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Things to do in Florissant

    Florissant Valley Historical Society Florissant Valley Historical Society Florrisant, Missouri
    The Florissant Valley Historical Society in Florissant, Missouri is located in the magnificent and luxurious Taille de Noyer House, which is a historical antebellum mansion that majestic pillars spread across the front veranda and considered to be the oldest house left in the St. Louis County. The oldest part of this gorgeous house is a two room log cabin that had been used to contain a thriving fur trading business and dates from 1790. The beautiful house was constructed by a French trader in a 350 acre walnut grove that is located at the edge of the Commons of Florissant. Over the centuries, the people that lived in this marvelous estate were witnesses to the amazing changes that would take it from a gigantic wilderness to the outstanding city of Florissant, which is now the sixth biggest community in the state. The fabulous house was moved in 1960, from its original site by the city's historical society, and now is situated next to a busy interstate highway, by its main entrance. The original log cabin was bought by John Mullanphy in 1805, who had been an early merchant and trader of the city, as well as becoming the first millionaire of St. Louis, giving the family five generations of people the perfect place to live and grow.  John was born in Ireland in 1758 and with his wife, Elizabeth, immigrated to America in 1792 and would live in Philadelphia, Baltimore and then Frankfurt, Kentucky before finally coming to St. Louis. He opened a store on Second Street and started buying real estate, with the rough log cabin trading post becoming his first acquisition, which he would use for a hunting lodge. John began loving the wild country and the small settlement of Florissant, hoping that the town would become the new seat of the state's new government, even going so far as to offer land to build a courthouse that would hold the state offices and legislature. His kind offer was refused, so he concentrated his efforts on the city of St. Louis, constructing the first hospital west of the Mississippi River. Taille de Noyer is a final reminder of the rural life of the early 19th century and the log cabin given to his daughter, Jane and her husband, Charles Chambers in 1817, in hopes of luring them back to the area after they had honeymooned in New York. The Mullanphys began enlarging the house in 1819 and began living there in 1820, with the house much more luxurious than the log cabin and filled with family heirlooms. They would have 17 children, and the house would grow accordingly to accommodate them all, until it became a mansion of elegant style with 22 rooms, each with its own marvelous fireplace of brick made somewhere on the property and another addition that included the summer kitchen that would be located near the main house. It would become a favorite place for the sons to hang out, and in 1960, one hundred and forty years of Mullanphy occupancy ended, when the property would be acquired by the Ferguson-Florissant School District for the proposed expansion of the McCluer High School. After the kitchen and hand bricks were taken away, the historical society had the mansion preserved as a historical house and had a great fundraiser that would get enough money to move the house, two hundred yards from its old location. The two bedrooms and two rooms located in the newer wing downstairs would be opened to the public in 1965, and a year later, two more rooms and a nursery were renovated and furnished with period furniture. It is still an ongoing project, with a marvelous museum and country store located in the basement, with the logs from the original foundation still seen.

    Old St. Ferdinand's Shrine
    Old St. Ferdinand's Shrine Florissant, MissouriThe Old St. Ferdinand Shrine and Historical Site in Florissant, Missouri is owned, preserved and taken care of by the Friends of Old St. Ferdinand, Inc., a nonprofit that began in 1959 to safeguard the outstanding history and artifacts that has been discovered or donated. When the first settlers arrived here is still unknown, but it is recognized as one of the first settlement's of the state, with many historians believing that it was incorporated about the same time as St. Louis. It would get its first civil government in 1786, created by Francois Dunegant, who would become the first military and civil commandant. Spanish archives, discovered in Havana, Cuba, show that there were about 40 people and 7 plantations founded in the area, when the 1787 census was taken, and called Fleurissant by the French settlers and St. Ferdinand by the Spanish rulers, with a typical French village surrounded by commons and common fields. The first church, which was constructed of logs, was directed by Hyacenthe Deshetres, and built on the southeast corner of the block that had been bounded by the rue St. Charles, the rue St. Ferdinand, the rue St. Louis and the rue St. Denis under a grant given by Spain. Francois, the local commandant had been appointed by Alejandro O'Reilly, the Spanish general in New Orleans, and in 1821, Father de la Croix would lay the cornerstone of the new brick church that was being constructed to replace the small log cabin that had been destroyed by fire in 1836. That cornerstone had been a gift from Mother Philippine Rose Duchesne, who would live the convent from 1819 to 1827 and again from 1834 to 1840, as she slowly stabilized the region and constructed the first school in Florissant.

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    Mildred Lane Kemper Art MuseumMildred Lane Kemper Art Museum St. Louis, Missouri
    The Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, is most often called "the Milly", and sits in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, started in 1881, as the St. Louis School and Museum of Fine Arts, and located in a downtown building, and is the oldest art museum west of the Mississippi River. The collection had been created, for the most part, by getting important works by artists of that period, with the legacy continuing today. It has become one of the best university collections in the nation, with strong holdings in 19th, 20th and 21st century American and European photographs, sculptures, prints, installations and paintings; along with some outstanding Greek and Egyptian antiquities, the Wulfing Collection of about 14,000 ancient Byzantine, Greek and Roman coins and old Master prints. In 2006, the museum would be moved into its newly designed building, by Pritzker Prize winner, Fumihiko Maki, and has drawn many people to its excellent collections. Halsey C. Ives would become the first director and while he was there, the collection became more focused on contemporary American artists, like William Merritt Chase. Charles Parsons would donate his marvelous collection in 1905, and it contained many works by Frederic Edwin Church and the museum became one of the biggest holders of American contemporary artworks. The museum would be moved to the Palace of Fine Arts in Forest Park in 1906, where it remained until 1909, when the city museum was created and started to collect works that weren't part of the university's collections. That collection would be "on loan" until 1960. As of 2009, the museum houses four major exhibits, with the Newman Money Museum located on the bottom floor, with a history and showcase of coins and paper money that has a talking Benjamin Franklin describing his influence on money to the visitors. Their newest exhibits include; Shaping the Future, which explores Eero Saarinen's architecture projects and the Political Eye: Nineteenth-Century French Caricature and the Mass Media. The permanent collection of the museum is located on the top floor and contains such marvelous works as Daniel Boone Escorting Settlers through the Cumberland Gap that had been painted by George Caleb Bingham.  Other artists included in the collections are; Durer and Rembrandt, William Hogarth's Lord Grey and Lady Mary West as Children, Thomas Eakin's Portrait of Professor W. D. Marks, Max Beckmann's Les Artites mit Gemuse, Max Ernst's L'oeil du Silence, Juan Gris's Damier et Cartes a Jouer, Pablo Picasso's La Bouteille de Suze, Jackson Pollack's Sleeping Effort, Robert Rauschenberg's Choke, Eduardo Chillida's Rumor de Limites, Lucio Fontana's Spatial Concept and other works by Wolfgang Tillmans, Jenny Holzer, Katharina Sieverding, Franz Ackermann, Lorna Simpson, John Baldessari, Cosima von Bonin, Kiki Smith, Barbara Kruger, Christian Boltanshi, Tim Rollins, Gunther Forg, Olafur Eilasson, Edward Ruscha, Isa Genzken, Michel Majerus and Candida Hofer. 

     Thomas Sappinton House
    Thomas Sappington House Crestwood, MissouriThe Sappington House in Crestwood, Missouri sits out like a sore thumb today, sitting in the midst of modern 21st century developments and busy streets, as it sits serenely and resilient as it did back in 1808 when it would be constructed in the wilderness of St. Louis County. Looking at the exterior, it is somewhat difficult to imagine what it looked like over a century ago, since the area has become so modernized, but the interior will transport you back in time with the outstanding furnishings and furniture that is housed inside. The house is considered the first brick house constructed in the county, made on the site by slaves, who would work hard and continuously to build the two story five room farm house. Thomas constructed his home while Thomas Jefferson was president, just after the famous Lewis and Clark Expedition that opened this country to an amazing westward migration. The house and its out buildings are now part of a museum, with marvelous gift shop, restaurant and tea house. Thomas was one of 17 children born to John and Jemima Sappington, and John had fought in the Revolutionary War as one of George Washington's personal bodyguard at Valley Forge and once the war was over, had headed west, going first to Kentucky, and then Missouri. John bought 1920 acres of land in the area that grew into Crestwood, Missouri, and later gave some of the land as a wedding gift to his son, Thomas, who designed the house in the Federal style. It is one of those rare gems often discovered in small towns across this great nation, and hidden by time and the people that wanted to be left alone to work their lands and raise their families without the need to be in the limelight. The wonderful house would be occupied until 1959, with a number of light bulbs installed, but otherwise the house remained in its early 19th century conditions. By that time, it still had fireplaces to heat it, no running water and the owner cooked their meals on a Franklin stove.

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Local Restaurants in Florissant

    Hendel's Market Cafe
    Entrees; pastas include house salad; Italian sausage pasta is Italian sausage, tomatoes, spinach sautéed & tossed with vermicelli & marinara sauce, topped with fresh parmesan; Cajun carbonara is fresh shrimp & andouille sausage, tomatoes, & scallions tossed with vermicelli in Cajun cream sauce topped with fresh parmesan cheese; pasta Fleurissant is bow tie pasta blended with grilled chicken breast, sun dried tomatoes & mushrooms in garlic cream sauce; crabmeat fettuccini is Alaskan snow crabmeat with diced tomatoes & scallions tossed with fettuccini noodles & garlic cream sauce; grilled chicken fettuccini is marinated grilled chicken breast in light cream sauce with mushrooms & scallions tossed with fettuccini noodles; seafood includes house salad, seasonal veggies & starch of the day; crab cakes is chef's own Louisiana style, served with spicy salsa on bed of tobacco onions; grilled salmon filet served on puff pastry crust with diced tomatoes & toasted almonds drizzled with basil pesto sauce; grilled mahi mahi filet topped with sautéed asparagus, sun dried tomatoes & artichoke hearts drizzled with fresh lemon; dill encrusted tilapia is fresh water mild fish gently rolled in dill crumb mix with Chinese mustard sauce; raspberry pork is pounded pork tenderloin medallions sautéed & served with a European Dijon raspberry sauce; porterhouse pork chops is 2 8oz. center cut pork chops lightly seasoned & grilled topped with sautéed onions; Italian breaded pork is pork tenderloins medallions sautéed with Italian bread crumbs topped with sautéed portabella mushrooms, spinach & mozzarella cheese; chicken feta is sautéed chicken breast topped with sautéed tomatoes, red onions & scallions topped with crumbled feta cheese; chicken Sebastian is sautéed chicken breast topped with fresh asparagus, mushrooms & provel cheese topped with garlic cream sauce; filet is hand cut from tenderloin topped with hollandaise, 8oz. steak is center cut; strip is NY strip 10oz. hand cut encrusted with fresh ground Indian black peppercorns & charbroiled; prime rib is 12oz. slow roasted with warm au jus & horseradish sauce.

    Entrees; served with choice of 2 of following; steak fries, seasoned fried, mashed potatoes, skinny fries, matt chips, country fried potatoes, baked potato, potato salad, baked beans, applesauce, corn, green beans, cole slaw; strip steak is certified angus beef strip, traditionally prepared; ribeye steak is 9oz. house cut certified angus ribeye grilled & served on white bread; filet of sirloin is 8oz grilled certified angus beef, cut from heart of the sirloin; roast beef is certified angus beef served on open faced white bread, topped with brown gravy; double burger is half pound 2 certified angus beef patties regular or BBQ served on bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle or mayonnaise on request; chicken fried steak is certified angus beef chicken fried steaks served on white bread & topped with gravy; pork chops is 2 center cut rib chops grilled; pork steak is dipped in BBQ sauce served on white bread; fried shrimp served with choice of cocktail or tartar sauce; fried clams served with choice of cocktail or tartar sauce; chicken breast is 8oz. grilled or BBQ style on white bread or Kaiser roll; chicken strips is four large strips served with choice of dipping sauce; cod platter 2pcs. is dipped in seasoned breading then deep fried served on white bread; tilapia platter 2pcs. is lightly breaded & fried golden served with white bread.

Italian Sausage Pasta Hendel's Market Cafe Florissant, Missouri


Grilled Mahi Mahi Hendel's Market Cafe Florissant, Missouri


Raspberry Pork Hendel's Market Cafe Florissant, Missouri


 Roast Beef Mattingly's Florissant, Missouri

Chicken Fried Steak Mattingly's Florissant, Missouri




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    Jesuit Museum Jesuit Museum Florissant, Missouri
    The Museum of the Western Jesuit Missions in Florissant, Missouri started in 1823, encouraged by Bishop Louis W. V. DuBourg of the Louisiana territory and President James Monroe. They constructed eight Belgian Jesuit missionaries of logs and an Indian school in Florissant, which started the St. Stanislaus Seminary. The original log buildings would be replaced with "the Rock building" in 1840, with three foot thick walls of limestone that had been quarried from the cliffs of the Missouri River. During one period, the seminary would be completely self-sufficient, much as the medieval monasteries of olden times, and held 999 acres of wheat fields, vineyards, orchard, bakery, chicken ranch, butcher shop, cattle barn and creamery. As the center of learning moved to St. Louis, the seminary would close in 1971 and by 1972, most of the lands would be sold off, to the Pentecostal Church. The Missouri Province Jesuits would be given the use of the Rock building and the cemetery land as long as they would use them as a historical site and cemetery, with the newer structures being sold off to the Gateway College of Evangelism. Frs. Faherty and Heithaus would work hard to keep the Rock building as preserved as possible, with the Museum of the Western Jesuit Missions as the centerpiece. In 2002, the Jesuits would end their 180 year presence in the city, and move the outstanding relics and collections to the campus of St. Louis University, and the former site at the Rock Building closed. The Jesuits also decided to move the 120 Jesuits buried in the cemetery to the bigger cemetery at the St. Louis Church, where the brothers are now interred.

    Woodcock Museum
    Woodcock Museum St. Louis, MissouriThe Woodcock Museum in St. Louis, Missouri houses the magnificent collections of Aileen and Lyle Woodcock and was started to enrich the lives of the community with public knowledge and appreciation of the American arts and culture. Some of the collections include American artwork by such notable artists as Cassily, Benton, Bierstadt, Adams, Berninghaus, Bingham, Berke, Blake, Bodmer, Sloan, Bransky, Walker, Carl, Wimar, John, Brown, George, Cooper, Currier, Ives, Sharp, Driskell, Remington, Dwight, Charles, Franz, Russell, Henry, Xavier, Wolfe and many others.

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    General Bissell HouseGeneral Bissell House St. Louis, Missouri
    The General Daniel Bissell House in St. Louis, Missouri was constructed between 1812 and 1820, in the Federal style that is an excellent and early example of that type of architecture in the Missouri territory. Daniel was a well known and important man in the early history of the area, and the marvelous house is more than a reflection of the upstanding family that lived here for five generations, until 1961, when it donated the estate to the county, along with many of its original furnishings. It is open for tours, but you will have schedule a time with reservation. Bissell had been born in Bolton, Connecticut in 1768, and when he was just nine years old, would enlist in the state militia as a fifer during the Revolutionary War. He would later return to the military, enlisting in the US Army in 1788 and rose through the ranks fairly quick. In 1802, he would be given the command of Fort Massac, by Cairo, Illinois, where he became the port of entry inspector and collector. Daniel would become a Lt. Colonel in 1809 before becoming the military commander of the Upper Louisiana Territory and later took command of Cantonment Belle Fontaine, that would later become known as Fort Belle Fontaine. That post had been started in 1805 along the bottom lands of the Missouri River, just about five miles from the river's confluence with the Mississippi River. It would be the first outpost west of the Mississippi River, and he learned the conditions of the post to be very unhealthy and the buildings in desperate need of good repairs. He also realized that it was in poorly strategic location, and in 1810, he got permission to relocate the fort to higher ground and finished rebuilding it in 1811. It would eventually be abandoned in 1826, after the army had constructed Jefferson Barracks, and now the site is part of the Fort Belle Fontaine Park area. When the War of 1812 broke out, Bissell was promoted to a full colonel, and in 1814, he would be promoted to Brigadier General and given a brigade in Izard's Right Division in Plattsburgh. He would command the brigade throughout the year and gain some recognition when he won a tactical draw at the skirmish fought at Lyon's Creek or Cooks' Mills in Canada in 1814. He came back to the St. Louis area in 1815, and began building the brick house around the stone kitchen that had been constructed there in 1812. He used slave labor and built the house in various stages and had it finished by 1819. By putting the house on a rise and building it with such proportional excellence, it would become one of the finest landmarks in the sparsely populated area of St. Louis, east of Florissant.  Daniel retired from the military in 1821, and went back to his estate, which he had named, Franklinville Farm. He continued to enlarge the estate, and was able to bring it up to 2300 acres, becoming well known person in the community and a leader involved in many early events of the city. He would live in the house with his wife, Deborah and their four children until he passed in 1833. His family would stay in the house for almost 150 years, with every successive family adding more to the family furnishings and furniture. The classic revival front doorway and first floor mantels date from the 1840s, and the Victorian wing added in 1890 to replace the detached stone kitchen. It would be added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978 and is a wonderful museum to visit and learn more about the outstanding family that live here for so long and the way they survived.

    St. Louis Car Museum
    St. Louis Car Museum St. Louis, Missouri
    The St. Louis Car Museum and Sales started in 1991, to offer motorcars, airplanes and motorcycles to collectors and enthusiasts around the world, with a spectacular inventory of special interest vehicles of all kinds and varieties. The museum actively trades, buys and sells anything from antiques and classics to muscle cars and European sports cars, vintage motorcycles, automobilia and airplanes. Their 50,000 square foot showroom contains many of these beautiful specimens, that is both carpeted and climate controlled for your comfort, in St. Louis, Missouri, just five minutes from the Lambert International Airport. And if you should have need a climate controlled environment for your jewel of the vehicle business, then you should contact them as they will also store it for you, preserving your priceless vehicle for as long as you want. Some of the magnificent means of transportation that they have for sale or trade include; a 1991 wood speedboat with V8; a 1959 AMC Metropolitan convertible with 86,000 miles and a 4 cylinder with 3 speed; a 1952 Ariel Custom Wood Car that is really made out of wood and houses a 4 cylinder with 4 speed tranny; a 1958 Austin Healey 100-6 2+2 with inline 6 cylinder and 4 speed manual with overdrive; a 1959 BMW Isetta 300 with almost 50,000 miles, a 1 cylinder with 4 speed transmission and very unique; a 1943 Boeing Stearman N2S3-Kaydet with 240 hours on her, a 7 cylinder that looks much like a biplane; a Buick Roadmaster Sedanette with 4500 miles, a straight eight 320 CID and 3 speed tranny; a 1955 Cadillac Deluxe Coupe DeVille with almost 40,000 miles, 331 CID and automatic in excellent shape; a 1912 Cadillac Model 30 Four Passenger Torpedo touring car with a 40 HP motor and 3 speed tranny, a very rare car. Also included is a 1937 Cadillac Model-75 Five Passenger Sedan with 346 CID V8 and 3 speed tranny; a 1964 Impala SS 409 with 73,000 miles, 425 HP, 4 speed manual, a truly awesome car; a 1951 Chevrolet Suburban 3116 with 1550 miles, 350 V8 motor and automatic transmission; a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 with 61,000 miles, L78 396 375 HP and Muncie 4 speed tranny; 1969 Chevy Stingray Corvette Convertible with L46 350 and 350 HP with 4 speed manual; a 1967 Chevy Corvette Convertible with 66,000 miles, 427 CID and 4 speed manual; 1949 DeSoto Woodie with 236.6 six cylinder with fluid drive automatic; 1929 Ford Model A Cretors Popcorn Truck with 200.5 four cylinder motor and 3 speed tranny; 1970 Ford Torino Cobra with 41,000 miles, 429 CID and automatic, orange; and the list goes on and on and on. With just about any awesome vehicle that you could dream of and more. It is becoming one of the finest antique and vintage car dealers in the nation and what they don't have on the inventory showroom, be sure to ask them about cause they might have it being restored or just out for a run.

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Thrifty Car Rental Kirkwood- 960 N. Kirkwood Rd.

    First Missouri State CapitolFirst Missouri State Capitol St. Charles, Missouri
    The First Missouri State Capitol would be constructed sometime after the territory became a state in 1821, with many of the legislature meeting in buildings around the site in St. Charles, to reorganize the state's territorial government into a progressive state system. There were many locations around St. Louis that had been used for the temporary government's home, and when it became a certainty that the state would become part of the United States, the quest for a permanent home began in earnest. Soon, they decided on an undeveloped amount of lands that sat in the center of the state and along the Missouri River that would be perfect for the new state's governmental city. While that site was being built, the state's leaders needed someplace to meet, so nine cities competed for that honor, with St. Charles becoming the logical place since it was located on the Missouri, and had the new Boonslick Road going through it, with the city becoming a growing trade center. The community of that city would pledge that if St. Charles was chosen, they would furnish free meeting places for the legislators. In 1820, Governor Alexander McNair signed the bill, and the legislators met for the first time as a state in June, 1821, with very angry debates about slavery and state's rights filling the capitol with loud and boisterous voices. The meeting place given by the citizens was the second floor of two newly built adjoining Federal style structures made of brick, with the Peck brothers, Charles and Ruluff owning one side of the building, and running their general store on the first floor. Chauncey Shepard owned the other building where he had his carpenter shop located on the first floor, so it would be easy enough for the new legislature to meet on the second floor. As the early 1900 approached, many of the structures around the old capitol building were falling into decay and disrepair, with the many structures that had been used with the first state capitol being turned into museums and acquired in 1960 by the state. Local concerned citizens would see the value of these marvelous structures, and move to have them preserved, and enjoyed a decade long restoration project. Today, 11 rooms in the complex have been restored back to their original state, and there are eleven rooms filled with period pieces from the 1821-1826 era. The Peck Brothers residence and general store have been restored and refurnished, looking at it must have back in the day, with free admission's and more unique examples of antiques, sitting on two floors of displays and a marvelous orientation show.

    Samuel Cupples House
    Samuel Cupples House St. Louis, MissouriThe Samuel Cupples House in St. Louis, Missouri was constructed in 1888, and designed by Thomas Annan for Cupples, a successful businessman that wanted his house to be a "magnificent mansion" that would showcase his success. Anna copied the style of Henry Hobson Richardson and began designing a three story house made of purple Colorado sandstone and finished it with gargoyles and elegant architectural details not seen very often, even in the finest mansions. Today, that spectacular mansion is still one of the rare examples of Richardsonian Romanesque architecture in the city, state and nation. The interior is filled with marvelously carved woodwork and stained glass windows, and had once been heated by 22 unique fireplaces and is one of the finest visual homes in the region for anyone to come and visit. The house has become a showcase for the university's beautiful collection of fine and decorative arts that date before 1919, and the Eleanor Turshin Glass collection, that contains the biggest collection of art nouveau and art deco glass west of the Mississippi, and is highlighted throughout the mansion. The mansion contains 42 rooms and would cost $500,000 to build, with marvelous stonework, Tiffany glass windows, glass, porcelain and pottery collections as well.

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    Mastodon State Historic SiteMastodon State Historic Site Imperial, Missouri
    The Mastodon State Historic Site in Imperial, Missouri is an archaeological and paleontological site that contains the Kimmswick Bone Bed containing many bones of mastodons and other extinct animals that were discovered here in the early 19th century. It would become one of the most famous sites containing the most extensive Pleistocene ice age deposits in the nation and attract scientific interest and exploration worldwide. In 1979, history was made when scientists excavated a stone spear point created by hunters of the Clovis culture that existed between 14,000 to 10,000 years ago in close proximity to the bones. It was the first concrete evidence that these two animals existed in the same period and in the same geographic area. The 425 acre site is now preserved as a National Register of Historic Places site and also offers many recreational activities. There is a magnificent museum located here that will tell you all about the natural and cultural history of the oldest American Indian site that anyone can visit in the state's parks system. There is an outstanding full-size copy of a mastodon skeleton that highlights the collection, along with picnic areas, special use campground and many trails that offers visitors a chance to explore the region and see if they can discover any other significant treasures.

    Holocaust Museum and Learning Center
    Holocaust Museum and Learning Center St. Louis, MissouriThe Holocaust Museum and Learning Center in St. Louis, Missouri is part of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis, and it opened in May 1995 with the vision and generosity of many leaders within the region and Holocaust survivors. The center contains a 5,000 square foot nucleus exhibition that offers a chronological history of the Holocaust with many personal accounts of Holocaust survivors that would immigrate to the area, with unusual photographs, text panels, audio-visual exhibits, relics and more that guides you along a path that begins in pre-war Jewish life in Europe, and then shows the rise of Nazism and the events that would happen during the Holocaust that started in 1933 and lasted until 1945. They have also included the Nuremberg Trials and the kind of life that the Jewish people had after the war and the Holocaust. The center also sponsors many temporary displays, teacher-training workshops, a monthly film series, pubic lectures and a yearly Yom HaShoah community commemoration. Their library is home to many videos with over 500 titles and an oral history project that contains more than 150 testimonies that have become available to the public and educators. There are many books that can be purchased at the museum's bookstore, and a beautiful garden of remembrance is located outside the museum for reflection and contemplation, although it may seem too austere for many since it is about the fanatical efforts of one nation against an entire people.

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