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Things to do in Galway

    Dunsandle Castle & Woods Dunsandle Castle & Woods Galway, Ireland
    The Dunsandle Castle is considered to be a De Burgo castle, constructed during the 15th century, and eventually enlarged into a manor house in 1650. By the late 18th century, it would become deserted and not a soul could be found anywhere, and is just one of the 18 magnificent castles around the region that offer excellent and interesting historical views and insights. Some of the outstanding features includes the ice house that had been constructed during the 17th century, or rather converted from a corner tower, which would then be used to keep meats and other foods that needed to be kept cold. Ice merchants would bring ice from Lake Loughrea in the winter time, and layers of straw and ice would be placed in the egg shaped enclave, which would be used for insulating the ice so that it would last throughout the year. The walls are some three feet thick, and there is a small hole in one area of them to allow the melting water out. In one area, behind a second door, many believe that ice could be held for up to 10 months. The area behind the main entrance of the castle offered extra protection, that was a small room that had large heavy oak doors with iron grills, with a big hole above it that allowed various materials to be dropped down on them which would describe its name of the killing room. Usually the spiral staircases that wound to the tops of the castles were built on clockwise method so that defenders would be able to use their right hands with swords to fight invaders as they were forced up the stairs; however, at Dunsandle, it is counter-clockwise, although no one is quite sure as to why. The windows on the lower levels are usually keep small, but with a wide angular interior that would allow more light to be filtered in, while keeping the outside narrower so that defenders could use crossbows to shoot, with a smaller area for the attackers to shot back. Other significant rooms include the groin vault, the great hall, the store chamber, and the oubliette or secret room, with a large circular window located at one end. Also included are the pillory and stocks room, the minstrel's gallery and numerous interesting and unique carvings.

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    Connemara National ParkConnemara National Park Galway, Ireland
    Connemara National Park is one of the six national parks in the country, situated the western area of Ireland, founded and opened to the public in 1980. It contains many magnificent mountains, forests, grasslands, bogs and heaths, with quite a number of artifacts of human evidence inside the park, that includes a 19th century cemetery and a 4000 year old megalithic court tombs; with a majority of the park having been part of the Kylemore Abbey estate. There is a great deal of flora and fauna in the park, with quite a large amount of blanket bog and heathland, with a beautiful flowering plant called purple moorgrass being the finest, that showcases the expanses of the countryside it covers, with a few carnivorous plants that include butterworts trap and sundew. It seems that bogs don't have much in the way of nutrients for the plants located here, so the plants must thrive on the colonies of insects that call the area home. Other interesting plants include the lichens, mosses, bog cotton, orchids, bog myrtle, milkwort, bog asphodel and lousewort. The park is quite well known for its magnificent bird life, filled with many magnificent song birds that include skylarks, wrens, meadow pipits, stonechats, robins and chaffinches, with native varieties of the kestrel, merlin, peregrine falcon and Eurasian sparrowhawk. Birds that visit here during the winter include the snipe, song thrush, redwing, woodcock, starling, fieldfare and mistle thrush. Animals do live here, but are harder to see since they are afraid of people and include the foxes, shrews, fieldmice, rabbits, stoats, and bats in the night; and there had been a herd of red deer long ago, but their were extirpated over a 150 years ago. Today, the biggest animal in the park is the Connemara pony.

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Local Restaurants in Galway

    The Malt House
    Entrees; baked haddock & pan fried prawns, with pea & bacon risotto; organic Clare Island salmon, BBQ sauce, organic rocket, Maris piper chips; chargrilled ribeye, housemade chips, thyme infused field mushrooms, caramelized onions & pepper sauce; stir-fried quinoa, with chili infused tofu & Asian style salad; roast free range chicken, Jerusalem artichokes, sauté spinach, morel cream; St. Tola's goats cheese soufflé, asparagus tips, glazed carrots, Stevie's leaves; monkfish in mild Thai green curry sauce, brown rice & naan bread; seared West Coast scallops, black pudding & potato gateau, cauliflower puree, saffron & donegal rapeseed oil; rump eye of spring lamb, organic white turnips, boulanger potato, rosemary jus; chargrilled beef filet medallions, blue cheese butter, boxty, organic rocket; Malt house chilled seafood platter with Clarenbridge oysters, chili mussels, Malbay crabmeat, burren smoked salmon, Malbay crab claws.

    The Park House Hotel
    Entrees; pan fried supreme of sea trout dressed with shrimp & dill butter; fresh Galway salmon steak served with lemon & chive beurre blanc, poached or grilled your way; Dublin Bay prawns thermidor is large Dublin Bay prawns cooked in vermouth, mustard & cream sauce & Indian basmatic rice; chicken Park House; pan-fried supreme chicken Maryland garnished with grilled bacon, tomato, banana & pineapple; orange & honey glazed breast of duckling, served with pink peppercorn & gin sauce, pine nut & herb stuffing, raspberry compote; roast rack of Irish lamb with herb crust, finest Irish rack of lamb, cooked your way, served with redcurrant jus; sauté loin of veal with picatta of parmesan coated veal on bed of wild mushrooms, served with veal & Madeira jus; grilled prime sirloin steak au poivre is prime Irish beef sirloin, coated with cognac & peppercorn sauce.


Rump Eye of Spring Lamb The Malt House Galway, Ireland





Dublin Bay Prawns Thernidor The Park House Hotel Galway, Ireland

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    St. Nicholas' Collegiate Church St. Nicholas' Collegiate Church Galway, Ireland
    The biggest medieval parish church in the nation is the Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas, situated in Galway, Ireland that was founded in 1320 and dedicated to St. Nicholas of Myra, the patron saint of seafarers, and has become a Church of Ireland. It would become a collegiate church of letters under the seal of Donatus O'Murray, the Archbishop of Tuam, in 1484, when the city was given a Royal Charter and provided with mayoral status by Pope Innocent VIII. When it was given collegiate status, it would be severed from the Archdiocese of Tuam, and the priests would be constituted into the College of Vicars, which senior would become a warden. During the many years, it would play a main role in the life of the city, holding the triennial elections of the mayor and corporation, with just males from fourteen Galway families, known as the Tribes of Galway being included. A local legend has it that Christopher Columbus would worship there in 1477. During 2002, it would become very famous and controversial when it became the scene of the first public same sex marriage in an Irish church. The Avowing Friendship service for a lesbian couple would be done be the rector, a Rev. Patrick Towers, and the Bishop of Tuam would prohibit any more such services be held for this type and Towers would agree to follow. It is often used for services by the Romanian and Russian Orthodox churches, as well as the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church. Patrick Towers would be replaced by Archdeacon Gary Hastings in 2009, who is an accomplished flute player and writer of the With Fife and Drum, a study of the Orange Lambeg and fifing traditions of the Ulster.

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    Galway City MuseumGalway City Museum Galway, Ireland
    The Galway City Museum was founded in 2006, near the Spanish Arch, in Galway, Ireland, and is considered mainly a folk museum, with a large number of fishing industry relics, since it has been such an integral part of the city's history. It provides a cross-section of the implements and relics of the items used in the city's history, that showcases its traditions and includes farm tools and implements along with a number of machinery. It also contains an excellent collection of military items that includes weapons, and the city's medieval heritage is also part of the collections in the medieval gallery, as well as some magnificent 17th century stone carvings. The museum actually was established in 1976, being located in an 1800 house that had been occupied by the Comerford and Greenwood families, and later, sometime between 1948 and 1954 by the famous sculptress Clare Sheridan. It would become administrative offices for a while before the museum was started, and before entering the museum, you'll enjoy viewing the Spanish and Blind Arches on the right. There had been four arches, but the museum now takes up the portion that had been where the other two were located. The first docks of the city were constructed in 1270, and can be seen under the foundations of the museum, on its left as you enter it, since the newer docks would be finished being constructed in 1584. What uses of the arches has been obscured, although some believe they might have been used for storage purposes, since they would not be taxable. When you enter the museum, on your left, you will see some remnants of the Connaught Rangers that had been one of the regiments in the British Army, with many artifacts from the Insurrection of 1916 and the Civil War. The great map of 1651 is showcased next to the carriage of Lady Bandon of Fernoy, County Cork, that had been manufactured in London in 1850. There are many excellent examples of mirrors from Galway overhead by the spiral staircase, and below them are the outstanding examples of medieval stonework, with some from the 17th century, that highlight the coats-of-arms of the city's oldest families, more stonework and the Arms of Galway from 1647. There are many splendid photographs of the early city, Claddagh and the Claddagh citizens that show city maps and sketches, old Rush lights and early candles, with a Bellarmine jug. Just recently, the museum acquired a bonze replica of the Galway Bronze Age Horn, that had been a musical instrument that had been used in the region between 1200 to 700 BC.

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    Athenry Castle Athenry Castle Galway, Ireland
    Athenry is one of the most famous medieval castles in the nation, as a walled town that has survived almost eight centuries, thanks to the ingenious construction on his foundation of Meiler de Bermingham who built the castle here in 1250, with the oldest portion today, being the hall-keep. It is a huge rectangular structure that had originally held a hall at the first floor and dark storerooms at the ground floor, with more strength added to the lower walls that were formed out to create a batter. The original entry was on the first floor, reached by a wooden stairway, like the one that is now here, and had given direct access to the hall, which in those days was the official and ceremonial reception area of the castle. The lord of the house would greet his friends and other guests here, as well as presiding over the manor court, and heat supplied by a brazier in the midst of the hall. The garderobe or toilet is situated diagonally across the room. The exterior door has some intricate carvings on it, and on the inner side of two windows that would showcase the significance of the hall. The battlements are the original 13th century works with tall narrow arrow loops or slits in the solid areas that were called merlons in those ancient times.

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    Galway Arts CenterGalway Arts Center Galway, Ireland
    The Galway Arts Center looks after two structures in the city's center; the arts center that houses a 3,000 square foot gallery of national and international contemporary artworks and the Nun's Island Theater. The gallery is free of charge and contains many excellent works of art, as well as offering a large range of activities from classes in photography, writing and art to workshops of voice, music and drama. The theater is housed in an old Presbyterian church that has been converted into a modern day 80 seat theater that is home to the Galway Youth Theater and other young professional theater companies and events in the city. that include films, symposia, concerts and seminars. Exhibitions now being held include the We are Playing at Being Explorers that provides a journey through time and space using both materials and narratives to create a unique view of the world. Artists included in this venue include Stephen Brandes, Sonia Shiel and Andrew Dodds.

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