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Things to do in Hamilton

    Butler County Courthouse Butler County Courthouse Hamilton, Ohio
    The Butler County Courthouse in Hamilton, Ohio was built from 1885 to 1889 by architect, David W. Gibbs and was added to the list of the National Register of Historic Places in 1981. Butler County would be formed from parts of Hamilton County, and the county seat built in Hamilton, constructed for the first time in 1806, and then the next would be built on the site it now occupies in 1817. Evidently, the county soon realized that the first courthouse was too small for the needs of the county and again had David Gibbs design the second courthouse with Second Empire style and elements from the Italianate style. The main entrance is reached by climbing stairs that go into the front porch, and above that is a high design arch supported by Ionic columns, which in turn becomes a pediment capped with an urn. The mansard roof goes into a central tower, since the original that had been four tiered, domed and capped with a statue of justice was destroyed in a fire in 1912. It would then be replaced with a huge tower and a dome designed by local Frederick Mueller, but that dome would be taken off in 1926 after it had been hit by lightning. The octagonal tower is now there in its place, with a four faced clock, topped by eight spires surrounding it. After the county built a government services center in 1999, the architectural firm of Lorenze and Williams would copy the green octagonal roof to sit on the top of the 11 story structure. The interior has been rejuvenated to it original style with an excellent balance of design and symmetry, and the lobby has been converted into a reception area and museum that now contains the old clerk of courts desk and an antique cabinet that has the hand of the original statue of justice. This lobby is now lit up by a skylight and houses a magnificent walnut double staircase. A balcony flows along the third floor railing in the open hallway with arched portals above the offices that surround the exterior of the structure. It is a very majestic building and denotes the accomplishments of the old courthouse and its members.

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Budget Car Rental Fairfield - 5140 Dixie Hwy.
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Cincinnati Budget Car Rentals  - 9505 Colerain Ave.

    Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & MuseumPyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum Hamilton, Ohio
    This outstanding park and museum contains more than 60 sculptures from the Egyptian, Roman, Greek and Etruscan empires that are more than a thousand years old and strike a magnificent pose around the park's landscape. Pyramid Hill is considered an outdoor museum that concentrates on monumental works of sculpture that exist in a field of forests, meadows and gardens, with a 10,000 square foot ancient sculpture museum that showcases the thousand year old sculptures and is now the only art park in the world that accomplishes this. There are excellent programs of geology, art and the environment that have escalated the park into a thoroughly enjoyable educational park, with numerous indoor and outdoor venues for rent and can accommodate as many as 600 people at one time. The park has many outstanding activities for the community like concert series, kid's series and special exhibitions, besides being a wonderful park to enjoy the summer days. You can walk, bike, hike and stroll around the landscape enjoying the views of sculpture interspersed in the beautiful surroundings. This year they plan on having a dog walk for the entire family and if you have a dog or have ever had one, then you know that these four footed hairy creatures can be funnier than any comedian ever thought of being. They already had their art fair, but you can check out next years schedule for an opportunity to peruse excellent artworks created by artists in the city or region, or the summer series for kids that runs all summer long.

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Hamilton Enterprise Rental Car - 920 S. Erie Hwy.
Enterprise Car Rental Fairfield - 5389 Dixie Hwy.
Middleton Enterprise Rental Cars - 3552 S. Dixie Hwy.
Enterprise Car Rentals Cincinnati - 169 Northland Blvd.

Local Restaurants in Hamilton

    Ryan's Tavern
    Entrees; Ryan's Tavern strip steak 12oz. center-cut cert. angus beef NY strip marinated & topped with house steak butter and choice of 2 sides; filet mignon is cert angus beef filet of sirloin covered with portabella sauce, served with choice of 2 sides; Ryan's Tavern sirloin 12oz. with choice of 2 sides; tavern boneless chicken & skinless baked chicken is 8oz. chicken breast marinated up to 12 hours then baked, with choice of 2 sides; pork tenderloin is medallions of herb crusted pork tenderloin with choice of 2 sides; jumbo shrimp is 6 big shrimp lightly breaded & fried golden served with housemade tartar sauce or cocktail sauce with choice of 2 sides; luck of the Irish is catch of the day with choice of 2 sides; grouper fillet is big hi-quality grouper fillet seasoned & lightly breaded fried golden or pan-seared in spiced olive oil, lemon & herb butter with choice of 2 sides; frog legs is seasoned lightly breaded or sautéed in olive oil & garlic herb butter with choice of 2 sides.

    Mahogany's Cafe & Grill
    Entrees; oxtail & gravy is 2 oxtails slow cooked with sautéed onions, smothered in gravy over bed of white rice, served with choice of side; baby back ribs is choice of turkey or pork ribs marinated in Caribbean spices, then smoked, seasoned, grilled you way, served with choice of 2 sides; pork chop dinner is 2 pork chops fried or smothered & served with 2 sides; chicken & waffles is 4 golden fried chicken wings, paired with housemade Belgian waffle, made with sweet cream & brown sugar topped with whipped honey butter; fried chicken wing dinner is 4 chicken wings fried golden, with choice of 2 sides; fried fish dinner is choice of tilapia or catfish fried golden, with choice of 2 sides; shrimp & grits is jumbo shrimp marinated in house special sauces then sautéed in smoky bacon, scallions, portabella mushrooms & served over creamy buttery grits.


Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin Ryan's Tavern Hamilton, Ohio





Baby Back Ribs Mahogany's Cafe & Grill Hamilton, Ohio

Hertz Car Rental Hamilton

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Hertz Rental Cars Fairfield- 7029 Dixie Hwy.
Sharonville Hertz Car Rental - 1610 E. Kemper Rd.
Hertz Rental Car Cincinnati- 8778 Colerain Ave..
Oxford Hertz Car Rental - 5173 College Corner Pike

    Lane-Hooven House Lane-Hooven House Hamilton, Ohio
    The Lane-Hooven House in Hamilton, Ohio was constructed in 1863 for Clark Lane, a city industrialist and philanthropist, and contains a unique shape in the form of an octagon with brick exterior and gothic Tudor style. It has a cast iron fence, fountain and greenhouse, and would be added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. It is owned and managed by the Hamilton Community Foundation, and has been since 1951, keeping its offices here, and offering tours of the beautiful house during the week. Lane is believed to have been the city's first philanthropist, although the house's unique shape of an octagon makes it stand out even moreso, as the most unique home in the city, and often called Lane's Folly. It would take almost a year to complete the construction work; but the front doors were always open for any charitable organizations and it would be big enough to entertain over 300 people at one time. Lane's company, Owens, Lane and Dyer, would become very profitable, since they had begun manufacturing a new contraption that would thresh and separate the grain in one fell swoop, by either horse-drawn or steam powered equipment, a steam engine that could be moved from one place to another and a springtooth riding or horse-drawn rake. He would have another structure built across the street from his house in 1866, which would become the city library, constructed in the Romanesque revival style with eight sides to that as well. In 1845, Lane would marry Sallie Coriell and they would be blessed with nine children, but sadly, six of the children would not make it to adulthood. In 1892, Lane would move to Elkhart, Indiana to live with his son, Jacob, and then, quietly pass on in September, 1907. His funeral would be held at the library and be buried in the Greenwood Cemetery. In 1875, the marvelous house would be sold to the Second National Bank of Hamilton. The unique house would then be sold to a Colonel Alexander Gordon in 1882, who had come here from England. The house would eventually become occupied by his niece, Mrs. C. Earle Hooven and her husband until 1942, and then sold to Bertrand Kahn, who then donated the house to the city as a memorial to his father, Lazard Kahn, to be used by the community. Lazard and his brother, would found the Estate Stove Company, one of the city's biggest companies, while he lived in the house next door. The house would be given to the city in 1951.

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Cincinnati-N. Kentucky Intl. Apt. Avis Car Rental  
 3256 Loomis Rd.

Avis Car Rental Fairfield
- 5140 Dixie Hwy.
Cincinnati Avis Rental Cars
- 3141 Exon Ave.
Avis Car Rental Franklin - 6465 Culbertson Rd.

    Cochran FarmCochran Farm Hamilton, Ohio
    The Cochran Farm in Milville, Ohio would be added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973, and built by William and Rebecca Cochran in the early 19th century. The couple had come here from Pennsylvania in 1814, and lived in Hamilton county until 1825. They would then move to Butler County by Milville and William began buying up parcels of land. In 1821, he purchased the Millville Mill that had been constructed by Joel Williams in 1805 and have three sons. James W. would take over the ownership of the mill and settle down west of the city, marrying Mary June Hill and begin having seven children. The youngest of these would continue to live the in old farmstead until 1946. The property is still owned by the daughters, with the house, dairy and barn preserved in pristine condition to this day and showcase the kind of house that a mid 19th century farm family would live in and enjoy in southern Ohio.

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    Fitz Randolph-Rogers HouseFitz Randolph-Rogers House Hamilton, Ohio
    The Fitz Randolph-Rogers house was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978 since it was the home of Sarah Elizabeth Rogers, who wrote a marvelous diary about the political and social life in southwestern Ohio during the Civil War. The house is an excellent example of the Greek revival style, constructed into a hillside and would take four years to build. Benjamin Fitz Randolph would build the unique house, farming the entire time, as well as opening a tannery. It would be sold off in 1860 to the widow Lydia Rogers, whose daughter would wrote the diary that would eventually be published by Edward N. Clopper under the title of Country Life During the Civil War in the Bulletin of the Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio that would become the Cincinnati Historical Society. Her diary gives a wonderful and informative insight into the thinking of an Ohio peace democrat or copperhead as they would come to be called. The house has great value as a social historian with illustrations of the social, educational and cultural lifestyle of Ohioans in the 1860s. It would stay in the Rogers family until 1931, when it would be sold to the wealthy doctor Henry Lee Good of Hamilton, who would take off the wooden porch and add a stone wine cellar, garage and veranda.

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    MorganHueston HouseMorgan Hueston House Hamilton, Ohio
    Elisha Morgan would buy 46.6 acres in the Fairfield township in 1817 and then construct the farm mansion sometime afterwards. The house contains two distinct styles of architecture, that was being used in the southwestern areas of Ohio in the 19th century. The original front part of the mansion is an excellent type of Federal style and the 1858 rear addition is an outstanding example of Greek revival style. The house was constructed before many of the farm houses in the area and is a unique example of an early farmhouse that has survived the decades from urban development. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a grand old house that showcases the lifestyle of the more wealthy farmers in the 19th century Ohio countryside.

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