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Things to do in Hanover

    Hanover Zoo Hanover Zoo Hanover, Germany
    The Hanover Zoo in Hanover, Germany is one of the most adventurous zoos in the nation, with some 2000 animals from around the world that inhabit six different regions, recreating their natural habitats without using any visible barriers. There are many outstanding features in the zoo that include; a free boat ride down the Sambezi River, guided tours, enormous adventure play area for the children, petting zoo, jungle path, feedings and 8 shows a day, as well as an evolution trail and a half mile walk through the park. The Sambezi is a copy of the African savannah, complete with an artificial river flowing through it, alongside of flamingos, giraffes, and rhinos and taking about a ten minute boat ride to the end where you climb out and start walking towards the lions den. The jungle palace is a mythical palace that has been overrun with the jungle, after its last Maharaja has died; and now it is full of giant snakes, Asian elephants, leopards, tigers and hanuman langurs; with daily elephant shows. The Yukon Bay is a replicated small village in Canada that has its own harbor, canyons, river and old gold mine that has become home to many penguins, sea lions, wolves, polar bears, polar foxes and caribous. The Mollywoop is a dream land for the children to enjoy playing with animals, slides and rides and the Three friends. In the Meyers Farm there are seven lower Saxony half timbered structures that date back to the 19th century and before, that have been reconstructed in the zoo, housing many Exmoor ponies, red and white Husum protest pigs, and Pomerainan rough-wool sheep. On top of gorilla mountain, there are numerous gorillas that live in a marvelous forested landscape, with plenty of vegetation, thundering waterfall and bubbling brook that helps to recreate the East African homeland that these exuberant creatures come from; with gibbons at the base, as well as other monkeys and apes being visible to you when you visit there.

    Hanover City Hall
    New City Hall Hanover, GermanyThe New City Hall in Hanover, Germany opened in July, 1913 after taking a dozen years to construct, as you can see from the image to the left, and is a spectacular castle type of structure that was built in the period of William II in an eclectic style on the south end of the inner city. The old city hall is not used as the main seat of administration for the city, but has been separated into many business offices and the registry office. When the hall was constructed it would sit on 6026 beech piles, designed by Gustav Halmhuber and Hermann Eggert, at a cost of about $4 million, paid for in cash stated the city director when it was opened by Emperor William II, and the square that sits out front is called Trammplatz in honor of Heinrich Tramm. The new hall would completely replace the old one from that point onward, even though it would be severely damaged in the bombing raids of WWII. The huge dome with a magnificent observation platform is almost 300 feet up in the air, using a very unique elevator with arched course that follows the arch of the dome and often confused with elevators like the one at the Eiffel Tower that uses a sloping elevator that can only go diagonally without being able to change the angle of inclination. This one can climb the 150 foot shaft at an angle of 17 degrees to the dome's gallery, where you can see the splendid Harz Mountains. The elevator was built in 1913 and the cage travels in steam bent oaken tracks; and since the weather is so cold in the winter, the initial elevator became unusable, but there is a spiral staircase that goes from the elevator exit to the observation tower. In 2005, more than 90,000 people visited the new city tower and by 2007 and 2008, a new elevator had been installed; with the final trip of the old elevator being done with the Lord Mayor Stephan Weil on November 4, 2007; with another 1200 making the final ride as well. At the bottom floor of the hall, there are four city models of Hanover so visitors can see the different periods of the city's development.

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    Sprengel Museum HanoverSprengel Museum Hanover, Germany
    The Sprengel Museum located in Hanover, Germany contains one of the most important collections of modern art in the nation and sits in a structure designed by Peter and Ursula Trint of Cologne, and Dieter Quast of Heidelberg, next to the Maschee. It opened in 1979 and had an addition put on in 1992. Bernhard Sprengel donated his expansive collection of modern art to the city in 1969, and donated money for the construction of the new museum that would house it. The city and state of Lower Saxony agreed to take care of its operations, and installed all the modern art that they had collected from various other means. This year, 2010, another expansion is being completed that will add another 12,000 square feet of space which was chosen from among 65 entries that took part in the international architecture competition and cost about 25 million Euros. The enlargement will house the marvelous works of Hanoverian artist Kurt Schwitters and Niki de Saint Phalle and will also be used to exhibit traveling exhibitions. Other artists included in the museum are Paul Klee, Max Beckmann, Max Ernst, Pablo Picasso and Fernand Leger. In 1993, the museum has showcased the works of Kurt Schwitters in the Merz room, along with another inheritance from the estate of artists Ella Bergmann-Michel and Robert Michel. The museum has published a printed inventory of their estate which takes up two full volumes, and in 2000, when Niki de Saint Phalle became an honorary citizen of the city, she immediately donated 300 of her works to the museum. The museum also houses sculptures, photography and new media, and works on paper. It has many educational classes and events, a great library and other resources that have helped many budding artists became more familiar to the local community and world. The paintings and sculptures housed in the museum's permanent collections concentrate on those few artists and times that are amply represented and also includes Emil Nolde, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Oskar Kokoschka, Franz Marc, Hans Arp, August Macke, Alexej von Jawlensky, Henri Laurens, Rudolf Jahns, Carl Buchheister and El Lissitzky.

     Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen
    Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen Hanover, GermanyThe Herrenhausen Gardens in Hanover, Germany contain various other magnificent gardens that include the Great Garden, the Berg garden, Welfen garden and the Georgen garden, and are a result of the kings of Hanover. The Great garden is and has been one of the most significant baroque formal gardens of Europe, commissioned by Sophia of Hanover to the French gardener Martin Charbonnier, taking up more than a 100 acres of space, with hedges, statues, lawns and walkways that were patterned in the strictest geometrical designs and the centerpiece of the Herrenhausen Castle, which suffered severe damage during the raids of WWII. The Royal family of Great Britain had asked the Royal Air Force not to bomb the castle, but it was almost completely destroyed in 1943, and the ruins almost entirely torn down after the war, although the outside staircase was intact and saved. It now is located next to the Orangerie building where you can see it today; and the castle is being rebuilt and should be finished by 2012. The simpler Berggarten used to be a simple vegetable garden that has blossomed over the years into a huge botanical garden that brings visitors just to look it over. The Georgengarten and Welfengarten were created in the old English styled gardens and have become very popular as well for the city's community, as their history spans a number of centuries. Each summer, the great garden hosts many festivals and includes many artistic exhibits and international fireworks. The State Stage of Hanover uses the garden for many musicals and other types of theatrical performances that thrill the locals and the structure housing the orangery is often used for art displays and classical music performances; as well as presenting matinee performances in the foyer. There is a marvelous fountain in the garden that has reached more than 200 feet into the sky under optimal weather conditions and has always excited the community. The garden is one of the last sites of Niki de Saint Phalle, as she remodeled the three room grotto in the northwestern area that had been a store room since the 18th century, adding minerals, glass, seashells, and crystals to bring the rooms alive and brilliant. The exhibit opened between 2001 and 2003, and Niki, with the help of co-workers covered the interior walls with mosaics of molded glass and mirrors, and the two rooms that branch off have had a statue installed in their small recessions in the walls. She had done the work so that when it became too hot for some visitors they could come in here and relax while enjoying the beautiful mastery of art that she created.

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Local Restaurants in Hanover

    Block House
    Salads; Block House salad with seasonal greens, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, onions & mushrooms with choice of dressing; Caesar salad with romaine & arugula with garlic croutons, with French dressing & Grana Padano; carpaccio is thin slices of beef with pesto, Grana Padano cheese & arugula; bruschetta is fresh diced tomatoes with pesto made from basil, olive oil & onions on house toast; dips & sticks is raw veggies for dipping, peppers, carrots, cucumbers & radishes with sour cream; arugula tomato salad with mild red onions, spicy balsamic dressing. Soups; Bull soup is beef broth with meat & veggies, strong; French onion soup with classic white wine cooked with cheese & baked. Steaks; rumpsteak; American tenderloin; Hereford rib eye; filet mignon; T-bone steak; rib eye mastercut; fitness steak with fresh saisongemuse baked potato with sour cream; steak & scampi is medallions & fried shrimp skewers with spinach, herb butter; New Zealand lamb with potato grain, herb butter & spinach; Fjord fresh salmon with spinach, potato grain & lemon; turkey breast with baked potato & sour cream, cole slaw; turkey medallions & mushrooms with a la crème.

    Menu; fennel tomatenhmsuppe; lasagne Bolognese with salad; turkey breast salad with tuna cream baguette; fried pork chop, cauliflower, parsley potatoes; fried egg plaice fillets with potato-cucumber salad; roasted chicken breast with lemon-pepper sauce, snow peas, potato croquettes; pork steak, fresh porcini mushroom in cream, fried potatoes; homemade stuffed cabbage with bacon & onion sauce, boiled potatoes; salad with poached salmon, honey mustard dressing; variation of mousse with fruit garnish.

T-Bone Steak Block House Hanover, Germany


New Zealand Lamb Block House Hanover, Germany

 Stuffed Cabbage Mittaskarte Hanover, Germany

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    Leineschloss Leineschloss Hanover, Germany
    The Leine Castle sits along the Leine River in Hanover, Germany which had been the residence of the Hanoverian kings and currently is the seat of the Landtag of Lower Saxony. The site originally held a Franciscan friary that was constructed in 1300, and then had to be left after he Reformation in 1533. This castle was started by George, the Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg in 1636, and it would become his main residence. The north-west wing was renovated in 1742, and between 1816 and 1844, architect Georg Ludwig Friedrich Laves fully rebuilt the entire castle. It was then that the six large Corinthian columns were constructed on the portico. The British bombings during WWII burned the interior, which architect Dieter Oesterlen rejuvenated between 1957 and 1962. The historical neoclassical structure has become one of the hotels for Concorde and is available to stay a night or a few nights so that you are able to fully enjoy the magnificent ancient architecture. You will also see the amazing changes the have been accomplished over the centuries and the marvelous grounds that surround this exciting old castle.

    Kestner Museum
    Kestner Museum Hanover, GermanyThe Kestner Museum opened in 1889, using the magnificent collection of the lawyer August Kestner that had been a diplomat of the Hanoverian king to Rome where he began collecting great works of art and antiquities, which his nephew gave to the city of Hanover, Germany in 1882. The collection was preserved and in 1887, the excellent collection of printer and Hanoverian senator, Friedrich Culemann added more exciting artworks and antiquities that created one of the most significant collections of art in the region. There are four important galleries that contain these and other accumulated works; the coins and medals, arts and crafts of the Middle Ages to today, Egyptian art and antiquity artworks. The faience collection of Lower Saxony is also included which contains over 200 items that have come from the factories of Wrisbergholzen, Braunschweig and Hannoversch-Muenden. These items are an important part of the history of commercialism in the old Welfen countries, with 20 highlighted all the time that have come from Wrisbergholzen and are excellent examples of those products made in their factory. While Kestner was stationed in Rome, he was able to acquire many outstanding relics from Greece, Rome, Egypt and other artworks, that has formed this magnificent collection of applied arts. Culemann's collection leaned more to the medieval arts and crafts which seemed perfect to complement the already standing collection, with both of them forming the nucleus that opened and carried the museum along. During the period from 1958 to 1961, the museum would be reconstructed after its destruction during WWII, with more glass and concrete being used to rebuild the splendid structure. The Egyptian gallery contains fabulous works from more than 4000 years BC to the period when the early Christians began their wandering, as well as items from along the Nile and the Copts. These include a massive collection of sculptures, jewelry, vessels, statuettes, amulets, totems, tomb and temple reliefs and mummies. The antiquities gallery contains classical Greek and Roman cultural artifacts that were located along the Mediterranean and the Near East, with bronze and terracotta statuettes, Greek vases, Etruscan artworks and many daily life utensils like glasses, bronze tools, terracotta lamps and more that were from the 1500 BC era to 500 AD period. This collection contains one of the largest and finest glyptograph collections in the nation and perhaps Europe. There are numerous textiles, ivory pieces, precious metals, enamel and gold metalworks, manuscripts, ceramics, wood, furniture and other items that form the nucleus of the huge collection and one of the finest collection of coins and medals in the world with some stampings from the Roman republic period that include; tesserae, bracteates from the German Middle Ages as well as medals from the renaissance period to the rococo. Their Greek coin collection from Olympia is especially interesting and exciting as it is the largest and finest quality in the world.

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    Lower Saxony State MuseumLower Saxony State Museum Hanover, Germany
    The Lower Saxony State Museum can be found in Hanover, Germany, just across from the New City Hall and contains the sculptures and paintings from the Middle Ages period to the 20th century as well as ethnology, archaeology and natural history. It houses a vivarium as well with arthropods, reptiles, fish and amphibians. The museum opened in 1856, as the Museum of Art and Science under George V of Hanover, and later was renamed the Provincial Museum. As time passed and the collection outgrew its former spaces, a new structure was needed, and in 1902, on the edge of the Maschpark, the neorenaissance building was designed by Hubert Stier and the magnificent relief frieze that is highlighted on its exterior was created by the Hanoverian artist Georg Herting along with Georg Kusthardt and Karl Gundelach. In 1933, as the Nazis moved across the nation, it became the State Museum, and in 1950, it would become the Lower Saxony State Museum of today. The Allied bombing of WWII would destroy the cupola that rises above the risalit, with other large and expansive alterations being completed during 1995 to 2000, with the reopening officially in time for the Expo 2000 held here. The state gallery highlights artworks from the 11th-20th centuries and includes Italian and German art from the baroque and renaissance periods, Danish paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries, Flemish and Dutch works from the 17th century, 19th century printworks, Dutch drawings, drawings by German impressionists, a print room containing old German masters and more. Some of the most famous artists' works include those by Albrecht Durer, Rubens and Rembrandt, Max Slevogt, Max Liebermann and Lovis Corinth as well as Fritz Overbeck, Bernhard Hoetger, Caspar David Friedrich, Otto Modersohn and Paula Modershon-Becker.  The Natural history gallery houses a life-sized dinosaur, the vivarium containing over 2000 native and exotic fish, reptiles and amphibians and various geological, botanical, geographical, zoological and anthropological displays that showcase the history of the Lower Saxony's regions that include the North sea coast, heath lands and Harz Mountains. The ethnological gallery collection is one of the oldest in the nation and contains 20,000 artworks and everyday relics from all over the world. The archaeology gallery contains a significant collection with many unusual discoveries and more than a million relics that highlights the technical and economical advancements of mankind with a splendid exhibit that spans half a million years of history. This magnificent display spans the early stone age to the late Middle Ages, from the earliest hunter-gatherers to the beginnings of metropolitan life.

    Waterlooplatz Hanover, GermanyWaterloo Place in Hanover, Germany stands tall on a ten acre green lawn encompassed by lovely trees, with the Waterloo column right in the middle, and created in the 19th century to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo. It had sat in the midst of a large military area, but today is surrounded by administrative and governmental offices in the state's capital district area. It is somewhat south of the main center of the city, but still in sight of the state's parliament and always open to the public, often launching a myriad of hot air balloons. It had a large arena built in 2006 that broadcast the FIFA World Cup 2006, with a huge screen included for the community to come and watch for those without a means. Waterloo Square was built in the early 19th century, along with the column, commemorating the huge victory of Waterloo, where many troops of the Kingdom of Hanover fought. This would also become the first large military parade grounds in the region, with barracks surrounding it at the gates of the city, with bastion style fortifications that were constructed in 1763. These structures and ramparts had to be demolished to make room for the highway and other roadworks that were being constructed along the square. It was designed by court architect Georg Ludwig Laves, the best architect in the kingdom, and had to be visible from the parliament building.

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    Historisches Museum HanoverHistorical Museum at High River Hanover, Germany
    The Historical Museum at High River in Hanover, Germany houses the exciting history of the city and the Guelph areas of the current day state of Lower Saxony, opening in 1908 as a patriotic museum. In 1937, it would be renamed its present name, although it did sustain massive destruction during the bombing raids of WWII in 1943 and was reconstructed beginning in 1950s and in 1966 would be continued under the architect Dieter Oesterlen. The museum was started along the high water line in 950, about the time the small settlement began and had become a main crossing area on the highway between Bremen and Hildesheim. The museum's tower was included in the construction of the medieval city wall, and is the only remaining intact tower left of that original construction. It was part of the Duke's arsenal that had been constructed along the wall, and is located where the old town of Hanover blossomed along Castle Road. The museum was planned to be a polygonal five sided courtyard, with marvelous facade that was part of the three story sandstone structure, containing narrow bands of windows and a sliding scale from the perspective of Castle Street. That area was rebuilt in 1991 and in 2002, compartmentalized into separate apartments. The museum houses three galleries that include; life in the countryside; showing how the people lived during the 17th to the 20th century, the principality of the kingdom; displaying how the principality Calenberg in 1600 developed until its ending in 1866 and the market town to the fair site that covers 750 years of history describing how the city went from a settlement to a big modern city.

    Aegidien Church Hanover, GermanyThe Aegidienkirche is the 14th century church that was named after Saint Giles, one of the 14 holy helpers and is the easternmost church of the three that are located in downtown Hanover, Germany, although it was hit with bombs during the Allied raids in 1943, so only the exterior walls remain as can be seen in the image to the left. It wasn't rebuilt, but saved to become a memorial to the victims of wars and violence. During the 10th century, in one of the small settlements that would grow into Hanover, a small church was constructed, that contained a chapel that would be reconstructed in 1163 to a three nave Romanesque style church. Then in 1347, a three aisled gothic hall church with choir and nave were built with Dieter sandstone, and a tower added during the 18th century, with baroque facade by Sudfeld Vick constructed from 1703 to 1711. During the period from 1826 to 1828, the interior of the church would be remodeled by Georg Ludwig Friedrich Laves using cast iron columns to hold the roof up. In 1886, Conrad Wilhelm Hase would continue remodeling the interior, which all, unfortunately, was lost during the bombings. Today, the church has become a popular artistic relic, painted by Kurt Lehmann in 1959 in his painting, Humility, and in 1993 by Dorothee von Windheim, showcasing the shadows of the roofline, as well as the ivy and wine Jochgiebel. The exterior walls have many baroque grave monuments that were created in the 17th and 18th century, as well as angels, skulls and hourglasses. On its south side, there is a motif of a young child that died in 1648 named Susanna Magdalena Oldekop sculptured alongside an angel. Another relief is one of a seven man prayer group that is called the seven men stone, and according to legend prayed to save the city in 1490 from Duke Henry for a robbery that was committed. In 1958, the tower had an attachment installed so that the bells could be rung often and in which a Japanese peace bell had been installed, a gift from Hiroshima in 1985. This bell is rung every August 6th in memory of the horrific atomic bombing of Hiroshima that is part of a historical church service also.

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    Wilhelm Busch MuseumWilhelm Busch Museum Hanover, Germany
    The Wilhelm Busch Museum is a German museum of caricature and drawings by Wilhelm Busch, in Hanover, Germany, and named after the famous caricaturist Busch, that showcases contemporary drawings, illustrations and comic art. It sits in the Georgenpalais, the palace that was constructed during 1780 in the marvelous Georgen gardens that are in Herrenhausen gardens and operated by the Wilhelm Busch Society. The museum originated in 1937, after the Wilhelm Busch Society was started in 1930, and became the first museum that is dedicated to the Lower Saxon artist Busch. It was destroyed in the 1943 bombing raids, but the marvelous collections had been taken away for safekeeping long before that. It was reopened in the Wallmodenpalais in 1950 with a wonderful presentation of Busch's works and the first time of a caricature exhibition being held. Today, the society has 2500 members, in and around Germany, and since 2002, the museum has been supported by the Association of Sponsors, as well as the city leasing the building of historical significance, free of any charges, and a yearly sponsorship contribution. Starting in 2000, it had a cafe added, after major renovations. The museum owns the biggest collection of Busch's works in the world, as well as housing an international collection that contains 4 centuries of satirical art that has works by William Hogarth, Tomi Ungerer, James Gillray, A. Paul Weber, Honore Daumier, Jacques Sempe, Francisco de Goya, Ronald Searle and Thomas Theodor Heine. The collection has continued to grow since 2000 with many new acquisitions that also includes 700 Napoleon caricatures, Friedrich Karl Waechter works, former estate of draughtsman Volker Kriegel and works by the famous Austrian caricatures Erich Sokol. Other estates and endowments have been donated by artists; Ronald Searle, with 2200 works, on loan from the estate, Paul Flora, 370 works; Hanns Erich Kohler, 4383 works; Volker Kriegel with over 700 works and Friedrich Karl Waechter's 3400 works. They also host many rotating exhibitions and since 1950 have showcased artists like; Walt Disney, Roland Topor, Carl Banks, Winsor McCay, Grandville, Herge and Gottfried Helnwein.

    Police Museum
    Police Museum Hanover, GermanyThe Police Museum in Hanover, Germany contains the biggest police museum in Germany that shows the growth of the police since the ancient period to the development of the Lower Saxony police after WWII. The numerous exhibitions include image and text panels from about 1000 historical displays that include equipment, uniforms, vehicles, police stations and various devices used in the detection of evidence. There are thousands of photographs and documents from the police files, including those of the Hanover serial killer, Fritz Haarmann and his weapon of choice, an ax. Also included in the massive files is the case of RAF terrorist, Ulrike Meinhof, with all the investigation files that led to his arrest in 1972 in Langenhagen. The major topics include; criminal police work, police in the course of history and police and road safety education. Other services in the museum include a large library, readings, image and text archive, seminar business and training events. It is on the fifth floor of the former broadcasting equipment manufacturer Telefunken and opened for just two nights a week originally. It welcomes about 7000 visitors a year, although on the Long Night of Museums it did get 1000 visitors. Admission is free and because of the declining economy will move into a state owned building where it won't have to pay rental charges.

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