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Things to do in Ghent

    Gravensteen Castle Gravensteen Castle Ghent, Belgium
    In Dutch, Gravensteen means the castle of the count, and was constructed during the Middle Ages, in 1180 by Count Philip of Alsace, and modeled after the crusaders castles that the count had seen during his time in the second crusade, and before this stone monstrosity was built, a wooden castle had stood here, believed to have been constructed during the 9th century. It would become the seat of the Counts of Flanders, until they abandoned it in the 14th century, then used as a courthouse, prison and then fall into decay. Then houses would be constructed along its walls and in the courtyards, using the same stone from the huge castle; then used to be a factory. At the end of the 19th century, it was scheduled to be demolished, but the city purchased it in 1885, and began a monstrous rejuvenation, taking away the houses built along its walls, which were then restored, as well as the dungeon. It would begin a long and continuous discussion as the locals wondered if the castle would be still considered authentic, but either way, it brings many tourists from the nation, Europe and around the world, since it is of such historical value and age. It is enclosed by a moat on some of its sides, and a marvelous museum inside that contains numerous torture devices and a guillotine that had been used in the city's early history. This is the only castle from the period that survived over the centuries, more or less intact, and archaeological digs have uncovered three fortified castles made of wood that stood here over the early centuries, with the first stone castle being built here in 1000 AD. The remnants of that castle, that include the fireplace and chimney have been discovered in the walls of the lower floors in the main tower. Count Philip would eventually die in the crusades, at the siege of Akko in the Holy Lands, and a cross opening above the main entry gate is considered to be proof that he took part in the crusades when the castle was built during the latter 12th century and would become the center of his power. In the 19th century, a cotton mill would be installed here, with the inner courtyard used to house the textile workers in small houses they constructed using parts of the former castle.

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Local Restaurants in Ghent

    Belga Queen
    Entrees; lobster baked on a hot plate, birds beak peppers, lemon juice & olive oil; eel au vert, fish stock, cream & mix of green herbs, cone of fries BQ; sole meuniere with pan-fried veggies; turbot with skin baked on a hot plate, mousseline sauce; salmon baked on one side, olive oil sauce with wakame, which is marinated seaweed, pan-fried crunchy veggies; semi-baked red tuna, stewed & dried tomatoes, mashed broccolis, pure olive oil with coriander; roasted royal cod, Oostende sauce thawed with white beer from Steenbrugge, mashed potatoes with olive oil, spinach; Iranian caviar, pike perch filet with lemon and blance of Steendonck beer, caramelized acacia honey, fried wild mushrooms; loin of lamb, crust of old Ghent mustard, small pot of flagelets with rosemary cream sauce; pan-fried veal chop, morels sauce, braised endives, potatoes baker's style; duck from Chalans, sauce fine Napoleon, confied oranges, mange-tout, fried horseradish; oven roasted cuckoo from Malines on gingerbread with pear syrup on top, housemade chips & mixed salad with cider vinaigrette.

    Brasserie Pakhuis
    Entrees; half lukewarm baby lobster, lettuce, egg & tomato; 6 rock oysters fines de Claires, brise miche; grilled Scottish salmon, organic linguine with spinach, beurre blanc with lemon, chives & bell peppers; leg or fillet of roasted Poulet de Bresse AOC Le Devant with cooking jus, salad with organic tomatoes, oven roasted new potatoes with oregano & yogurt with Tandoori; loin of haddock, skin side down, bacon vinaigrette, spring salad & potato mousseline; lukewarm salad with herbs, flowers, young greens, steamed veggies & herb vinaigrette; maatjes from Holland, salad with runner beans, apple & red onion; beef carpaccio with aged parmesan, rucola, creamy mayonnaise with mustard & Worcestershire sauce; belly & rib meat from organic raised pork, braised & lacquered with organic green salads, spring turnips, citrus fruit, yogurt & pont neuf potatoes.


Baked Salmon Belga Queen Ghent, Belgium






Beef Carpaccio Brasserie Pakhuis Ghent, Belgium

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    St. Bavo's Cathedral Altar panels St. Bavo Cathedral Ghent, Belgium
    St. Bavo's Cathedral is the holy seat of the diocese of Ghent, Belgium, and named after the saint from Ghent, housed in a structure that had originally been built in 942 and consecrated then by the Bishop of Noyon and Tournai. Although the original church is gone now, its remains can be seen in the present church's crypt, since it would be enlarged in the Romanesque style in 1038, with traces of that change also evident in the crypt. The church would have further renovations and expansions from the 14th to the 16th centuries, but in the newer gothic style that included a new single tower, radiating chapels, a new choir, a chapterhouse, enlargements of the transepts and nave aisles; believed to have been completed by 1569. Before that, however, the old abbey would be dissolved because it had been involved in the rebellion against Charles V, with its monks and abbot being canons in a chapter that would eventually become the church of St. Bavo. When the diocese was started, in 1559, the church would become a cathedral and the site of Charles V's baptism. The cathedral is well known for its altarpiece that had originally been kept in the Joost Vijd chapel, since he commissioned it, and is called "The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb" by Hubert and Jan van Eyck. There is another beautiful work of art located here as well called "Saint Bavo enters the Convent at Ghent" by Peter Paul Rubens. There is a great story behind the panels that make up the van Eyck panels, that includes the Nazis and might be of interest to any historical buffs looking to learn the entire history of this magnificent painting that is shown here, but only the back of the panels. It is an exquisite work, created in the 15th century, making this work more than 500 years old and still in pristine condition, having survived two world wars and numerous European conflicts. The cathedral itself is also a masterpiece and something of great interest for visitors to the city of Ghent.

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    Belfry & Cloth Hall (Belfort en Lakenhalle)Belfry & Cloth Hall Ghent, Belgium
    This outstanding structure was constructed during the 14th century, to become the symbol of the city's pride and guilds, as well as its independence, with a tower crowned by a copper dragon. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage site, and has a marvelous platform where you can have a magnificent panoramic view of the city and surrounding countryside. The Cloth Hall was constructed using a Brabant gothic style of architecture, and would become a significant trading center for Flemish wool and cloth, and later a part of it would become a prison. The facade showcases an old legend about a man called Cimon that had been condemned to death by starvation, but would be saved by his daughter, who would feed him daily from her breast; and it is called the Mammelokker. Up until 2011, the Ghent Tourist Information center would be housed there, when it would be moved to the old fish market. It also houses a marvelous museum quite well known as the In Flanders Fields. The original structure would be completely destroyed during WWI, but it would be rebuilt by 1967, since another world war would hinder its completion. The knowledge center inside the museum houses many fabulous documents, photographs, posters, audio/visual objects, archives of the first World War, books, maps, newspapers, memorabilia and magazines. During the past dozen years or so, the museum has been quite fortunate to be the recipient of many outstanding donations, especially in the area of artworks and is one of the finest museums in the city and nation. The museum is very involved in the educational programs it offers to the community and others in the region, providing all with a splendid history of culture, art and information.

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    BijlokemuseumBijlokemuseum Ghent, Belgium
    This excellent museum in Ghent, Belgium showcases the history of the city through the ages, with the tour beginning in a huge hall, covering a floor that depicts an aerial view of the city, while the historical center is shown as a miniature model with outstanding details of the numerous structures and landmarks, with explicit details of the buildings shown, like the turrets, windows, doors and columns well defined. The other halls showcase the various stages of history in the city, with holographic structures, multimedia displays, benches with audio renditions of the history, pertaining to that particular period and many other informative exhibits. The museum is housed in a magnificent old abbey, with fabulous ceiling details that awe visitors once they realize the magnificent images above their heads. There is a gift shop with various books and posters and a cafe that offers snacks and drinks. Situated beside the Leie River, in the heart of the cultural center, this old refectory had been a 14th century abbey, and considered to be one of the most prominent medieval refectories in Western Europe today, with many pre-van Eyck murals and paintings. The museum hosts numerous temporary displays, as well as other types of events that showcase the city's history and urbanism. STAM is the name of their heritage forum, and has become a jumping off point for enjoying the city's many cultural attractions, while the museum takes the visitor on a chronological journey through the growth of the city and its marvelous people.

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