine sauce; filed mignon center cut 8 or 6oz.; sirloin & crab cake dinner with 6oz. center cut sirloin & Maryland style crab cake; pecan parmesan crusted rainbow trout with artichoke hearts, fresh basil & lemon butter; imperial longfin is pan-seared, baked, stuffed with shrimp, scallops, crab meat, lemon caper butter; diablo shrimp fettuccine with tomatoes, capers, onions, green chiles & spinach fettuccine in garlic cream sauce; Maryland crab cake dinner is 2 broiled crab cakes & red remoulade.


Blackened Redfish The Crab Trap Egg Harbor, New Jersey




Pecan Parmesan Encrusted Rainbow Trout Bonefish Grill Egg Harbor, New Jersey

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Hertz Rental Cars Atlantic City Intl. Apt.
 101 Atlantic City Intl. Apt.

Atlantic City Hertz Car Rental - Tilton Rd.
Hertz Rental Car Hammonton- 847 S. Whitehorse Pike

    Renault Winery Renault Winery Egg Harbor, New Jersey
    If you are looking for something unique and surprising for your dad on Father's Day, or any other time to celebrate having a great man in your life, then look no further than the Renault Winery Resort and Golf Course, in Egg Harbor, New Jersey. Not only do they have great gourmet restaurants that serve their excellent wines, grown and made here, they have the Renault Gourmet restaurant, Joseph's Bar and Grill or the Tuscany House Hotel, along with the outstanding hospitality tours and motor coach tours, the Vineyard golf course, and a magnificent venue to hold your weddings, banquets, special events, meetings or just a cozy little spot to celebrate your marriage again and again. The fabulous winery is over a hundred and fifty years old, and recognized as a state historical site, and actually one of the oldest continuously operating wineries in the nation, and is one of the most popular attractions in the state of New Jersey. They have many package deals, that include hotel stays and specials, with a fabulous Sunday brunch or Friday night buffet, where you will get your fill of excellent cuisine and more. You can enjoy a great gourmet meal and then spend the night in the great hotel, with an even better brunch if you stay over Saturday night and hit the restaurant in the morning. Add to that the opportunity to enjoy a great round of golf on the 7200 yard championship golf course with magnificent views of the vineyard and hotel, that has meticulously maintained greens and fairways that will challenge you every step of the way. There are numerous hazards, ponds, lakes, bunkers and more to make this course quite challenging and force you to use every club in your bag, with a marvelous place to sit and sip on a very great wine. The first hole will set the pace, as it has two sets of tees, and is a long par 4, with a double fairway, with bunkers midway and an elevated green, that is also surrounded by two bunkers, one shaped like a heart and the other like a four leaf clover. But you will be rewarded at the finish when you come into the clubhouse and enjoy one of the course's outstanding wines or drinks. See you there.

avis discount rental car Egg Harbor

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Atlantic City Intl. Apt. Avis Car Rental  
 101 Atlantic City Intl. Apt.

    Batsto LakeBatsto Lake Egg Harbor, New Jersey
    Batsto Lake and river would be the main reasons to locate the iron furnace here, and then to construct a small village to house the workers and their families, since the rivers were a natural source for bog ore, that was very plentiful in the water beds in and around the growing village. The deposits would be mined and brought to the iron furnace for processing, and the iron that came from it would be used locally for the manufacture or creation of pots, stoves, kettles and more, being transported to various areas in the east that would become a valuable asset for the village and surrounding lands. The lake would be created by a dam that allowed boats to move the bog ore from its beds and streams to the furnace, as well as providing power to the gristmill and sawmill, with great fishing around and in the waters, as well as outstanding canoeing. There is a nature center close by and it has eight canoes for rent if you should care to take one out for a nice afternoon of canoeing and sightseeing. There is an old Batsto ore boat located at the village, that had been excavated from the bottom of the lake in 1957, and is a great example of the old ore boats that would carry the ore to the furnace in the early 19th century. The iron furnace would be constructed by Charles Read of Burlington, Vermont, in 1766 and would manufacture cannons, munitions and other items that would become quite necessary to the army of the new nation that was fighting against the British. After the war, the furnace would make many items, although it is no longer available to be viewed. It had used charcoal for fuel, that was made in the area, and would help make many more treasures, like the glass works, cottages, farm, Batsto church, post office, the mansion, ice house, blacksmith, sawmill and gristmill that are now part of the marvelous attraction called Batsto Village.

Thrifty Car Rental Egg Harbor

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East Brunswick Thrifty Rental Cars - 215 Rt. 18 S.

    Egg Harbor City LakeEgg Harbor City Lake New Jersey
    The Egg Harbor City lake is set within the New Jersey Pine Barrens, with wonderful outdoor activities for the whole family, with fully equipped and wooded campsites, picnic shelters and swimming areas, with excellent educational programs for the kids during the months of July and August, as well as a brand new playground. The thirty acre lake is full of fantastic fishing that includes; bluegill, yellow perch, red-ear sunfish, black crappie, pumpkinseed sunfish and largemouth bass. There is a great pier for various entertaining opportunities, floating, restrooms, beach, swimming pool and swimming area in the lake, a playground and great wading area. The park area has a five star camping area that has 50 amp power, water, electric, handicap access, waterfront access, tent area, pull-thrus, big rig access, sewer, cable TV, laundry, store, pet friendly, cabins, LP gas, hot tub, game room, 55+ park, Wi-Fi, playground and much more that is sure to give you and your family a great stay, and especially for the 20 to 30 dollar price. Be sure to come early since there are only 20 sites and there are on a first come first serve basis and fill up quickly during the summer months. What sets this lake apart from so many others is that every year after the season is over, they drain the lake waters and clean out all the debris that has been deposited or lost overboard.

Dollar Rent-A-Car Egg Harbor

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Newark Intl. Apt. Dollar Car Rental
 Bldg. #36 Station #P2 36 Carson Rd.

    Batsto Historic VillageBatsto Historic Village Egg Harbor, New Jersey
    In mentioning the many amenities of Batsto Lake earlier, it is obvious that Batsto Village is also of great significance, located in the Wharton State Forest in the south central Pine Barrens, as well as part of the Pinelands National Preserve, listed in the state's and National Register of Historic Places; derived from the Swedish batstu or bathing place. It is believed that the first bathers might have been the Lenni-Lenape Indians, until 1766, when Charles Read, a well known ironmaster, would arrive and construct the Batsto Iron Works along the Batsto River near the site of the future village that would grow up here. The region had more than enough bog ore in the streams and rivers, with plenty of woods around that would produce charcoal to fire up the furnace, and the rivers would be used for iron making. In 1773, John Cox would purchase the works that had been making pots, kettles, fire stoves and more; but would begin making supplies for the American revolution, and by 1779, it would be purchased by Joseph Ball, who had been the manager, and his uncle, William Richards, would buy a controlling interest in it in 1784. During the next 94 years, the Richards family would construct the majority of the buildings in the village, with Richards staying on as the ironmaster until he retired in 1809. His son, Jesse would succeed him, and he would manage the works until his passing in 1854, and then his son, Thomas H. would take control. By the mid 19th century, the demand for iron had declined somewhat, and that would be from so many ironworks being built; so Batsto would try its hand at glass making, although it would make good on it, and the company went into bankruptcy. Philadelphia businessman, Joseph Wharton, would purchase it in 1876, along with a great many other properties in the region, improving many of the structures in the village, became involved in a number of lumber projects, as well as agricultural, including cranberry farming and a sawmill. He passed on in 1909, and the properties would then be managed by the Girard Trust company in Philadelphia, until the late 1950s, when the state would buy the properties and start planning its use and development, with a few people still living in the village; but the last one would be emptied by 1989. Now, there are over forty sites and buildings that include the blacksmith shop, the Batsto mansion, a gristmill, post office that is still in operation, but no zip code, wheelwright shop, and more.

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