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Things to do in Ferndale

    Detroit ZooDetroit Zoo Royal Oak, Michigan
    The Detroit Zoo or more officially, the Detroit Zoological Park is about two miles north of Detroit, in Royal Oak, Michigan, where it opened in 1883, across the site from the Tiger Stadium and began, when a circus came to town and went bankrupt. One of the city's leading citizens and capitalist, purchased the animals from the circus and built a structure to showcase these critters and called it the Detroit Zoological Garden. The attendance wasn't as good as hoped, and they shut it down the next year, making the building a place to auction off horses. The Detroit Zoological Society would be founded next, in 1911, although the zoo wouldn't open until 1928, without cages, but rather moats and other construction devices to keep the animals contained. Within two years, a bear den and sheep rock were installed, then a bird house, elk display, baboon rock and primate and reptile houses as well. This would become the first zoo in the country that didn't house or cage their animals, but rather used more natural environments to contain them, which was more conducive to visitor and animal interaction. The Great Depression would slow things down, and wouldn't begin increasing until after WWII, although during that period, a four year old chimpanzee named Jo Mendi was bought by the zoo director with his own money. The chimp had been involved in the movies and Broadway, so could and would perform various tricks and acts for the audience, that enthralled them all. His routines would amaze and amuse the audience, by lacing his shoes, dressing, counting his fingers, danced, poured tea and drank it, ate with a spoon and even would wave good-by to his admirers. In 1932, he would become sick, after eating a penny, so surgeons were brought in to assist, and while he recovered, visitors would bring thousands of cards and letters, peanuts, toys and over $500 worth of flowers. Sadly, he would die in 1934 from hoof and mouth disease. Today, the zoo is involved in many Species survival plans that help save endangered species, as well as raising trumpeter swans and partula snails to be reintroduced into the wild, as well as taking in abused circus animals. During the spring of 2005, two wolverine kits were born in the zoo, which was quite a rare event, since they don't fare well breeding in captivity, but it would be significant to the state of Michigan since it is called the Wolverine state. In 2001, the world's biggest polar bear display opened, called the Arctic Ring of Life, with many others that would create such a great interest and attendance at the zoo.

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    Ferndale Historical MuseumFerndale Historical Museum Ferndale, Michigan
    The Ferndale Historical Museum is housed in the former Canadian Legion Post No. 71 building with a bright yellow door that stands out so folks can't miss it, and has been in existence since 1983, at the same location, and is filled with outstanding and informative displays and exhibits. It has a large and excellent photographic collection, with a marvelous ten year project that would end with at least one page of information about every house in the city, about the former and current owners and residents. Unfortunately, by 2007, the museum was filled to its capacity, so the museum is desperately in search of a new home, where all the many exhibits and collections can be better showcased and seen. The collections include a chronological survey of the city's history, the many mayors and people that served on the city's council, Radio City theater, Lincoln High School, the Lincoln mural, Grand Trunk station, Rodgers' Dutch mill, Castle on the Nine, the Tabernacle, Hedge's wigwam, the Ferndale Gazette records, Pamphlets of the past and two videos that include great images from the past. It has many other materials and items of historical significance, as well as thousands of records from the city's past, it people and the businesses that were born there and those that are still located there. It has thousands of pictures, and many items for sale that are of great interest to the citizens of the area, as well as many genealogical records and histories.

Enterprise rent- a- car Ferndale

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Local Restaurants in Ferndale

    Vianove Restaurant
    Entrees; capesante is sea scallops wrapped with salmon, served with wild mushroom tortino & roasted lobster sauce; seared duck is pan seared, crisp bacon, kale, lentil cakes & caramelized orange sauce; filet mignon with poached asparagus, rosemary potato flan & demi glace; lamp chops pistachio encrusted, with roasted root veggies; chicken piccante with capers, mushrooms & artichokes in white wine & lemon sauce; BBQ salmon is bourbon BBQ sauce rubbed Canadian salmon over ratatouille salsa; veal tosca limone is parmesan egg battered veal, pan fried over gnocchi palomino; montecarlo is seared chicken medallions topped with prosciutto & mozzarella, over golden potatoes; branzino is whole grilled Mediterranean sea bass with olives, tomato & potato hash; aragosto al forno is broiled lobster tail served with potato flan & asparagus spears.

    Howe's Bayou
    Entrees comes with one side; Mississippi Farm raised catfish mustard fried in corn meal or blackened served with dirty rice; fresh Great Lakes perch with sautéed veggies; blackened voodoo chicken salad over warmed mixed greens & veggies served with original house New Orleans BBQ sauce; Atchafalaya chicken is citrus & cardamom spice rubbed chicken breast served over rice & corn maque choux; grilled domestic lam chops is 4 chops served with garlic green beans; rib eye is grilled or blackened served with garlic mashed potatoes; rib eye with house New Orleans voodoo sauce; jambalaya is tomato scented rice with chicken & andouille sausage; shrimp Creole is spicy tomato sauce with peppers, onions & celery; chicken Creole; vegetarian Creole with seasonal veggies & portabellas; red beans & rice with andouille sausage; N'Orleans pasta is chorizo, chicken & crawfish in spiced light cream sauce.


Pistachio Encrusted Lamb Chops Vianove Restaurant Ferndale, Michigan




Chicken Creole Howe's Bayou Ferndale, Michigan

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    Edsel and Eleanor Ford HouseEdsel & Eleanor Ford House Ferndale, Michigan
    The Edsel and Eleanor Ford House, called "Gaukler Point" is situated on the shores of Lake St. Claire in Gross Point Shores, Michigan, became the residence of the Ford family in 1929; Edsel being the son of Henry Ford and an executive at the Ford Motor Company, designed by architect, Albert Kahn, with the landscaping and gardens planned out by well known landscape designer Jens Jensen. The couple would travel to England with the architect for ideas about the plans, where they would become favorable to the vernacular architecture of the Cotswolds, so they instructed Kahn to design a house that would somewhat resemble the village cottages that were quite typical of the area. The design would include sandstone walls on the exterior, a slate roof with the shingles getting smaller as they approached the peak, and moss with ivy growing across the outside walls, with the construction beginning in 1926. It would only take a year to build, but the interior would take two since they used antique wood paneling and fireplaces that came from English manor houses; with the interior fittings being adapted by Charles Roberson, who was an expert at adapting the old European paneling and fittings to his American interior. The fabulous gallery room, that is the biggest room in the house, is paneled with 16th century oak linenfold relief carved wood paneling, while the hooded chinmeypiece would be taken from the Wollaston Hall in Worcestershire, England, after the wooden framed house had been demolished in 1925, and the dismantled materials sold. In the late 1930s, 14th century stained-glass window medallions would be added. Many of the fabulous elements brought to the house came from other majestic mansions in England that had been dismantled and the materials sold, which worked out perfectly for the new house at Gaukler Point. The kitchen counters are made from sterling silver, there is a "secret" photographic darkroom behind one of the panels in Edsel's office, with the art deco styled rooms designed by Walter Dorwin Teague, who was a top industrial designer in the 1930s. His first floor modern room showcases indirect lighting, taupe colored leather wall panels and a curved niche with 18 vertical mirrored sections. The mansion would feature a magnificent art collection, that personified the couple's status as museum benefactors, and after Eleanor's death, many of the more significant paintings being donated to the Detroit Institute of Arts. The French style dining room showcases two original Paul Cezanne paintings, along with reproductions of Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Edgar Degas artworks.

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 2068 E. Street

    Model T Automotive Heritage Complex Model T Automotive Heritage Complex Detroit, Michigan
    The Ford Piquette Avenue manufacturing plant is still in excellent condition, well preserved for a structure that was built in 1904, with its exterior looking like it does in the numerous photographs that still exist showing the plant in the early days of its existence, with its original red brick still holding soundly, as well as the windows and fire escapes. When you visit the third floor, it is as if you had entered the early 20th century, never repainted since 1910, and the original fire doors still attached to the firewalls with the stenciled lettering, "Positively No Smoking" signs hanging in the same place they were placed in 1904. This is where some 12,000 Model T Fords would be manufactured, with the experimental room still sitting in a back corner where Henry Ford would develop his innovative Model T. There is also an exhibit that covers five bays that show the Model T in various stages of assembly, that also explains the stationary assembly process before automated moving assembly lines were created. On the second and third floors, there are different Model T's and other Piquette period Fords being showcased, with many dozens of interpretive panels that explain and inform visitors about the history of the plant and the thousands of people that would work there. There is a marvelous gift shop that still sells many Model T memorabilia, clothing and other Ford items. You will also be able to learn more about the other models that were produced at this plant between 1904 and 1910, and the many colorful people that would set a world's record for car production and make the Ford Motor Company the biggest in the world. Visitors will discover more about the many people that would come here to work the 10 hours a day, six days a week production and how the "Tin Lizzies" would be made before the moving assembly lines. While in the area, you can also visit other important Ford heritage sites and attractions like the Clara and Henry Ford home on Edison Avenue, that is a 1908 Italian renaissance revival style mansion, the John F. Dodge home constructed in 1906 and many other exciting and interesting venues.

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    Saginaw Trail/John Alman Starr HouseSaginaw Trail/John Alman Starr House Royal Oak, Michigan
    The Saginaw Trail is a collective name for linked roads in southeastern Michigan that goes from Detroit to Saginaw, through Pontiac and Flint, originally a tribal foot trail, authorized by the territorial government in 1818. The road has endured a number of designation changes over the past two centuries, in number and name, becoming a secondary route after the construction of I-75. Nowadays, drivers can follow this marvelous and historic trail called Saginaw beginning at Woodward Avenue in the city of Detroit, Michigan and going north, often featured in films and television shows. The Sauk Indian tribe lived along the St. Lawrence River many centuries ago, but as other tribes began to migrate into Michigan, they would be driven north to the Saginaw Bay area of the territory, and because of the yellow clay soil that is located around the Saginaw Bay area, their self-designation would become an Indian word for "yellow-earth". The Ottawa and Ojibwe name for them was "ozaagii" that meant those at the outlet, while the French called them Sac, but the English just called them "Sauk". When the Hurons attacked them with weapons supplied by the French, they would be driven further west into what are now Illinois and Wisconsin. It was these Sauk Indians that started an unnamed trial from Detroit to Saginaw, and after the Europeans arrived, they would also use the trail, which they would name the Saginaw Trail, and requested that the government should modernize the trail for their horses and carriages. There is a historical marker by the John Alman Starr house in Royal Oak that said the trail was one of peaceable intentions, and the locals would use the road to travel between houses during the seasons, as well as using the trail to carry provisions and food. You can still see visible parts of the old trail through Royal Oak, and the property next to John Alman Starr's house, that is now the home of the Chisholm and Shuttie law firm, there is a section of the trail that is sunken to the ground. The Starr house, on Crooks Road, is about a mile from the Woodward Avenue area. A wonderful old movie starring Gene Autry called Saginaw Trail was made here in 1953 that depicts the 19th century fur trading days in the region.

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    Orson Starr HomeOrson Starr Home Royal Oak, Michigan
    In 1820 and the 1830s, American settlers would migrate west, coming from upstate New York, seeking lands to farm and raise families, and enjoy the worship of their beliefs. The westward migration would start in the timeframe and continue for several decades, with the early settlers of Royal Oak being part of this historical movement, clearing the lands, constructing their homes and planting crops in the Michigan territory. When the railroad arrived and began to expand, industries like logging, milling and others would develop. One of the original farmers from upstate New York, was Orson Starr, the first manufacturer, making their living by producing bricks and cowbells; with the cowbells made by Starr being eagerly sought after by the collectors of today. In 1845, Starr would construct a wooden frame house two miles north of downtown Royal Oak, and lived in by his descendants until the late 1970s, when the city of Royal Oak purchased it. It is listed in the state's Register of Historic Sites and made into a historic district.

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